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Java Computer Science

San Antonio, Texas, United States
February 23, 2018

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Aaron Franco


San Antonio, TX (open for relocation)


University of Texas At San Antonio

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Expected Graduation: May 2018 Projects

Event Web App – Python, Django, HTML, CSS,Javascript, MYSQL

• Web app using Python with the Django Framework that allows users to create events and invite guest who then can select what items to bring to the event.

• MYSQL database to store data.

• Front end done in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Java Home Monitoring App- Java, JavaFX, Python, Rasberry pi, Smart Lightbulb, Arduino

• Java Application allows user to control smart lightbulbs and monitor temperature collected from the arduino temp guage.

• UI done in JavaFX

• Java Application connects to Rasberry pi using TCP connection(local)

• Python scripts then run on the Rasberry PI to communicate to Arduino and Light Bulbs based on data sent from the Java Application.

Languages and Technologies

Languages Frameworks Technologies/Tools

Comfortable Comfortable - MYSQL

- Python - Django - Tensorflow (familiar)

- Java - JavaFx - Git

- C - BootStrap - JUnit

- HTML/CSS - OSX/Windows/Linux

Familiar With

- Javascript

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