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Assistant Engineer

Novi, Michigan, United States
March 01, 2018

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***** ******* ****, ******* ** Rifai

Novi, MI 48375 248-***-****


PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Oklahoma GPA 4.00 Jan’13-Jan ‘16

Dissertation Title “Quantum Secure Communications Using Multi-photon Tolerant Protocols” MS in Telecommunications Engineering

University of Oklahoma GPA 3.85 Jan’11-Dec’12

Thesis Title “The Three-stage Protocol Using Larger Alphabets” BS in Computer and Communication Engineering-Ranked 1st Rafik Hariri University, Lebanon GPA 89.04% Aug’07-Aug’10 TECHNICAL EXPERTISE

Proficient: Technical writing (Book writing, Proposals, Research Papers/Journals, Reports), Labview, Probability, Teaching, Classical Cryptography (AES, DES, ElGamal, Diffie Hellman, RSA, etc.), Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communications (BB’84, Three-stage protocol, etc.), Optical Networks Design, MatLab.

Familiar with: C, 802.11 Wi-Fi, Computer Networks, Routing and Switching protocols, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Visual, Basic, C++.


University of Oklahoma Part-time Postdoctoral studies Sep’16- July ‘17

-Leading the effort in book authorship on quantum secure communication based on multi-photon tolerant protocols

-Assist in supervising graduate students research

University of Oklahoma Teaching Assistant Jan’16- May ‘16

- Teaching assistant for the Computer and Communication Security class

- Correcting assignments and quizzes, conducting one-on-one meetings with students to help them with assignments and further understand of the class material

-Setting up the D2L grade book of the course and used D2L to collect and grade assignments University of Oklahoma Lab Manager/Teaching Assistant Jun’13- Dec ‘14

- Teaching Lab courses:

o Introduction to polarization concept, polarizers, Half wave plates, Quarter wave plates, Malus Law Experiment, Polarization in fiber, restoration methods and interferometry. o Computer networks lab

- Coached engineering students through their Lab course projects.

- Managed the interoperability lab and maintaining the Lab network. Proof-of Concept Center Program Intern/Inventor Sep’13-Oct ‘13 i2E, Inc., Oklahoma City

- Validated marketability of the quantum cryptography technology developed through my research.

- Analyzed market ecosystem analysis for a startup technology company.

- Created and delivered presentations to potential investors. University of Oklahoma Research Assistant Jan’11- May ‘16

- Introduced the concept of Multi-photon tolerant Multi-stage secure protocols.

- Designed and developed a free space optical (FSO) secure communication protocol.

- Designed and implemented a proof-of concept prototype of the three-stage quantum cryptography protocol over Free Space Optics (FSO) experimental environment.

- Proposed, designed and implemented the three-stage quantum cryptography using larger alphabets

(Multi-level three-stage protocol).

- Implemented the three-stage quantum cryptography protocol over fiber optical cable (FO) experimental environment.

- Analyzed and proposed alternative methods to implement Quantum cryptography protocols in Wireless networks (802.11 Wi-Fi, WiMax, LTE).

- Signal propagation characterization in fiber optics and free space optics transmission.

- Implementation of Multi-level three-stage over FSO in an experimental environment.

- Analytical study of security of the three-stage protocol (security protocol).

- Proposed several secure solutions to the three-stage protocol implementation.

- Researched intrusion detection using polarization over fiber optics. Rafic Harriri University Teaching Assistant Aug’10- Dec’10

- Taught “Introduction to C++” Lab Course to undergraduate engineering students. Orange Business Services Network Engineer/Intern Jun’10- Aug’10 Beirut- Lebanon

- Served as a network engineer where I worked on Broad Band Network maintenance, installation and configuration of client services especially internet, network topology, and IPTV.

- Attended training given by company employees covering products and best practices to manage and operate the broad band network.


Work in progress:

1) Verma P.K., El Rifai M., Chan K.W.C., “Quantum-Secure Communication using Multi-photon Protocols” Book to be published by Springer Nature. Patents:

2) Patent: Optical cryptography systems and methods, Inventors: Pramode K. Verma, Mayssaa El Rifai, Nikhil Vishnu Punekar. Patent Number: US 9246680 B2

Issued: January 26, 2016

2) Pending patent: Optical cryptography systems and methods, Inventors: Pramode K. Verma, Nikhil Vishnu Punekar, Gregory Macdonald, Bhagyashree Arun Darunkar, Mayssaa El Rifai

Application Number: US14/329,659

Filling date: July 11,2014


3) Nomula R., El Rifai M. and Verma P.K., “Multi-photon Tolerant Protocols for Quantum Secure Communicationin Wireless Standards”, International Journal of Security and Networks,Indersciencepublishers,Vol11,2015-Inpress 4) El Rifai M., Chan K.W.C., Verma P.K. “Multi-stage Quantum Secure Communication Using Polarization Hopping” Security and Communication Networks,2015, vol 8, pages 4333-4342 5) Verma P.K., El Rifai M. “An Ultra-secure Router-to-router Spontaneous Key Exchange System” I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2015, 7, 1-9 Published Online June 2015 in MECS

( DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2015.07.01 6) Chan K.W.C, El Rifai M., Verma P.K., Kak S., Chen Y. “ Multi-Photon Quantum Key Distribution Based on Double-Lock Encryption” International Journal on Cryptography and Information Security (IJCIS), Vol. 5, No. 3/4, December 2015

Conference Papers:

7) Mandal, S., Macdonald G., El Rifai M., Punekar N., Zamani F., Chen Y., Kak S., Verma P.K., Huck R.C., Sluss J., "Implementation of Secure Quantum Protocol using Multiple Photons for Communication." arXiv preprint arXiv:1208.6198 (2012) 8) Chen, Yuhua, Kak S.,Verma P. K., Macdonald G.,El Rifai M., Punekar N.,"Multi-photon tolerant secure quantum communication From theory to practice." Communications (ICC), 2013 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2013

9) El Rifai, M., Punekar N., and Verma.P.K.,"Implementation of an m-ary three-stage quantum cryptography protocol." SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2013

10) Gawand, N., El Rifai M.,MacDonald G., and Verma P.K., "Superdense Coding for Dual-Quantum Channel Quantum Key Distribution." Quantum Information and Measurement. Optical Society of America, 2013

11) El Rifai, M., and Verma P.K., "An Algorithmic Approach to Securing the Three-Stage Quantum Cryptography Protocol." Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications

(TrustCom), 2013 12th IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2013 12) El Rifai, M., Verma, P.K., "An IEEE 802.11 quantum handshake using the three-stage protocol," Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN), 2014 23rd International Conference on, vol., no., pp.1,6, 4-7 Aug. 2014.

13) El Rifai M. ; Verma P.K. “Quantum secure communication using a multi-photon tolerant protocol” Proc. SPIE 9377, Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication VIII, 937713 (March 4, 2015); doi:10.1117/12.2077229 14) Chan K.W.C, El Rifai M., Verma P.K., Kak S., Chen Y., “Multi-Photon Quantum Key Distribution Based on Double-Lock Encryption”, presented at the CLEO 2015 Conference, San Jose, California, May 10-15, 2015


Graduate Level: Numerical Analysis, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Information Theory, Quantum Information Theory, Optical Information Processing, Optical Engineering, Computer & Communication Security.

Undergraduate Level: Programming, Advanced Programming, Linear Algebra with Applications, Engineering for the Community, Calculus I&II, CME Lab (MatLab included). LANGUAGES

- Arabic: native language.

- English: excellent writing, reading and speaking.

- French: fair reading, writing and speaking.


- Member of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) since May 2013

- Distinguished Honor List undergraduate student for: Fall’ 08, Fall ’09

- Honor List undergraduate student for: Spring ’08, Spring ’10.

- Outstanding presenter award for Tuesday meetings (Fall 2014-Spring 2015) at the Telecommunications Engineering weekly meetings, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

- 3rd Award for Graduate Student Poster Presentation at IEEE section meeting-April 2014.

- International student organization President at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

- International student organization Secretary at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

- Treasurer of Engineering Club at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

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