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Software QA Engineer

Singapore, 543158, Singapore
February 25, 2018

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Software Q A E ngineer


65) 9 882 2 305



Blk 1 58C, R ivervale C rescent,

S ingapore, 5 43158


Highly motivated Software QA Engineer with five years of Software testing experience, have good analytical skills and a great eye for detail. Experience working in an Agile development process and Software Q A m ethodologies.


Software Q A E ngineer

Ebix S ingapore P te. L td. ( August 0 4, 2 016 - P RESENT)

● Implementation o f I nsurance i ndustry r elated S oftware p rojects

● Liaise with clients on test results, requirements and clarifications

● Responsible for test execution and documentation for various test scenarios, test cases and defect tracking in a concise and organized m anner

● Provide c lient s upport a nd t raining o n p rojects h andled Software Q A E ngineer

Twistresources I nc. ( May 0 2, 2 013 - J uly 2 0, 2 016)

● Design, create and execute detailed test plans and test cases to test high performance sites and applications optimized for web and m obile

● Work with Agile team and perform different types of Software testing t o e nsure h igh q uality d elivery f or e ach s print

● Work closely with product design and management to review specifications

● Found a nd r eport c ritical i ssues p rior t o r elease

● Create S QL q ueries t o c heck d atabase

● Testing o n d ifferent b rowsers, o perating s ystem a nd d evices

● Execute A PI T esting d esigned a nd c reated b y d evelopers

● Good u nderstanding i n T est A utomation l ike S elenium

● Manage s taging s erver f or t esting

● Participate i n c lient, p roject a nd s print m eetings Software Q A E ngineer

Cloudstaff ( April 0 6, 2 012 - D ecember 2 8, 2 012)

● Verify n ew f eatures, i mprovements a nd e nhancements

● QA T eam L ead o n p roject h andled

● Web a nd m obile a pplication t esting f or A ndroid

● Create d iagrams, m anuals a nd p resentations SKILLS

8 A gile / S crum


8 - T est C ases/ G herkins

8 C lient C ommunication

8 - R equirement A nalysis

7 - W ireframes / M ockups

9 - D ocumentation / M anuals

9 M anual T esting

7 - P erformance / L oad T esting

8 - C ross B rowser / M obile T esting

8 J IRA/Redmine/VersionOne

8 B rowserstack

7 - D atabase

7 - P ostman

7 G oogle A nalytics

7 U nix C ommands

9 M ac / W indows / L inux


Bachelor o f S cience

in I nformation T echnology

(June 2 008 - A pril 2 012)

Angeles U niversity F oundation

Angeles C ity, P hilippines

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