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Medical Pharmacy

Tampa, Florida, 33617, United States
February 20, 2018

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Heather F. Smith

**** ******** *****, *****, ** *3617 (813 480- 9313

EDUCATION Doctor of Pharmacy, May 2017

University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Saint Petersburg, Florida Masters of Pre- professional Health Sciences, December 2012 University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Public Health, May 2010 University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida ADVANCED PHARMACY PRACTICE EXPERIENCE/ PHARMACY WORK EXPERIENCE Judeo Health Clinic, Tampa, Florida Jan. 2018 – present

● Independently verified new prescriptions and refill prescriptions through use of QS/1

● Supervised and lead pharmacy technicians

● Filled medications, separated expired medications, and followed florida pharmacy laws Underground Free Clinic, Tampa, Florida Jan. 2018 – present

● Operated as a pharmacist under sovereign immunity

● Organized the medication and medical supply cabinets

● Corresponded by answering drug information questions from clinic director and other public health interns

● Arranged medication information for free and low- cost medications on Microsoft Excel from Winn dixie, Walmart, and Public

● Utilized practice fusion for organizing patient’s medications

● Used critical thinking skills to categorize patient’s current medications

● Ordered medications and created a cost analysis sheet for free medications from Americares

● Created patient counseling guides for medications and guidance for progress on current medical state

● Facilitated the partnership between Underground Free Clinic and Suncoast Health Councils to use Mednet, a electronic tool for tracking patients progress on prescription assistance programs Pain management at MyMatrixx, Tampa, Florida Feb. 2017 – present

● Independently evaluated pain management cases using pain guidelines (state specific, ODG, or national evidence- based guidelines)

● Conducted follow- up calls for pharmacy related tasks and answering drug information questions.

● Strengthened knowledge on the different classes of medications used for various types of pain

● Corresponded with lead pharmacist and other pharmacy interns on pioneering a computerized system for pharmacists to gather information efficiently on medication drug regimen factors

● Arranged drug product information (name, dosage form, indication, cost) on Microsoft Excel from Facts and Comparisons and Medispan

Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 1

Promise Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy, Palm Harbor, Florida March – August 2017

● Reinforced previous compounding knowledge and increased confidence in calculating amounts of active ingredients and excipients to match the individual patient’s prescription in the non- sterile area

● Collaborated with pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and technicians to ensure an organized workflow for producing accurately- made compounds

● Acquired experience in using The Compounder to create documentation for creams, troches, and other dosage forms

Compounding at Hoye’s Pharmacy, Tampa, Florida January 2017

● Achieved responsibility in daily follow- up calls in the morning, for compounding independently capsules, troches, creams, pellets, suppositories, and gels,

● Enforced and followed sterile and nonsterile compounding rules and regulations during a two day inspection of the entire facility

● Established a full understanding of the workflow process of delegating and separating pharmacist and pharmacy technician responsibilities in the compounding, filling, and fulfillment areas Infectious Diseases at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida November 2016

● Balanced reviewing charts, analyzing pertinent information with regards to patient history, allergies, medications and labs in order to create a pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacotherapy plan for 5 patients each day with infectious disease.

● Investigated answers to drug information questions and reported synthesized information to pharmacist and physician verbally or written

● Discussed during daily rounds the patient’s current disease state with attending, residents, medical students, and pharmacist in addition to observing patients’ signs and symptoms to assist with final plan of care

● Reviewed and researched articles to create a pharmacokinetic plan of action for patients receiving dose- adjusted medications, particularly vancomycin and voriconazole

● Attended bi- weekly infectious disease teaching sessions presented by medical doctor (topics included tropical medicine, sexually transmitted disease, meningitis)

● Navigated EMR, collected pertinent information related to current patient’s medical condition, then analyzed, organized information on Microsoft Powerpoint, and finally, presented the patient case

● Incorporated medical ethics knowledge from a grand- round presentation into daily rounds as a future medical professional

Transitions of Care at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida September 2016

● Conducted 7- day and 21- day follow- up calls to discharged patients to maintain the standard of care and to facilitate understanding of medication and monitoring of side effects

● Refined knowledge by following patients with disease state: STEMI, NSTEMI, CHF, and COPD

● Evaluated patient’s current therapy and determined appropriate therapy according to patient’s present state to showcase a formal powerpoint presentations

● Critiqued and presented a patient’s drug therapy using primary literature and guidelines Emergency Medicine at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida August 2016 Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 2

● Observed teamwork in a systematic process in the trauma room for a variety of emergent cases (car accident, emergency birth, gunshot wounds)

● Consistently used disease state screening tools to evaluate patient’s current medical condition to understand course of nonpharmacological and pharmacological therapy

● Consolidated drug information from a variety of well- known and credible evidence based sources

● Integrated concise, relevant patient information into documented SOAP notes

● Conducted topic discussions pertinent to emergency medicine

● Initiated friendly patient interviews for medication reconciliation Adult Medicine I and II at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida July 2016, Oct 2016

● Collected and synthesized pertinent patient information for a medication use evaluation and presented patients to preceptor with an assessment and plan

● Created and presented an in- service powerpoint presentation in a collaboration with other pharmacy interns for nurses pain management continuing education

● Partook in weekly inspection for expired medication in code carts/pyxis machines

● Researched evidence- based material to prepare and participated in a journal club debate

● Reviewed renal, IV to PO, pharmacokinetic, and anticoagulation alerts daily

● Critiqued and presented a patient case presentation to clinical pharmacists Ambulatory Care at Indian Health Services, Wellpinit, Washington State May – June 2016

● Provided patient discharge counseling on new medications, any change in therapy, and side effects of medications

● Provided relevant pharmacotherapy presentations to nurse practitioners and doctors

● Conducted a medication use evaluation case presentation by collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing information into a final powerpoint presentation

● Packaged prescriptions, organized medication packages, and transferred medications to patients

● Learned how to scan medications and fill the medication- packaging robot

● Gained knowledge and employed Washington pharmacy law

● Assisted nurse with medication therapy management when visiting patients at home

● Provided care for the underserved and understand cultural aspect of medicine Advanced Hospital Practice at Mease Countryside Hospital, Dunedin, Florida April 2016

● Used anticoagulation, pharmacokinetic, IV to PO, renal adjustment hospital protocols along and documented current patient’s progress/plan on Cerner or pharmacy documentation software

● Navigated Cerner to collect pertinent information on Microsoft Excel for a MUE focused on febrile neutropenic patients taking vancomycin

● Analyzed and synthesized information from Microsoft Excel to Powerpoint to develop a formal, concise presentation

● Conducted topic discussions and explained choice of pharmacotherapy when given scenarios

● Shadowed and learned IV technician responsibilities and techniques Community Practice at Winn Dixie, Tampa, Florida March 2016

● Prepared and dispensed prescription orders with pharmacy technicians

● Maintained consistent checkpoint process

● Separated expired products from inventory Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 3

● Counselled patients regarding prescription and OTC products

● Confirmed medication and dosing for uncertain scripts by calling physician

● Become knowledgeable about the business aspect of community pharmacy

● Conducted medication therapy management for flagged patients via telephone and followed- up with a plan of action for patients


● Prior to the medical mission, fundraised for patients’ supplies and medications, then assist in creating a practical, purposeful formulary, and finally, pack medications with pharmacy students for patients

● Participated in a rigorous process of unpacking and repacking medications when traveling from one site to another

● Travel to indigenous, impoverished areas, while working as a team composed of medical doctors, medical students, pharmacist, and physician assistant student in order to provide a fluid process where patients are diagnosed and are counseled on new medications

● Overcome barriers of communication by learning medical Spanish and using translators for patients who do not speak Spanish; understand there are cultural barriers

● Label medications and counsel patients in Spanish with a newly created EMR PharmUK Trip – Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom May 2015

● Interviewed community pharmacies and surveyed numerous hospitals to understand pharmacy practice abroad

● Engaged in an in- depth discussion after receiving a presentation from Royal Pharmaceutical Society PRESENTATIONS Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida Presented to pharmacists November 2016

● “Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia in HIV- negative Patients Receiving Temozolomide” St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida Presented to pharmacists July 2016 – Oct. 2016

● “Acute Gastroenteritis”

● “Treatment of Ventricular Fibrillation”

● “Diastolic Heart Failure”

● “Transverse Myelitis: A Complication of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus” St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida Presented to nurses

● “Back to the Basics: Pain Management”

Indian Health Service, Wellpinit, Washington Presented to nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians June – May 2016

● “A Review of JNC 8 and Antihypertensives”

● “Oral Anticoagulants and Antiplatelets”

● “Leflunomide and Methotrexate, A Drug Utilization Review”

● “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”

Mease Countryside Hospital, Dunedin, Florida Presented to pharmacists April 2016 Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 4

● “Medication Use Evaluation of Vancomycin for Empiric Treatment of Febrile Neutropenia” INTRODUCTORY PHARMACY PRACTICE EXPERIENCE Florida Hospital, Tampa, Florida August 2015

● Disposed of expired medications in unit- dose distribution carts and refilled medications

● Discovered the roles/responsibilities of pharmacy technicians during use of Pyxis machines

● Observe how pharmacy technicians and pharmacist perform reconciliation; learned the role of clinical (ICU), staff, and IV pharmacists

● Participated in a two- day diabetes patient class

● Shadowed the nurse anesthesiologist providing medications to patients in surgery Publix, Tampa, Florida Dec. 2013 – Mar. 2014

● Gained and utilized knowledge on how prescription/drug workflow

● Collaborated with the pharmacist on counseling OTC products for patients

● Operated and assisted patients at the drive- thru and at pharmacy windows in store

● Conducted inventory counts, maintained, and stocked medications CERTIFICATIONS Florida Board of Pharmacy Pharmacist Licensure 2017- 2019 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/ BLS 2016- 2018 American Pharmacists Association Pharmacy- Based Immunization Delivery 2016 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS American Society of Health- System Pharmacists (ASHP) 2013- present American Pharmacists Association (APhA) 2013- 2014 COMMUNITY SERVICE Judeo Christian Health Clinic and Underground Network January 2018- present

● Provided pharmacy services by dispensing, finding counseling worksheets, and contributing other pharmacy- related resources

Red Cross January 2018- present

● Started to train as case- manager

The Well August 2017- present

● Served and engaged in conversation with the underserved populations in Tampa with a non profit organization

● Provided groceries donated by Whole foods during outreaches Blood Pressure Screening at Walgreens February 2013

● Monitored and assessed individual patient’s blood pressure in the community Keeping Families Healthy Nov 2013 – May 2014 Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 5

● Monitored the health of a family for one year by assessing quarterly the patient’s current medication plan along with monitoring labs such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature

● Researched and provided practical ways of increasing quality of life FSHP Pinecrest Screening November 2013

● Operation Heart - Measuring blood pressures for the elderly in the nursing home

● Operation Diabetes – Measuring glucose levels for the elderly in the nursing home Habitat for Humanity ` November 2013

● Collaborated with other pharmacy students in dismantling house for renovation Mad for the Cure Gala October 2013

● Set up booths for auction to help those in medical need Metropolitan Ministries’ Good Samaritan April 2012 – June 2014

● Served food as a community and engage in meaningful conversations with homeless Moffitt Cancer Center

● Participated in a variety of services including escort, selling snacks at the food stand, and scheduling patients for MRIs

Hope Lodge 2010 – 2012

● Welcomed cancer patients into a non- profit lodging, performed lobby duties, and communicated with patients to serve their needs

James A. Haley Veterans Hospital Summer 2005, 2006

● Escorted patients and lab specimens to and from appointments Heather Smith Curriculum Vitae 6

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