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Customer Service Real Estate

Kochi, Kerala, India
February 22, 2018

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DD G OLDEN G ATE, P adamugal, K akkanad, K ochi, K erala - 6 82037

C: + 91 9-89-5-78-4-175 a PROFESSIONAL S UMMARY

Multi talented professional over 4+ years of experience in Quality Assurance, Team handling, A nalytics, P roduct m anagement, c ustomer S ervice e tc KEY A REAS O F S PECIALISATION

• Familiar with t esting tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver,Appium, Test-NG, J IRA e tc.

• Handled projects from multiple platforms especially in Web and Mobile( iOS, Android, A mazon e tc).

• Excellent M anual T esting c apabilities.

• User Experience Improvements. U ser Behavior Analysis, A/B testing, Google Analytics, F acebook I nsights, C laritics D ata A nalytical S oftware e tc

• Co-ordinating activities with clients and in-house team. Good at identifying questions about t he a pplication t o m aintain i ts q uality a nd s tandards.

• Strong a nalytical a nd p roblem solving s kills.

• Marketing Communications: Customer Service & Client Communication, Client handling, T eam M anagement S kills, M ulti-tasking a nd a ttention t o d etails. WORK H ISTORY

RUBY S EVEN S TUDIOS ( A pril 2 011 C urrent) QA E ngineer M anual K ochi

Projects h andled:

1. In-house Analytics tool (A Game Management Console) which is a web based software w hich t racks d ata o f u sers w ho a re a ctively u sing t he a pplication. 2. Facebook and Mobile Applications are the other projects which has an active user base o ver 5 0k a m onth.

Job R esponsibilities i ncludes:

• Ensuring that the application is functional across all platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon, F acebook, a nd W eb.

• Train and mentor new team members about products and testing procedures to maximise p erformance

• Attempt to duplicate reported defects and document findings with the help of systems l ike M antis, Z oho, J ira e tc.

• Worked w ith d evelopers t o t rack b acklog i ssues

• Ensure accuracy of user data acquired in In house Analytics system, FB Insights, Google A nalytics a nd K ontagent A nalytics.

PRIVATE C ONSULTANT ( A ugust 2 008 D ecember 2 010) Internet M arketing A nalyst T rivandrum

• Bidding f or B PO p rojects i n E lance, O desk, C raigslist, e tc.

• Preparing proposals to prospects with sample work done. Email campaigns and Social M edia M arketing a ctivities t hrough R eal E state B logs, L inked i n, A ctive R ain.

• Assisting the Real estate Agents in preparing Property Valuation Reports or Broker Price Opinions for different banks live Ocwen, PCV Murcor, E Mortgage Logic, First American, L PS e tc.

SKYLINE F OUNDATIONS & S TRUCTURES P VT.LTD ( J uly 2 006 J uly 2 008) Customer R elations E xecutive T rivandrum

• Assisting customers under a particular project and discussing the requirements regarding Electrical,Civil and Plumbing Changes and analyzing it with the Estimation, Design team, Site Engineers etc and coordinating the work in the site, Payment Management, L oan M anagement, E xhibitions,Legal d ocumentation e tc EDUCATION

MBA I n M arketing a nd I nformation T echnology ( IT) School o f C ommunications a nd M anagement S tudies Kochi 2 006

BBA B usiness A dministration a nd M anagement University I nstitute o f T echnology, U nder U niversity o f K erala Trivandrum 2 004

Awards & A chievements

● Received P erformer o f t he Y ear A ward f rom R uby S even S tudios, J une 2 017

● Received C rashmaker o f Q A a ward f rom R uby S even S tudios, M arch 2 016

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