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Sustainability Consultant/Adviser - HR Manager/Director

February 28, 2018

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Specialization Areas Sustainability Practitioner (Adviser/Consultant). Aiming to develop Organizational /Corporate Sustainability as a management approach that transforms the philosophy of Sustainable Development to actual practice, transforming organizations’ competitive performance and image as being truly committed to Sustainability’s “Triple Bottom Line”, while actively contributing to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs 2030).

General management. Through my five year tenure as General Manager of a medium sized mobile handset services company, Responsible for P&L, annual budget and growth plans, Increased the support services revenue through expansion of the support activities portfolio, through identification and securing new, non conventional support services covering Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia & Bangladesh.

Human Resources Management, First as HR manager for an IT sales and services company, followed by HR director for Holding company incorporating four subsidiaries, covering Egypt, and Algeria.

Total Quality Management & Environmental Management. (in line with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards). As Quality Manager, Quality Management Representative, and overseeing the implementation, deployment and Auditing of both the QMS and EMS.

Post Sales Customer Services and Customer Care. Sixteen years beginning as a Field Service and Installation engineer through Customer Service Manager. Covering all aspects of customer satisfaction and relationship management, and supervising a well developed and organized service team.


Management/leadership of large portfolios and large teams of professionals, by providing development, guidance, autonomy, accountability and mentorship

Ability to work across sectors/business units, with full understanding of business cycles and process analysis, systems auditing and improvement.

Strong business acumen, accountable for budgeting, P&L and business development.

Strong sense of Urgency, Quality, and customer relationships.

Profound understanding of, and sensitivity to Diversity, (Social, cultural, ethnic, religious, educational gender, and economic)

Transparent, fair, nonjudgmental and assign credit when and to whom it is due.

Understand and able to help organizations identify externalities and materiality across their supply chain to improve their image, credibility, and protect the interests and wellbeing of all stakeholders with whom they interact and affect directly and indirectly.

Provision of strong business cases for sustainability, aided with success stories, creating awareness and education, application of tools, building of teams, identification of priorities and management of sustainability projects.

Full understanding of Human Resource functions and best practices, and Quality management systems and deployment.

Languages Arabic and English (Native); French and Spanish (Basic).

Nationality Egyptian; British

Date of Birth 13th March 1956


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Present Current; registered in a Masters Degree program in Environmental Engineering, Ein Shams University. (expected end 2017)

Present Currently registered in a postgraduate diploma in Hellenistic Studies (Joint program between Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, and Alexandra Library)

2009-2010 Postgraduate Diploma; Environmental Studies, Ein Shams University, Cairo.

2002-2004 Masters of Business Administration, Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliqués (ESLSCA France, Cairo Branch)

2001-2002 Postgraduate Diploma; Human Resource Management, American University Cairo,

2000-2001 Postgraduate Diploma; Total Quality Management, American University in Cairo

1974-1979 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, (major, Production Engineering) College of Engineering, Baghdad University

Non Degree Programs/Courses

Present Sustainability Practitioner Certificate, International Society of Sustainability Professionals ISSP (expected Early 2019) (Stakeholder Engagement Strategies - Biomimicry: Pathway to Innovation… Learning from Nature - Strategy Tools for Sustainability Transformation - S-CORE Sustainability Assessment Tool - Life Cycle Assessments, A Simulated Approach - Sustainability Planning - Sustaining Sustainability Sustainability Management Systems - Leadership Skills for Change Agents - Storytelling for Sustainability Deepening the Case for Change)

2014 Sustainability for Professionals course, "Making an Impact", University of Bath. (Online)

2014 HACCP preventative food safety management training course.

2012 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction; 3 module three month program, (comprehensive natural disaster management; climate change and disaster risk management; gender aspects of disaster risk reduction) Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport / World Bank.

2010-2012 American University Cairo, Engineering and Science Services; 6 module Environmental Engineering program, (Introduction to Environmental Engineering - Environmental. Systems & Processes - Environmental. Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization – Environmental. Management Systems & EHS - Environmental. Impact Assessment & Auditing - Design & Operation of water Treatment Plants.)

2010 MI2407, Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Development; Six month master’s level course 7.5 ECTS, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. (Core concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD). Understanding in the major sustainability challenges facing society, and the importance of taking a whole-systems perspective when trying to identify problems and plan solutions. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of various common tools and concepts related to sustainable development, and provide recommendations on their most appropriate uses.)

Professional Certifications

2016 “Certified Sustainability Associate”, International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

2014 "Licensed Sustainability Assessor”, S-CORE System, International Society of Sustainability Professionals

2002 "Certified Human Resource Professional”, Human Resource Certification Institute.

2001 “Certified Quality Manager”: American Society for Quality

Professional Memberships / affiliations

Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Association for Management Engineering

Egyptian Human Resources Management Association

Egyptian Society for Quality

Syndicate of Egyptian Engineers

The Archaeological Society of Alexandria

Egyptian Geographic Society

Egyptian Exploration Society

Egyptian Chefs Association (Focus on Sustainable Supply Chain & Sourcing & Food Waste)

Volunteer Work

Mentor for young entrepreneurs, The Mowgli Foundation

Secretary General & Communications, officer, Archaeological Society of Alexaxandria

Ambassador, International Society for Sustainability professionals


2011 - Present Sustainability Practitioner (Consultant / Adviser)

Provide Sustainability Awareness and Training, at its most basic level all the way up to Training at Organizational / Operational levels.

Perform Sustainability Assessments & Benchmarking; manage Stakeholder Engagement and Deployment within organizations, for the purpose of Sustainability Planning & Execution of Projects.

Assess an organization's current position the path to sustainability, identify opportunities and develop a plan for the next stage of the journey. Sustainability--Competency, Opportunity, Reporting & Evaluation, S-CORE™. (general assessment, and position on UNSDGs, Sustainability Reporting, and Future fit for Sustainable Business)

Introduction of Strategy Tools for Sustainability Transformation.

Guide organizations through the aspects of sustainability techniques and change processes, and help them learn when and how to apply them successfully, to develop sustainability projects or initiatives, which will work to produce a detailed strategic action plan.

Promotion of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, to provide Sustainability Leaders / Champions, at any level, insights into how to mainstream, and involve wider stakeholder support, identify new relationships and reduce conflict and risk, in their efforts to present a solid business case for Sustainability. Effectively develop a well-rounded approach to stakeholder engagement by successfully integrating corporate social responsibility into an organization’s sustainability programs/projects.

Management of Sustainability Planning and Reporting. Walk through the steps of creating a comprehensive sustainability plan: from justification for organizational sustainability efforts, through impacts assessment and determination of measures. The resulting plan also sets an organization up for reliable and transparent.

Establishment of a Sustainability Management System (SMS). Allowing for systematic internal review, monitoring and corrective actions for continual improvement. Management systems are the key to ongoing progress and embedding best practices. An SMS (sustainability management system) allows for systematic internal review, monitoring and corrective actions for continual improvement

9.2006 – 07.2011 General Manager for the Egyptian Company for Handset Services (CaRing), covering Egypt, Algeria & Tunisia & Bangladesh. Reporting to CEO of Ring Distribution Holding, subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, Egypt, (350+ employees)

Initiated and completed the spinoff of the post sales (customer service) activities into a separate legal entity “CaRing”, after being part of the original mother company, “Ring Distribution”.

Restructured the post sales, customer service and maintenance activities.

Managed the post sales operations, with the objectives of; elevation of customer satisfaction, reduction of staff turnover, control of costs, inventory and expenditure, and management of staff development and empowerment.

Responsible for P&L, annual budget and growth plans, Increased the support services revenue through expansion of the support activities portfolio, through identification and securing new, non traditional support services in addition to increased repair volume.

Shared responsibility (with sales & marketing) of management of company Call Center.

Provided leadership, maintained high morale index among staff members.

Maintained focus on Key Performance Indicators in accordance with industry standards and as per the requirements of Orascom Telecom (holding) and CaRing Partners.

Managed the general HR functions for CaRing, (approx. 140 employees, e.g. staff development, performance management, hiring, benefits, payroll, etc…)

Oversaw the implementation of the ISO 9000 TQM and 14000 EMS functions up to the point of certification, and subsequent annual recertification.

01.2005 – 08.2006 Human Resources Director for the Summit Technology Solutions

(holding Co.) Joint Venture - Sumitomo Corporation & Orascom investments). Reporting to group CEO. Egypt, (200+ employees, 4 IT companies)

Responsible for the overall strategic direction and control of human resource functions across the group.

Reviewed, consolidated and centralized and standardized HR policies, procedures and HR reporting for a group of four subsidiary companies, by replicating the relevant and missing functions across the group.

Supervised the overall implementation of HR policies, oversaw daily operations, as directed by the holding company policies, and supervised a team of HR managers across the companies, in addition to a three member team of assistants at the holding level.

01.2003 – 08.2005 Human Resources Manager Orascom Technology Solutions. (Concurrent with responsibility of Quality Management Representative). Reporting to Managing Director. Egypt, (120+ employees)

Responsible the full range of HR activities / functions

Conducted and analyzed employee opinion surveys including the analysis and reporting results to management. Prepared action plans addressing employee concerns and monitored and reported on progress.

Reevaluated and modified the performance management, training & development programs, and set up and oversaw a benefits management system.

Reviewed all HR policies, and modified as required, mainly for the purpose of the alignment with current company goals and in 2004, the new labor law.

Reevaluated all OTS jobs by establishing of job evaluation criteria, and utilization of survey of the local IT job market, and established a plan to align OTS salaries with IT market averages and built an internally and externally equitable salary structure

Built an internal skills bank, and reconciled it with current job-skill requirement for the purpose of : Career path planning - Planning for the closing the current skills gap - Hiring and job placement criteria

Lead a downsizing exercise, when the holding company was established including creation of severance -packages and out placing assistance.

Implemented a project of automating the whole of the OTS HR functions and data on an HRMS.

Oversaw the overall Occupational Health and Safety function, including fire prevention, safe work environment, evacuation and first aid. Prepared EOHS plan and organized drills. Liaised with local authorities over workplace safety and civil defense permits.

Managed recruitment, processing, hiring and induction processes internally, for whole group of OTS companies, including transfers of employees between companies.

Delivered training to line and functional managers and supervisors on, HR skills such as, Job evaluation, Job description, Interviewing and Recruitment, Motivation, Performance Management.

Managed the relationship with, and monitored the performance of external providers (training and Medical services providers).

07.1998 – 01.2003 Total Quality Manager for Orascom Technology Systems: Reporting to the Managing Director, Egypt

Established, and maintained the Total Quality Management System throughout the company, streamlined with ISO 9000, & 14001 standards’ requirements.

Promoted and maintained quality awareness among OTS staff.

Delivered training to OTS Line managers and Staff in procedure analysis & documentation, and internal quality auditing.

Prepared annual internal audit plan, and supervised the internal auditors’ activities throughout, in addition to monitoring of progress of the corrective and preventive actions.

Built “quality improvement teams”, supervised and facilitated their activities in the areas of identifying the main company processes, analyzing them for the purpose of building the company Quality process and procedures manual, eliminating non-value adding activities, sources of waste and overall improvement of performance and cost reduction.

Supervised teams involved in problem root cause analysis, nomination of appropriate solutions, and follow-up to ensure the effectiveness of the nominated solutions.

Advised Business Group managers on monitoring of their staff performance, skill development and identification of areas of performance improvement through empowerment, job enrichment and training, especially in areas that have a direct effect on customer satisfaction, quality and costs.

Created a Customer Feedback and Survey and Complaint system, Monitored customer satisfaction and supervised the handling of customer complaints.

Managed supplier qualification/approval, and performance and reviews.

10.1997 – 07-1998 Task assignment of Processes Reengineering and Process Improvement, within the Orascom Computer Support Business Group, Reporting to Managing Director, Egypt.

Tasks involved reorganization of the Computer support business group, to accommodate better job control for staff, enabling them to perform more efficiently. Setup and documented support procedures, and completion of the Quality Procedures Manual for the business group. Setup of quality criteria and measures, for future analysis and process control

02.1992 – 10.1997 Customer Support manager for Orascom Technology Sector, Reporting to Sector Manager, Egypt,

•Managed delivery of daily customer support activities, monitoring spare parts inventory technical library and support tools availability.

•Managed team of technical staff, hiring, training and development, and performance management to cover existing customer base needs, plus planned for projected installations.

• Controlled new sites’ installation and commissioning projects, up to the delivery to the customer.

•Managed and followed-up support services contract negotiation and invoicing. Maintained service deliverables as per customers’ requirements, and managed all support activities’ expenses and costs.

•Collaborated with sales and pre-sales staff in solutions design and technical configuration building and verification in the pre bidding/vetting/offer phases.

•Assigned all support and escalation related communication between Orascom and HP, which included problem escalation management to HP response center, management of distribution of technical updates, Communications management, and procedure updating. Designed and setup a computerized call monitoring system including customer database, product base information, stock links, warranty and contract costing.

01.1987 – 02.1992 Senior Customer support engineer, ORASCOM Computer division; Reporting to Area Computer Systems Customer Support Manager (HP Athens)

•Main task was restoring customer confidence in the Hewlett Packard customer support organization, after damage done to HP’s image by previously appointed distributor.

•Setup of inherited customer database, and review or related local spares stock, hiring of support staff, and organizing training curriculum for technical staff, both locally and abroad.

•Established a bench repair workshop, and hired and trained technical staff.

•Provided presales support and solution consultancy to the Orascom sales team, configuration vetting and verification.

•Whenever possible built, tested and verified configurations offered by sales team.

•Proceeding on training on UNIX (HP-UX) and the HP RTE real-time operating systems, and the support of their respective hardware platforms, local and wide area networking technologies, products and support.

01.1982 – 12.1986 Hardware Computer Service engineer, HEWLETT PACKARD Co (Baghdad Branch) Reporting to Area Computer Systems Customer Support Manager (HP Geneva)

•Installed, Serviced and maintained HP3000, MPE, systems and peripherals, located all over Iraq, in addition to a wide range of desktop products and their peripherals.

•Installed and maintained HP1000, RTE, real-time computers

• Maintained the HP medical products installed at two Baghdad hospitals, namely Computerized Intensive Care Monitoring Systems, Ultrasound Imaging Systems, and Catheterization Labs.

01.1980 – 12.1982 Field service engineer, MED-TEK International Ltd., USA (Baghdad Branch) Reporting to Branch General Manager

•Installed and commissioned 16 dialysis units comprising 100 kidney machines distributed all over Iraq. This included maintenance of the Frezenius Artificial Kidney machines and Culligan Water Treatment reverse osmosis water de-ionizers.

•Held training courses on theory, operation and maintenance of the kidney machines and water treatment systems for local and foreign, medical and technical staff.

• Assisted in the maintenance of other medical products, namely, Pfizer second and fourth generation computerized axial Tomography scanners (C.T. scanners), Kontron heart defibrillators and respirators.

•Provided technical consultancy for Ministry of Health projects regarding the setup

and distribution of hemodialysis equipment in Iraq.

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