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C Project

Westborough, Massachusetts, United States
February 26, 2018

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Location: A ustin,TX

Mobile: 612-***-**** E mail: s Profile

C urrently w orking a s a S enior S oftware E ngineer a t R SA t echnologies f or A rcher, a n e GRC p roduct o f E MC Technologies. M y f ocus i s o n s implifying a nd g rowing b usiness t hrough s oftware d esign, d evelopment, a nd continuous i mprovement.Have a n e xtensive 8 p lus y ears o f e xperience c overing a ll a spects o f s oftware development l ifecycle.

Academic Q ualification

Bachelor’s o f E ngineering,Anna U niversity, I ndia Skills S ummary

Development T echnologies ASP.Net, C, RESTFul S ervices, OData V 2,WPF. P erl/Python/Shell s cripting Web F rameworks EXTJS,AngularJS,ASP.NET, H TML, J avaScript, A JAX,CSS Databases SQL S erver,Oracle

Application S ervers IIS

Tools a nd I DE’s Visual S tudio . Net, S QL D eveloper, P utty,WinSCP, SQL R eporting Services,Autosys,Resharper,JAWS(508 C ompliance)

Version C ontrol TFS(Team F oundation S erver)

Professional E xperience

Employer: D ELL/RSA

Role : Software E ngineer 2 ( June’15-Present) Working o n R SA e GRC p roduct A rcher a s a S olutions D elivery L ead, focusing o n m igrating t he p roduct f rom Silverlight/WPF t o E XTJS. M yself a nd o ur a rchitect a long w ith s enior d evelopers r edesigned s ome o f t he p ages f or t he Phase 1 .

Leads a t eam f or C ontinuous I ntegration w here w e s et t he g uidelines f or U nit T esting t o p romote T est D riven Development(TDD) a nd c ode b est p ractices,automation,Docker r esearch, static c ode a nalysis. Core r esponsibilities a lso i nclude d esigning a nd d eveloping E xtJS a nd A SP.Net/C# M VC f ront-end, m iddle t ier a nd RESTful w eb s ervices(Web A PI).


● Design a nd i mplementation o f m igrating t he U I p ages f rom S ilverlight t o E xtJS t o s upport t he p roduct o n mobile p latforms.

● Worked o n S ection 5 08 c ompliance – A ll t he c ontrols i n t he p age s hould b e a ccessible b y k eyboard a nd s hould be c aptured a ccurately b y t he s creen r eader. Shilpa M uralidharan -2-

● Refactor e xisting p ages t o s upport t he n ew O data V 2 w eb A PI f ramework.Designed t he e ntire a rchitecture f or the s ame.

● Frequently c ollaborate w ith t he t eam t o i nvestigate f orward-looking t echnologies, c reate p roposals a nd recommend n ext t echnologies f or A rcher p latform.

● Assumed f eature l ead r ole f or t he R SA A rcher M obile i nitiative t o e nsure t imely p roject d elivery o n r evised schedule.

● Responsible f or p roviding A rchitecture s upport b y p roducing p roof o f c oncepts, r ecommending 3 rd p arty software p roducts a nd s ervices a nd g enerating A PI d ocumentation.

● Collaborated w ith t he Q uality E ngineering t eam t o b uild r eal-world f ront e nd p age t est s cenarios a nd g ather performance m etrics.

● Worked o n r esponsive U I d esigns a nd f ollowed M VVM a rchitecture f or w riting E XTJs c ode.

● Member o f t he U nit T esting c ommittee r esponsible f or d efining c oding s tandards, t ools a nd u nit t esting b est practices.

● Project D evelopment M odel : A gile

Technology Stack: S encha ExtJs, A SP.NET MVC, Web API,Odata, C#, JavaScript, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery, CSS, H TML5, S QL S erver, E ntity F ramework, X ML/XSLT,JAWS. Client: E ricsson S ervices I nc ( Sep’13 – May 2 015) Employer: I TTB

Role: M odule L ead

Ericsson i s o ne o f t he v endors f or c lient S print . U nder t he N etwork H ealth T ools T eam w e d eveloped t ools t o a ssist and m onitor t he h ealth o f t he N etwork . As a m odule l ead, e nsured t hat o ur t eam u nderstood t he r equirements a nd a lso m ade s ure d eliverables w ere s ent a head of t ime .


● Being t he m odule l ead f or a t eam o f 5 o wned a s pecific s olution f or c ustomers w ho w anted a m igration o f Perl/UNIX p ages t o . NET/C#

● Architected m any n ew a pplications b ased o n S OLID p rinciples t o e nable r eusable c omponents .

● Documented a ll t he r equirements a nd i nteracted w ith c ustomers o n a d ay t o d ay b asis.

● Promoted L ean a nd K anban m ethodology i n t he t eam a nd m aintained t he b acklog.

● Data m ining(SQL/UNIX) a nd p roposed e asy s olution t o h andle d ata i n a n e fficient m anner f or a p roject t hat received m any a ccolades.

● Transformed s everal U I r equirements i nto w ireframes.

● Drove t he t eam t o s uccess b y g iving t he r ight s uggestions a bout e ffective d evelopment s trategies.

● Project d evelopment M odel : A gile / Lean a nd K anban Technology Stack: AngularJs,.NET Framework 3.5/4.0/4.5, C#,ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Oracle 10g, AJAX,HTML, CSS, V isual S tudio 2 013,Team F oundation S erver. Client: R oyal B ank o f S cotland ( RBS) ( Mar’09–May’13) Employer: I nfosys

Role: S enior . NET D eveloper

Project: E Flex-CIB A pplication G TS P ipeline(Quick D eal)/ S tream t o R IMS Shilpa M uralidharan -3-

Was effectively involved in multiple projects.Also provided support related activities post go live during the new requirement p hase o f t he n ext p roject.Here i s a b rief d escription o f a ll t he p rojects : GTS p ipeline is a huge deal management system in RBS used by more than 6000 users across the globe. We redesigned t he e ntire a pplication’s G UI u sing . NET t o a dd n ew c apabilities a nd f aster n avigation. Stream to RIMS migration project essentially involved separation of Asia related trades from London and to create a separate w orkflow f or A sia .

A rapid application development platform was created inside RBS Corporate Division to cater the needs of the users in an e ffective a nd e fficient w ay k nown a s E flex. Responsibilities:

● Played a m ajor r ole i n p roject s tart u p, u nderstanding t he a pplications t hat r esided i n C IB a nd p rovided c lients technical s olutions f or p erformance r elated h iccups d uring t he i nitial p hase.

● Suggested n ew e nhancement p ossibilities a nd i mplemented t he s ame i n a v ery e fficient m anner.

● Developed a n ew G UI f or u sers u sing A SP.Net, C #.NET, H TML, a nd C SS f or s implification o f a n ew application t hat w as m erged i nto t he C IB m odule.

● Reviewed t he U TP t est c ases a nd d etailed a ll t he d esign a rtefacts.

● Had d one s ystem t esting r egression t esting a nd l ogged d efects i nto t he defect l ogger o n t ime t o t ime b asis .

● Reviewed t he d eliverables a nd e nsured a ll o f t hem a dhered t o R BS s tandards.

● Project d evelopment M odel : W aterFall

Technology Stack: NET Framework 3.5/1.1, C#,ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Oracle 10g, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio 2008,Autosys a nd S ubversion, U NIX, S hell, DTS.

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