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Software Developer

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
March 05, 2018

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Joel Cright



Passionate, self-motivated, detail oriented software developer. Driven and business oriented entrepreneur.


Software development with practical experience in .NET, C#, Java, and other languages






C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PowerShell, PHP, CSHTML

IDEs and tools:

Unity, Unreal, Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Android Studio, SVN, Git


Windows, Linux, HyperV, VMware, Android, iOS, Mac, Microsoft Azure


Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Senior Applications Developer 2017

Project: Canadian Forces One Card

Product was written in .NET (backend) and AngularJS/CSHTML/Kentico (frontend)

Designed and implemented improvements to various points

Upgraded the implementation of Canada Post Auto Complete

Sped up user workflow by condensing and removing pages

Added a multi file uploader to the website, for users that needed to upload more than one type of ID

Fixed issues with service

Solved issue that would crash the website every time an admin logged in

Fixed issue that caused some users to see other user’s personal information

Fixed a bug that caused ~10% of user applications to fail

Part of the team that developed automated deployment scripts to push the product to various deployment servers

Fixed issues on our live server when they arose

Project: Self Service

Designed a website for users to manage their information

Held meetings with department heads to discuss any cross-departmental applications and issues

Project: Financial Services

Designed a web portal for users to talk to financial advisors

Designed interface for administrators to update the web portal as needed

Cisco Systems

Software Development Engineer in Test 2016

Project: Cisco Cloud Architecture over Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Also known as Cisco-Cloud-Network-Automation-Provisioner (CNAP)

Product was written in .NET (backend) and AngularJS/HTML (frontend)

Research project documentation to understand objectives: to create a product to automate network and cloud provisioning

Attended daily scrums and performed assigned tasks in agile fashion

Worked on feature development: Bulk Adding Clients

Reverse engineered creation process in order to code it up to be more scalable

Worked on product security

Harden servers by shutting down open ports

Ran different security test suites against product

Set up test beds with infrastructure team

Connectivity tests from every node in the network

Installed and configure CNAP

Took VM snapshots of development environments

Configured product to work with TACACS+ and RADIUS AAA servers

Bug fix

oReplicate defects

oAdd diagnostic code

oEvaluate diagnostics

oDesign a fix

oCode fix

Test automation

Developed test automation using Selenium and Java

Created a multi-threaded test implementation method to improve performance

Tested both the backend and the web portals

Created test cases and plans for myself and other team members to use

Used Fiddler to replicate networked actions in an attempt to identify bugs

Used developer tools in browsers to test changes and log to console to help troubleshoot

Implement new features in large scale product

Record and fix defects in Cisco’s defect tracking system

Self Employed

Software Developer 2011 - Present

Freelance Development

oDiscussed needs with client, and break that down into actionable list

oBuilt prototype with core functions in two weeks

oFix bugs, let client test build, test it myself

oStart from scratch to work on what will be final version

oExamples of work done:

Android app that uploads accelerometer data to a web server, then uses it to show users which roads are better than others, built in Java

AI for a survival horror game that focuses on randomizing the actions of the enemy, built in C#

iOS app that allows users to play a previously online only game, made because no one else had done it yet, built in Objective-C

Android application that keeps track of room schedules at colleges and universities, allowing students to check for empty rooms to study in, built in Java

Built testing tools to automate tasks

oTool to check that all SQL input statements are sanitized and provide useful errors

oTool that performs random actions and logs the action, to check for strange bugs

Took snapshots of development environment:

oWindows Server 2012, HyperV

oWindows 8.1

oMisc Linux distros including Ubuntu, Arch, Mint, Red Hat, Kali

Set up home-grown video surveillance system

oUsed Arch as the server OS

oZoneMinder is the software used to monitor

oStandard HD webcam used

Royal LePage

IT Support 2015

Contracted to assist in SQL database migration

Performed tier 1 to 3 user support

oUsed Spiceworks to track tickets

oAssisted in everything from password resets to custom software

Responsible for over 1000 employees

Worked with IT head to set up new branch

oTalked with contractors on cable positions

oInstalled hardware such as modems, routers, switches, and PCs

oSetup a VLAN for the office

Automated various tasks

oAdding, modifying, and removing employees in Active Directory and the Royal LePage directories

oMerging our databases

oImaging computers

oTier 1 user support

Designed and created an internal web portal to assist users

oFAQ with answers to most issues

oPassword reset tool, which was the most common issue

oTicket creation system

oLinks to various in house and third party software

Built a GUI to manage the new SQL database, coded in C#

Experiential Simulations & Algonquin College

Game Designer 2011

Hired to design and create an entrepreneurship educational game

Partner and I were given strict requirements and deadline

oTwo month deadline

oGame had to be played in a specific number of turns

oThe game had to allow for complex math

oIt must reflect real world values and actions

Created paper version of game to allow quick iterations

Met with client at least twice a week for feedback

After client was satisfied, we built the software version in C++

Built testing tools into the game

In 2013, the client made its first large scale sale to a university


Algonquin College

Game Development and Design June 2015

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