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Technical Support Maintenance

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
February 24, 2018

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Full Name : Alaa Abdel Mawgoud Bastawy

Date of Birth : 26/12/1972

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital status : Married

Field : maintenance

Date of Graduation: 15/12/1998

Job title : maintenance supervisor & aircraft maintenance engineer, mechanic


1-High School From Saudi Arabia.

2-Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (A & P) course high diploma.

From Institute of Aeronautical Science and Technology, Egypt. The Institute was approved from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


1- Training division in (Air –Frame & Power –Plans) On-Job Training that in Egypt Air, Egypt Airport (in piston engines & Jet engines & Rigging & Hydraulic)

2- Operating training in tetara pak (TPA21) filing machine (diploma).

3- Operating training in tetra pak (TPA19) filing machine (diploma).

4- Operating and technical training in tetra pak (A3COMPACT FLIX) filing machine (diploma).

5- training course in rock will programing system diploma ) in tetra pak company .

6- Worked In Tower Air Company in Aircraft Maintenance (Airframe).

7- Working in abuljadayel beverages Inc as maintenance manager &technical support .

8- Training Course in ISO9001 & HASAP.

9- Quality assurance trainning package integrity (diploma).

10- Manage aseptic production training course.

11- Worked in Kindasa Water Services Company, maintenance department for 5 years in (desalination plant). & mechanical training course from veolia water system com in kindasa desalination plant. Good knowledge in the operation of the plant.

12- Worked as structure sub-contractor

13- Worked in marketing for ten years with b&g com.

14- Experience in industrial 10 years.


a) In Tower air company:

*Worked with tower Air Company in line maintenance in boing 747.

*supporting and Prepare all the ground servicing for (Tower Air Company & Owner Air Company & Alfa Air Company & Air Atlanta Company)

* Making (marching / taxing / push back)

b)In Abuljadayel beverages: ISO9001 & HASAP

*maintenance mechanic

*prepare upgrading plant for all factors & order the requiring spare parts.

*control the maintenance budget and expenses.

* Technical support responsible on 8 production lines (4TBA 19, 1TPA19, 1TPA21, 1 KHS CAN LINE&1KRONES BOTLING LINE)

Chiller, air compressors, desalination plant boilers, cooling tower & hall plan completely.

*Fabricating and modification for the machines .convert carbo cooler to ammonia chiller.

*Fabricate tow can opener machines (one automatic, same automatic & damping station)

*Fabricating damping station.

*Responsible for installation and inspection the efficiency of the new machines and

Equipment. Working in the company since five years ago.

c) In Kindasa water services:

*Reverse Osmosis plant

*maintenance supervisor

* Inspection and technical support on all mechanical & rotary equipment (motors & Turbines & pumps such as:

*Constant displacement pumps (F.F.P / Booster pump /axial pump /multistage pumps / Centrifugal pumps)

* Alignment for the pumps and motors.

*Variable Displacement pumps (Piston type / Diaphragm type)

*Inspection of alignment and installations.

* Air Blowers

* Inspection and Maintenance of Hydraulic equipment.

* RO membrane pressure vessel inspection and repair.

* UF membrane inspection and repair.

* Valves (manually / pneumatic / motorized /check valves / pressure relief valves)

*Ability to solve the mechanical problem and make the required modifications.

* Inspection and fixed alignment in swcc in Jeddah &in taif in water and electricity ministry plant &complete mechanical overhauling for two units in alshatei palace.

*Good Group leader ability.

*Good knowledge of English language & Ability to read manuals and use computer.

*Worked in kindasa plant for five years.

In the company since five years ago.


Jeddah –Saudi Arabia

Mob. : 009***********


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