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Machine Operation, Assembly Packaging, Production

Omaha, Nebraska, United States
February 24, 2018

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Patricia H ill

**** * .**** * *

Omaha N e..

402-***-**** H ome

402-***-**** C ell


Title: M achine O perator

Experience: M aterial H andler

F edex E xpress- 4-02-9-30-202* O maha, N e. N ovember 2 017 t o P resent Un a ttach A irplanes U nload m ail, B oxes, a nd i mportant i nformation f rom t he a ssembly A irplanes d rive cart a ssembly t o, p ackaging h andlers s oters f or m ailing a nd d elivers t o b usiness a nd c ustomers. Experience: M edical T ransportation D river

S ize W ise O peration: 4-02-4-03-724* O maha, N e S eptember 2 017 t o P resent Transport S izewise B eds t o a nd f rom d ifferent h ospital, i n O maha, a nd L incoln N e.Fremont N e.Nork, B lair, and o ther s urrounding a rea, H and S can B ed g oing o ut a nd c oming i n I nfection C ontrol, B ed, a nd Q .C. Weight C ount b efore D elivery.

E xperience:

Hills T ransportation 4 02- 7 18-6090 Omaha, N E Transportation S pecialist January 2 003 t o P resent Transport d isability a nd e lderly t o c linics a nd f rom a ppointments a s n eeded I a ccomplished h ow d isability a nd e lderly a re a re h andled a t a o lder a ge. Ex perience: O maha,Ne. EnterPrise H olding 5-93-391-**** x 2 35 M arch 2 017 t o October 2 017

Transportation s ervices,

T ransport a nd C lean c ar f or a irport f or r eserved c ustomer, h elp c lean i n h olding a rea, p ick u p c ar’s and d eliver b ack t o a irport p arking.


Kellogg’s C ompany 4-02-935-**** O maha N e. Sanitation w orker, J uly 2 017 t o A ug 2 017 Clean t he c ompany w alls, s crape f loors, u se, s cissor l ift, t o c lean p ipes u p h igh, a lso u se c hemical’s that’s a ssigned f or t he J ob.

First D ata 4-02-777-**** Omaha, N E

High S peed O perator July 2 016 t o O ctober 2 016 Check t he o rders ( Statements) & C arriers I nserts) I n o rder t o r un a nd s et u p y our m achine, s et t he machine t o 1 4" O r 1 1" f or e ach s tatement f or t hat j ob a nd r un u ntil t he o rder i s d one f or a 8 hr d ay. The m achines f olds e ach s tatement n eatly a nd i nserts t he s tatement i nto c arriers a s t he m achine i s s et u p a lso to e xpected e ach c arrier f or s hipment.

RailCrew X press 1 -913-***-**** Omaha, N E

RailRoad C rew D river December 2 014 t o M arch 2 015 Transport a nd a ssist c rew w hile w aiting t o T ransport t hem t o a nother s tation a round t he c ity's a nd t o o ther towns.

Pepsi C ola & N ational B rand B everages, I nc. 5-01-568-**** Little R ock, A R Merchandising S pecialist June 1 997 t o A ugust 1 998 Merchandising s tores m aking s ure t he s helf i s r efilled a fter c ustomer a lso c ustomer s ervices a nd k eeping t he back r oom c lean.

I a ccomplished h ow t o r efill t he s helves b y d ate o f p roducts a lso g reeting a nd s ales o f p roducts f or t he c ustomer Stant's M anufacturing 1 -870-***-**** Pine B luff, A R Machine O perator/Assembly/Production W orker August 1 983 t o J uly 1 998 Machine O perator

Operated a F orklift

Assembled P arts

Worked i n t he P roduction L ine

Maintenance w orker.


Experience S kill M edical F ederal M otor C ertification T ransportation D river, M edical T ransportation M edical Tech, H and S canner, I nfection C ontrol, Q .C. B eds a nd A ssembly, M achine O peration, O verhead C rane Operator, A ssembly W orker, P roduction W orker, F orklift D river, L abeler, B agger, P acker, O rder F iller, Sorter, S hipping R eceiving,Team l eader l ine b rakeman,.

P atricia H ill

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