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Engineer Sql Server

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
February 23, 2018

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Byron Rocha

Marietta, GA – *****


System Engineer

Software Engineering - IT Management –

Data Warehouse Engineering Database Tuning

Database Modeler,Application Validation,Technical Troubleshooting

Software Requirements,Requirement Capturing,Project Management

Client-Server Engineering,Cross-Team Collaboration,Database Engineering

Analytical, highly adaptable professional with extensive experience in developing high functioning systems, deploying and evaluating systems aimed at improving efficiency. Skilled in aligning end-user needs with long-term resolutions to complex IT challenges. Skilled troubleshooter continually focused on identifying, isolating and resolving technical issues.

Strong knowledge and comfort within Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, SQLite, IBM PDA, along with C++, Net, PHP, ASP, Delphi, and PowerBuilder, Java Script,VB,VBA,IIS.

Leader and team player, skilled in building and strengthening stakeholder relations. Design data warehouse platforms while working in conjunction with internal team to design logical and physical data models and support business initiatives. Data Modeler of Systems: Financial, infrastructure, accounting, Telecom CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS

• Created an analytical platform, allowing greater viewership into KPIs for 2G/3G/4G RAN and CORE.

• Analyzed network occupation resources for optimization, improving on overall efficiencies.

• Developed procedures to capture data from internal and external stakeholders and generate exclusive reports.


CLARO ECUADOR Quito, Ecuador 07/2006 – 12/2017

Systems Engineer

Front-End: Delphi 7, Delphi XE, Delphi XE 7, Delphi XE 10, PHP, VBA, C, Perl, Java, JavaScript, DataStage (ETL), VBA, VB, IIS, Apache, ASP,.Net SO: Windows Server, Solaris

Back-End: MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Erwin, PDA (Netezza) N1001 Systems Engineer Experience:

• Visual Basic Experience:

We created a huge database with forms, querys, tables in Access using VBA. Also, we created many macros in Excel to parser many files into reports to Excel. We prepared process to pass the Auditing process of our Auditory Department and the Government Auditory Department.

• .Net

We create some Applications that has the propose to connect to external servers and download files like txt, csv, xml, tgz, then these files will be parsed and then uploaded to our MS SQL Server. To do this, we create functions and procedures to reuse, using OOP programming.

• Delphi Experience:

Leader of In House Developments. Created a platform with Delphi to have a 10 years historical Database to build predictions, using Delphi as FrontEnd for Client Module, Server Module, WebServices (SOAP), based on Threads. Database MySQL, reports in PHP. We used Perl (Scripts) and C to create executive reports.

o 08/2006. The first Version of this platform was developed in Delphi7. It was created in a MDI Style using dynamic package

(BPL). I create classes, functions and procedures in order to use in the different modules. This version was developed using heritage of parent forms created by us.

o We used components for the company DevExpress, and TeeChart Pro. o The Analyzer Platform has the next Programs:

o Statistics, created for the final user, it has dynamic graphs, user manage forms. o Report: created for send emails to the users, for example each day an email was sent with the worst cases of the network o Scheduler: created for do tasks in specific time, like each hour, each day, each week. All of this task was created to get information of databases like Oracle, Sybase. When a task is executed, a external thread is created, and this programs can do manage options like stop, o create threads

o Monitor: created for monitor the Analyzer database, and to notify if any issue was detected to main users o

o 10/2010. We decided to renew the Programs, so the new programs were developed in Delphi XE, and with DevExpress components

o Statistics XE: created in MDI Style. It was developed from cero. In this version we used 2 Main Applications(exe) and many packages (BPL). This new version was developed using separated threads to populate the graphs, this is a huge improvement because in the first version when a user run a report, nothing can be done until it finishes, but in this new version you can run any report in background, the new way allow that a user can run at the same time 10 graphs and the application wont freeze o Web Service: we created a WebService in Delphi to do tasks like check the database, kill database process, run task of the analyzer scheduler, we used SOAP for the security

o Scheduler XE: created using communication with the analyzer web service. This new version has the option to be managed from the Analyzer Statistics XE

o 02/2017. We start a new version of the platform using Delphi XE 7 to create a mobile version for android devices. We create 1 module to show information in the mobile Engineers o 10/2017. We were testing to compile the modules created in Delphi XE to work in Delphi XE 10, al least the 40% of the modules were successfully compilated in Delphi XE 10.

• We implemented a Big Data using PDA (IBM) and ETL DataStage to get information from external sources. RF Telecom Info, 2G/3G/4G Networks

• Data Modeler of many systems including models of: Radio Frequency, Infrastructure, Traffic (Voice and Data), Financial, Trouble Tickets, Keep up of date Data Dictionary, and Flow Charts, Documentation of Process. Also documentation of Database Relations, Triggers, StoreProcedures.

• We created Web Services in Java using Eclipse.

• We created a Web Site to show Statics Charts using JavaScript. This site has allowed us to put comments and to execute some database store procedures. Also, it allows to check missing data in our database using some graphic tools.

• We configured an IIS in order to use WebServices with certifications, also we used this to post ASP forms that we created (Master-Detail) using ASP technology.

• We also configured in other server using Apache Server.

• We work with MS SQL Server to administrate a tool named RTU Server, this tool collects all the information of the Mobiles and create many reports for the Radio Frequency Engineers.

Systems Administrator Experience:

• Manage RF Tools: Arieso, Celcite, Forte, ASSET, TEMS, Discovery, RTU Server

• Recommend modern technologies in IT to increase the productivity and efficiency, Hardware, Software and Tools

• Project Manager implementing new Tools.

• Administer database consisting of more than 3000 tables and more than 100 store procedures; direct the server management of different platforms and vendors, including, SUN, HP, Dell, Netezza PDA (IBM). Oracle, MySQL

• Manage including troubleshooting Virtual Servers (Private Cloud). Also, Physical Servers: Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant, HP DL380, SUN M4000/T4/T5, Oracle ZFS, including SUN StorageTek, connected by fiber. OS: Solaris and Windows Server 2008,2012

• Manage external storage using iSCSI Protocol.

NOVADEVICES SA QUITO, Ecuador 06/2001 – 06/2006

Systems Engineer

Front-End: Delphi 7, C for Linux,C++,VB

SO: Linux (RedHat), Windows

Back-End: MySQL, SQLite, Power Designer

We create Visual Components in Visual Basic like Grids where each column can be used as combo or progress bar, also rounded Tabs, in order to create an Application that allow us to connect to Linux, in Visual Basic we develop more than 20 modules including reports, configuration forms, administration forms. We used Programs to create Help Files and the installer. Additionally, we created an Appliance (Software in Delphi 7 and Hardware), it was servers for medium and large companies, it supports services like WebServer, MailServer, FTPServer, VPN Server, IPSec, Firewall. We create the User Interfaces in Delphi 7 to manage local and external Servers. This Client software was created using dynamic packages in MDI style, so the developers has only one package and of course the main project compiled (exe file), this let us to manage separately all the code and distribute the task for every engineer. Personally, I create modules (packages) like Reports of usage (traffic, mail, logs), MailServer administration, User Administration. Those servers used a distribution of linux designed by us in an embedded flash, and our connection protocols, so we create daemons in Linux and Windows Interfaces to do this.

I also worked in the staff as a technical support for final clients, helping the users to configure MailServer, Firewall, Networks, New Users, Roles, User Aliases, Homes for Personal Web Pages.


Front-End: Power Builder,C++

SO: Windows

Back-End: MS SQL Server, Erwin, Power Designer

We created new reports in the Finance System using Power Builder and store procedures in MS SQL Server.

Data Modeler of systems: Financial, Fixet Assets, Human Resources.


Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Systems Engineering


SA-200-S10 Intermediate System Administration Solaris 10, COMWARE, Mar 2008

NetBackup for Solaris, Symantec, Feb 2009

Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop I, Oracle, May 2010

Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop II, Oracle, May 2010

Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec, Jul 2010

IBM PureData System for Analytics Administration, IBM, Oct 2016


Erwin, Power Designer, Web Services, IBM Netezza (PDA), ETL,

BI Administrator, OCDM, Celcite AMDOCS, ASSET, Arieso, Viavi, MapInfo,

RADAR, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, SQLite, C++, .Net, PHP, ASP, Delphi,


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