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Project Management

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
February 27, 2018

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Nethaji Prasad Muttam Curriculum Vitae

NISD Certified Senior Detailer, Class – I (No: 818) P.No: B4, F.No: 103

Vedantha Residancy

Madhura Nagar, Nizampet

Hyderabad - 500090

Mobile: +919********



I am interested to join with a professional team which challenges my Knowledge & Skills and which tries to explore more techniques in Structural Steel Detailing.

Career Summary

I am Nethaji Muttam, Working for detailing Industry since November 2003. I am currently working with Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad as Project Manager for a 30 member team. I am dealing with Structural steel detailing, Pre-cast detailing using Tekla Structures.

I started my career as Cad Detailer with SL Structural Consortium, Hyderabad in November 2003. I Worked in SLSC for about three years for preparing piece & general arrangement drawings of Indian concrete structures per inputs from structural designers.

Later, I worked for Sidus Infotech Pvt Ltd as X-Steel detailer since January 2006. There, I was allotted to work for Structural Steel detailing for Middle East structures.

In February 2007, I joined in Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd as X-Steel Modeler. A first couple months of my time with Mold-Tek was mostly on Indian Steel structures and then for AISC/NISD standards. Here, I was trained and motivated by most seniors of detailing industry in regards of AISC/NISD standards. Also, I got an ultimate freedom to explore various techniques for efficient usage of Tekla Structures.

Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad

June 2012 To Till Date

Asst. General Manager

June 2010 To January 2012

January 2009 To June 2010

Project Manager

Senior Project Leader

January 2008 To January 2009

Project Leader

February 2007 To January 2008

X-Steel Modeller

Sidus Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

January 2006 to January 2007

X-Steel Detailer

SL Structural Consortium, Hyderabad

November 2003 to December 2006

Cad Detailer

Current Work Profile:

1.Team Management:

Management of 25 member team working for Structural Steel Detailing including 2 Project Managers.

Management of 5 member team working for Precast Structures Detailing using Tekla Structures.

Identifying the skill sets in team and project allotments.

Managing work load to team per individual’s skill set.

Working out for innovative views to develop team efficiency.

Identifying the training requirements in the team and conducting weekly based training sessions.

Providing Training programs for new trainees regarding AISC/NISD standards and editing procedures in Tekla Structures.

Helping for HR team for resource management and new recruitments.

2.Project Management:

Study of Contract (Structural, Architectural, Civil...etc ) Drawings. Resource Planning and Scheduling of detailing works.

Working for Connection Design of Simple shear connections per AISC.

Creating Tekla Set up files (.tpl, .rpt, .lay etc files) per Fabricator and Job standards.

Checking Advanced setups in model (Advanced options, Options, Bolt Catalogs & Project Properties.. etc ) per Fabricator & Job Standards.

Identifying gray areas in project and providing training sessions for team to make them understood of all project requirements.

Training team on Fabricator detailing standards to facilitate easy fabrication.

Written and Oral communication with customers.

Monitoring ongoing production and coordinating closely with the team during the execution of project.

Checking modeling inputs like Member placement, Bolts applications.. etc with the help of Reports.

Spot checking in model to check connection application.

Reviewing erection drawings and a set of all non-typical shop drawings and getting them updated if any required.

Sending weekly progress report to Fabricators along with RFI/CDQ/CR logs for their idea on current status & Pending requests on projects.

Implementing Standard Operating Processes and Checklists defined per ISO

Conducting project Wind up meetings with project team, It is to evaluate the production completion in terms of schedules & quality and also to identify the precautions to adopt in future.


Previous Work Profile: It is a short summary of all my previous experiences on Detailing & Modeling.

Study of Contract (Structural, Architectural, Civil...etc ) Drawings.

Preparing RFIs, CDQs and CRs on received inputs from Customer.

Setting up the Tekla 3D model. It includes the Options, Advanced Options, Bolt, Profile & Material Catalogs and Project properties….etc.

Preparing Skelton 3D model per Contract documents & Preparation of ABM/AMO and submitting to customer for purchasing of steel.

Connection Application and Miscellaneous modeling in 3D model per Contract documents, Connection design and RFI/CDQ/CR responses.

Generation and checking Shop & Erection drawings and submitting them for Approval Process.

After Receipt of BFA, Conducting BFA meeting with team about all the changes and corrections identified in BFA set per approver comments. And, Updating 3D model and drawings per comments.

Coordination of Steel drawings with other trades like joists, Deck, Grating Supplier…etc.

Submitting Shop & Erection drawings for Fabrication and Field use along with needed gather sheets, Bolt reports, CNC files and DXF files.

Brief Summary On Participated Detailing Projects:

1.Structural Steel Projects:

Industrial/Architectural Projects: Fortunately, I got to involve in various Industrial and architectural buildings for detailing of shop & erection drawings for various fabricators across USA. This experience covered Institutional buildings, Health Centers, Power plants, Residential Structures, Commercial complexes, Warehouse/Storage Structures and Stairs & Miscellaneous structures. During my participation in these projects, I learnt the way how the detailer to coordinate with other trades like Architects, Grating suppliers, Joist & Deck suppliers, Mechanical contractors, Elevator manufacturers to ensure the details drawn are satisfying their requirements without any interferences and quality issues. Multi-storied steel elements, 3-Way sloped roofs, Hip & Valley roofs, Catwalk Framings, Trusses, Canopy Frames, Equipment supports and more are involved in my long journey in Structural Steel Detailing.

Off-Shore Projects: We worked with Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies, Inc. for detailing of derrick structures. Detailed Derrick structures has 13-14 framed levels with Columns, Beams, Braces, Guide Rail Supports, Access Platforms, Cage ladders, Handrails, Opening Gates, Pipe Supports, Electrical supports and Equipment supports. We received the ACAD drawings & SDNF files extracted from PDMS model as inputs and allowed to access the customer’s PDMS live model for our detailing coordination. Both the Metric & Imperial bolts are used to frame connections of this derrick structures with Anti-Slip (Lock) nuts.

2.Concrete Detailing Projects:

Precast Concrete Detailing Projects: We are working for a Belgian Customer “Willy-Neassens“ as drafting support in Tekla models. Most of the times, Modeling part is being done by our customer. Our scope is limited to produce Cast unit drawings per their standards called “Belgian”, “France” & “Hercuton”. Covered Structural items are Solid/Hollow/cast at site foundations, columns, beams, Wall panels, Intermediate & Roof covering panels, Stairs, Lift rings. We are also working for Steel Buildings along with Precast buildings with this customer. Also, help our customer on taking rebar information from Tekla reports developed by us. We are working together successfully since January 2009 and been a part in construction of 500+ structure’s. We also worked for an USA precast manufacturer to provide shop & erection drawings of precast walls.

Cast at Site Concrete Detailing Projects: My complete exposure on detailing of Cast at site concrete structures is on Indian projects when I was working with SL Structural Consortium using AutoCAD. I was told to develop preliminary casting drawings of foundations, columns, beams, Stairs & Slab with the help of suitable predefined sample drawings to Architectural drawings and to submit for Structural Engineer’s review. And updating drawings per Structural engineer’s comments and to submit them again for final review of Lead Structural designer and general arrangement drawings for field use.


Continental Steel, USA

Pioneer Pipe, USA

Stewart-Amos Steel, USA

Indiana Bridge & Midwest Steel Inc. USA

Doing Steel Fabrication LLC. USA

Blattner Steel Company. USA

FabArc Steel, USA

Dave Steel Company, Inc. USA

Mull Iron. USA

Myers & Company. USA

Owen Steel Company, Inc. USA

Schucker’s Iron Works, Inc. USA

Schuff Steel Company –Midwest & Atlantic. USA

Axis Steel Detailing, Inc. USA

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies, Inc. USA (Derrick Structures)

South Central Steel, USA

Willy-Neassens, Belgian (Precast Customer)

Cantera Concrete Company. USA (Precast Customer)

Exposure On Tekla Structures:

I am working with Tekla Structures since January 2006 and experienced with versions 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19. Most of my learning in Tekla structures is self-oriented using help files. I have a good knowledge on following activities but not limited too. I also attended for Tekla 14.0 Release User Meet in Mumbai on behalf of Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd.

Job specific model set up.

Basic and advanced Modeling.

Setting up the options and advanced options in model per fabricator & project requirement.

Connection Macro’s applications, Auto-Connections and Customizing Intelligent Macros for Miscellaneous connections identified in contract documents.

Drawing properties setup, Generation and editing of all kinds of shop & erection drawings.

Customizing textual & graphical templates, reports and symbols.

Customizing bolt catalog, bolt assembly catalog, profile catalog, material catalog.

Customizing standard part model and Flat bar lists.

Customizing batch files.

DSTV-DXF conversation setup to work per Plate cutting machine’s setting in fabricator shop.

A few techniques I learnt by experience: Using .dg files as drawing’s backup, Generating no. of multi-drawings with single macro, importing text from member user field in model to generated drawing titles, Adding tabs to tekla drawing list, Created a tekla report to call max. UDL values of W-Beams per AISC…etc.

Personal Details:

Father name: Muttam Subbaiah

Date of birth: 11-07-1983

Marital status: Married

Languages: Telugu, Hindi & English

Passport: K4760096, Hyderabad


Reading Books, Playing Chess, Yoga & Meditation


I declare that statement made above is true to the best of my Knowledge and belief, looking forward for an opportunity to work in your organization and anticipating positive response. Thank You!

Date: Best Regards

Place: Nethaji Muttam

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