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Engineer Project

Spring, Texas, 77373, United States
February 20, 2018

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Arun Merugu Houston, TEXAS

Contact: 281-***-****

Responsible engineer with high-quality safe work practice in delivering quality work for energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and hvac industry as a mechanical engineer with fixed equipment, piping engineering and inspection experience. Consistently improving new skills, codes and software’s to accomplish all phases of major projects and turnarounds with a Master’s of Science in Industrial Technology and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with 8+ years engineering professional experience.

Professional work Experience:

Company : TripleC Project Services Ltd, Contract Position from GAS Unlimited Inc. Oct 2016 – Current

Role : Piping Engineer/Mechanical Engineer

Tools : CAESAR II, NozzlePro, AutoCAD Plant 3D, 3D scan viewer, HTRI Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger design.

Responsibilities: Performed a reliability check on piping and centrifugal pump to root cause investigation on piping vibration issue in CAESAR II by performing dynamic, static analysis, vibration, acoustic analysis with time history analysis on the piping system. (API-618, API RP-688, API-674)

Surveyed the pump station to record the vibration issues.

Calculated thermal pipe stress ASME B31.3 and documented the pipe stress report with existing design and prepared a new proposed design which satisfies ASME B31.3 code and vibration issues.

Lead a piping design team, assist in building new design to meet code compliances.

Got training in HTRI software to design shell and tube heat exchanger from HTRI research center in 2017.

Company : S&B Engineers and Constructors Ltd, Contract Position from GAS Unlimited Inc. Jan 2015 – April-2016

Project Clients : Marathon, INEOS, Bayer, Enterprise Products, Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company LP- Texas,

UTICA East Ohio.

Role : Piping Engineer/Mechanical Engineer

Tools : CAESAR II, NozzlePro, AutoCad Plant 3D, 3D point cloud Scan model and Navis works

Responsibilities: Ethane GAS exports facilities for Enterprise products phase 4 & 5 greenfield expansion project did pipe stress analysis.

Crude Oil pump station upgradation project, oil fractionation projects, Marathon upgrading piping system located at ULC, FCU, UU3 battery limits plant piping did pipe stress analysis as per ASME B31.3 Code.

Pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II on piping system, qualified code compliance of ASME B31.3, NEMA SM23, WRC 107&297, API 610, API 560, API 661, API 617 applied to critical piping system for heat exchanger, air cooled exchangers, compressor, flare header, dock piping, pump system, pressure vessel piping etc, qualified nozzle loading, restraints piping loads communicated with structural engineer & reviewed thermal displacement and clash checked, asses piping loads to pressure vessel vendor and maintained loads within limits of pressure vessel vendor loading on nozzle.

CAESAR II loading condition such as sustain, thermal, occasional, hydrotest, wind, seismic etc. followed S&B standards

Prepare pipe support list and piping special item list to procure

IFC isometric tracked and checked stress isometric markup with thermal displacement and anchor support loading with equipment vendor data sheet loading.

Company : Taylor and Hill-Houston Contract Position from GAS Unlimited Inc. Dec 2013 – Dec-2014

Role : Piping Engineer

Tools : CAESAR II, TRIFLEX, AFT Fathom pipe flow analysis, PV Elite, point cloud model AutoCad Plant 3D.


Performed pipe stress qualified heat exchanger piping and pump system upgradation piping onshore refinery plant (Brown field-Marathon)

Hydrocarbon cracker piping project, pressure vessel, air coolers, heat exchanger, pump system, cryogenic piping did pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II and Trifle (Brown field-BP) qualified ASME code and nozzle loads with flexibility.

Hydraulic pressure drop calculation on pump system and exchanger piping were performed using AFT Fathom.

Knock-out drum rerating equipment per API 510 and did calculation in PV Elite

Lead piping design team and tracked IFC drawing and documented pipe stress report and reference documents.

Capital projects did survey, piping design and pipe stress calculation for propane tempering gas line for BP Plant at Texas city.

Site walk down to review scope of work, P&ID updates, marking Isometric, constructability check, conducting design reviews.

Company : Burns & McDonnell-Houston Contract Position from GAS Unlimited Inc. Oct 2011 – Nov-2013

Role : Piping Engineer

Tools : CAESAR II, Bentley AutoPipe, Nozzle Pro, PV Elite, DISASU & Navisworks.

Responsibilities: Pipe stress analysis with Bentley AutoPipe and CAESAR II performed on critical piping for refinery plant projects.

Marathon: Shell Off gas OSBL FEP3, TX, Heat integration FEP2 project, Flue Gas Line project, SSDV DD project in TX.

Valero: ISBL/OSBL project, Acid Crude project, Meraux Hydrocracker Reactor project, Raw Water Treatment project in TX

Oneok: EP splitter FEP3 project, hydrocarbon project, ISBL LNG Fractionation unit at Mont Belvieu in TX

Praxair: H2 Compressor, Tx project, La Porte PSA Compressor piping project in Tx

Frontier expansion project, CVR energy capital project did pipe stress analysis in Bentley Auto Pipe

ASME code calculating pipe stress with flexibility and qualify nozzle loads for Fire heater piping, boiler, air cooled exchanger, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, tanks, silencer, flare, pumps, compressor piping system. Communicated pipe rack anchor loads to civil structural team, verified insulation thickness as per process conditions, pipe spec and pipe supports etc. with flange leakage analysis, did pipe stress preliminary and details piping stress analysis in CAESAR II and Bentley AutoPipe to meet ASME and API code qualified in allowable stress limits.

Numerous different load cases were considered in CAESAR II/Autopipe which includes seismic loads, wind loads, thermal loads, weight loads, sustain loads and occasional loading on piping system while performing pipe stress analysis which includes existing piping in-line integrity analysis.

Developed basic design document for client, updated client pipe specification and documented pipe stress analysis reports with pipe support details and connecting reference document.

IFC isometric checked as per pipe stress with accurate support details callout verified such as anchor, guide, shoes support location information etc.

Reviewed vendor document, learned PV Elite calculation, MAWP calc. drawing, data sheet & ASME Section VIII Div I code.

Company : Proplant Inc, Houston- Full time Jul 2009 – Sept 2011

Role : Piping Engineer / Pipe Designer / Field Engineer/ Commissioning piping

Tools : CAESAR II, NozzlePro, CADworx plant, PDMS, AutoCad 2010

Responsibilities: Steam Header Integration System project, desalination and waste water treatment plant project, Compressor Unit piping project, Fire water line project, Tank project for QAFCO Fertilizer plant (QATAR). QAFCO is the largest single site producer of Urea and Ammonia fertilizer products, operating 6 trains of Ammonia and Urea plants at Mesaieed, the state of Qatar, FEED was done in Houston, Texas, USA and Doha, Qatar. Qafco upgrading Co-Gen Plant supplying HP steam to Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 and Melamine plants piping as part of the project scope of work, in this process of supplying steam, critical piping system code calculated as per ASME B31.1 and B31.3 to ensure the safety of process piping running plant by checking and maintain flexible of piping system as per ASME standards. FRP/GRP underground piping system did pipe stress as per AWWA code as per FRP material vendor data as input to perform stress analysis for seawater piping, desalination water piping, demineralization piping, fire water piping did pipe stress to qualify code.

Prepared pipe spec and selected pipe supports for Steam HP piping, calculated trunnion supports, sizing calculation of pressure relief valve, flange leakage analysis, qualified turbine nozzle loads as per code NEMA SM 23, pump suction and discharge loads qualified as per API 610, fixed equipment nozzle loads qualified with WRC 107 and NozzlePro for a critical piping system connections.

Field engineering: 2+ years brownfield piping experience tracking isometrics, as-built drawings, pipe special items & supports list, PWHT, hydrotest, painting, insulation thickness, weld maps, QA/QC inspection on welding and NDE, safety training conducted on site, reviewing safety tags, piping system tie-in to tie-in safety measure before/after steam out condition, tracking work progress/man hours, material inventory, equipment rentals etc.

Construction and Commissioning piping: Day to day construction activities includes planning, scheduling updating system field work loads, preparing punch list isometrics and reviewing QA/QC inspection checks on piping system and pipe supports assembles to conduct steam blowout, remove spring locks, assembling valve fittings and review pipe displacement before commissioning of piping tie-ins to start up process piping system.

Pipe Design with Cadworx: Proficient in performing and creating Cadworx specification database as per client pipe spec documents and updating pipe spec with respective PIP pipe spec, created project folders, 3D model generated in Cadworx piping, structural steel, process equipment and dropped isometrics, back checked bill of material and material take off and correcting Isometric, updating P&ID’s, Isometrics, G.A and as build drawings, updated cadworx plant 3D model export to CAESAR II to do piping stress analysis.

Company : Process unlimited International Inc, California-Full time Dec 2008 – June 2009

Project Clients : CHEVRON, AERA ENERGY

Role : Piping Engineer /Designer

Tools : CAESAR II, NozzlePro, FEA Tools, PDMS, AutoCAD-Cadworx

Responsibilities: Co-generation power plant piping projects performed piping stress analysis using CAESAR II for HP, LP Steam header critical pipe lines connecting to boiler, condenser, heat exchanger equipment and pressure vessels etc. were calculated as per the code ASME B31.1 and B31.3. Qualified fixed equipment nozzles loading with WRC107 & WRC297, API 661, API 610.

Pipeline Project: Using design code ASME B31.4, B31.8 & 49 CFR 192&195 liquid and gas pipeline, underground and aboveground oil & gas pipeline, meter stations, pig launchers and receivers did pipe stress analysis considering seismic loads and field walkdown & inspection.

Piping 3D modeling using Plant Design Management System (PDMS) introduced a Tank farm piping project.

Design 3D module: piping, equipment, draft, isometric drafting, support design in Autocad and cadworx.

Design duties include pipe routing, piping support, equipment modeling and creating isometrics and converting PDMS/cadworx piping model export to CAESAR II to perform piping stress analysis. Stress isometric markup and updating isometric drawings with pipe support details as per piping stress analysis.

Company : Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL)-Hyderabad, INDIA Sept 2004 – June 2006

Role : Internship Engineer Trainee

Tool : CAESAR II, AutoCAD 2005, SOLIDWORKS. Turbine Mechanical Run Test Experience at BHEL is one of the largest Steam/Gas Turbine Manufacturing Company in India. worked as a project intern engineer under project engineering department, responsible duties include, testing the performed of turbine at test bed with no load and full load condition M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, (HPCL) Vizag -- Co-Gen power plant (2x Fr.5 GT) M/s Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd, (GSECL) Dhuvaran -- Combined Cycle power plant. During execution of the project my nature of responsibilities as follows Performed rotor balancing and reviewed assembling turbine components, 3D modeling turbine components. QA/QC procedure followed for Pipe routing and support review, piping tie-in connections, lubes oil equipment connections, vibration sensor, flow sensors, pressure and temperature gauges, overhead oil tank, gearbox connection, air exhaust system with instrumentation connection were check as per standard procedure and drawings before startup. Turbine performance review with the guidance of startup mentor and test no load mechanical run test, turbine rotor intensity test, over speed test on steam turbine and plotting the vibration graphs and checking the sound level db. Performed QC check of skid package assembles with the reference to drawing and structural details drawing and 3D models.

Bachelor's Degree Project Work: Dec 2003 – Apr 2004

Finite Element Analysis of Gas Turbine Wheel: This project is done as a part of my academic curriculum at BHEL Hyderabad on 120 MW Gas Turbine Fr. 5 wheels is considered to do FEA. Project work deals with the study of calculating maximum displacement due to thermal stresses and Static stresses. FEA analysis is done on design criteria, material constraints, temperature and forces applied on wheel with variations in rotational speed per minute. Optimization of wheel design is done in the early development stage to minimize the displacement of static and thermal stresses in the model using CAD/CAE software like Solid works, CATIA V5, HYPERMESH, and ANSYS 7.0 to simulate complex engineering problems which otherwise requires costly and time-consuming prototype testing.

CATIA V5: Sketching, Part Design, Drafting, Surface Design, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly and Analysis.

Hyper Mesh: Meshing component with Brick Mesh element.

ANSYS: Static analysis and Dynamic analysis.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Trained at HTRI research center at Navasota, Texas: Jan 2017

1)XIST - Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger training.

2)XVIB – Shell and Tube Heat exchanger vibration analysis training.


Master of Science in Industrial Technology July 2006 – April 2007

Texas A & M University-Commerce, Texas, USA

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering April 2000 – April 2004

University of Madras, Chennai, INDIA

Computer Skills:

CAD/FEA -Tools: AutoCAD MEP REVIT, AutoCAD Plant 3D, CADWorx, SolidWorks, CATIA V5, Abaqus, ANSYS

CAE Tools: CAESAR- II, Bentley AutoPipe, Bentley Puls XM, CAEPIPE, TRIFLEX, PV Elite, FE pipe & NozzlePro.

Plant Design Review: Navisworks, PDS Smart Plant Review, LFM 3D scan viewer

Operation systems/M S: Windows Vista/XP/NT, MS-Dos, MS Word/Excel, Mathcad, Arduino

Flow Calculation: AFT Arrow and Fathom, PIPE FLO, Trace 700

Project Planning: Primavera P6 (Updating construction and engineering activities)

Trained @ HTRI Research center: Attained Training Event for 2 Credits on XIST and XVIB (Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers)

Preparing to API-570 piping inspector certification exam in FEB-2018

Pipe Stress Analysis CAESAR II – 3D Model


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