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Everett, Washington, United States
February 21, 2018

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Skilled in precision measuring tools, blueprint interpretation, engineering plans and dispositions to verify tool intention


Over 20 years of experience in Boeing manufacturing and tooling with a vast knowledge of production processes using

precision measuring instruments; skilled in the selection, set-up and operation of the appropriate tool(s) for a given type

of work. Solid understanding of the application of technical documents and information such as BAC specifications,

manufacturing plans and safety information


A process improvement leader demonstrated talent for fortifying and driving projects that require direction.

Skilled in working with crews lacking competency about technology being utilized, bringing them up to

speed, making them vital workers when knowledge is crucial. Consequently retained employment during

production slowdown and reduced workforce. Commended for exceptional performance; collaborating with

sizeable cross-functional teams; training, coaching and motivating consistent with Boeing s values.


Electrical Systems, Manufacturing and Tooling Strengths:

Layout and Fabrication

Testing and Evaluation

Root Cause Analysis/Troubleshooting

Pattern and Model Making

Safety Awareness/Accident Prevention

Team Building/Work Management

Selection, Set-up and Operation of Tooling

Audit/Research/Evaluation Support




The Boeing Company Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Everett, WA

Assembler Installer Electrical Systems B

2006 to Present


Installation of electrical systems, equipment and assemblies in various major sub assembly shops


777 Manufacturing Electrician: install electrical systems, equipment and assemblies (blankets,

seats, stow bins, floor panels, etc.) responsible for verification of kitted detail parts, standards,

and assemblies. Provide inspection on effectiveness and visible defects


Read and interpret engineering drawings, schematics, process specifications and Quality

Management Systems. Visualize three-dimensional shapes from a two-dimensional views, converting

left-hand to right-hand views and understanding symbols and flag notes


Cut and splice wires to appropriate length per drawing, Installation Plan, Boeing Specifications, and/or

other instructions. Route, clamp and tie wires bundles, hand form per instruction and terminate using

hand and machine crimping tools


Utilizing mathematical and precision measuring tools to perform continuity testing of electrical

assemblies using ohmmeter, test lights and other electrical testing equipment


Hook-up and/or connect wiring to accessories; relays, circuit breakers or switches per hook-up

matrix, drawing or BAC specifications


Provide self inspection on completed assembly jobs, review workmanship ensuring all parts and

assemblies are installed per drawing and company specifications


Perform rework; pick-ups, standard repairs, (NCO) Non Conformance Orders. Coordinate with

others to facilitate prime power activities


Basic knowledge of shop processes to include Foreign Object Debris (FOD) prevention, material

handling, safety, calibration requirements and Electro Static Discharge (ESD)


Follow hazardous and dangerous material disposal procedures to ensure adequate safety and

maintenance with respect to compliance with OSHA and company directives


Tool Maker / Jig Builder B&C

1986 to 2001


Design and implement standard operating procedures to improve the overall effectiveness and

efficiency of a tooling maintenance shop to include: reducing equipment downtime, empowering

operators by improving visibility into operations, increase productivity by identifying bottlenecks,

safety and protocol issues, increasing rate of quality. Utilize various precision calculating processes

3-D measurement systems (Computer Aided Theodolite or Laser Tracker) and standard optics for

routine maintenance, rework, new fabrication or to locate or check production parts


Validate the assembly of tool components, alignment, fit, hookup, adjustment, identification, and

location of associated component parts, equipment and assemblies conform to tooling/engineering

drawings, specifications, diagrams, documents and quality standards


Responsible for construction, maintenance and repair of all fabricated tooling for large scale aircraft

assemblies, subassemblies and parts; utilize manufacturing skills involving jigs, fixtures, templates,

plaster and plastic tools, wooden tools, and press plate dies; processing corrective course of action

within the tooling fabrication and assembly process; follow through to final inspection and customer

satisfaction; work from engineering drawing, blueprint, diagram and verbal instruction


Read and interpret engineering, machine and/or tooling drawings. Visualize three-dimensional

shapes from a two-dimensional views, converting left-hand to right-hand views and understanding

symbols, flag notes, general notes and geometric dimensioning and tolerance


Set up and operate conventional optics such as alignment scopes, levels, transits, optical scales,

optical squares and laser alignment kits


Fabricate or repair laminated fiberglass tools from mock-up, production part or master tool; apply

parting agents, cut fiberglass to size, mix resin to desired thickness and apply gel coat


Apply sealants, alodine, primer, adhesives, and special finishes adhering to OSHA directives


Operate mechanical lifts (tiger, scissor, snorkel and elevated work platforms) operate electric

stacker, gantry crane and jacks, to move/lift or transport heavy tools or equipment


Process hazardous and dangerous material disposal in compliance with company directives


Train and mentor staff, providing appropriate feedback regarding performance and training





Community Bus Driver

2004 to 2006


Responsible for the safe transportation of passengers to designated destinations in a timely

manner; drove 40 and 60 feet buses throughout King and Snohomish County


Prepare and submit reports that may include number of passengers or trips, hours worked,

mileage and fuel consumption


Develop daily reports indicating bus malfunctions, delays, accidents, or other traffic and

transportation situations



Hard Wire Mig Welding Class - Everett Community College, Everett, WA 2002

Welders card earned

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