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Engineering Support, Project Management, Maintenance Engineering

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
February 27, 2018

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Nationality Indian

Year of Birth 1967

Education Master Degree in Instrumentation

Professional Certification TUV Certified Functional Safety Engineer (4861/12) & Chartered Engineer

Contact No 009**-**-*******

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Skype id gopalakrishna.kss


Instrumentation & Control Professional with over 25 years of experience in Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore), Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Combined Cycle Power generation & Engineering industries.

TUV Rhineland Certified Functional Safety Engineer and also a Chartered Engineer. The spectrum of experience is in the following areas:

• Strong knowledge of Conceptual Design, FEED and Detailed Engineering

• 15 yrs of Experience in Project Management team (PMT) & Engineering Support

• In-depth knowledge of facilities, operations, engineering, maintenance & HSE

• Projects, Engineering & Commissioning

• Worked with the projects of Snaprogetti, Technip, Worley Parsons, Lurgi, NPCC & Hyundai

• Plant equipment Control and Shutdown systems, including Boilers, Steam, Gas turbines & Compressors control systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems, HIPPS, DCS, Fire & Gas detection systems etc.

• Roll out strategies and execution of Functional Safety management of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

• Carry out Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies on Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)

• Purchase, Service & Contracts Management

• In depth knowledge on Asset Integrity Management System (Maintenance/Integrity)

• Integration of Reliability concepts into Asset Integrity Management Systems and Safety Systems (SIL, RCM etc.)

• Conduct system Reliability Studies on plant operating systems to measure plant performance

• Facilitate FMEA, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Failure Analysis of equipment etc.

• Knowledge on the core business functions of an industry

• Formal Safety Assessment - HAZOP, SIL, LOPA, FTA, FMEA etc.

• Support for the development of Safety Case / COMAH / HSEIA documents

• Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) Integrity Management and Assurance

• Knowledge on application of International Codes and Standards of API, ANSI, BP, Shell DEPs, ISO etc., in facilities design, operations & integrity assurance EXPERIENCE PROFILE

2017 – Till date ADNOC Offshore-ZADCO, Abu Dhabi, as Control Engineer 2013-2017 (April) Falcor Engineering Services as Lead Instrumentation Engineer 2011- 2013 ADNOC Offshore-ZADCO, Abu Dhabi, as Control Reliability Engineer 2006-2011 ADNOC Offshore-ADMA, as Reliability Engineer – Control 2001-2005 ADNOC Fertilizers-FERTIL, Abu Dhabi, as Instrument Engineer 1996-2001 Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, India, as Senior Instrument Engineer 1994-1996 IG Petrochemicals Limited, India, as Instrumentation Engineer 1991-1994 Kobe Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd., India, as Instrumentation Engineer PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SUMMARY

2017 (May) to till date ADNOC Offshore-ZADCO (thru TECHNIP) Control Engineer

I have been working as Control Engineer with TECHNIP and providing Engineering Support Services

(PMC) to ADNOC company ZADCO. ZADCO is an Oil & Gas producer from offshore fields. Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Technical Authority for Instrumentation & Control systems in Engineering Support activities

§ Technical Support services on Engineering Support, Project management and Commissioning to Offshore & Onshore assets on instrumentation & control systems.

§ Brownfield Projects Execution activities such as, Planning, Procurement, Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning

§ Identify & execute long term and short term upgrade projects

§ Coordination with Operations Support, Production, Engineering etc., divisions.

§ Obsolescence studies of the installed equipment and develop options that will improve the reliability of the original installed equipment.

§ Coordination with Major Project teams

§ Participate in all safety studies such as HAZOPs, SIL etc.

§ Prepare documentation in the form of Work Packs associated with upgrade projects

§ Purchase, Service & Contracts Management

§ Establish Maintenance contracts for I&C systems

§ Spare Parts Interchangeability Records (SPIR) management

§ Participate in the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) / Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

§ Prepare budget for instrument related activities (OPEX & CAPEX)

§ Populate inputs into CMMS-Maximo to ensure data and history of equipment activities 2013 to 2017 (April) Falcor Engineering Services, Abu Dhabi Lead Instrumentation Engineer

Falcor is an Engineering company providing Technical & Engineering support to various Oil & Gas industries within ADNOC. Worked for Instrumentation projects for clients in ADNOC. Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Technical Authority for Instrumentation & Control for Engineering projects in FEED, EPC & in Operation phases

§ Engineering Support & Maintenance Engineering activities

§ Project Management Support

§ Brownfield project activities such as Project Management, Engineering Support, Project Monitoring, Commissioning activities etc.

§ Deliver objectives in both Greenfield & Brownfield Project environments, aligned with Project Management Team (PMT) expectations on HSE, Quality and Technical requirements

§ Responsible for Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) Integrity Management system implementation across all projects

§ Provide technical / engineering support to relevant stakeholders

§ SCE Performance Standards (PS) and Written Schemes of Examination (WSE) development

§ Validate the management of change (MOC) during engineering and project phases

§ Participate in the preparation of project pre-commission execution sequences and schedule logic.

§ Participate in Formal Safety Assessment studies: HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA etc.

§ Conduct Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies

§ Support Process & Technical Safety activities and also in the development of Safety Case

/ COMAH / HSEIA Report

§ Conduct Reliability studies such as Root Cause Analysis, FMECA etc.

§ Implementation of Asset Integrity Management System (Integrity & Maintenance management)

Key accomplishments:

§ Completed interface Engineering projects on various packages of ADMA-OPCO & ZADCO’s UZ-750 project

§ Conducted SIL Assessment studies for various facilities in ADMA-OPCO

§ Takreer’s Nitrogen facilities extension project completion

§ ZADCO’s Crude Oil Metering Systems (Flow Computers) upgrade project completion

§ Refrigerant Compressor’s Control System (including Anti Surge system) upgrade project

§ Gas Turbine Control System upgrade project (Mark V to Mark Vie)

§ Enhanced quality of EPC phase COMAH report by working along with the ADMA & ZADCO Project teams

§ Developed SCE Integrity Management System (corporate document) for ADMA-OPCO in line with the international best practices.

2011 – 2013 (August) ADNOC Offshore-ZADCO, Abu Dhabi Control Reliability Engineer

ZADCO is an Oil & Gas producer from offshore fields in ADNOC group of companies. It operates from two super-complexes and two island facilities. Worked in Reliability & Data Management team. Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Design review for lifecycle safety, operability, maintainability, constructability and compliance

§ Development of control philosophies, specifications and equipment / system testing strategies

§ Ensure Asset integrity Management activities in Projects

§ Provide technical / engineering support

§ Conduct Reliability Studies on plant operating systems

§ Improve the equipment Reliability and availability by conducting Root Cause Analysis

(RCA), Failure Analysis

§ Carry out equipment Criticality assessment, FMECA studies, RCM (reliability cantered maintenance) studies etc.,

§ Coordinate with Original Equipment Manufacturers for technical supports

§ Review the best industry practices and shareholders’ practices and roll out effective implementation for enhancing the equipment / system Reliability

§ Functional safety management system implementation on Instrumented Protective Functions (IPF) in line with Shell DEP & IEC 61511

§ Facilitate Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies on SIFs / IPFs

§ Review Engineering projects & packages and ensure ‘As-built’ condition

§ Prepare the Statement of Requirement for contract documents & technical evaluation

• Plan budgets (CAPEX & OPEX), forecasts & resource needs

• Develop Asset Register (Master Database) and Maintenance Database

• SPIR & Inventory management

§ Refer to Group standards, International Codes and Standards (ADNOC CoP, API, ANSI, BP, ISO,SHELL DEPs etc.,) for their implementation across various business functions Key accomplishments:

§ Implemented Maintenance Management System (MMS) across operate phase assets

§ Established Maintenance Contracts on critical Control Systems

§ Conducted operate facilities’ Reliability & Availability studies

§ Identified areas of improvements in Satah Full Field development project’s Functional Design Specifications (FDS) on Instrumentation & IPF functional safety. Successfully enhanced FDS in line with the Shell DEP 32.10.10 & IEC 61511 by working with project team

2006 – 2011 (June) ADNOC Offshore-ADMA (Secondment contract) Reliability Engineer - Control

On a secondment contract, through FALCOR Engg Services, worked as Reliability Engineer- Control in Reliability & Database Management Team. In addition to the responsibilities listed for ZADCO the other key responsibilities include the following:

• Technical Authority for implementation of Functional Safety management in Projects & Operate phase assets

• Ensure the Functional Safety of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) with respect to BP practices.

• Periodical review, verification and update of Functional Safety records

• Audit and validate the Functional Safety implementation in Projects

• Ensure HAZOP studies are done and updated

• Conduct SIL studies on SIFs for in-house engineering projects

• Develop Maintenance Strategies for all SIFs

Key accomplishments:

• Successfully completed the initial phase implementation of Functional Safety management system as per BP and IEC 61508 & 61511

• Carried out the SIL studies (Assessment and Verification) for in-house engg. projects

• Identified the few systematic errors in the Umm Shaif Gas Injection Facilities (USGIF) project’s SIL determination process

• Enhanced the SIFs reliability in Integrated Gas Development (IGD HAP) project by validating the Instrumentation Functional Design Specifications in line with BP GP 30-75, 76 & 80 and IEC-61511

• Conducted Root Cause Analysis on various equipment failures, within a team environment

• Performed FMEA on various equipment as part of Reliability Studies

• Established Maintenance Contracts for major Control Systems 2001 – 2005 ADNOC Fertilizers-FERTIL, Abu Dhabi, (Secondment contract) Instrument Engineer

On a secondment contract with FERTIL thru IMECO, as Instrumentation Engineer in Instrumentation Section. FERTIL is in the petrochemical sector in ADNOC group companies, producing Ammonia and Urea.

Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Maintenance, Maintenance Engineering, Engineering & Projects Management

§ Ensure Reliability & Availability of all field instrumentation and Control Systems

§ Responsible for Plant I&C systems maintenance and modification projects activities

§ Provide technical / engineering support

§ Roll out Asset replacement / upgrade of I&C systems

§ Develop project/contract scope of work for Asset Replacement / upgrade

§ Prepare the Statement of Requirement for contract documents

§ Preparation of Control systems design philosophy, specifications etc.

§ Conduct Techno-commercial of various contract bids

§ Roll out project execution plan through Brownfield / Plant Modification projects

§ Ensure Projects’ schedule & budget management as per the scope.

§ Control valve selection & sizing.

§ Selection and Sizing of Inline Flow meters.

§ Ensure As-Built documents availability within the company & deliverables from all contractors

• Commissioning activities

• SPIR & Inventory management & identify Critical Spares

• Participation in FAT and SAT

§ Workforce management

§ Cost control

§ Mentor / Develop UAE National Engineers

Key accomplishments:

§ Successful management of Shutdowns & Turnarounds

§ Successfully completed the following upgrade projects from Concept to Commissioning phases.

o Honeywell DCS Experion network hardware upgrade

o Compressors Anti Surge control system (pneumatic system to CCC’s Reliant 5 Series system)

o Boiler Control system (pneumatic control systems to Honeywell TDC3000 DCS) o Burner Management System - BMS (relay based logic systems to TRICONEX TMR safety PLC)

o Ammonia Loading Arm controls & logic system (relay based system to Modicon PLC based system)

1996 – 2001(Sept.) Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, India Senior Instrument Engineer (PMT - Expansion project) NFCL is one of the biggest producers of Ammonia and Urea and in India. I worked with the project team in expansion of Ammonia/Urea /Utility and Power plants. Appointed in the Project Management team (PMT) to oversee contractor’s EPC activities. Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Support discipline head to manage project I&C activities

§ Participate in Formal Safety Assessments such as HAZOP studies

§ Responsible for all technical issues for field Instrumentation & Control systems, such as DCS, ESD, F&G, PLCs, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Turbine Overspeed Control Systems, Gas & Steam turbine control systems, Anti Surge Control Systems, Burner Management Systems, Boiler Control Systems etc.

§ Ensure the design of I&C systems in accordance with company approved international standards such as IEC, API, ISA, ISO etc.

§ Resolve Technical queries

§ Monitor the progress of project, engineering, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning

§ Project deliverables assurance

§ Participate in commissioning activities and ensure all the I&C systems are Ready for Start- up (RFSU)

§ Assist Operations team during plant start-up activities

§ Preparation of specifications & data sheets

§ Coordination & communication with other discipline specialists and departments to solve any differences due to interface activities

§ Instrumentation Contractor selection process for construction scope

§ Review bidder’s lists, Contractors ITB packages and bid documents for contract / purchase

§ Supervise, manage and audit the project management consultant’s specialists & work to ensure compliance in accordance with Company’s Quality Assurance process

§ Workforce management (EPC & contractor) and lead the team of junior engineers & technicians

Key accomplishments:

§ Successful completion of Expansion Project activities in Ammonia & Power plants

§ Commissioning of expansion project I&C systems

§ Successful completion of existing plant’s brownfield projects

§ Development of maintenance strategies for expansion project I&C systems

§ Successful execution of Shutdowns & Turnarounds

1994 – 1996 (Jan.) I G Petrochemicals Limited, India. Instrumentation Engineer (Maintenance & Projects)

IGPL is producing Phthalic and Maleic Anhydride. Appointed in the expansion Project team Although key responsibilities are similar to that of NFCL, their execution was within the IGPL company’s frame work, standards and technical consultants. Key accomplishments:

§ Successfully carried out Project works while attending Plant Operations & Maintenance requirements

§ Prepared the complete Scope of Work for Engineering Package and tender documents for existing plant’s Brownfield projects in relation to expansion project 1991 – 1994 (May) Kobe Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd., India. Instrumentation Engineer - (Design and Projects)

KOBE Engg consultants is an Engineering consultancy in the field of Chemicals and Bulk Organic Chemicals. I worked in the Engineering team. Key roles and responsibilities:

§ Participation in Project feasibility studies

§ Participate in all RAM studies, HAZOP studies, FMECA studies etc.

§ Basic and Detail engineering of Instrumentation & Control

§ Preparation of Control & interlocks narratives, control schemes and strategies

§ Preparation of specifications & data sheets

§ Selection of Instruments

§ Control valves & Inflow meters sizing

§ Preparation of Engineering deliverables such as Hook ups, cable schedules, loop schematics etc.

§ Deputation to project site to supervise installation & construction activities

§ Co-ordination with Instrument contractor in planning erection schedules, manpower deployment, material management & commissioning activities

§ Commissioning supervision of all I&C systems

Key accomplishments:

§ Working in a team environment

§ Successfully learnt major Engineering Concepts

§ Successful completion of Engineering functions for Ethylamine facilities project

§ Realization of a Chemical Process Plant through Design & Engineering phases INSTRUMENTATION CONTROL SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE

• Honeywell TDC 3000 DCS

• HIMA H51 and Triconex TMR Safety PLC system

• Anti-Surge Control Systems (CCC Reliant Series 5)

• Steam Turbine Over speed Control Systems (Woodward)

• GE’s Speedtronic Mark-IV and Mark-V (on Frame 3 & Frame 5 Gas Turbines)

• Babcock DCS system for Heat Recovery and Steam Generation (HRSG) boilers

• Bently Nevada Series 3300 Vibration Monitoring System TRAINING PROGRAMMES

§ Functional Safety Management system implementation

§ Process Safety implementation

§ Risk Assessments

§ Reliability, Maintainability & Risk


1. Mr. Abdalla Al Naqbi

Vice President- Umm Shaif field, ADMA-OPCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2. Mr. Slahaddin Ali Ashair,

Manager – Rotating Equipment, ZADCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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