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Medical Professional Experience

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
February 27, 2018

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Springfield, VA, *****

Cell: 571-***-****


I am an experienced Ultrasound Technologist seeking employment in a dynamic and challenging environment where my skills will be utilized for excellent patient care and which would provide opportunities for further developments.


Extensive knowledge in Abdominal, Gastrointestinal, Breast, as well as Small Parts and Limited Vascular areas of medicine.

Understanding of physics of ultrasound, interaction with human tissues, image formation and display, Doppler, color flow, m-mode, 2D scanning, and instrumentation.

Able to recognize and demonstrate skills of differentiating normal and abnormal sonographic anatomy.

Dynamic team-player, strong ability to work independently, professional, and loyal to the company.

Proven high abilities to be an efficient, multi-tasked, dependable and reliable worker.


Jun.1995 - Jan.2016 Sonographer, endoscopy, surgeon, Municipal Hospital 7, 8, 16 and private clinic’s “Sever”, “Medikom”, Ukraine.

Primary screening and detection of pathology (inflammatory changes, birth defects, cancer, etc.) in people of different age groups. Performing general ultrasound scans including Abdomen, Small Parts, Vascular, Biopsy/Special Procedure, integrating diagnostic sonograms, laboratory results, patient history and medical records, and adapting sonographic examination as necessary, using cognitive sonographic skills to identify, record, and adapt procedures as appropriate to anatomical, pathological, diagnostic information and images, analyzing sonograms, synthesizing sonographic information and medical history, and communicating findings to the other physician and carrying out special procedures such as abscess drainage, soft tissue and thyroid biopsies, thoracentesis & paracentesis.


Extensive experience of working as a sonographer in medical centers of Ukraine allows to conduct sonographic studies correctly and prepare material with the revealed pathology for further evaluation by a radiologist.

2018 year -

APCA / ARDMS (Abdomen) USA. Certificate.

2017 year -

APCA / ARDMS (Sonography Principles & Instrumentation) USA.

2014 year -

Increasing the level of specialization of ultrasound. Medical Academy, Kharkov, Ukraine. Certificate.

2011 year -

Increasing the level of specialization of endoscopy and ultrasound. Medical Academy, Zaporozhe, Ukraine. Certificate.

2003 year -

Increasing the level of specialization of endoscopy. Medical Academy, Kharkov, Ukraine. Certificate.

2001 year -

Increasing the level of specialization of the surgeon, endoscopy, ultrasound. Medical Academy, Dnepr, Ukraine. Certificate.

1997 year -

Internship, surgeon (2 years). Certificate.

1989 year - 1995 year -

Zaporozhe state medical University (6 years). Physician. Master’s Degree Diploma, Ukraine. USA course by course evaluation report is available.


I’m in the process of obtaining a certificate in Vascular.

Excellent and extensive computer knowledge. Skilled in system administrator work (Windows network), SQL Server database management experience. Knowledge and ability to work with Access, Excel, Word, Power Point. Ability to analyze medical computer data and make business decisions based on that data. I hold a certificate in Microstrategy.

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