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Manager Project

Herndon, Virginia, 20170, United States
March 02, 2018

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Name: Mohammad Khalid Khan

Address: ***** ******** ******

Sterling, VA 20165


Tel: 301-***-****

Employment H istory:

ACG Telecommunication Herndon, Virginia

Technical Recruiter & Project Coordinator


• Accomplished Recruiter & Project Coordinator in the Telecommunication

& I nformation Technology field.

• Supported various DOD and State Department contracts

• Provided technical staffing support which resulted in a proven t rack

record in staffing all aspects of Telecommunication & Information

Technology positions.

• Recruited Engineers, for various Telecom & IT Projects, for both

contractual and permanent position, Nationally & In ternationally.

• Conducts & Coordinate In ternational job fairs

• Advertise vacancies’ through local and In ternational Media.

• Advertised Vacancies’ through various local and In ternational media and

websites like: Monster, Career Builder, Job Diva, South Asian Websites,

L inkedIn, and numerous local and in ternational newspapers.

• Assist employee with Travel arrangement relocation immigration & Visa


• Provide necessary documentation and company information to the various

embassies to make the employee Visa process smooth

• Negotiate all salaries, Processing of employee paperwork, Reference and

Academic checks

• Procurement of telecom equipment’s, to support engineering team.

• Perform In ternational web searching, to locate Telecom venders,

negotiates and

• Procurement of Telecommunication equipment’s for projects requirement,

f rom local & In ternational markets.

SOS I nternational Reston, Virginia

National Recruiting Specialist

( Jan-2006- Nov-2006)

• SOSI National L inguist Recruiting Operation &Technical Support

• Provide operational management support to Recrui ters supporting DOD

Contracts/ Counterintelligence/Human In telligence operations in various

locations worldwide.

• Supervise, direct and manage all aspects of the full cycle recruiting office.

T he program supports t ranslators and in terpreters requirements

t hroughout the U.S. Armed Forces and the U.S. Government.

• Managed and supervised Recruiters that hired Arabic, Pashto, Persian-

Farsi, Urdu and other Middle Eastern and Central Asian L inguist.

• A proven record of full cycle cleared recruiting with significant experience

i n sourcing strategies and the ability to interact with and attract talent

t hrough interviews. Pre-qualify and recruit candidates who will

successfully process through Fairfax for hire.

• Managed a weekly meeting with SOS hi ring managers to discuss the

p rojects activity, re-define requirements and any other issues.

• Identify communities and markets for candidates, develop and execute an

advertising and job fair plan, develop relationships with community

leaders or organizations that will effectively open markets for new


• Establish and encourage team building within the department as well as

w ith other sections (Screening, Securi ty and Operations). Increase

p roduction by 75% within 90 days.

• Keep accurate records of applicant status. Follow up with applicants

t hroughout the entire process for feedback, status updates and referrals

and hires.

Foreign Media Analyst & I nstructor Monterey, CA

Defense Language I nstitute


• Monitored and Analyze, Central Asian Media, Particularly, Afghanistan &


• Wrote regular and i r regular reports, some quanti tative analysis, briefings

and similar duties, Translated Pashto, Urdu Media products in to English.

• Participated, in weekly departmental lecture covered wide verity of topics,

concerning Afghanistan & Pakistan.

• In-depth experiences with in the region, Regarding, Geo-Political & Socio

-Economic Issues.

• Research & Developed learning objects to prepare students for upcoming

p roject. Developed video & audio recording for smart board Technology.

• Create lessons Plan & emphasizing on Grammar, Sentence Structure, Term

paper/Essay Composition wri ting and Class room discussion.

• Evaluate test scoring, assessing and counseling students in difficult task.

I nst ructor &Test Evaluator (Part Time) Washington DC,

Language Learning Center

Dec-2005 to Present

• Telephonic In terview and Pashto Assessment Test evaluator

• Documents Translation & Developing Article for Pashto Test Taker

• Coordinated and developed Pashto/Urdu Training under Government-like

s tandards

• Ut ilizes language immersion techniques

• Teaches Pashto, Urdu and English grammar

• Creates lessons plans and follow-up exercises

• Thought students to compose sentences, paragraphs, basic grammar, testing

s trategies, punctuation, and writ ing skill


Linguist & Technical Writer Fort Banning, Georgia

Titan Corporation

(Dec-2005- Apr-2005)

• Performed Technical wri ting, interpretation, and t ranslation for U.S Marine

• Translated and analyzed wri t ten and recorded communication

• Researched and analyzed documents for key information

• Develop Instructional Video and Audio

• Successfully managed multiple projects and saw them to completion

• Translated and Transcribe form different Media Sources

• Formatted and edited t ranscripts of all other linguists

• Performed Technical wri ting, interpretation and t ranslation for U.S Marine.

• Translated and analyzed wri t ten and recorded communication

• Researched and analyzed documents for key information

• Provided operational language and cultural support between Pashto, Urdu,

P unjabi, Dari and English to U.S Army in Fort Banning Georgia:

• In terpreted during interviews, meeting and conferences.

• Translate and analyzed recorded communications &w ri t ten documents

Project Manager& Cultural Adviser Bagram Air Base,

A fghanistan

( Jan- 2004-Dec-2004)

• Bridge Communication gap between different factional parties.

• Arranged joint meeting between H igh Ranking Afghan’s & US Officials, to

p resent and discuss, the project, and the benefits’ of the project.

• Directs according to the plan, and coordinates activities of designated

p roject to ensure that goals or objectives of project are accomplished,

w ithin prescribed time frame and funding Parameters

• Synchronize with site Manager to, Establish Local and government

Network, to carry out project operation securely and efficiently.

• Reviews status reports prepared by Site Manager, modifies schedules or

p lans as

Required on timely completion.

• Procurement of equipment for projects from local & In ternational


Volunteer, I nstructor Bagram Air Base,

A fghanistan

U niversity of Texas

( Jan-2004-Dec-2004)

• Pashto Courses to Foreign Students at Bagram Air Base Afghanistan

• Instructed students to build a foundation of basic word analysis,

vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills, and to utilize computer-

aided instructions

• Participated in weekly departmental lecture on wide verity of topic

concerning the Afghan Society

• Taught Pashto Courses to Foreign Students

• Also, instructed students to build a foundation of basic word analysis,

vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills, and to utilize computer-

aided instructions

E ducation:

Master (MA) in Political Science from University of Peshawar

Bachelor (BA) of Arts from Government College of Sawabi

Certified in L inguistic anthropology, from Pashto Academy of Peshawar

Citified in Entomology, form Department of Agriculture, Annapolis

M aryland

LANGUAGES, Proficiency Level

English 5/5 I LR

L evel

Pashto 5/5 I LR

L evel

Urdu 5/5 I LR

L evel

5/5 I LR


L evel

3/3 I LR

Da r i

L evel


H ighly proficient in M icrosoft Office Programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

L otus Notes,

Web Publishing Programs: Audio, Video & Speech Analysis.

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