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Engineer Manager

Cypress, Texas, United States
March 05, 2018

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Mr. Julio C Rondon

Cell Phone: +1-361-***-****

Address: Cypress, TX 77429 /


I am a highly experienced Project, Process, Process Safety Engineer or Manager that work on designing, developing, performing, reviewing, controlling and/or supplementing CVPs & BIDs process, DBM, AFE, Budget, FEL, FEE, Capital & Expense Projects & EPC engineering package, Project MOC Process, Project estimates, scopes & schedules, process & pipeline hydraulic simulations, Material & Energy Balance FDs, BFDs, PFDs, P&IDs, Redlines, Isometric & IFC Mechanical Drawings, equipment data sheets, equipment sizing & specifications, BOMs, QC/QA, POs, DCRs, IFRs, Commissioning, PSSRs checklists, Construction & FA certificates, PSM, PHA, HAZOP, HAZIP, Safety Risk Management, QRA, LOPA, SIS, SIL,, JSA, TRA, ASA, Equipment Reliability & Mechanical Integrity Management, RCFA, Troubleshoot, Codes, Standards & Practices Reviews & Applications, Close out, Lessons learned, etc. to develop, install, support, improve, upgrade, debottleneck, optimize projects from conceptual to close out phase concerning the New and Existing Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Oil & Gas Processing & Conditioning Separation Facilities, Centrifugal & Reciprocating Gas Compressor Plants and Metering stations, Cryogenic, Dehydration & Sweetening Plants, Gathering, Transmission & Distribution of Oil, Gas, LNG, Water, Steam Pipeline Networks, Storage Oil Tanks, Pumps, & Metering Systems, Flare Gas Relief Systems, Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, Steam & Power Generation Systems, Utilities services, etc.


As a Chemical Engineer & Safety Engineering Specialist with a proven background in The Oil & Gas Industry and Facilities Project, Process Engineer & Manager positions, it is with great excitement that I submit my resume for consideration to become a member of your team. In addition to my formal education and training, my 25+ year history of hands-on experiences makes me an excellent match for the unique demands of this opportunity.

In each of my professional roles, I have been successful in producing positive results and I have a consistent history of advancing shared company goals. Please review the following examples from my resume, which outline the many strengths I can leverage to advance Organization’s mission.

Strength 1 Spearheaded numerous improvement projects in the oil and gas industry while consistently holding high safety standards and reducing costs.

Strength 2 Bilingual in English and Spanish, with a dynamic presence in leading projects to completion.

Strength 3 Proven expertise in a variety of engineering methods.

My resume provides further detail on my talent for team collaboration and passion for problem solving; it is my goal to apply these skills to the progress of a growing company. I look forward to setting up a meeting to discuss in greater detail how I can benefit your organization.

In the interim, thank you for reviewing this resume and the attached material.



Project Manager (Contractor through RCI Consultants Inc)

Talisman Energy Inc (Repsol)

November, 2014 February, 2015 (3 months)

Developed and designed engineering on Shale field production; from conceptual stage to close out projects for construction, improvement, or optimization of new or existing oil and gas field development, oil/water/gas processing facilities, and utilities

Key Accomplishments:

•Successfully upgraded Talisman Piping Specifications, and performed BID Processes for installing Cathodic Protection System on 49 separate well sites' pipelines (according to DOT, PHMSA, 49 CFR Parts 190-199, FERC, etc)

•Performed BID Process for installing new gas compressor plant reducing operations and maintenance costs, minimizing production downtime, lowering gas emissions to improve air quality.

Facilities Engineer & Project Manager (Contractor through Cenergy Int'l. Services)

CHEVRON Corp. North America E&P

February, 2013 October, 2014 (1 year 8 months)

Developed and designed engineering from conceptual stage to close out projects for construction, improvement, or optimization of new or existing oil and gas field development, oil/water/gas processing facilities, pipelines, and utilities. In addition, conducted capital project management and risk management (PHA, Hazop, Hazid, etc)

Key Accomplishments:

•Developed and supported all stages of engineering designs for construction of production well flow lines projects, including working with gauge settings manifolds, steam injection distribution systems, and casing gas pipeline systems to and from wells

•Completed FEED & EPC packages, BFD, PFD, P&ID, AFEs, SOWs, PSSRs, Construction & FA certificates.

Lead Engineer (Client: Talisman Energy Inc)

UniversalPegasus International (UPI)

September, 2012 January, 2013 (5 months)

Managed multidisciplinary team to developing numerous EPC engineering projects on Shale field production, from conceptual stage to close out (DBM, FEED, BFD, PFD, P&ID, Equipment Specs & Datasheets, POs, DCOs, etc.).

Key Accomplishments:

•Led development of engineering designs of various facilities projects, including gas conditioning and processing, oil production battery, gas compressor systems, and oil, gas and salted water pipelines.

Principal Process Engineer

Processes Unlimited International (Stantec)

January, 2008 August, 2012 (4 years 7 months)

Performed EPC engineering work package (DBM, FEED, BFD, PFD, P&ID, Equipment Specs & Datasheets, POs, DCOs, PHAs, HAZOPs, etc.) to develop oil/water/gas facilities, from conceptual stage to close out projects.

Key Accomplishments:

•Developed and supported basic engineering design of 120 MBOPD early production facility project for Ratga and Abdali in North Kuwait, intended to collect produced fluids from oil producing fields and transport them through production lines to oil/gas/water separation and treatment facility

•Designed transportation pipelines for these treated products Project successfully completed according to environmental needs.

•Devised new hydraulic simulations for oil, gas, and steam gathering and distribution network for engineering designs for PXP 19Z site development front end, effectively minimizing piping size of each network system

•Proactively developed a process safety assessment for existing facilities at Aera Energy San Ardo oilfield for determining safety operability conditions and quantifying works required to extend their operational activities.

Plant Facilities Superintendent & Project Manager

BP Venezuela Holdings Limited

January, 2002 October, 2007 (5 years 9 months)

Managed regularly a 27-employee as Facilities Superintendent in a high- pressure gas (10,000 psig) production facility for directing the design and construction of projects, improving operational processes and supporting jobs for the facilities(including maintenance and drilling jobs), complying with HSE Standards, ISO-14001 environmental policies, integrity management, following QA&QC processes: Contract, Capital Project Risks Management, Management of Change

•Performed feasibility studies, conceptual, basic and detail engineering of onshore/offshore oilfield facilities required for transporting, processing, conditioning and treating crude oil and natural gas streams

•Developed process flow diagrams, heat and material balances, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and plot-plans for oil and gas production facilities Provided process and operational support for oil separation and treatment systems, gas compression, transmission and distribution systems

•Performed troubleshooting, optimization and process studies for oil and gas processing plants

•Performed process simulations using commercial programs such as Pro/II, HYSYS, Promax, Hextran

•Performed hydraulic calculations using commercial programs such as Pipephase

•Conducted and facilitated Qualitative Risk Analysis, using PHA, What if, and HAZOP techniques Using process engineering and HSE theory and technique to develop quantitative risk analysis including dispersion analyses, spills analyses, toxicity analyses, consequence calculations, as well as application of severity matrices to define plant safety levels and recommend mitigation measures as required

•Applied working knowledge of industry codes and standards, and government regulations to engineering projects

•Performed technical audits to oil, gas & water facilities to confirm compliance with codes/standards/ publications/federal & local regulations.

Plant Facilities Process, Project, Process Safety Engineer

BP Venezuela Holdings Limited

April, 1999 January, 2002 (2 years 9 months)

•Directed and Coordinated engineering discipline activities required to convert an existing single production plant into a complex Production and Compression Plant for upgrading its capacity up to 30 MBPD of crude oil (35 API) and injecting 150 MMSCFD at 10,000 psig into Boquerón Field reservoirs Provided Quality control and quality assurance of the basic and construction engineering to meet operational standards and safety requirements

•Directed construction of projects, operational processes improvement and support jobs for the well drilling and for the facilities Maintenance & Operations, from its conceptual phase until start up, complying with the HSE Standard of zero (0) accidents of lost time by personnel, the ISO-14001 environmental policies, integrity management, and following the administration and technical processes to ensure and control quality established by the Boquerón Field Project Management: Contract Management (CAM), Project Management (PM), Risks Management (RM), Change Management (FCR), Certification Guides (QC/QA).

Tech. Assess. Coord./ Gas Process & Project Supv./ Gas Plant Supv.

Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA)

May, 1981 April, 1999 (17 years 11 months)

•Coordinated execution of integral technical evaluations of oil/gas facilities with multidisciplinary groups in order to implement the Process Safety Management (PSM) practices for all plants located at the Oil & Gas E & P facilities of the Eastern Division of PDVSA.

•Coordinated the updating, improvement and/or technical review of the existing gas compression system with a handling capacity of 150 MMSCFD in Jusepin Centre flow station.This plant compresses the produced gas coming from the Furrial field released through processes of multi-stage gas/oil separation at different pressure levels (500/100/35/0 psig) for obtaining 400,000 B/D from The Furrial field Supervised O&M groups of turbo and reciprocating gas compressor plants of the Southern District of Lagoven Eastern Division, PDVSA

•Supervised Lagoven, Eastern Division, PDVSA Gas Process Engineering group, responsible for providing support, project design, optimization and analysis of processes, technical evaluations and tests of equipment efficiency, and provide solutions or recommendations to operational problems of plants or gas handling facilities

•Designed and developed basic engineering for progressive construction of temporary & permanent facilities that allowed the development and sustained growth of all the infrastructure of the complex Centre of Oil & Gas separation for producing The Furrial field in the Jusepin field, with a separation capacity of 300,000 B/D of produced oil and 300 MMSCFD of associated gas from The Furrial field which production complex Jusepin infrastructure includes: production modules (50 & 80 MBD) with 2-phase and 3-phase separators at high & low pressure, Heat Exch(s) Fin-Fan type, scrubbers, storage tanks, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps, vapor recovery units, fluids treatment plants with condensate liquid removal from gas, Flare Gas Relief systems, Water & Gas Injection plants, firefighting system, control system scada, service or utilities systems, etc.


Universidad de Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela

Master of Science, Integral Safety Engineering Specialist

July, 1994 November, 1995

Degree date: 1995

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineer

January, 1975 December, 1979

Degree date: 1980



Full scholarship awarded by Lagoven, S.A. (PDVSA) to pursue Master of Science of Integral Safety Engineering Specialty at Universidad de Los Andes (ULA) – Mérida, Venezuela.

Spot Bonus (BP): one for doing a good job to produce a well on time, one for saving extra costs during a special project, one for design, building and installing a Test Separator with additional operational and maintenance flexibility and benefits, one for design, building and installing a Vapor Recovery Compressor to eliminate gas emission to atmosphere, and others.

Papers, Presentations and Publications

•Rondon, J and Perez, L., “Criteria for Selecting Methods to Dispose Drilling Residues In Environmental Sensitive Areas such as Eastern Maturín”, work to fulfill requirements to obtain specialist degree in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection, 1995.

•Rondon, J and Perez, L., “Guidelines for Quantitative Risk Analysis of Oil and Gas Facilities”, work to fulfill requirements to obtain specialist degree in Industrial Safety and Prevention, and Fire Control, 1995.

•Urosa, Octavio, H. Roeder and Rondon, J., “Re-utilization and upgrading of an existing reciprocating plant to a new application”, paper presented at the Conference of the GPA-Venezuela, 1986.

•Becerra, Ana and Rondon, J., “Gas Sweetening Plant in The Furrial field” paper presented at the Conference of the GPA-Venezuela, 1992.


Chemical Engineering Certification #27725 given by Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela on 1980

Steam Distribution and Metering, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 2009

PROMAX Process Simulation Course, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 2008

Project Leadership, Management & Communication (PMP‘s course), Houston, USA, 2007

Managing Risk in Projects (PMP‘s course), Houston, USA, 2007

Project Management Essentials (PMP‘s course), Chicago, USA, 2006

Managing Projects (PMP‘s course), Houston, USA, 2006

Gas Conditioning and Processing (J.M.C.) with HYSYS Simulation, Calgary (Albertha), Canada, 2001

Process Safety Management and Quantitative Risk Analysis, Quest Consultants Inc., Norman, OK, USA, 1997


Consequence Modeling & Safety Risk Analysis software: PAPA, Focus, Cirrus, Canary

Other software: MS office (Word, Project, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), AutoCAD, Visio, Paint, Acrobat, etc.



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