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Peoria, Illinois, United States
February 22, 2018

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Manoj Kundrapakam phone:309-***-****


Bradley University, Peoria, IL, United States May, 2018

Masters of Science, Computer Science

Overall GPA: 3.83

Jawaharlal Technological University June, 2014

Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Overall GPA: 3.75

Technical Skills:

•Programming Languages : R, Java, J2EE, Python 3, C and C++, ASP.Net with C#.

•Databases : Oracle, MS SQL Server

•IDE : R studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Jupyter Note Book.

•Web Servers : Apache

•Application Servers : Tomcat 7

•Scripting Languages : HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and ReactJS.


R, Machine Learning with R, MySQL, Python, Tableau.

Projects with R Programming:

Project #1: Machine Utilization

Responsibilities Involved:

Worked on the machines used in coal mining.

Dealt with missed data in the data set and replacing data with factual analysis method, median imputation method and deriving values method.

Used statistical methods to analyze which machines have lower efficiency and the factors affecting the efficiency of the machine.

Created Time Series plot for above machines to analyze all the factors that affect the machine utilization during work and produced the results for effective utilization of machines.

Project#2: Financial Review of Companies

Responsibilities Involved:

Worked on the financial data of 500 companies.

Used statistical methods in R programming and other cost analysis techniques to analyze the companies having high profits accordance with industries.

Dealt with factors affecting profits of the companies every month in a year.

Visualized Results in R studio and analyzed results for effective increase in profits of the companies.

Related Projects In R:

Basket Ball Trends:

Analyzed the data of top paid Basket ball players of NBA.

Used functions in R and other statistical methods for interpreting the performance of the players in the game.

Visualized Basketball insights and analyzed results to show which players are best in the years they played.

Worlds Demographic Trends:

Interpreting the world’s demographic data.

Analyzed the birth rate, internet users, income groups, life expectancy, and fertility rate in the data and visualized the countries with high, med and low income groups and factors affecting the income.

Plotted the results using ggplot in R studio and analyzed the results to show which countries having low life expectancy and why.

Weather Trends:

Analyzed cities weather data.

Predicted results in changes of weather every year and the factors affecting it.

Machine Learning Project Experience with R:

Data preprocessing of datasets and applied model selection techniques like k-fold cross validation and grid search on datasets in improving accuracy.

Applied various linear and non linear regression models which includes simple, multiple, polynomial, decision tree, random forest, SVR regression models on various datasets and predicted the results accurately.

Used classification models like logistic, KNN, SVM, kernel SVM, Decision tree, random forest on the business application datasets.

Applied association learning models like apriori and eclat on datasets in optimizing sales of the products.

Applied reinforcement learning models like upper confidence bound and Thompson sampling on advertisement optimization dataset and predicted the best ad among all the ads provided

Used deep learning techniques like artificial neural networks on datasets and predicted results accurately.

Applied dimensionality reduction techniques including backward elimination, principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis and kernel PCA on datasets.

Work Experience:

Cubic Computing pvt ltd -Intern (India) Oct 2014 – Feb 2015

Responsibilities Involved:

Design, code and debug the software of E-commerce development sites with senior software engineers using Object Oriented languages.

Participate in problem analysis and solution development with other teams.

Websites upgrades using Java and J2EE.

Business Solutions International (BSI) -Associate Engineer (India) April 2015- July 2016


Client : Compulse Networks.

Project title : Reseller Bin.

Technologies : Java, Spring MVC, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, CSS

Description: This is regarding E-commerce application. Vendors will register with trail membership, upload the product details broadcast their products and buy the products.

Responsibilities Involved:

•Developing Web Application user interfaces for the application using technologies like HTML5, XML, JavaScript, CSS and JSP.

•Developed Application using J2SE and various standard J2EE design patterns (Data Access Object, Java Beans) and deployed applications into Tomcat and Apache server.

•Integration of HTML pages.


Client : Business Solution International.

Project title : BSI E-learning.

Technologies : Java, Spring MVC, JSP, JQuery

Description: The Project is developed for employees to learn different types of courses. Employee’s login through application and they can choose the course.

Responsibilities Involved:

Developed Application using various Technologies like J2SE, J2EE.

Used SPRING MVC framework for this application.

Academic Experience:

Developed Web application using technologies like HTML, CGI, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and Servlets.

Developed web applications using with C#.

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