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Manager Project

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India
February 24, 2018

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Devarajulu Naidu. G

Project Manager E-mail :

13+ years ( Including Overseas Experience – UAE, Japan, Denmark and USA ) of experience in the Information Technology industry, coupled with extensive experience in managing client relations. Involved in several successful mission critical projects spanning across BFSI, Telecom, Digital Aviation and Health Care Insurance domains. Proven track record of delivering large-scale, mission-critical projects on time using leading-edge technologies to solve the critical business problems.




Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server

Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows

Java, Perl

Manual Testing

Mobile Applications Development

Project Management

Release Management

Planning and Schedule

Risks/Issues Management

People Management

Escalation Management

Configuration Management

Working a freelancer – Project Manager from Oct 2017 to till date.

Worked as a Project Manager in GVTL from May 2017 to Sept 2017.

Have got valid B1 visa till November – 2022.

Strong Technical Expertise in multiple Platforms (OS), Languages, Databases, Framework and Tools (Design, Development, Web, NMS).

Experience in Project Management involving Initiation, Requirement Finalization, Project Scoping, Planning (Estimation, Scheduling & Milestones), Quality & KPI, Risk management, Communication between project stakeholders, Execution Control and Delivery within agreed timeline and designed quality

Proficient in all phases of Development Life Cycle including Requirement Elicitation/Analysis, Functional Specification development, Solution Design, Test Planning, Development, Testing & Integration, Implementation and Support

A competent Team Leader in driving the team to performance excellence through knowledge transfer, skill upgrade, feedback, motivation and mentoring

Cohesive Team Player with fast learning curve, analytical, problem solving, planning, communication & interpersonal skills

Experience in GVTL (May 2017 – Sept 2017)

• Client : Boeing

• Project : AHM (Airplane Health Management)

• Role : Project Manager

• Description :

Airplane Health Management (“AHM”) is a Boeing service that applies advances in data processing, transmission, and analysis to reduce the costs of operating commercial airline fleets. This diagnostic and prognostic service integrates remote collection, monitoring, and analysis of airplane data to determine the status of an airplane's current and future service needs. It converts existing airplane data into information useful for making operational and fix/fly decisions. This AHM is been hosted to Azure cloud environment successfully.

• Environment: .NET, C++, Java/J2EE, Oracle, Chef, Jenkin, Unix, Windows, Azure.

Roles & Responsibilities:

As part of Application Development Unit(ADU), I was reporting to the Senior Delivery Manager at offshore and client Manager at onsite (Renton, WA – USA).

I have handled the complete project management for Boeing AHM application.

Handled the execution in accordance with the Task Order given and co-ordination with pre sales team.

Worked at onsite a with Boeing AHM core team long with Boeing Project Manager.

I have handled the Project planning, estimation and execution from onsite by monitoring/mentoring the offshore team members.

Involved in providing engineering solutions and creating wire frames for UX/UI teams

Involved in technology stack discussions with Product owner.

SPOC for all technical activities.

Worked with Program Manager for planning and estimation.

Involved in peer-review and mentoring scrum teams.

Monitored integration and performance tuning activities.

Experience as a freelancer – Project Manager (July 2013 - April 2017)

• Client : UHC

• Project : Fortuna

• Role : Project Manager

• Description : Fortuna is a an advanced web based application on legacy NextGen, where the Member, Provider, Agents can manage their business transactions w.r.t their requirements with Medicaid, Medicare and commercial health plans with UHC.

• Environment: .NET, C++, Java/J2EE, SQL-Server, Unix, Windows

Experience in Nittany Technologies (April 2012 – June 2013)

• Client : UHC

• Project : NextGen

• Role : Project Manager

• Description : NextGen is a web based application, where the Member, Provider, Agents can manage their business transactions w.r.t their requirements. First, they need to get the user id and password to register with UHC website. Then the registered member data is compared with the Info-crossing database through the web service. The validated data is send to CMS to get them enrolled. Once the validated member is enrolled, his/her health status is monitored through the claims module. Depending on the monitored status, the member can be registered for the utilization management process to avoid the expensive cost reduction for UHC. The agent, who brings the member in to the system will get the commission based on the plan get enrolled and this is handled through the agent module. The provider module is extensively used to track the network and non-network provider for reimbursement based on the contract. The compliance module is used to keep track of the complaints by the member to get closed and to serve the member in a better way. The entire application controlled by a centralized admin module.

• Environment: .NET, C++, Java/J2EE, SQL-Server, Unix, Windows

Roles & Responsibilities:

Managing the designated project through all relevant stages of the system lifecycle from project initiation through to project closure and review.

Involved completely in project initiation, project and resource planning, execution, monitoring along with the project status tracking and completing the designated projects with the CRs effectively within the time frame.

Taking the ownership for the project process and project deliverables including administration of project collaboration tools and document repositories.

Working with the solution team/client, development team leaders to plan, monitor and track progress of the development team effort with complete work break down structure.

Effectively partner with technical leads and business analysts to guide development teams to understand the business requirements.

Working directly with project sponsors and key stakeholders on the applicable deliverables.

Playing the individual technical leadership role during the project execution to ensure all the alignments with project deadlines.

Participate with support and services teams at both offshore and onsite during the root cause analysis reviews with the documentation.

Managing the multiple online & offline projects in parallel at any one time with effective project and resource planning as a single point of contact at offshore for the onsite team.

Reporting to the senior management and involving in the resource & project planning like MIS reports by organizing and leading the regular status review meetings with all the stake holders.

Identifying the risks in conjunction with the project team and stakeholders.

Maintaining the Project Management skills in alignment with industry standards.

Responsible to close the projects and monitor the ongoing support to the clients.

Title : Diversion Reconciliation

Client : UHC

Role : Project Manager

Description :

The purpose of this project is to reconcile the premium amount received through EDI 820 for each member from Medicaid with the expected amount calculated for every month. The active member from database for the current month is compared and audited with 834a data file received from Medicaid. The other files used are 834d, which is daily status file 834mm which is a monthly magic file through which we receive the transaction result for the enrollment, disenrollment and reinstatement, 834me which is a month end file through which we receive the retro-enrollment and retro-disenrollment transactions. This system is used to categorize the discrepancy for the mismatch payment by Medicaid to the expected, expected but not received, received but not expected.

Environment: .NET, C++, Java/J2EE, SQL-Server, UNIX, Windows

Roles & Responsibilities:

Same as above

Experience in Virtusa (Nov 2010 – Nov 2011)

Client : Convergys Corporation

Project : RBM ( Rating and Billing Manager )

Role : Sr. Consultant – Project Manager

Business problem:

Rating and Billing Manager ( RBM ) can bill any combination of different products and services, regardless of whether they are related. They can be billed on a single, convergent or on separate bills.

The Rating and Billing Manager applications that are used to configure the system –

• Rating and Billing Configuration

• Product Configuration

• Rating and Billing Catalogs

• Catalog Lifecycle

• Billing Catalogs

• Billing Catalog Maintenance

• Rating Catalogs

• Rating Catalog Maintenance

• Products and Pricing Edits Transfer

• Configuration Data Transfer

• Customer Account Maintenance

The Rating and Billing Manager applications that are used to monitor the systems, namely:

• System Monitor

• The Task Master and external schedulers

The Rating and Billing Manager applications that are used in the money management process:

• Payments processing

• Batch Payment Entry

• Automatic payments

• Accounts Receivable

• Debt Escalation Engine

• Dunning Letter Engine

I was actively involved in the Billing module and the module comprises of the below activities-

● The billing process, including billing modes, selective billing, customer hierarchies, and pre-paid/post-paid accounts.

● The billing engine, including bills, bill types, nominal and actual bill dates, override actual bill date, system tidemarks, copy bills, reissue bills, summary statements and hot billing.

● Bill formatting, including internal and external formatting and bill templates

● Bill cancellation, including hot billing and rebilling

● Bill re-issue

● Bill data, including simple tags, display of price per unit in bill data, bill item and source object reference

● Post-billing processing, including the managed file modifier and bill post-processors

● Product charging, granularity of product charging, including billing windows and charge synchronization along with the implications of past, future changes to product details and late payment details

● Other billing considerations, including bill suppression rules, exceptional bills, duplicate events, archiving of bill data, performance issues and delete product with no refund.

Environment: C, C++, UNIX, Oracle PL/SQL, PERL

Project Role: As a Sr. Consultant I am taking care of the off-shore billing team and I was taking care of the complete project management activities.

Experience in Covansys – A CSC Company (September 2007 – March 2009)

Senior Software Engineer - Team Leader

Client : SAS

Project : Origin to Destination Revenue Management System (ODRMS)

Business Problem:

Supporting the decisions to accept or deny the requests for booking on airline seats by comparing the fare for the request with a minimum acceptable fare predetermined by the system. In order to determine the minimum acceptable fare, the system typically solves an optimization problem that takes as input for the airline’s flight network schedule, fares and forecasted passenger demands for all products available for booking on airline’s flight network and available capacity on each of the airline’s scheduled flights.

Environment: C++, C, HP-UX, Oracle, Windows 2003 Server, UML, C#

Project Role: Team Leader with the following responsibilities:

. Worked at the client location closely with the onsite team

. Preparing effort estimation, functional/technical specification.

. Troubleshooting the user problems in programming related activities.

. Preparing SDLC/process documentation.

. Involved in testing, preparing test cases and test condition.

. Directly interacting with client manager, business users, change management team.

. Support to user in conducting the UAT and production support.

Client : Citibank

Project : Bonds And Futures Financial Accounting ( BAFFA )

Business Problem: Enhance the features of the complete financial solutions for Bonds, Futures and ETO which are being bought & sold by Citibank Tokyo in the open market.

Environment: C++, C, HP-UX, Sybase ASE 12.5.2, Windows 2003 Server, PVCS, UML

Project Role: Team Leader with the following responsibilities:

. Preparing impact analysis, effort estimation, functional/technical specifications.

. Involved enhancement in the back-end and front-end.

. Writing Shell Scripts

. Troubleshooting user problems in programming related activities.

. Preparing SDLC/process documentation.

. Involve testing, preparing test cases & test condition

. Raise a change through Infoman, track the production problem through Virtual Ticket

. Directly interacting with client manager, business users, change management team

. Support to user to conduct UAT and production support.

Experience in Polaris Software Lab Ltd., - (March 2006 to August 2007) Consultant

Client : Citigroup

Project 1:

Business Problem: Enhance the Margin Trading capabilities for various derivative products like FX & FX Option trades.

Environment: C++, C, Sun Solaris 9, Oracle9i, PVCS, J2EE, UML, Perl

Project Role: Consultant with the following responsibilities:

. Involving in all the deliveries and activities at offshore team

. Assist onsite team in the initiatives to increase productivity

. Coding with detailed design, testing including all the release processes.

. Involved in UAT and Production Support.

Project 2:

Business Problem: Enhance an interest rate derivative trading and risk management system.

Environment: C++, C, UNIX, Sybase ASE-12.5, UML, Perl

Project Role: Consultant with the following responsibilities:

. Project Enhancements with detailed analysis along with the testing

. Involved Enhancement in the C++, Sybase, IBM AIX

. Writing Shell Scripts along with UAT and Production Support.

. Troubleshooting user problems in programming related activities.

. Preparing Documentation and in Testing, preparing Test Cases & Test Condition

. Status reporting to clients

Project 3:

Business Problem: To develop and implement a system that could efficiently manage the commercial disbursement transactions based on electronic instructions received from Corporate Customers.

Environment: C++, Java, ASP, SQL – Server, VC++, XML, Perl

Project Role: Associate Consultant with the following responsibilities:

●Conceptualize the technical solution from the business requirements

●Project Enhancements with Scripts writing, testing and Production Support

●Status reporting to clients on project progress.

Experience in India Comnet - (Mar 2005 to Feb 2006)

Sr. Software Professional

Client : MetaSolv

Project : Network Inventory Management System (Objectel)

Business Problem: Enhance and automate the process of accurate the inventory management that enables real-time, flow-through network and service provisioning system.

Environment: C++, Java, Oracle, ASP, XML, VC++

Project Role: Sr. Software Professional with the following responsibilities:

. Customizing the product, performing the system, Regression and Sanity testing.

Experience in Nexxoft - (Jan 2000 to Feb 2005)

Sr. Software Engineer

Project 1:

Business Problem: To develop system to fax messaging over the Internet at a minimal cost to send or to receive the fax through different communication media

Environment: C, C++, Sybase, Windows NT, TCP/IP

Project Role: Sr. Software Engineer with the following responsibilities:

●Coding the application modules

●Performing the Manual Testing and manage the defects

●Assist in implementation

Project 2:

Business Problem: Changes to the existing system, which caters the all informational needs of any hospital starting from registration till discharge of the patients.

Environment: C++, SQL-Server, Windows NT

Project Role: Sr. Software Engineer with the following responsibilities:

●Coding the application modules.

●Manage the defects and change requests created as a result of Testing

●Create user documentation

Project 3:

Business Problem: To create a prototype that can be used for dealing with the communication between the servers.

Environment: C++, Windows, TCP/IP

Project Role: Software Engineer with the following responsibilities:

●Understand the business requirements

●Develop the prototype

●Code and Unit Test

●Manage the defects and change requests created as a result of Testing

Project 4:

Business Problem: To automate the complete process of the shares allotment among four different categories.

Environment: C++, Sybase, Windows

Project Role: Systems Engineer with the following responsibilities:

●Understand the business requirements

●Develop the prototype

●Code and Unit Test

●Manage the defects and change requests created as a result of Testing


. MCA (Master of Computer Applications) from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.

Achievements & Certifications

. I got a State Rank in S.S.C level Board Examinations

. I got State II Rank in the Junior level Mathematical Olympiad held in 1989.

. I got 82 % in the Senior level General Knowledge test conducted by the UNO.

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