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Engineer Engineering

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 28, 2018

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Resume for Khelifa Talbi */*

Khelifa Talbi, M.Sc., P.Eng. 40 Whitefield Crescent NE

Calgary, Alberta T1Y 5K1 - Canada

Staff Reservoir Engineer Mobile: 1- 403 - 390 5755 E-mail:


Continuously gain valuable oil and gas experience while developing a broad range of skills and expanding knowledge. Seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity, where I can contribute to the growth of both, the company and myself.


Senior reservoir engineer with over 17 years of experience in reservoir & production engineering. Professional practice has encompassed general reservoir engineering, reservoir management, numerical reservoir simulation (black oil & compositional), reservoir characterization, pressure transient analysis, fluid property analysis, and horizontal & multilateral well’s studies and applications.

Experience in primary, secondary, and tertiary recoveries of conventional and heavy oil, both domestic and international projects.

Risk analysis, completion and & well performance, reservoir and production monitoring.

Strong experience in optimization of mature fields, field development planning, single well modeling and forecast, filed production forecast and reserves estimation.

Experience in cased hole and open hole logs, witness and analysis.

Conduct; decline curve analysis, volumetric & material balance, and nodal analysis.

Excellent knowledge of production engineering with a good understanding of surface facility issues.

Provide engineering support in preparation of annual base volume budgets.

Extensive hands-on experiences in experimental design, setup, and trouble shooting.

Excellent communication, interpersonal and team focused skills.

Fluency in English, French, Arabic, and basic Spanish. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Henka Energy, Calgary Oil & Gas Consultant Mar 2016 – Present

Provide general and specific reservoir engineering support to clients.

Helping startup oil and gas companies planning to invest in Middle East and or North Africa with engineering advices and communication liaisons.

Grantierra Energy Inc., Calgary Staff Reservoir Engineer Nov 2009 – Jan 2016 Part of the reservoir engineering team worked on:

Worked with the G&G team to construct and maintain reservoir simulation models for properties in Peru, Brazil & Columbia using Petrel Re, Eclipse & Merlin. Performed several cases and scenarios to determine development strategies for new fields and optimized production in mature fields.

Re-ran sensitivity forecasts scenarios as needed for economic evaluation and facility designs.

Worked with the G&G team on developing and managing the data acquisition programs for all Peru and Brazil exploration and appraisal wells.

Worked with the new venture exploration teams to evaluate new ventures and/or corporate acquisitions opportunities by visiting data rooms and gathering pertinent information as required and provided recoverable & reserves estimates, production forecasts, and possible development scenarios.

Prepared visual data room (VDR) and presented to existing and or future potential partners. Resume for Khelifa Talbi 2/4

Provided general and specific reservoir engineering supports for existing and future projects to reservoir management in Calgary and to the different field locations to ensure corporate objectives were achieved.

Provided engineering support to exploration drilling team such as planning, writing RFT/MDT programs, attending and supervising the operations and interpreting the results, well test recommendations, well test analysis, and PVT properties estimates for the company properties in all business unites

(Columbia, Argentina, Brazil & Peru).

Worked with the field operation staff to ensure that production data was captured correctly and lease operating statements were correct and representative.

Prepared and filed required documents by regulatory bodies and government agencies where the company operated.

I was part of multi-disciplinary team (representing the reservoir engineering) worked on block 95 field in Peru which was the biggest discovery for the company (OOIP~600 MMsbt). A field development plan was prepared with care and approved by the company board of directors, the ministry of energy in Peru and our external reserves auditors resulting in increasing the overall company reserves by more than 60%.

I have led a cross-functional engineering team that built a new reservoir models for Brazil owned properties which resulted in decreasing the overall cost of the project and increasing the company recoverable reserves in Brazil by over 20%.

First Calgary Petroleums Ltd, Calgary Senior Reservoir Engineer March 2007 – Oct 2009 I was part of a team worked on an exciting new oil and gas fields discovered by First Calgary Petroleum in Block 405-B, Algeria.

Built fluid characterization models (EOS) as required for the reservoir simulations work.

Built a full field compositional reservoir simulation model for Tagi (LES/LEC).

History match of all production well tests performed in the Tagi (LES/LEC).

Run different scenarios to determine the optimal development strategy for Tagi (LES/LEC).

Converted the field the reservoir simulation model from GEM (CMG) to Eclipse 300 simulation platform.

Monitored the completion and testing of new wells. Compiled and analyzed test data, and reported results in a timely manner to management and partner(s).

Provided directions to third-party labs for required PVT analysis of fluid samples; filed the results report and managed the samples inventory.

Prepared presentations for workshops and meetings with partners as needed.

Worked with multi-disciplinary team to prepare the FDR (Field Development Report) within its time frame (was responsible for the reservoir engineering and simulation modeling part).

Fluid characterization modeling of MLE reservoir and CAFC single well pools models.

Deliverability estimations of new drilled wells.

Updated the TAGI CAFC full field dynamic reservoir model and performed sensitivity cases as needed.

Well test design; interpretation of the tested wells and IPR/VLP calculations.

Assisted in building the new CAFC-TAGI static model.

Help in deciding new drill locations.

Integrated production modelling of the single well pools using IPM7 (Prosper-MBAL-GAP).

Prepared reports and presentations of the completed studies for internal and external distributions. Resume for Khelifa Talbi 3/4

Anadarko Canada Corporation / Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, Calgary Production Engineer Feb 2005 – Feb 2007

In charge of two oil properties in Grande Prairie (Doe Creek & South Spirit River) and several gas Properties in north east BC (Jedney, Buckinghorse, Graham, Chowade, Cypress, D`aiber, Beg & Gundy).

Vertical lift performance (Nodal Analysis) for all production phases.

Dealt with breakthrough problems analysis (Water & gas).

Daily well/field production monitoring and future predictions for both oil and gas properties.

Prepared and provided completions, work-overs and well servicing programs.

Prepared presentations and cost estimates for management approvals.

Worked with field staff and well servicing companies to execute planned well work programs.

Daily report of; well production, servicing results, and planned work to management.

Worked with the G&G and the reservoir groups to capture field and well needed data and information

(well test, fluid samples, and fluid level).

Established the annual base volume budgets and the monthly production forecast (well and field).

Worked with the facility group to install new surface equipments or to tie-in new wells.

Daily communication with field operators regarding well problems or production issues.

Provided data and presented well/field results to partners and got approvals for the planned work.

Complied with all EUB (AB) & OGC (BC) regulations related to well completion and production.

Field business trips as needed.

By the end of 2006 I was transferred to Canadian Natural Resources with the purchase of all Anadarko Canada properties.

Worked with the thermal group on a reservoir simulation of a SAGD / Vapex pilot to develop some of the heavy oil properties.

Built a simplified simulation model for Vapex (one producer and one injector). University of Calgary, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Teaching Assistant Jan 2002-Jan 2005

Under graduate courses assigned:

Water Flooding

Well Logging and Formation Evaluation

Anadarko-Sonatrach Joint Venture, Algeria Reservoir Engineer Oct 1999-May 2001 Reservoir simulation engineer for Hassi Berkine field, Ghadames Bassin, Algeria.

Generated Vertical Lift Performance tables for HBNS field based on the production data from an analogue field (Hassi Messaoud field, Algeria).

Implemented the VLP tables in a X-section simulation model from HBNS field.

Implemented the VLP tables in the HBNS full field reservoir simulation model.

Performed several reservoir simulation scenarios to plan for prepare for one month full field shutdown to upgrade the field surface facility to second production phase.

Investigated the impact of the full field shutdown on the overall oil recovery and studied the gravitational effect of the flooding during the shutdown.

Built a reservoir simulation model for an adjacent aquifer and evaluated its potential as a source of water for water flooding operations in HBNS field. Also optimized the number of water well source needed.

Prepared presentations for internal meetings and for partners.

Supported the operation and production groups.

Field business trips as needed.

Resume for Khelifa Talbi 4/4

The Algerian State Oil Company Sonatrach, PED. Department of Hassi-Messaoud Field, Algeria Reservoir Engineer Jan 1996 – Sep 1999

Worked with the G&G team and built a reservoir simulation model for Tamadanet field (Algeria). Several cases and scenarios were performed to optimize the development plan of the field.

Performed a technical and economical comparison study of the use of horizontal wells versus vertical wells to develop Tamadanet field.

Monitored the production in all water-flooding zones (Hassi Messaoud field); predicted water breakthrough and proposed ways to mitigate and deal with water conning issues.

Studied the sweep efficiency in all water-flooding zones in Hassi Messaoud field.

Performed well test and PLT interpretation for wells within the water-flooding zone (Hassi Messaoud field).

Investigated the daily production issues and provided recommendations to management and field personnel.

Prepared and presented cost estimates to managements for approvals. EDUCATION:

M.Sc., Reservoir Engineering, university of Calgary, Dept. of Chemical & Pet. Eng., Calgary, (2005) Thesis Title: Evaluation of CO2 based Vapex process for the recovery of heavy oils and bitumen from Tar sand reservoirs.

Research interests were computational and experimental work to investigate the injection of CO2-based Vapex for the recovery of heavy oil and bitumen compared to the injection of CH4-based Vapex. Coursework: GPA=3.88/4.

B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of Hydrocarbons & Chemistry, Algeria (1995, with honor) Thesis Title: Reservoir simulation & optimization of the development schemes of Tamadanet field, Algeria


IMEX, GEM, STARS, WINPROP (CMG), Merlin reservoir simulator (black oil) - Landmark VIP (Black Oil), Petrel Re, Eclipse100 & limited Eclipse300.

IPM7 (Prosper, MBAL, & GAP), WellFlow, Questor, MatBal, Crystal Ball, Fieldview, Accumap &Dims.

Kappa well test interpretation, Fekete well test interpretation & PanSystems well test interpretation PUBLICATIONS:

Khelifa Talbi, Brij. B. Maini., SPE 84868 “Evaluation of CO2 Based Vapex Process for the Recovery of Bitumen from Tar Sand Reservoirs”. Presented at the SPE International Improved Oil Recovery Conference in Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-21 October 2003.

Khelifa Talbi, Brij. B. Maini., CIPC # 2004-270 “Further Investigation of CO2 Based Vapex for Recovery of Heavy Oils and Bitumen”. Presented at the Canadian International Petroleum Conference, 55th Annual Technical Meeting of the Petroleum Society, Calgary, Alberta Canada, June 8-11, 2004. Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, V 47, No.4, April 2008. REFERENCES:

References are available upon request.

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