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Marketing, Mental Health and Customer Service

Sarasota, Florida, 34276, United States
February 26, 2018

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Lisa T. Aaron

Post Office Box *****

Sarasota, Florida 34276

Cell Phone: 941-***-****


Objective: Dedicated to the calling of building honest and caring relationships in every facet of business (both within the company and customers) while maintaining high personal integrity in the provision of excellent customer support, pertinent product promotion and education as to the adoption and application of high quality products and customer service.

Demonstrable Skills and Experiences

Account Development Specialist, Vista System

40 plus hours per week from June 2017 – January 2018 – due to budgetary constraints and with highly favorable references

*maintained high degree of respect for the customer/prospect, while extending honest and invested assessments of how Vista products could expand their business potential.

*highest producing account developer (B2B sales) by respectfully approaching the most suspects by cold call and those interested in learning about any or all product lines.

*assessed the sort of signage manufactured, distributed and sold by each new prospect and dormant customer to conduct needs assessment.

*built and maintained sustainable relationships with honesty, respect and consistent interest in exceeding the customer’s expectations.

*evaluated and prepared marketing emails tailored to the specific signage frame needs of each prospect and customer.

*implemented and monitored marketing campaigns for the 500 plus prospects developed over 5 months.

*created a vision for identifying new applications of Vista framing products to share with appropriate prospects for facilitating expansion of customer reach.

* developed in-depth knowledge of the modular aluminum extrusion frame technology and benefits extended by the company to its prospects and customers.

*persuaded customers to become advocates and product-knowledge experts to their customers about Vista System products when appropriate.

Mental Health Counselor/Registered Intern, Centerstone of Florida - Sawyer Road, Sarasota, FL 34233,

40 Hours per week from January 2017 – June 2017

*provided trauma-focused therapeutic services and strategies for coping with trauma to children and adolescents in an intensive program designed for severely mentally ill youth.

*prepared, edited and filed biopsychosocial evaluations, treatment plans, NCFAS, non-state CFARS, updates to treatment plans, and coping cards for suicidal and homicidal ideation.

*encouraged parents involved with the management of their child(ren)’s mental health challenges to safety plan and remain involved in the resolution of their child(ren)’s trauma via TF-CBT.

*monitored safety of children in state custody to ensure their medical, emotional, educational and psychological needs were met.

*collaborated with other state officials including law enforcement, case managers, physicians, mental health and other medical personnel to ensure children’s needs were met, as well as court mandates followed.

*facilitated and encouraged teammates and colleagues with issues and questions concerning their clients’ unique challenges through treatment team meetings and staffings.

*attended Safe Children Coalition staffings, trainings and other corporate conferences, including adoption competence, CPR, and trauma-focused CBT symposia.

Supervisor, Guardian ad Litem Program State of Florida- Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL,

40 Hours per week from November 2013 – July 2014

*consulted with guardians ad litem to prepare them for advocacy functions, including but not limited to, witnessing in court.

*prepared, edited and filed court documents for Judge’s review.

*encouraged parents involved with adjudication to progress in their completion of requirements for reunification with their child(ren).

*monitored safety of children in state custody to ensure their medical, emotional, educational and psychological needs were met.

*collaborated with other state officials including law enforcement, legal counsel, educators, physicians, mental health and other medical personnel to ensure children’s needs were met, as well as court mandates followed.

*researched and followed up on resource information to promote children’s access to services for optimal adjustment and success as they matriculated through the dependency system.

*vigorously advocated for the best interest of the children entrusted to my care for the duration of my tenure.

Medical Coder, Martin Gottlieb Associates – Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL

24-40+ Hours per week from April 2012 – April 2017

*applied accurate ICD9 and ICD10 codes for given diagnoses, CPT codes to reflect treatments and procedures and EM levels according to best practices for filing emergency medical bills for reimbursement.

Case Manager Trainee, Safe Children Coalition- Independence Blvd., Sarasota, FL, $36,000/yr. Christine Gulbrandsen 941-***-****

40+ Hours per week from November 2011-June 2012

*ensured the safety of children placed in state custody by conducting home and school-based visits with the children and their caregivers.

*monitored the progress of parents involved in state adjudication to promote their appropriate reunification with their children.

*prepared judicial review reports for presentation to the court to permit the timely matriculation of children placed in state custody.

*advocated for the best interest of the child to the fullest extent possible.

*followed up with physicians, educators, mental health experts and law enforcement to ensure children could have optimal outcomes during their placement in state custody.

*identified mental health concerns related to the population of children and adults so as to promote enhanced awareness among stakeholders.

*presented progress reports to legal counsel, parents, foster parents, mental health professionals and other interested parties regarding the welfare of the child(ren) in care.

MSW Worklife/Triage Consultant at Military OneSource - St. Petersburg, FL

40 Hours per week from April 2011-November 2011 (end of Ceridian’s DoD contract)

*optimized access to community-based resources and facilitated individuals’ ability to trouble-shoot and resolve problematic life circumstances.

*assessed for suicidality/homicidality/domestic violence to determine risk and need to report.

*provided immediate crisis relief to homeless soldiers, by conducting brief case management.

*extended necessary resource information to service and family members.

*initiated counseling services to service members and their families, by completing brief assessments.

*identified appropriate referrals for specialty consultations, document translations, etc.

Family Reunification Specialist (Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Svcs) – Largo, FL

40 plus Hours per week from August 2010 – March 2011

*Conducted individual and family therapy sessions to establish positive therapeutic alliances, rapport-building and trust.

*Assessed court-mandated clients for indicators of psychological trauma, suicidal/homicidal ideation and conducted safety planning as needed.

*Provided recommendations to the Court concerning matters of therapeutic compliance and family reunification.

*Consulted with case managers, supervisors, hospital discharge social worker, law enforcement/CPI and Court officials, as needed.

*Reported weekly on case outcomes, risk and protective factors in Department of Children and Families (FSFN) website.

*Responded to emergent client needs by phone on an as needed basis.

MSW Intern (Social Work) at the VA and Jewish Family and Children’s Service – Sarasota, FL Volunteer Cheryl Harrell 813-***-****

30 plus Hours per week from August 2009 – May 2010 to complete student internship

*Co-facilitated groups for the Senior Outreach Services program for seniors coping with depression and bereavement.

*Conducted individual and family therapy, establishing positive therapeutic alliances, through rapport-building and trust.

*Conducted a program evaluation of the Senior Outreach Services Program’s depression groups.

*Followed up with senior clients who missed more than two group sessions to ensure their safety and engagement in life-affirming activities.

*Completed a field experience in a wraparound residential treatment program (Salvation Army) for people with drug addictions and mandatory parole restrictions.

*Conducted lethality assessments, suicide prevention/safety planning and trauma intervention (cbt-based, as well as bilateral stimulation exercises) for combat veteran.

*Ensured proper VA notification/notation to CPRS to alert the psychiatrist of active case of suicidality.

*Co-facilitated groups for veterans in anger management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (depression management), smoking cessation, Senior Outreach Services (JFCS) and provided psychoeducation regarding the same.

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

*conducted medical case management and coordinated efforts between claims department, employees’ representation, employers and medical care providers.

*identified transferable skills and detailed job requirements, enabling appropriate job modification and return-to-work efforts.

*engaged the employee in their own recovery, rehabilitation and return-to-work efforts.

*submitted timely and detailed reports to apprise stakeholders of clients’ progress.

*augmented employees’ receptivity to return-to-work efforts and medical compliance by extending individually appropriate counseling, drawing on a repertoire of multiple theories of counseling.

Consultant for Goals 2000 THOT (Teaching of Higher Order Thinking) Project

*instructed teachers and students in the use of the problem-solving methodology.

*identified and resolved issues to be addressed for the effective implementation and dissemination of project objectives.

*coordinated/supervised teacher efforts to permit the full integration of project methodology

*maintained a data base permitting the evaluation of the project.

*modeled the integration of project methods by creating templates (curriculae) for the effective use of THOT principles (for designing lesson plans and testing of learning outcomes).

Supervisor of Title I Evaluation for a Public School District – Land O’Lakes, FL

40 plus Hours per week from March 1997 – July 1998

*Led training efforts with reading specialists district-wide to familiarize them with state evaluation objectives and methods for unbiased data collection.

*completed program evaluation using SPSS and Excel to present evaluation results to the State of Florida Department of Education, enabling compliance with grant requirements and deadlines for reporting program outcomes.

*integrated efforts between teachers in the field and technical support to complete data processing necessary for reporting statistics on accessibility and usage of state funds.

*participated in Statewide work groups to promote quality Title I evaluation and best practices.

*communicated recommendations for ongoing improvement of Title I programs, based on sound program evaluation practices.

*assessed the adequacy of sampling protocol and identified appropriate statistical analyses to ensure implementation of proper evaluation methodology.

*consulted with State officials, as well as district information analysts to ensure compliance with State (and Federal) program evaluation regulations.

Data Analyst, Florida Mental Health Institute, Louis de la Parte – Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Tampa, FL

20-30 Hours per week from ?1994-1995

*Applied appropriate descriptive statistics to guide interpretations of capitation rates for children involved in the mental health system in the state of Florida.

*Maintained a large data base of pre-collected/sampling data from numerous studies from around the state of Florida.

Human Resources Intern and Generalist, Northern Telecom, Inc. – Stone Mountain, GA,

30-40 Hours per week from January 1988 – June 1990

*Hired temporary employees for temporary job assignments, monitored temporary employee job performance and ensured accurate reimbursement for billable hours by temporary employees assigned to numerous departments throughout the Transmission Division.

*Created reports to track billable hours for each department utilizing temporary employees.

*Monitored the progress as well as initiated efforts to facilitate the processing of applications to the Immigration Naturalization Service (INS) for purposes of relocating engineering employees from various divisions of the company to the U.S. Transmission Division.

*Assisted managers seeking to hire full-time employees with creating job post descriptions, application processing of full-time employees for reassignment/promotion, benefits administration and pay-grade increases.

*Coordinated special events, by selecting vendors capable of providing necessary products and services given the requirements for set quantity, time and budgetary constraints, while also obtaining purchase orders for selected items required for event fulfillment based on assigned, budgetary allocations.

Certification and certificate

Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor – CRC 00007238 renewed to 3/01/2015, now inactive

A certificate in parenting coordination from the University of South Florida


University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, MSW, Social Work, graduated May 2010

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, PhD, Interdisciplinary Education, cognate Measurement Research, graduated May 2004

Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, M.S., Rehabilitation Counseling, graduated June 1990

Emory University, Atlanta, GA, B.A., Psychology, graduated December 1987

References available upon request

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