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Management Services

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
February 23, 2018

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Strategic Planning & Business Management – Advisor

Practices & Services - Consultant

Development Management & Integrated Facilities Management

Mobile: 009**-**-*******; Email:

Address: SAUDIA City, KHALDIYAH District, Jeddah, KSA.


To fully utilize “Executive Management & Senior Advisory” Services in several Groups, Markets, and Industries for over 25 years; Combining Qualifications & Experiences with Industry Knowledge in providing Valuable Services and Unique Insights. This "Corporate Strategic Planning & Business Management" Success will be demonstrated by:

Building on Extensive Managerial & Operational Experiences,

Capitalizing on Strong Executive Management Roles & Proven Capabilities, as well as

Delivering Results against established Business Strategies, Objectives, Plans, Targets and Budgets.

Resourceful, Versatile and Result-Oriented Executive committed to P&L Challenges in Progressive & Dynamic Groups; bringing Success & Dedication to Local & Regional Markets best reflected in the Services-Offerings, the Client- base, and the Sectors of the Economy. These KPI’s are Mandatory for Business to achieve Growth & Profits.


Communication, Leadership, Managerial, Operational and Technical

Strategic Planning and Business Development

Resources Management and Development

Manpower Planning Utilization and Training

Extensive Experience & Track Record in

- Corporate Executive & Managerial Positions,

- Project Management & Team Leadership Positions, and

- Technical & Operational Positions


Ph. D. Applied Scientist / Engineer

Technology Management Sciences and Operations Research

The George Washington University, Washington D.C., United States; 1980

M. Sc. Master Of Science

Computer Sciences & Operations Research

The American University, Washington, D.C., United States; 1976

B. Sc. / M. Sc. Combined Program

Applied Sciences & Engineering

The Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon; 1972

Professional Degree / Diploma

Marketing for Senior Executives

Institute of Management, USA; 1982


Nationality: Lebanese

Marital Status: Married with Three Children

Languages: Excellent Command of English and Arabic


Takes Charge in the Development & Implementation of all Business Levels (Systems, Solutions, Services) Strategies in line with Market Opportunities, Client Needs, and Corporate Objectives for Market Share, Costs, and Profitability; Aiming at Increasing Business Growth & Revenues.

Professional Qualities characterized by: (1) Good Understanding of the key Issues shaping the Industry from a Corporate Perspective on a Regional and International basis, (2) Abilities and Capabilities of Progressively Venturing in Innovative Research-based Projects with significance of Leadership and Team Management, and (3) Proven track record of Managing Investments/Ventures by delivering Sound Business Practices and High Quality Services.

Leadership in Investment & Management, at Regional & International Businesses, with Competencies in:

Leadership, Empowering Job Design, Delegation, Innovation, and Maintaining Strong Positive Links.

For the last 10 years, in charge of providing End-To-End Class-A Quality Integrated Services covering the following:

1. Development Management Services (Project Life-Cycle Management) (Commissioning & Handover).

Design, Development and Execution of: Integrated Facilities Management & Energy Management Services.

2. Smart/Intelligent Facilities Management Services (Systems & Solutions) (Measurements & Controls).

Design, Development and Execution of: Integrated Smart, Low-Current, and Data Centers Services.

3. Integrated Facilities Management - IFM (Practices & Services) (Systems & Procedures).

Development and Execution of: Strategies/Plans leading to High Quality, Risk-Free, Safety Health Environment of Services Delivery Management and Integrated Systems Solutions.

Additionally, the following are areas of importance and focus at the Executive Management:

1. Offering Facilities Management, Managed Services, Data Centers, and Services Delivery Practices with major Industries (Real Estate, Health, Education, Industry, Transportation, Energy, Utilities, and Oil & Gas).

2. Providing Managed Services, Quality Assurance, HSE, TQM, and FM Life Cycle Development & Execution.

3. Providing Management & Leadership; Team Building & Facilitation, and Program / Project Management.

4. Initiating Strategic Plans mapping Investments, Business Trends, as well as, Operational & Execution Plans.

5. Implementing Standards & Practices, from Conceptual through Design, Development, and Operation Phases.

6. Delivering Business Management practices (Operational Management, CRM, and Business Development).

7. Advocating IFM Managed Services, Health & Safety, Practices & Services for Maintainability & Sustainability.

8. Developing Frameworks & Models for FM business based on requirements of facilities & industry.

9. Discussing Mega Projects at early stages with Professional Competencies for Real Estate Developers and Master Planners of the urgency for Integrated FM Consultancy Services.

10. Proactively Advocating with Authorities for healthier, safer, and environmentally sustainable Governmental, Commercial, Private, and Industrial Facilities and Communities.

Typical Involvements:

Project Management: Mobilization, Resources Planning & Utilization, through Development and Completion.

Business Change: Business Transformation, BPR, Performance Improvement of Business Processes and Functions.

Strategic and Operational Planning: Development/Execution of Policies, Objectives and Business Plans.

Evaluation & Selection: In-depth Analysis of Specifications & Performance Criteria for the Selection Process.

Change Management: Ensuring new Processes, Systems and Working Practices are Successfully Adopted.

Specialized Services & Areas of Expertise:

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Integrated Resources Management (IRM) Services

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) & Services Delivery Management (SDM) Practices Framework

Program Management & E-Business Services

Delivery Assurance Program.


Providing Consulting and Professional services in the specialized areas of:

Organizational / Managerial Services (Strategic, Tactical, and Operational)

Project Planning, Organizing, Development, and Execution

Institutional Productivity Assessment (Economics, Planning and Development)

Integrating Tiers of Industry (Technology, Management, and Resources)

Integrated Facilities Management and Services Delivery Management

More than twenty five (25) years of experience, providing efficient and effective Services and Solutions

Integrating modern Managerial Practices with advanced Technology,

Operations, Resources Planning, Economies, and related Support Services

Emphasis continues to engage in Local, Regional, and International Projects in areas of:-

Executive Information Systems and Decision Support Systems

Resources Management (Assessment, Allocation and Utilization)

Enterprise Integrated Resources Management (Information,Technology)

Marketing Strategies & Plans, Studies & Research, Product Development

Planning, Organizing, Development, Commissioning of Industrial Projects

Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow-up of Market Offerings & Trends

Major Activities involved, at a minimum, the following:-

Project Management covering

- Organization, development, manpower planning;

- Managerial, professional, and technical support services; and

- Resources requirements & resources availability (People, Finance, Technology)

Project Assessments covering

- Feasibility studies, risk management, and cost-benefit analysis;

- Impact on Profitability & growth potentials; and

- Plans preparation & execution

Integrated Enterprise Resources Management covering

- Corporate policies, managerial practices, operations & procedures;

- Systems & processes management, development, and implementation; and

- Assessment, evaluation, selection & procurement of Applications

Quality Assurance, Documentation & Legal Counseling covering

- Contracts preparation & negotiation, principles & third party agreements;

- Projects documents (initiation through commissioning); and

- Systems documents (analysis/design through development/Implementation).

Over the years, developed and acquired well established strong contacts base and potential plans for business development and investment strategies. Several industrial, commercial and production projects were commissioned, with regional and international organizations, both government and industrial sectors. By such endeavors

Several Consortia & Joint-Ventures were established between diversified Groups.






ALMASHEED Development International Co.

Executive Director –

Strategic Planner / Advisor,

Practices & Services,

Consultancy & Execution

Advisory Strategies of Development Management Life-Cycle & Facilities Management Phases:

- Peer Reviews of Master Plans, Development Plans, Engineering Management utilizing advanced modern BIM Practices, BIM to FM (ASSET DATA Modeling/Consultancy in preparation for Execution).

ATC (Subsidiary of BIN LADIN Group) KSA

Business Management - Engineering & Facilities Management Consultant

Mixed-Use Real Estate; Smart Buildings; MEP & BMS; Integrated Facilities Management, Services Delivery Management (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA) for Government Facilities & Mega Projects.

OGER Group / Dubai


FM Marketing & Business Consultant Manager

Mixed-Use Real Estate; Smart Buildings; Integrated Facilities Management, Services Delivery Management (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA) for Government Facilities & Mega Projects.

OGER Systems;

(Saudi Arabia)

Strategic Planning - Business Development Manager

Corporate & Units' Business Plans & Profiles, Channel Management, BPM, BPI, CRM, and Performances (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA).

Computer Sciences Corp.

(CSC Arabia Ltd); KSA

Projects Manager / Program Coordinator

Public, Security, Technology Solutions & Services

– ITC & Telecom, Biometrics, Smart Cards (PM, RM, TQM, and QA).


Group VP:

Corporate Strategic Planning & Business Development.

Government, Public, Industrial & Commercial Sectors – Strategic Planning, Business Planning & Execution of Partnerships & Consortia for Healthcare & Medical; Real Estate & Construction; IT & Telecom; Power & Utilities BOOT Projects (PM, RM, TQM, and QA). .


Co.; (UAE).

Group Executive Director / GM:

Corporate Strategic Planning & Business Development.

Industrial & Commercial Sectors – Facilities Management, Services Delivery Management, and Maintenance Management Solutions for the Energy (Oil, Gas); Power (Electricity, Water); Utilities; Health & Medical; University; and Recreational/Military Facilities (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA)..


Executive Director:

Management & Operations,

Technology Solutions and Systems Integration Services.

Government, Public, Industrial & Commercial Orgs

– Services Delivery Planning & Execution; Business Process Management & Performance Management; Solutions & Integration for Chambers of Commerce; Airlines; Ports & Airports; Health & Medical; IT & Telecom (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA)..


Group Consultant / Advisor: Management Systems, Technology Development, and Consulting Services.

(Private & Commercial Sectors

– Strategic Planning & Business Process Improvement for Banking, Finance, Investments, IT & Telecom Projects).


Group VP:

Operations, Investments, and Business Partnerships.

Government & Public Sectors Facilities – Operations & Maintenance Solutions/Systems for Healthcare & Medical; Universities; Airports; and Recreational Facilities (PM, RM, TQM, HSE, and QA)..


Senior Consultant / Advisor

Program Coordinator:

Management & Technology Services.

(Government Ministries & Public Sector Organizations

– Strategic Planning & Execution, Follow-up, Information Management, Reporting, and Consulting on the National Plans covering all Sectors of the Economy).


DEV.; (U. S. A. I. D.);


Contract through (LBI)


Senior Consultant / Advisor

Program Director:

Management & Technology Services.

(Government & Public Sectors Institutions

– National Programs Planning & Development; Knowledge & Technology Transfer for Education & Training; Agriculture & Fisheries; Finance; Universities; IT and Telecom Projects).

U. S. / SAUDI Joint

Commission for Economic Cooperation (JECOR);


Senior Consultant / Advisor:

Program Management & Technology Services

(Government & Public Sectors Institutions

– National Programs Planning & Development, Knowledge & Technology Transfer for Healthcare, Agriculture, Finance, Education, IT & Telecom.



Senior Consultant / Advisor:

Corporate Planning, Operations, and Technology Services.

(Government & Public Sector

- Facilities & Services Delivery Management; Capacity Planning & Scheduling; Operational Development, Technology Solutions, Training & Support Services; Finance & Budgeting; Distribution; Tele-Marketing; ITC & Telecom Projects).


Executive Director:

Corporate Planning and Technology Development Services.

(Government, Public, Military, Research Sector

- Facilities & Services Delivery Management; Capacity Planning; Operational Requirements & Development, High Technology Solutions, Research & Development; MEGA Data Center & Support Services Facilities; IT & Telecom Projects).

Management Technology Int’l Corp. (MANTECH Int’l); (U. S. A.)

Operations Manager:

Management & Technology Services.

(Defense, Military, and Security Facilities

– Services Delivery, Operations & Maintenance Services for Air Force, Army, and Navy bases; Logistics, Support, and Maintenance for Aircrafts, Navel Ships, and Equipments; IT & Telecom Projects).






Banking & Finance

Bank Melli Iran, Invest Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Rafidan Bank.

Saudi Arabia


Riyadh Bank.



Le Mediterranean Bank/Saudi Lebanese Bank; Oudeh Bank.



Housing Bank of Jordan.


Government &


AUD Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Dubai Municipality; GHQ/Armed Forces; Ministry of Information; Ministry of Justice / Shariaa Department.

Saudi Arabia


Ministry of Planning (MOP); U.S./Saudi Joint Economic Cooperation (JECOR); King Saud University (KSU); Saudi Electricity Co. (SCECO); Airport International Projects (AIP); Ministry of Health (MOH); Ministry of Interior (MOI).




USAID/Jamaican Ministry Of Agriculture, Ministry Of Finance; USAID/Tunisia Ministry Of Education, Institute of Research in Telecom and Technology; NASA; Ministry Of Defense - Pentagon/Air Force/Navy; National Institutes Of Health.


Private, Commercial, and Industrial

Emirates Airlines/DNATA, Al-Ansari Exchange, UAE-Exchange, Al-Futtaim Group; Utility Companies; Manufacturing Projects.

Saudi Arabia


King Faisal Specialty Hospital



Royal Jordanian Airlines



AMTRAK – National Railroad Corp.; Ministry Of Education; American University; George Washington University; MITRE Corp.


Oil & Gas




BAPCO / Bahrain Petroleum Co.



PDO / Petroleum Development Oman



QGPC / Qatar General Petroleum Co.





Jan 2013 to Present: ALMASHEED Development International Group (Jeddah, KSA)

Master Planning & Development Management Life Cycle – Integrated Practices & Services

Job Profile: “Executive Director – Strategic Advisor - Practices & Services”.

As “Corporate Executive Director in Strategic Planning & Master Development”, who always initiates sincere dialogues - characterized by being encouraging, forward thinking, rewarding and promising. Affinity to share Insights & Aspirations leading to Cooperation & Collaboration at all levels. Specialized in "Real Estate Development & Engineering Management Services"; having Alliances with Regional & International Multi-Disciplinary Companies. The Professional & Capability Profiles are focused on the major Specialties & Services Offerings in both Consultancy & Execution.

Major Achievements:

Established solid long-term associations with major groups, providing High Quality Services in:

1. Master Planning & Development Management Life-Cycle.

2. Intelligent Facilities Management Systems (Performance Management, Integration and Controls).

3. Integrated Facilities Management (Best Practices, Procedures and Benchmarking).

4. Delivery Assurance Best Practices & Programs.

Focusing on Meeting Requirements by Achieving Success through:

1. Value Engineering & Proposition;

2. Total Quality Management;

3. Operations Efficiency & Performance Management;

4. Planning, Coordination, Execution, Implementation and Integration;

5. IFM (O & M) and Services Delivery Management;

the Services Offerings during the "Project Development Management Life-Cycle".

Leadership Qualities advocating, Team-ship with a flag “Let us make the differences together”.

Nov 2009 to Dec 2012: ATC (Jeddah, KSA)

Strategic Planning & Business Management – Facilities Planning, Development and Management

Job Profile: “Senior Director for Strategic Planning & Business Management”.

In charge of providing corporate Managerial, Professional and Capability Services Profiles with focus on the following major Specialties and Services Offerings:

a. Management & Technology Consultancy and Execution

b. Strategic Planning & Business Development Consultancy and Execution

c. Hospitality, Medical & Healthcare Consultancy and Execution

d. Integrated Facilities Management Consultancy and Execution.

In this capacity, Responsible on all levels for establishing solid long-term associations with major Industry Related Groups; in providing End-To-End World-Class Quality Services covering the following:

- Development Management & PM Life-Cycle Services,

- Smart /Intelligent Facilities Services, and

- Integrated Facilities Management Services.

Major Achievements:

In support of all the above, the Challenge is borne in the proper utilization of Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and Key Competencies to cover areas of:

Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS)

Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)

Facilities Management System (FMS)

Fire Alarm System (FAS)

Smart Home System (SHS)

Jun 2006 to Oct 2009: OGER Systems and Saudi OGER (KSA & UAE);

Corporate Marketing & Business Consulting Manager – Engineering & Integrated Facilities Management

Job Profile: “Business Management & Consultancy Services / Director”.

In Charge of Managerial and Professional Consulting Services in support of “Integrated Facilities Management & Services Delivery Management” (IFM/SDM) for the Government and Private Sectors of the Economy.

Additionally, providing Corporate Strategic Planning & Business Development Services with focus on the Management, Execution, and Development of Master Plans, as well as, Execution and Decision Support Practices.

Key Responsibilities:

In this Capacity, Responsible for establishing the Vision for the OGER Group of Companies, to be the Regional Leading Integrated Facilities Management and Services Delivery Management Provider, in addition to, Total Operational and Technological Solutions. In this Regard, the Roles and Mission are to ensure Successful Business and Projects Outcome by:

Applying unique Management style that incorporates Manpower Resources, Experience, Expertise, Innovation and Creative Approach

Continually seeking new Technologies that suit best client's needs

Facing adversity with vigilance and imagination

Creating workspace that stimulates our people, consultants and principals

Developing Strategic relationships with Partners

Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Major Achievements:

Provided Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and Key Competencies to cover areas of:

Integrated Facilities Management and Services Delivery Management (IFM & SDM)

Providing Comprehensive Facility Strategy, covering the entire Lifecycle of the Facility Assets: from Identifying the Need, Procurement, Operation, Maintenance, Depreciation, and Replacement. Additionally, Employing Proper Maintenance Strategies to ensure Long-term Value and extended Assets Life; thus Reducing the Capital Expenditures and Enhancing the Value of the Assets.

Industrial Automation (IA)

Providing Specialized Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Offering Logistic Solutions with focus on Efficient Storage of goods while preserving their quality and facilitating smooth Retrieval as and when needed. The Solutions offered can help Improve Product Quality during speedy Inspection, perform multiple Distribution Centers with Cross-docking Facilities, Enable the Timely Supply of large variety /high volume goods, and demand can be ascertained in real time through the Inventory Control System.

Apr 2004 to Mar 2006: CSC Arabia Ltd (Riyadh, KSA)

Project/Program Management Coordinator – Enterprise Security Systems & Solutions

Job Profile: “Projects Manager/Program Coordinator for Management, Execution, and Development”.

In Charge of the 'Civil Automated Fingerprint Identification System (CAFIS) Project'. A major security project for the Saudi Government represented by the Ministry Of Interior (MOI) through the National Information Center (NIC).

The scope covers the design, development, testing, and implementation, in addition to, sustaining, and warranting CAFIS as a single, integrated, turnkey system for the Ministry Of Interior. All of these are important matters to the Project in respect of “Project Implementation”. The newly established (PMO) was responsible for applying the Standards & Project Coordination.

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for managerial and professional services in support of:

• Project Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management;

• Project works progress supervision and follow-up; in addition to,

• Applying best Project Management standards and practices

Typical Roles and Activities:

Development: To include, but not limited to, the following Systems and Activities:

• The Legal Citizen/Resident AFIS (L-CAFIS) and the Illegal Alien AFIS (I-CAFIS)

• SAMIS Application Re-Engineering

• Mobile/Handheld Terminals and Smart Card Applications Development

• System Integration & Testing

Implementation Strategy: With focus on the following Project Phases:

• System Analysis & Design

• Pilot Sites Phase and Initial Deployment

• Full Installation, Individual Site Acceptance, and Final Acceptance

Project Management: Spanning across various organizational and divisional lines:

• Organization Staffing & Training and Project Scheduling

• Quality Assurance, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

• Configuration Management and System Security

• Reviews and Audits (Reporting, Documentation)

Major Achievements:

The end results is to deliver a computerized system that allows a legal agency to perform a search of known fingerprint records based on input either from a crime scene (latent fingerprints or “crime scene marks”) or from electronically scanned or inked fingerprint records. Moreover, CAFIS will be linked to other identification databases containing demographic information (e.g. computerized criminal history or previously enrolled information). Therefore, CAFIS will be an identification and verification system that uses fingerprint technology and smart identification cards to verify the identity of a cardholder and to identify a person by his fingerprint(s).

Aug 2002 to Mar 2004: EZ-ALSAHRA Group/Holding (Riyadh, KSA)

Corporate VP-Strategic Planning & Business Development -

Job Profile: “Corporate Vice President for Strategic Planning and Business Development for the Group”.

In Charge of Planning & Execution of Strategic Plans of the Group’s Major Businesses Areas:

• IT/Telecom: Commissioning of Integrated Management & Technology Services & Solutions;

• Industrial Facilities/Construction Management & Engineering: Design, Development, Management, and Operations;

• Healthcare & Medical Facilities: Commissioning of Integrated Management & Technology Services & Solutions;

• Commerce & Industry Sectors: Outsourcing, Procurement, Development and Trading;

• Data Centers/ERP/E-Business Services: Outsourcing IRM, Setup, Management, and Operations; and

• Investments/Programs: Government & Industry (Economic Cities, Smart Cities, Outsourcing, BOT Ventures).

Additionally, in Charge of Management/Execution of: Investments, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures.

Key Responsibilities:

Specialized Services and Areas of Expertise to cover:

• Financial & Budget Management: World-Class Cross-Industry ERP Practices & Services, with focus on Industry-Specific Mission Critical Business Solutions.

• Facilities Management & Services Delivery Management: Best-In-Class Enterprise Asset Management Solutions and Systems covering: Project Management, Consulting, and Support Services.

• Program Management & E-Services: End-To-End Solutions that meet the E-Government, E-Health, and E-Business Needs of Clients and New E-Commerce Entrants. Delivering results by linking business innovation skills with seasoned delivery expertise to provide, flexible solutions that are scalable to Clients’ needs.

• E-Health Services (Healthcare Planning, Medical Technologies & Hospital Information Systems):

Committed to, serving the Healthcare Sector by providing Highly Specialized Services and Integrated Systematic Solutions essential for the Efficient & Effective Operation of Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Healthcare Facilities..

Roles and Activities Scope covered the following areas:

Managerial and business advisory services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels

Management and leadership, providing efficient & effective solutions and related support services

Corporate business development strategies; business/program planning & execution; integrating and coordinating corporate resources to ensure quality performance, profitability and growth.

Action oriented team leader who can immediately recognize problems and deliver timely and cost-effective solutions against established plans and objectives.

Lead teams of project managers and business development in securing and winning business, through project proposal, project facilitation services, and proper pricing and budgeting.

Major Achievements:

Delivered and Participated in Key Managerial and Technical Practices and Activities:

Enhanced the Group capabilities in projects’ work (bid preparation & development, negotiation of contracts, risk analysis & management, investment & financial analysis)

Provided Good understanding of the factors affecting the viability of development projects

Provided management and leadership skills covering resources planning and utilization

Demonstrated capabilities to develop good rapport with local, regional, and int'l Clients

Excellent communication, liaison and representation skills at corporate & operations levels

Assessing technical and financial capabilities of organizations, partnerships and alliances

Assessing projects’ requirements to match resources planning and resources availability

Regional capability to supply services and resources to major development projects

Good knowledge of project financing operations of development financial institutions

Typical Projects / Sectors Experience:

Technology Solutions (IT & Telecom) to several Clients and Industries

Real Estate and Construction Management

Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint-Ventures, and Partnerships with Local, Regional, and International Corporations in support of the Group’s Businesses and projects

Strategic Accounts to include ARAMCO, SCECO, SABIC, and STC

Advanced Managerial/Technical Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Consortium Development for Major Long-term Projects in Water, Electricity, and Power with International Management, Operation, and Distribution Companies

Aug 1995 to Jun 2002: GULF DATA International (GDI); CRC/AMS (UAE)

Senior Corporate Strategic Planning / General Manager

Job Title: “G.M. / Corporate Strategic Planner for Business Development, Management and Technology Services”.

In Charge of Planning Execution of Strategic/Business Plans of the Group by:

Providing Managerial & Professional Services in Support of Strategy & Resources Planning for Several Industrial, Commercial, and Governmental Projects;

Developing Achievable Strategies & Business Plans Matching Industry Objectives & Requirements for Enterprise-Wide Integrated Resources Management;

Constantly striving for the Highest Quality Programs in Customer Services to achieve Customer Satisfaction through Support & Quality Assurance Programs.

Directing/Assisting Highly Qualified Teams, Characterized by their Capabilities, Dedication and Understanding, to provide the best Services and Support that has gained the Company its reputation as a Leading Systems Integrator and Services Provider.

Providing ERP Services, Consulting, Systems Integration, and

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