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Engineering Mechanical Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 01, 2018

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Sandeep Vishal Dhalla


The Wohl Group

Aerospace Recruiting and Consulting

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am writing in response to your recently advertised position for a Mechanical Engineer. I am very interested in this opportunity and believe that my qualifications, education and professional experience make me a strong candidate for this position.

At SPP Canada Aircraft, I was involved in the conceptual design to final assembly and testing of the main and nose landing gear system, the drag brace actuators and the uplock mechanism for the Dornier Seastar aircraft. I developed 3-D models for large components such as cylinders, pistons and axles and small components such as nuts, bolts and sleeves where weight, manufacturing and assembly were considered. Furthermore, I created and reviewed 2-D engineering drawings (detail, assembly, ICD) with notes and GD&T regularly. Prior to final release of each drawing, I conducted a tolerance stack up analysis and a fastener analysis to ensure correct assembly of mating parts. I also created a best practices GD&T manual for company usage, and other documents like stress reports, acceptance test plans and compliance matrices to name a few. I participated actively in design review meetings to correct assembly/interference issues, managed the BOM/configuration of parts and created ECOs/NIEOs. I also contributed in proposals, reverse engineering projects and presented solutions to solve MRB related issues. Most recently, I designed interior bulkhead components for the Bombardier Global 7000/8000 program to satisfy work packages, installation requirements and engineering instructions. Furthermore, I have a sound understanding of CAD software such as Solidworks and extensive design experience using CATIA V5. Besides my technical skills, I have excellent communication, organization and team work skills. Most importantly, I stay highly motivated in a fast-paced working environment and require minimal supervision. Furthermore, I am taking initiatives to pursue my P.ENG and Master of Engineering in design and structures. I firmly believe that I can be a valuable asset and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this position and how my experience could help The Wohl Group achieve its goals. Sandeep Dhalla, B.ENG

Sandeep Vishal Dhalla



Motivated individual with a Bachelor of Engineering and experience in the aerospace industry. Seeking to learn, grow and develop in the field of design, stress or structures in a challenging and fast-paced environment. SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS

Hard working person and team player; work well under high pressure and minimal supervision

Effectively able to communicate with others via technical reports and presentations

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Proficient in Microsoft Office and strong programming skills (MATLAB and VBA)

2500+ hours of professional experience with CATIA V5

Certified in several CATIA workbenches: Part design, GSD, FTA, kinematics, sheet-metal, tubing & more

500+ hours of experience with FEA software FEMAP/NASTRAN and CAE ABAQUS EDUCATION

09/11 – 04/16 B.ENG Ryerson University Toronto, ON

Honours B.ENG, Aerospace Engineering


07/17 – 10/17

Designer MSB Global Resources Montreal, QC

Designed aircraft interior bulkhead components for the Global 7000 in accordance with Bombardier standards (BM, BAPS)

Created engineering drawings of parts and assemblies efficiently to maintain project schedule

Extracted relevant information from WA (Work Authorization) to satisfy client needs / specifications and determine design criterion

Proposed design solutions to solve conflicts or satisfy initial requirements

Updated managers of design progress and program status with regular communication and meetings 09/15 – 06/17

Junior Designer SPP Canada Aircraft Inc. Mississauga, ON

Detailed and designed landing gear components in CATIA V5 for Dornier Seastar aircraft

Created engineering drawings (machined, assembly, ICD) conforming to ASME Y14.5-2009 standards

Conducted complex stack up analyses to prevent potential scrap of parts and assemblies

Created design manuals and GD&T best practices to standardize future drawings at SPPCA

Participated in design review meetings and presented solutions to solve design, manufacturing or assembly / interference concerns

Liaised with shop floor and manufacturers to resolve design or MRB issues 05/14 – 08/15

Stress Analysis Intern SPP Canada Aircraft Inc. Mississauga, ON

Calculated and documented the margin of safety using classical and finite element analysis to optimize landing gear components (pistons, cylinders, lugs, bearings, links).

Conducted several stress checks such as thread shear, bearing stress, sustained stress, column buckling

Developed beam models using FEMAP/NASTRAN to extract internal loads for analysis

Conducted contact stress analysis in CAE ABAQUS for bearing stresses, stress concentrations and principal stress studies.

Created and validated macros and calculators for in-house programs and R&D to increase efficiency and reallocate time


09/15 – 12/15 Capstone Project AER 814 – Aircraft Design Project

Conceptually designed a 700 passenger commercial aircraft comparable in size to the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380 – Group of 11

Personal responsibilities involved designing the nose, wing and body landing gear for the aircraft using classical and analytical structural methods (Margin of Safety, FEA)

All structural loads used in the analysis were compliant with FAR regulations and project requirements

Other responsibilities included cost analysis, weight analysis, material selection, and aircraft interface for the landing gears

Presented information to industry leaders via technical reports, presentations, and visual demonstrations

Placed first overall of 4 teams, and won the READ 2016 award for best aerospace design project 09/15 – 12/15 UAV Payload AER 817 – Systems Engineering

Designed a payload capable of detecting forest fires once attached to a UAV or quadcopter – Group of 5

Single handedly designed payload structure in CATIA, created engineering drawings, and assembled the structure after 3D printing

Conducted both weight and cost analyses to meet all requirements

Conducted Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA) of sub components to determine reliability of system

Received full recognition regarding the functionality of the final design 01/14 – 04/14 Wing Box Design AER 621 – Aircraft Structural Design

Created a wing box for an aircraft while considering cost, weight, material, and structural integrity

Performed a weight trade study analysis between minimal shell thickness and maximum stringers vs. a thicker shell and less stringers

Performed margin of safety checks at areas of interest to avoid yielding and buckling

Presented all information in a technical report with diagrams and analysis conducted

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