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Sql Server Microsoft

Palo, Iowa, 52324, United States
February 22, 2018

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Presentation Of

Dan L. Marks

Solution Architect

Enterprise Application Integration

.NET Application Developer

DB Developer

Project Management

Home (319) 270 - 6655

**** ******* *****

Cedar Rapids, IA 52411-8156


Career Objective:

To use my long experience and well honed skills as an Managing Software Development Teams and Projects, Solution Architect, Distributive Application Multi-Core Software Design, Enterprise Application Integration, and Database Developer in a dynamic work environment where both personal and professional growth can be realized.

Summary of Skills

Member of an elite international software development team.

Member of 6 Sigma Development Team

Able to work autonomously as well as an integral part of the team process.

Highly effective communicator, both orally and in written form.

Adhere strictly to detail and take great pride in producing a quality product.

Recipient of numerous accolades for work performance.

Proficient in the design, creation, and implementation of diverse application projects.

Flexible, and embrace change in the workplace.

Adept in the reading and translation of technical documents into software architectures.

Trained corporate trainers in a wide array of newly introduced products.

Developed comprehensive training material for quality assurance testing protocols.

Technical Qualifications

Programming Languages:

C#/C++ HTML/CSS JavaScript JQuery


.NET versions 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 30, 2.0. Window Presentation Foundation (WPF)

NET Compact Framework Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework 4.0


Data Base:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Microsoft Access

Oracle8i Oracle 10g Oracle 10g Express

Database APIs:

ADO.Net ActiveX Data Object (ADO) Data Access Object (DAO)


Modeling Technology

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Behavioral Diagrams include the Use Case diagram, Activity diagram, & Interaction diagrams

Structural Diagrams include the Class diagram, & Object diagram

Model Management Diagrams include Packages, which are used to represent Subsystems

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Operating Systems:

Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista

Windows 2003 Server Windows 2000 Server Windows NT 4.0 Server

Windows XP Windows 2000 Pro Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

PocketPC Win CE WinCE.NET

Professional Certifications

Kirkwood Community College Professional Development Program

Website Design

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft® Visual C++ 6.0

Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft® Visual C++ 6.0

Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0

Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0

Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0

Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures

University of California Santa Clara

Object Oriented Design

Microsoft Window 3.11 Programming


Hamilton College, Microsoft Solution Developer Program

Post Graduate Study at Florida Institute of Technology

BS Computer Science San Diego State University

Experience Highlights:

Logos Systems Jan. 2017 – Jan 2018

.NET Developer

This time period was used for training in Web design encompassing many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; designing with MVC Architecture.

Cerner Corp Apr. 2012 – Dec 2016

Senior .NET Developer

One of the top priorities, for the Cerner Corporation’s Jan 2015 Healthcare Software Solution, called Millennium, was to apply a more modern User Interface, and by improving the Usability and Clarity of the User Interface. Within the broad set of solutions provided in the Millennium healthcare software is the PathNet solution for operating the Molecular & Clinical Pathology Laboratory. PathNet span over a million lines of code and hundreds .NET projects. Cerner created a user interface style guide to create a common look and feel standard for its Win32 applications. I was responsible for creating a framework that applied this new look and feel to the User Interface. I was responsible for designing custom window components that implemented the User Interface Style Guide, by applying color themes, gradients, and other aesthetically pleasing improvements. I was responsible for improving the Usability and Clarity of the functionality of screen elements, through reorganizing screen layout and ensuring accessibility of screen element functions. I was responsible for implementing these objectives using C# and Visual Studio 2010 across the over 500 screens, which included WinForms and WPF, and 100 applications that comprise the PathNet solution.

All software that was redesigned or modified had to meet the following ISO Standards.

General Quality Management: ISO 9001, and

Medical Devices

oRisk Management System: ISO 14971 and

oQuality Management System: ISO 13485,

Logos Systems, Cedar Rapids, IA

.NET Developer Jun. 2015 – Nov. 2016

This time period was used to get training in Web Design and Web Development Certification.

John Deere, Intelligent Vehicle Systems, Des Moines, IA May 2010 – May 2015

Solution Architect/Senior .NET Developer

John Deere Intelligent Vehicle Systems required an experienced Microsoft Windows Solution Architect/Developer to create a unique application to support GPS receivers used for agriculture applications. This application will reside on a laptop or desktop PC and will interface with new GPS receivers slated for production in 2009. The application will support the following features:

Graphical User Interface (UI);

Specify receiver baud rate;

Specify GPS receiver output NMEA messages and data rate;

Perform license activations for the receiver for a variety of performance modes;

Calibrate the Terrain Compensation Module for roll & pitch angle estimation;

Perform software uploads for field upgrades, by either John Deere Service Personnel, or the agriculture end User.

I was able to design and develop a multi-threaded application that met their requirements, within the delivery scheduled.

I designed and developed a Window’s Application for use in manufacturing. This application allow 8 units to be programmed simultaneously. This application reduced the programming time & cost by over 400% for the Star Fire 300 & 3000 GPS Receivers.

I designed and develop an library to communicate with their new GPS units.

Wolters Kluwer, Electronic Product Development & Services, Cedar Rapids, IA Jan 2008 – April 2010

Senior .NET Developer

Assist in the development of the ChargeMaster Pro Toolkit. The ChargeMaster Pro Toolkit is a client/server application that is used to update/manage hospital Charge Descriptions Master (CDM) codes, received from various external sources. CDM’s are charge codes used by hospitals for billing purposes.

The ChargeMaster Pro Toolkit was developed using C#, SQL Server 2000 & 2005. Duties included:

I collaborated with the development team to design of the application.

I designed Multi-Threaded design.

I was able to identify ways in reducing the memory footprint of the application.

I test various architectural components of the desktop application and the Web Services.

I design and execute test that are designed to stress the ChargeMaster Pro Toolkit. After analyzing test results, make recommendations to the project architect on how to make improvement.

I designed a data import component that retrieved data from 11 Excel spreadsheets, used by the office personnel. This data import component would translate the data in the Excel spreadsheets into either XML data, or other business objects, I developed. This included cleaning, and validating the data in the Excel spreadsheets, prior to the data being displayed to the user, and uploading the data to either the SQL Server 2000 or 2005.

ASI Computer Systems, Cedar Falls, IA Jan. 2007 – Dec 2007

Data Architect /.NET/Sr. Software Engineer

The project was designed as ASP.NET for a generalized web store front.

Responsible for database design, SQL Server 2005 on Windows 2003 Server, for an eCommerce Application.

Designed, developed, and tested the Business Access Layer (BAL) and Data Access Layer (DAL).

Developed installation scripts for SQL Server 2005 for creating the database tables, stored procedures, scalar and table-value function.

Developed, SQL/CLR stored procedures/functions. The eCommerce Application was written in ASP.NET 2.0 using Microsoft Ajax Extensions.

Used ADO.NET SqlConnection and SqlCommand classes to read and write data asynchronously. The ASP UI was developed in VB.Net, while the Data Access, Business Access Layers, and Business objects were developed using C#.

Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA Dec. 2005 – Nov 2006

Solution Architect / Principle-Lead .NET Software Engineer

The project was designed as a high performance WPF Desktop Application.

Provide Architecture for Highly Scalable Distributive Application that included Web Services, ASP Application, and Smart Client Application.

Assisted in performing Threat Modeling for the application as a whole and each of the components by:

-Documenting the Trust Boundaries,

-Identifying the assets that needed protecting,

-Document the Application’s Entry Points and Trust Levels

Provide input on Best-Of-Class Software Design, Development, Testing, & Deployment Practices

Integrating a diverse set of data sources, used by different divisions within the company, the into a consistent data store that the application would use. This diverse set of data sources included SAP, SQL 2000, Microsoft Access Databases, and Excel Spreadsheets.

Document design approach techniques to be used to develop the Financial Application.

Diagram the technical detail design using industrial standard practices, such as Object Oriented

Design Analysis, Unified Modeling Language, Entity Relationship Diagrams.

Develop a Detail Design Document that includes the detail necessary to communicate the design from both a technical and non-technical view point.

Develop preliminary Test Plans and estimate testing effort.

Develop a high quality GUI, for the Smart Client Application that allows the user to be able to work on an assorted set of hardware platforms from small form-factor laptops to large desktop systems.

Develop a Window’s Application that will allow the user to work disconnected, as well as provided to connectivity across either the corporate network, or remotely across the internet.

Development of the financial applications using C#, ADO.Net, Crystal Reports

Design and Develop the Smart Client Application’s Presentation Layer using C# and Infragistics’ NetAdvantage components

UML Diagrams, include Use Case, Static Structure, Activity, State, Sequence, and Interaction

Provide an estimate that enumerates the level of effort in each task area within the project schedule.

GE Energy Geospatial Services, Kansas City, MO Mar. 2004 – Nov. 2005

Microsoft.NET Application Development

Member of an Elite International Development Team, assembled from Canada, England, Russia, India, & Pakistan

GE Energy Geospatial Services is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2000

Improved Query Performance by 25% and Data Set Read/Write by 35 %, to local database.

Improved Download/Upload time to Enterprise Databases by 25%.

Development of an Application Framework for set of Oil & Pipeline Applications that are being developed for clients of GE Energy.

Developed components using C#, ADO.Net, Advanced .Net Remoting, GDI+

Developed and Updated UML documentation as required

Develop a Data Access Layer Framework that will work across multiple heterogeneous data sources such as:

-Development of database components for the industrial standard Integrated Spatial Analysis Techniques (ISAT) DB Model

-Development of database components for Downloading/Uploading data to SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Database.

-Development of database components for Downloading/Uploading data to Oracle 8i & 9i Enterprise Database.

-Development of components for accessing data from XML and ISAM Text Files, and present the results as if they came from a database.

Cintas, Cincinnati, OH Jan. 2004 – Mar. 2004

Microsoft.NET Application Development

Assisted in the Designed, Developed Tested, Deployed a Microsoft.NET Compact Framework Applications that was written in C#.

Assisted in the Globalization of a PocketPC Application.

Designed, Developed Tested, Deployed a Microsoft.NET Applications that was written in C# and VB.NET. These .NET Applications used ADO.NET, GDI+, SQL Server 2000, and UML’s Use Case and Interaction Diagrams.

Incorporated performance into a C#, ADO.NET, and SQL Server 2000 application

Desktop and Client/Server Database Applications were developed that allowed the user to connect to either a local or remote database.

John Deere Corporation, Waterloo, IA Aug. 1996 – Dec. 2003

Software Architect/ Principal Software Engineer

All Designs were done using UML and Object Oriented Design (OOD)

Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed Windows Desktop Applications created using VisualC++.

Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed Windows Desktop Applications created using Visual Basic.

Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed COM/COM+ Business Objects using VisualC++ &Visual Basic

Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed Database Applications using Microsoft SQL Server & Access

Designed, Developed, Tested, WebPages

Assisted in the Design of an ASP Project

Developed System, Functional & User Interface Requirements

Prioritization implementation of functional and Interface Requirements

Trained corporate training staff on the use of new applications.

Additional employment information available on request.

Continuing Education:

Apr 17 Designing with MVC Architecture

Mar 17 Designing a Database Interface

Mar 16 HTML5/CSS

Feb 16 JQuery

Jan 16 JavaScript

Oct 15 Difference between HTML5 & XHTML5 and problems using XHTML5

Aug 15 HTML5/CSS

Sept 10 Adobe Flash through Kirkwood College

Aug 10 + through Kirkwood College

July 10 Adobe Fireworks through Kirkwood College

June 10 HTML/CSS through Kirkwood College

May 10 Designing Effective Websites through Kirkwood College

Aug 07 Course 2806: Microsoft Security Guidance Training for Developers

July 07 ASP.NET 2.0 through Kirkwood College

May 06 Course 2952: Deploying and Managing Microsoft® System Center Data Protection Manager

May 06 Course 2944: Updating Your Reporting Skills to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Reporting Services

May 06 Course 2939: Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

May 06 Course 2940: Building Service and Notifications Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

May 06 Course 2942: New Features of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Analysis Services

April 06 Course 2943: Updating Your Data ETL Skills to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Integration Services

April 06 Course 2941: Creating the Data Access Tier Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

March 06 Microsoft Course 2938: Data Availability Features in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

March 06 Microsoft Course 2937: Administering and Monitoring Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

March 06 Microsoft Course 2936: Installing and Securing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

March 06 Microsoft Clinic 2955: First Look: Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006 for IT Professionals

March 06 Microsoft Clinic 2954: First Look: Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006 for Developers

Jan 06 Microsoft Course 2939: Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005

Jan 06 Microsoft Course 2940: Building Services and Notifications Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Jan 06 Microsoft Course 2941: Creating the Data Access Tier Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Jan 06 Microsoft Course 2944: Updating Your Reporting Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Dec 05 Microsoft Clinic 2928 Implementing Data Access and Security in an ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application

Nov 05 Microsoft Clinic 2806: Microsoft Security Guidance Training for Developers

Sept 05 Microsoft Course 2925: Building Managed Code for SQL Server 2005 and Creating SOA Applications with Visual Studio 2005

Sept 05 Microsoft Course 2924: Building Data Components in Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005

Aug 05 Microsoft Course 2926 Building Windows Forms Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Aug 05 Modern Software Development Using C#: Develop in .NET

Aug 05 Visual Studio 2005: Develop Smart Client Applications

July 05 Microsoft Clinic 2551: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

June 05 Microsoft Course 2310: Developing Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio® .NET

Dec 04 XML Web Services & Microsoft.NET

Nov 04 Building Web Services with .NET

Nov 04 Building Web-Service Clients with .NET

Oct 04 Advanced ASP.NET with Visual Studio 2003

Oct 04 Building ASP.NET Applications

Sept 03 Design using UML 2.0

Sept 04 Introduction to ASP.NET

Aug 03 Advanced ADO.NET Programming

Aug 03 Building ADO.NET DataSets

July 03 ADO.NET Connections & Commands

July 03 Introduction to ADO.NET

May 03 Object Oriented Analysis

Jan 02 Advanced Languages Features in .NET Version 1.1

Jan 02 .NET Compact Framework

Dec 01 The .NET Runtime Environment

June 01 Programming C# for the VB6 Developer

June 01 Beginning C#

May 01 Application Deployment in .NET

May 01 Microsoft.NET for Developers

Apr 01 Moving to Visual Basic.NET

Apr 01 Introducing Microsoft.NET

Apr 01 Microsoft.NET Means for IT Professionals

Dec 00 Oracle8i Certified Database Administrator

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