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Electrical Engineer

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
March 01, 2018

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John Ybarra

*** ********* ****.

Grand Prairie, Tx,75052


University of Texas at Arlington



To obtain an entry level electrical engineering position where I can utilize my knowledge of Analog, Digital, and RF circuits. From this position, I seek to obtain new hardware and software skills leading to a career in electronic circuit design.


• Analysis/Simulation Software: MATLAB, LTspice, PSPICE, MULTISIM, MINDI.

• Programming Languages/IDE: C language, Visual Studio, MPLAB, Code Composer Studio.

• PCB/Schematic Design Software: EAGLE, CIRCUIT MAKER, PCB ARTIST, PCB123

• Component Soldering Skills: Fine Pitch SMD, Ball Grid Array (BGA) Soldering.

• Microcontroller Skills: ARM CORTEX M4F TM4C123, Microchip dsPIC33

• Other Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. EDUCATION

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX.

Date of Graduation: May 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

E.E. G.P.A.: 3.4/4.0



• Power Electronics: Analysis and design of power electronic components, circuits and systems o DC-DC, AC-DC, and DC-AC switching converters.

• Embedded Microcontroller Systems Design: Hardware/software development techniques for embedded microcontroller systems.

o USART operations, SPI/I2C bus peripherals, Interrupt driven processes, Code efficiency.

• Introduction to Telecommunication: Examines analog and digital communication techniques. o Modulation/Demodulation, Multiplexing, Noise Analysis, Information Theory. PROJECTS


o Objective: Design a state machine to control a vending machine using TI MSP430 microcontroller.

o Features: Accepts 4 denominations of currency, display total amount inserted, vend and maintain inventory of 4 different priced items, has a change return button, displays error message when item out or not enough money inserted.

• WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - Team Leader - 2016 o Objective: Design a wireless power transmission system capable of transferring 5W over a 1ft distance.

o Knowledge Gained: Design methods for inverter, rectifier, and resonant circuits. Magnetic field theory, Project management skills i.e. Gantt chart for time management.

• ELECTRIC LAWNMOWER – 2017 to Present.

o Objective: Use 48V 1500W BLDC motor and 48V 12Ah battery to design wireless electric lawnmower.

o Features: Must have a Human Machine Interface to control blade speed and provide user with current, voltage, battery life, run time and fault information. This information must also be stored and downloadable over WIFI. Must be started by key and contain emergency stop feature.


Tempest Telecom Solutions – October 2011 – Present Position: Repair Technician


• Diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair telecom equipment from all major carriers.

• Reverse engineering for equipment modifications.

• Research and Development of test and repair procedures for new equipment.

• Ordering part replacements according to datasheets or specification charts.

• Providing sales team with technical information on equipment.

• Maintaining a repair log.

Specialty: Microwave Transceivers, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Rectifiers, Inverters, and Switching/Routing equipment.


Jeff Meskill, Tempest Telecom Solution. Vice President and General Manager, Repair and Logistics Division. 469-***-****

Daniel Gregston, Tempest Telecom Solution, Senior Manager, Repair Operations. 469-***-****

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