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CFO, Controller

Plano, Texas, United States
March 01, 2018

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Thomas O’Gorman, MBA, CPA

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Accomplished professional with over sixteen years of experience as a financial leader. Proven record in creating and executing successful strategic initiatives on the hospital and regional level. Experience in obtaining capital for two new hospital construction projects and in maintaining excellent creditor relationships. Has repeatedly demonstrated expertise in establishing efficient and productive accounting and reporting functions and in developing and maintaining best in class revenue cycle, supply chain, and IT operations.

Education and Certification

Certified Public Accountant, State of Texas, February 1996

Master of Business Administration, August 1993, Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas

Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance, December 1991, Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas



Controller 1/2017 to 9/2017

Provided forecasting reports, daily sales analysis, financial analysis, benchmarking, inventory reviews and analysis, and cash management reporting. Produced financial statements on a monthly basis. Worked with accounting staff to manage AP and AR.

Key Results

Cleaned up the books and created internal financial reporting that the company never had before.

Reduced AR from $1.4 Million to $700,000.

Led a sales tax audit that resulted in almost no penalties.

Improved cash management function and reporting.


Cost Analyst-Contract, 08/2016 to 12/2016

Responsible for setting up and implementing a cost accounting system for the organization along with analysis and reporting of cost data. Also coordinates the compilation and distribution of hospital wide statistical data. Identified over $700,000 in cost savings utilizing cost data. Also identified $850,000 in revenue enhancement opportunities.


CFO - Contract, 11/2015 to 6/2016

Responsible for the accounting, business office, supply chain, cash management and strategic planning functions. Established initial budget and reporting structures. Designed and implemented a management reporting and information system. Improved financial reporting by implementing effective accounting policy changes. Improved AR collections by 35%.

Key results:

Improved the accuracy and reliability of the accounting system by implementing new policies for the areas of revenue recognition and the valuation of assets and liabilities.

Implemented AR processes that resulted in a more aggressive account review program that has led to increased collections by 35%.


Director of Accounting - Contract, 9/2015 to 11/2015

Responsible for directing the accounting functions for Medco. This includes overseeing job billing, accounting for material procurement, oversight of subcontractor draws, coordination of audits, and directing financial reporting. Improved cash flow processes and streamlined AP and subcontractor payment processes. Enhanced financial reporting and audit tools increasing productivity and ease of use.


CFO, 9/2014 to 6/2015

Responsible for the accounting, business office, supply chain, cash management and strategic planning functions. Improved business office performance by dramatically increasing collections by 30-50% and cutting AR days in half. Restructured business office and financial services departments which gained efficiencies and improved performance and saved $250,000. Compiled and submitted Medicare and Medicaid Cost report that resulted in additional $4,000,000 in reimbursement.

Key results:

Restructured the Business Office by bringing in new leadership, reassigning roles and responsibilities, and improving processes. The results have been increased collections and an improvement in AR Days from over 90 to 45 days.

Restructured the financial services departments by installing new leadership and changing roles of staff saving $250,000. Initiated new processes that cut closing time in half and improved the accuracy and timeliness of the financial statements.

Introduced internal reporting on costs and productivity that identified thousands in cost savings.

Successfully compiled and filed an interim cost report which resulted in a $4,000,000 capital payment to the hospital.


Regional CFO, 3/2013 to 8/2014

Responsible for the accounting, business office, HIM, supply chain, clinic operations, and strategic planning functions. Successfully managed the Dallas Physician Medical Group and Pampa Physician Medical group improving physician practice margins to over 20%. Improved business office performance by over 50% in collections year over year. Oversight of successful conversion of hospital IT system for Pampa Regional Medical Center. Cut implant costs by 25%.

Key results:

Provided oversight and direction between local hospital business office personnel and corporate central business office under a hybrid business office model. Streamlined communication, clarified roles and responsibilities, and tracked key KPIs and sought continuous positive change which enabled collections to increase by 50% in year over year collections.

Started new physician medical group with multiple specialties with a positive net income stream from day one.

Successfully negotiated with high cost implant vendors a strategy that reduced costs by 25% and increased profit margin on implant cases.

Successful conversion of hospital information system with no interruption in cash flow or clinical operations.

Significant clean up of financial statements with improvements in audit adjustments year over year.


CFO, 7/2012 to 3/2013

Responsible for the accounting, business office, HIM, supply chain, information technology, clinic operations, and strategic planning functions. Successfully started two specialty clinics and restructured two primary care clinics into profitable operations. Reorganized and successfully acquired new management for the business office resulting in vastly improved collections. Identified and realized over $2,000,000 in cost savings and improved collections by $4,000,000. Participated in physician recruitment process and provided key leadership in restoring provider trust in the management team.

Key results:

Restructured and provided new management for the business office, which is responsible for billing for the hospital and three clinics. Year over year cash collections are up by over 35% on flat hospital volumes. Clinic credentialing and third party contractual processes were initiated and completed allowing clinic collections to improve dramatically. Also improved key performance metrics such as days in AR, days of unbilled revenue, and overall cost to collect.

Completely revised and implemented proper policies and procedures for supply chain management, including capital requisition and acquisition procedures.

Achieved significant financial improvements by using a combination of revenue enhancement and cost cutting strategies. The hospital lost over $6 million in FY 2012. Identified and implemented over $2,000,000 in cost savings and improved collection rates to annualized increase of over $4,000,000, allowing for positive performance for FYTD 2013.

Took over management of clinical operations and implemented financial and operational improvements that turned over $900,000 in losses from clinic operations to a positive margin in FY 2013. This includes the acquisition of an Occupational Medicine clinic, successful startup of ENT, Plastics, and Pain Management services, and a restructuring of a family practice clinic and a separate pediatric clinic into one five provider clinic with both specialties.

Implemented financial reporting policies and internal controls that improved the integrity of internal financial reporting as evidenced by reducing audit adjustments from the prior financial leadership of over $3,000,000 to immaterial positive audit adjustments.


Regional CFO, 10/2008 to 5/2012

Responsible for the accounting, business office, HIM, supply chain, and strategic planning functions for five acute care hospitals. Reported to five separate boards and two executive officers. Created a regional organizational structure for each function which entailed having five direct reports and management responsibility for over 100 FTEs. Provided oversight for the completion of a replacement hospital building project for ETMC Pittsburg, and for the approval and initiation of another replacement hospital project for ETMC Quitman. Provided financial and shared operational management of eight clinics, with 80,000 combined yearly visits.

Key results:

Formed a regional business office, responsible for billing for five hospitals and eight clinics. Reorganized HIM by combining management, coding, and transcription in to regional functions, and streamlined accounting and purchasing functions. The results were savings in salaries and benefits of over $1 million yearly. Also improved key performance metrics such as days in AR, days of unbilled revenue, and overall cost to collect. To date the savings total over $3 million.

Created several management reporting tools that have helped to identify potential efficiency improvements. Two examples are: bi-weekly payroll reports that measure productivity and benchmark departments across the region helped to identify best practices and tighten productivity standards, and floor nurse staffing grids that take the census and give instant feedback to nurse management on appropriate staffing for the census. These tools have identified over 80 FTEs that have been reduced successfully, with savings approaching $3 million annually.

Successfully started a pain management program that was profitable in first six months of operation. Started several successful practices including pediatrics, psychiatry, and orthopedics growing the number of providers in the multispecialty practice by 23%. Year over year visit volumes were growing at a rate of 25%. Clinic profitability improved year over year by an average of 11%.

Achieved significant financial improvements by using a combination of revenue enhancement and cost cutting strategies. The region lost over $4 million in FY 2008. In our first year of managing the region, FY 2009, the region broke even. In FY 2010, the region made $1 million, and in FY 2011 the region made $2.5 million.

Converted our ETMC Quitman facility to critical access status, improving its financial performance significantly thereby making it financially feasible to begin a replacement facility project. Prepared all of the financial due diligence and forecasting documents for the lenders. The project was approved and the new Hospital was built in 2013.


CFO/COO, 7/2007 to 10/2008

Responsible for revenue cycle, HIM, supply chain management, and accounting functions as CFO and clinical ancillary and operational support departments as COO. Participated in physician recruitment and in strategic planning and execution. Managed the hospital debt structure, covenant compliance, and the partnership distribution process.

Key results:

Planned, developed, and executed a profitable hospitalist service line in a primarily surgical hospital. Utilized empty beds and increased hospital year over year net income by over 8% with the addition of the hospitalist service.

Implemented inventory standardization for highly specialized surgical supplies and equipment that resulted in savings of $550,000 annually.

Implemented financial and department level reporting metrics that allowed department managers to manage more effectively. Was able to achieve a year over year salary and benefits reduction of 7% without any programmatic layoffs.

Executed the launch of a successful breast center, equipped with the latest digital breast mammography and staffed by breast radiologists. Formed a natural referral pattern of patients to our general surgeons and oncologists, producing downstream profitability.

Started position as CFO but within three months was asked to permanently assume COO duties. Achieved operational success as demonstrated by consistent patient satisfaction scores for ancillary areas in the 90th percentile, a cafeteria that was a profit center, and excellent Joint Commission ratings.


CFO/Associate Administrator, 7/2002 to 6/2007

Responsible for the accounting, business office, HIM, supply chain, and strategic planning functions. In third year took over additional duties as Associate Administrator, which included operational management of clinical ancillary departments and three clinics. Participated in physician recruitment and development as well as in strategic planning and execution. Developed management reports and was responsible for budgeting, strategic planning, and financial analysis.

Key results:

In five years was able to transform a hospital with a FY 2002 loss of over $200,000 to a consistently profitable hospital that in 2007 was able to obtain capital financing to build a replacement hospital and had income of over $1.4 million.

Changed the structure of a primary care clinic so that it was able to become a profit center for the hospital. In the first year of operations, the two physician primary care clinic lost over $1 million. By the end of the second year the clinic was profitable. The changes including renegotiating physician contracts, switching to RHC status, and effectively staffing the clinic.

In 2006 converted ETMC Pittsburg to Critical Access. Performed all of the analysis, and presented the analysis at the corporate level and to reimbursement experts, convincing corporate management to allow the conversion right before the ability to convert was to expire. The conversion proved to generate the financial improvements that the original analysis showed, improving the net income of ETMC Pittsburg by over $1 million annually.

Participated in recruiting a cardiologist to ETMC Pittsburg and establishing a successful non-invasive cardiology practice. Also recruited general surgery and pediatrics.


CFO, 5/1999 to 7/2002

Responsible for the accounting, business office, HIM, supply chain, and strategic planning functions. Underwent successful system conversion and smooth Y2k transition. Improved cash position and reduced AR days. Solidified cost reporting function.


Financial Manager, 2/1997 to 5/1999

Responsible for the financial reporting and management liaison for accounting, business office, and medical records functions. Also responsible for support services, facilities management, dietary, and environmental services functions. Heavily involved in cost reporting, budgeting, and benchmarking.


Cost Accountant/Financial Analyst, 8/1994 to 2/1997

Responsible for building and maintaining cost accounting system, benchmarking, and financial analysis and reporting. Provided data and reports for cost report preparation.

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