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Manager Executive Assistant

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
March 02, 2018

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Uwezo Malachi Johnson

Washington, DC *****

Phone: 202-***-**** Email:


Individual and Family Therapy

Needs Assessments

Treatment and Transitional Planning

Psychosocial Assessments

Behavior modification

Team Leadership

Project Management

Documentation and paperwork


Hardware: Compaq, Gateway, HP, and Dell laptops/desktops, and basically all types of peripherals

including printers, scanner, HP Plotter, and digital copiers.

Software: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Remedy, Windows 2010, Discovering Adobe Acrobat, Advanced Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint


Binswanger Enterprises Washington, DC

Case Manager 3/ 2004 – Present

Explore all resources in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area For alternative shelter placements, food, clothing, day care, etc.

Review applications with applicants to identify problems to provide them with the appropriate services and resources to assist and support the individual or family.

Make necessary referrals to child Welfare, Mental Health, TANF, Department of Housing, etc.

Review documents for completeness before referring them for pre-eligibility for a waiting list number, for in-house services,

Coordinates with substance abuse, mental health treatment, re-entry programs, and outpatient treatment services to assist with meeting the needs of citizens returning to society. Psychosocial assessments are completed and mental health screenings and assessments to identify and address the various treatment needs of offender population.

Coordinates with the person and members of the person’s circle of support to ensure necessary person-centered assessments and interviews are completed to inform the planning process. Person-Centered Thinking Tools; Positive Personal Profile; vocational assessment; Diagnostic Assessment for behavior support; clinical assessments such as physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and nutrition; education history; social history; adaptive behavior and other service needs.

Maintain a network of resources with other social services. Provide educational assessments, literacy training, GED support and job development services to offenders and defendants. Access to educational labs to increase clients' educational levels, and providing rap around support to allow clients to obtain vocational skills training in order to seek employment.

Participate in all staff development sessions related to social service delivery. Interview applicants re: TANF eligibility, work experience, education, etc.

Maintain contact with clients and staff on homeless status; provide comprehensive care for Hypothermia clients to achieving the best therapeutic and holistic outcome for all.

Promote and preserve successful factors to the Work First Program.

Active member of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) program to providing consistent operation of the shelters that is controlled under the Coalition for the Homeless.

Maintain and monitor the on site of client records; review of the findings to providing evaluator support.

Facilitates treatment team meetings, including coordinating the scheduling of the meetings, to ensure it represents what is important to and for the person. Coordinate treatment team meetings to ensure it contains services, supports, goals and strategies that will maximize good health, safety, privacy, independence, relationships, inclusion, employment, decision-making and personal responsibility.

Collect and insure all concerns, recommendations and feedback from staff and clients are meet and consistent to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.

Coordinate and collaborate on significant internal (projects, medical officers, contractors, IT support, advisory committees) and external (contractors and subcontracts) factors that are to the business/organizational strategic lines and missions.

Advise the internal and external the development and management of the training program as it relates to the Department Child and Human Services.

Evaluate and mitigate internal and external factors strengths and weaknesses in correlation to the American Red Cross.

Analyze ongoing financial protocols throughout the services programs to interface and integrate to implementing required functional areas within the strategic plan.

Perform multiple social service analytical duties, as required on a daily-basis.

Familiar with interpreting anomalies from expected trends and operation procedures, and recommended remedial actions.

Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute Washington, DC

Case Manager 9/1999 – 1/2004

Lead Social worker for adolescents with multiple disabilities that focused on independent living skills, social skills, anger management and coping with peer pressure.

Knowledge and understanding within the OT, PT, SLP, Education, Vocational Transition programs and services.

Maintained and provided support to the student’s social and emotional function and positions; maintained communication with teachers, other service providers about their current circumstances.

Implemented, maintained, identified, and provided I.E.P. goals to target specific problem areas.

Developed and implemented appropriate work processes for training consultation, development, management, and delivery internal and external community outreach programs.

Identified and convened to the various community programs as it relates to providing training and social services support:

Identified core competencies, collecting information to establish the necessary contents of social services parameters.

Identified social services parameters as it parallel to the target training, and appropriate training methodologies for the clients .

Work in conjunction to the to developing and reviewing training curriculum and supporting materials related to human subjects’ protection, Good Clinical Practice, and Department of Human and Services clinical research policies.

Work in conjunction to develop and deliver training to crime victims on specific topics for medical officers and program officers.

Utilized and assess applications of adult learning theory and fundamental training design principals to provide effective and appropriate services and support.

Participate in the development and deployment of learning outreach communities programs to support the designed to the organizational mission, vision, and goals.

Participate in quality improvement of past and current training to insure the business practice successes.

Utilize information’s to direct business strategic planning to identify program needs, and current approaches.

AIDS Empowerment & Treatment International Pretoria, South Africa

Executive Assistant to the Founder/CEO 5/1994 – 3/2004,

Analyzed, inputted, oversee, and monitored the calendar with all appointments, meetings, within the facilities according to functions and protocols has it support the demands of the organization.

Managed and provided guidance and direction to the administrative policies and procedures.

Analyzed the business operations in order to implement and formulate techniques to improve administrative protocols and functions.

Analyzed, managed, and submitted all priorities and protocols.

Performed fact-finding techniques from the knowledge, and studies of the organizations regulations, policy, and procedures.

Collaborated and compartmented matters for the office to insuring the missions, goals, and visions aligned to the organizations practice.

Reviewed, analyzed, and prepared annual budget submission for office. As the point of contact of administrative functions, maintained and reconcile financial statements.

Track and allocate budget reference to the internal purchases.

Provided input into budgetary and financial management programs as they relate to long range planning of programs and objectives (Performed analysis and research for budget, supplies, and project reports.

Provided input into the divisions strategic planning.

Monitored travel to ensure the proper travel cost based on upon organizations regulations and practice.

Developed plans for the organization to meet mission goals.


Counselor; Facility Manager/Supervisor, Therapist, Case Manager, Administrative Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant; Management Analyst; Database Representative; Public Relations; Office Management; Records Management; File Management; Customer Service Representative; Social Worker; Training Officer; Administration/Coordinator Officer; Special Assistant, Case Management/Planner, Property Management, Travel Manager; Facilities Management, Windows XP, Microsoft 2007, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Mail, Access Database, and Time Attendance System, and Program Management.


Excellent communication skills with children, people with physical or mental disorders and with the public at large. Special knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Multicultural perspective from my African-American roots and extensive international travel.


George Mason University

Bachelors of Science in Social Work - 1999-2003

Northern Virginia Community College

Associates of Sciences General Studies - 1997-1999

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