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Software Engineer Manager

Sun City Center, Florida, 33573, United States
February 24, 2018

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Mark J. Ruscigno

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Ruskin, Fl 33573

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Senior Software Engineer/Manager with strong background in Java, C++, Visual Basic, Microsoft Windows, and C. Currently seeking an opportunity which will challenge my Project Management Skills, leadership, communication and technical skills, while offering growth and development in diversified areas. Highly motivated self-starter with accomplished business development and financial skills. Proven strengths in problem analysis, solution, achievement of business objectives and customer relationship management. Excellent communication and organizational skills, and the ability to lead and work with others. Flexible, quick learner. Assume responsibility confidently. With thirty years of experience.


Languages Software Products Platforms Networks

Java Eclipse WebSphere Windows WAN JDK 8 Windows NT/2000

C++ .Net DB2/2 JEE LAN Server / Req

C Visual Basic Oracle Tomcat ETHERNET


Java Script MS Access JDK MQ Series


BASIC SQL Server Toad

PC Assembler Maven EclipseLink



Westchester County Government

Software Engineer / Project Lead June-2001-Present

Responsible for three large software development efforts as a team lead of eight people.

The first software development effort is a case management system for Family Court. The application is written in Java uses the JEE architecture. The schema is held in an Oracle databae. The system runnings on IBM Websphere. Version control is managed by SVN.

The second software development effort is a google-type search engine that allows public safety to do background checks on specific individuals. This application is written in Java and leveages the JEE architecture. The datasources are a variaty of technologies including Oracle and SQLServer. The application respects the Global Justice XML Data Model for data sharing. The software won two NYS awards for inovation and software excellence.

Westchester County receieved several state grants to fund further development of the Criminal Justice Warehouse Application

The third system is an online driver permit renewal system that our system permited the renewal process real-time. This online system is developed in java and uses the JEE architecture. Oracle is used for data storage.

Promoted within


Software Engineer / Architect April 2000 – June 2001

Responsible for all facets of product life cycle (requirements gathering, application analysis, external designs, internal designs, code, unit test, integration test, system / user / acceptance test, packaging, rollout / installation and maintenance).

Lead responsible for conversion and enhancement of OS/2 client and MVS server system to Windows NT and Windows 2000. The system tracks IBM’s Employee Worker’s Compensation cases. Wrote conversion utility for migration to Windows 32 API.

Internet architected, designed and web-enabled software to allow customers to access the system via the Intranet. System rewritten in Java / Swing. Code supports 128 bit encryption for Netscape and Microsoft Explorer.

Converted communications components from APPC to TCP/IP using the TCP/IP Toolkit.

Used Object Oriented methodology to develop a system which tracks IBM Employee Worker's Compensation Cases.

Software Engineer November 1998 - April 2000

Converted two legacy IBM human resources tracking systems (benefits and payroll) from OS/2 to Windows. The new systems are web-enabled and utilize a client/server metaphor focusing on Windows 95 and Windows NT as the client and MVS the database server.

The first system allows users to log on and update benefit options via the Internet, which in turn updates IBM’s internal HR systems. It is written in Java and supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Data is collected from the browser via cookies, and supports 128 bit encryption for data security.

The second system is written with Windows 32 APIs. This system has Internet Java hooks for payroll calculations. Data is downloaded from the web server to the client to reflect updates.

Software Engineer June 1996 - November 1998

Client-Server imaging system to access employee folders. System supports dual client platforms of Windows 95 and OS/2. Application coded in C++ and Java. Server technology implemented using Windows NT and OS/2 over TCP/IP protocol with DB2 databases.

Online system automation composed of domestic folder transfers. This facilitates the real time sharing of all online system transactions throughout the US. Additional generic FTP report system allows automated administration of reports to appropriate personnel.

Developed fax application to parse incoming data transmissions and file to appropriate employee medical jackets.

Intranet browser report viewer for administration personnel created in Java.

Data encapsulation of all data elements was used to ensure data integrity.

Mapped and converted MVS edit fields to appropriate GUI controls, with a redesign of end user flow, for improved navigation.

Used JDBC drivers to access the MVS DB/2 database through a gateway.

Created reusable class objects (package) which IBM has used as a common class library to reflect the IBM Employee Structure. This class library is being used internally by IBM.

Built userid maintenance application in Visual Basic.

Application read DB2 database of all uses and placed in grid control. Application allowed add, delete and modify security features of userids.

Hyperion Corporation

Software Engineer January 2000 - October 2000

Direct business partner to Hyperion. Responsible for meeting with Hyperion clients and designing, developing, testing and installing modifications to Hyperion product.

Developed customizations in Visual Basic, Hyperion Toolkit and Microsoft Access.

Developed Visual Basic dynamic link libraries (ActiveX) for the Hyperion product to call as user exits.

Customizations included user logon screen, change password and change userid.

Rules for changes stored in Microsoft Access database for real time modification.

RandomHouse Publishing

Software Engineer September 1997 - December 1997

Converted an OS/2, OS/2 driver, C and Presentation Manager application to Windows NT and Windows 95. The application monitors a server for client requests and dispatches the requests to additional servers for processing.

The code was migrated to Windows using Datagram socket calls for TCP/IP transfers and Java / Swing for interfaces.

United Parcel Service

Software Engineer January 1996 - June 1996

Designed and developed client-server database utility that attaches to a site via APPC under OS/2 and receives data. The data is then inserted to a database server for analysis.

Designed and developed an OS/2 job scheduler to automatically execute jobs scheduled at times requested. The program uses DB2/2 2.1 to log jobs.

Both utilities have a Presentation Manager user interface and use multiple threads to allow the user to multi-task.

NYNEX Corporation

Software Engineer July 1993 - January 1996

Designed and developed Client-Server security application for the New York Port Authority. This application is an FAA approved security system which monitors employee accesses at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports.

The OS/2 Client was originally written in OS/2 1.3, converted to OS/2 2.1, and finally to Windows 95 using C++.

The client communicates with a Tandem server using the TCP/IP protocol over an ETHERNET network.

The application is a hardware configuration utility, written in C++, and gives the user the ability to graphically view installed hardware configurations at the airports.

The client is a multi-threaded application designed in an object oriented metaphor.

IBM Research

Lead Software Engineer March 1993 - July 1993

Dual project lead of two development teams of five and three in the design, development and implementation of a multimedia application that accepted distributed video over LANs and WANs via RISC/6000 server machines via Client-Server architecture. Application is designed to provide directory services worldwide over high speed networks. The architecture consists of a variety of workstations and platforms including servers which run AIX while clients run OS/2 and Windows.

Additional responsibilities include the object oriented design of a multimedia groupware application which I designed to enhance data integrity while allowing easy portability from OS/2 to Windows platforms based on underlying class objects. Furthermore, I migrated an AIX multimedia system to an OS/2 environment. Specific tasks included porting the physical device drivers for the adapter, as well as the conversion of the communications layer to TCP/IP OS/2 and the GUI interface from MOTIF to PM.

This application resulted in worldwide communications between IBM locations and customers. Development technologies included C, C++, Assembler, DDK (Device Driver Toolkit), TCP/IP OS/2 and PM Toolkit.

Lead Systems Architect March 1992 - March 1993

Project lead of team of six for the user interface of a financial accounting system. The accounting system's back-end runs on MVS while the user interface runs on OS/2 2.0. APPC protocol is used to communicate from PC to host.

Designed, managed, coded and tested front-end system. Screens are generated dynamically dependent on data received from host system. The multi-threaded system processes user input while processing background tasks. DOS API's are used to create queues to manage multitasking environment. Extensive use of PM Toolkit for final user interface. Used CASE PM, DLGBOX, FONTEDIT and ICONEDIT for rapid prototyping.

System is designed to CUA '91 standards.

Lead Systems Architect July 1989 - March 1992

Project lead of team of four for development of leasing system.

Designed real-time, multi-threaded OS/2 Presentation Manager application to automate the submission of leasing forms from customer site. The application is now an IBM product called ICCLink. ICCLink is NLS and DBCS enabled.

Application is written in C, PM, Easel and uses DataBase Manager. DOS/GPI/WIN calls to implement bitmaps, resources, Gpitext, graphics, dialog boxes, etc.

The Client-Server based system runs on IBM Token Ring using APPC to off load work to server for processing on LU6.2 connection to VM applications. System went through usability testing and received high praises.

Also responsible for technical support and documentation.

Software Engineer January 1987 - July 1989

Designed Presentation Manager facsimile application. Software interfaces with IBM Concentrator card to do fax transmission.

Application is a multiple thread design to handle user input while sending or receiving facsimile documents. Application handles display of image as well as converting file formats to Group 3 fax. The applications provided an entire folder management capability to organize incoming facsimiles. System runs on IBM Token-ring and uses a fax server to route incoming faxes across the LAN.

Migrated font-end application to Microsoft Windows using Windows SDK.


Pace University May 1989

Bachelor of Science Major: Computer Science, Minor: Mathematics

Sun Ceritified Programmer for Java

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