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Special Education C

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 22, 2018

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Dr. D onald H amilton E D

Los A ngeles, C alifornia 9 0047 ( 323-*-**-**** d DIRECTOR O F S PECIAL E DUCATION P ROFILE

Educational L eadership / S tudent P erformance / S kills D evelopment Passionate special education advocate successful in adapting and remodeling general education curriculum to drive student achievement and success; direct instructional programs, and build top-performing teams committed to the academic success of each student. Solid career leading and training staff members to promote the achievement of short and long-term program goals; received accolades for President Barack Obama for building a garden with autism students and served on the regional district committee for behavior intervention.

Core c ompetencies i nclude:

● Philosophy, M ission, & V ision S etting

● Staff L eadership & T eambuilding

● Behavior I ntervention P lan C reation

● Curricula & O perational I mprovements

● Interpersonal S kills / R elationship B uilding

● Regulatory & S tandards C ompliance

● Individualized E ducation P lans

● Program D evelopment / M anagement

● Staff T raining/Development P rograms

● Policy F ormulation & I mplementation


Los A ngeles U nified S chool D istrict


Teach, motivate, and support students; enhance learning experiences and develop opportunities to promote student engagement. Mentor students and facilitate additional support services to improve connections and positively i mpact s tudent l earning e nvironments. Key C ontributions:

● Analyze s tudent i nformation, t racking p rogress t o d etermine a cademic n eeds a nd c reate a ction p lans to s upport s truggling s tudents; p roperly p lace s tudents w ith m ild/moderate a nd m oderate/severe disabilities.

● Partner w ith s chool a dministrators, g eneral e ducation t eachers, a nd t herapists t o d evelop Individualized E ducational P lans ( IEP) f or s tudents w ith s pecific l earning d isabilities.

● Build B ehavior I ntervention P lans ( BIP) t o t each s tudents t o i mprove d esired b ehaviors.

● Formulate p olicies a nd p rocedures r elating t o S pecial E ducation a ctivities; a nd s upervise a nd c oach supporting s taff t o e nsure a dequate s upport f or e ach s tudent’s n eeds.

● Launch p rograms a nd s upport s ervices t o e levate a cademic a nd s ocial a chievement, s elf-esteem, a nd positive s ocial b ehaviors; c oordinated w ith m ultiple s chool d epartments t o e nsure s uccessful implementation.

● Orchestrate m ultiple p rofessional d evelopment w orkshops a nd d eliver d ynamic p resentations; p rovide instructional t ools t o s taff t o d istinguish i nstruction f or s pecial n eed s tudents. Donald H amilton Page T wo



LEAD T EAM M EMBER ( 2009 – P resent)

Promote the mission of this organization to raise public awareness of developmental disabilities and impact public policy; support the development of multiple programs and campaigns and provide education and resources t o f amilies.

● 2012 L ead T eam a ward w inner

● 2013 L ead T eam m ember h onorable m ention POSITIVE S UPPORT P LAN P ROGRAM, L os A ngeles, C A BOARD M EMBER ( 2011-2014)

Serve on the board to promote the use of research-based strategies utilized to increase positive behavior, decrease problem behavior, and improve quality of life through teaching new skills and making positive changes t o t he e nvironment.

● Implemented a s uccessful b ehavior p lan a t m ultiple s chools.

● 2014 a ward w inner f or i nnovation i n b ehavior p lans. EDUCATION & C REDENTIALS

Doctor o f E ducational L eadership K -12

UNIVERSITY O F S OUTHERN C ALIFORNIA – 2 017 Masters i n S pecial E ducation


Bachelor o f S cience i n B usiness E conomics UNIVERSITY O F S ANTA B ARBARA – 2 012

Special E ducation C redential, M oderate / S evere

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