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Engineering Engineer

Leoben, Styria, 8700, Austria
February 20, 2018

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Abbas Roohi

Curriculum Vitae

I have over a decade of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, from roughneck to manager. I have been responsible for successfully delivering drilling, completions and operations projects throughout Iranian and Persian Gulf, both on and offshore.


B.Sc., Chemical Eng. Petroleum University Of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran 1992 – 1996 Thesis: Ethylene Di-Chloride (EDC) Production

Supervisor: Dr. M. Jazayeri

M.Sc., Drilling and Well Eng. Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland 2001 – 2002 Thesis: Further Investigation about Barite Sag in Drilling Fluid Supervisors:Professor M. Babs Oyeneyin, Bruce Ewen PhD, Drilling and Well Eng. Montan University, Leoben, Austeria 2012 – 2017 Mathematical Approach of MSE in Thermo-poro-elastic Conditions Improves Decision Making to Use Bore Hole Enlargement (BHE) Teaching Experience:

Petroleum Engineering Dept. Omidihe University, Iran 2005 – 2012 Drilling Engineering I: Rig (specifications, types, applications, equipment’s), drilling tools package, main machinery (rotary table, mud system, drawworks, power system, well control system, well monitoring system) Drilling Engineering II: Directional drilling, drilling problems (stuck, loss, sloughing shale, fishing, dog leg coring, well logging, drill stem test, casing design Cementing Engineering: Cementing history, cementing classification, additive cementing technology, cementing calculation (casing, liner, balance plug, top job) Mud Engineering: Mud function, clay chemistry, mud test, mud problems and treating, introduction to geology of Iranian oil fields, water base mud, oil base mud, aerated mud

Petroleum Engineering Dept. Petroleum University of Technology, Iran 2008 – 2012 Mud Engineering: (Same topics as above)

Cementing Engineering: (Same topics as above)

Drilling Technology Training Center of National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) 2005 – 2009 Cementing Engineering: (Same topics as above)

Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austeria Oct. 2012 – Now Geomechanic, Rock Mechanic, Directional Design, Hydraulic Design, Solid Control System, Log Base Wellbore Stability

Down Hole Problems (Fishing, Stuck Pipe, Lost Circulation, HOT, Vienna, Austria 2013

Rig Size Selection

Work experience:


Proleber Strasse 54/9, 8700 Leoben, Austeria

Cell: +43-660-*******


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Razi Petrochemical Co. Mahshar Port, Khuzestan 1996 – 2001 Started as site man and later on promoted as head of control room in ammonia plant

National Iranian Drilling Company Ahwaz, Iran 2002 – 2012 Drilling Engineer Well history, drilling problems 2002 – 2004 Company Rep. Exploration wells 2004 – 2005

Night Company man Night company man on well mal-e-koh-3 & Py-2 2005 – 2006 Drilling Engineer Well history, tender technical document, well design 2006 – 2008

(hydraulic, casing, mud, cement, bit well program Head of Drilling Eng. 2008 – 2010

and Planning: Drilling Eng. and Prog. Department has 35 engineers to do technical support of 60 Rigs (offshore & onshore), review and prepare tender technical documents, prepare well program in EPD project (12+1 Kish gas field, Sarvestan, Saadat Abad and Azar oil fields), technical and engineering support of EPD project, rig technical specification to buy Engineering Deputy Director for 2010 – 2012

an Offshore Field Development: Offshore drilling rig selection, prepare drilling program for 22 offshore gas wells (1 vertical + 1 appraisal + 20 deviated wells), estimate necessary material and equipment for the project, prepare technical documents for tendering

Drilling Engineering Supervisor in Hood Gas Field development project in North Sea 2008 It was executed by IOC with cooperation of Synergy (Aberdeen, UK) Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austeria Oct. 2012 – Oct. 2016 Chair of Drilling and Completion Engineering – Senior Lecturer TDE Group, Leoben, Austeria Oct. 2016 – Now

proNova Account Manager

Well Blowout Control Planning Engineer:

Well# NaftShahr-23 Naft Shahr Oil Field (37 days) 2010 Well# Maroon-101 Maroon Oil Field (29 days) 2010

Well#Abuzar-A-14 Aboozar Offshore Gas Field (60 days) 2009 Well#Kangan-23 Kangan Onshore Gas Field (90 days) 2008 Software Development:

• MISDrill (Management Integrated System in Drilling): Drilling Time Analysis and Daily drilling report Publications:

• Mathematical Approach of MSE in Thermo-Poro-Elastic Conditions Improves Decision Making to Use RWD 180045-MS 2016

• An Investigation of Stuck Pipe Occurrences in Iran IJSER V.7.3 2016

• A Mathematical Approach Using Thermoporoelastic Model for Reamer While Drilling Efficiency Analysis and Closeness Research Journal of

Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 13(1) 2016

• General Analytical Solution for Estimating the Elastic Deformation of an Open Borehole Wall IJSER V.7.1 2016

• Dynamic Drill-rate Test Approach Appplied to a Pre-salt Case Study 177141-MS 2015 3 of 3

• Quantifying the volumetric change of an open borehole due to elastic deformation of the borehole walls 2015

• A Study of the Applicability of Bourgoyne & Young ROP Model and Fitting Reliability through Regression 18521-MS 2015

• Complete Loss, Blowout and Explosion of Shallow Gas SPE139948-MS 2011

• Drilling of Middle-Eastern Reservoir Carbonate Rocks by High Power ND SPE 134217-MS 2010

• Case History of Successful Underground flow control in a Persian Gulf Field IPTC 13434-MS 2009

• Underbalanced Drilling in a Depleted Formation, a Case Study SPE 119***-****

• Underbalanced Drilling Technology, the Key for Solving Drilling Problems EAGE 2009

• Underbalanced Drilling in Depleted Formation Achieves Great Success EAGE 2009 Conference Presentations:

• Investigation about ‘Barite Sag’ in drilling fluid and innovation design to test barite sag in lab 1st Drilling Technology Congress, Ahwaz 2008

• Underbalanced Drilling in Depleted Formation Achieved Great Success, a Case Study 1st Drilling Technology Congress, Ahwaz 2008

• Modifying the Rheological Properties of Heavy Water Based Mud to Reduce the Tendency of Barite Sag in HPHT and Deviated Wells, 14th Intl. Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Congress 2009

• Designing a Bottomhole Assembly Suitable for Directional Drilling in Iranian West South Oil and Gas Reservoirs, 6th Iranian Student Conference of Mining Engineering,CIVILICA, ISSN-5540-1735, Tehran, Iran

• Using Nano-Particles to Decrease Probability of Stuck Pipe and Its Feasibility in an Iranian South West Oil Field, Sahand University, Mining and Petroleum Conference 2009

• A New Classification of Shale Instability Mechanisms While Drilling Operation 1st National Iranian Fractured Reservoirs Development Congress, Ahwaz, Iran 2008

• Applicability of Drilling with Laser to Deal with Shally Formations in Iranian Oil Fields, 7584-44, SPIE Photonics West 2009

• Statistical Study of Stuck Pipe in Different Iranian Oil and Gas Fields, 156*******, ICIPEG2014 Supervisions:

MSc Thesis Pedram Eskandari, 2012

MSc Thesis Adib Shahvali, 2012

MSc Thesis Mehdi Vatanjo, 2012

MSc Thesis Ehsan Khosravani, Drilling Parameter Optimization in Ahwaz Oil Field 2010 MSc Thesis Hasan Aashorizadeh, Bit Selection in Maroon Oil Field 2010 MSc Thesis Mohammad Reza Amighi, Experimental Investigation - Barite Sag in Drilling Fluid 2009 MSc Thesis Mostafa Moradi, Investigation of Stuck Pipe in Maroon Field by Neural Network 2008 BSc Thesis Iman Norozi, application of synthetic base mud in Iranian Oil Field 2007 BSc Thesis Mehdi Vatanjo, Application of Water Based Mud in Iranian Oil Field 2006 BSc Thesis Farzad Darabikia, Bit Selection in an Iranian Oil Field 2005 BSc Thesis Ali Majid, Investigation of Stuck Pipe in an Iranian Oil Field 2005 Research Interests:

Data Management, Drilling Parameter Optimization, Bit Selection, Drilling Hydraulic, Drilling fluid, Well Blowout Control, Wellbore Stability, GeoMechanics Computer Skills:

Drilling Office, Programming in Matlab space, Office (Professional especially in Excel), proNova

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Knowledge of Languages:

English Very Good

Farsi Native language

Germany Basic


National Iranian Oil Company Bachelor 1992

Petroleum University of Technology 2001-2002

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