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Business Analyst, Technology Manager, Project Manager, Certified AIX

Kernersville, North Carolina, 27284, United States
February 20, 2018

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Wayne Hollandsworth

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Kernersville, NC 27284

Technology Manager, UNIX Engineer, Business Systems Consultant, Business Analyst

Seeking Technology Management or Team Lead role. I have a proven track record of IT Unix/Windows support and 8+ years of management and team lead experience. I have significant expertise in AIX/Unix support and management of Unix/Windows Hardware Support Teams. I have an innovative mindset with the ability to analyze and troubleshoot complex issues and identify cost-effective solutions.



IT Technology Manager: Maintenance and UNIX and Windows OS Patching Scheduling and Support, Production Support, Access Management, Change Management (Work Orders, Work Requests, Root Cause Analysis), EACO Incident Escalation, BCP/Disaster Recovery Management/Coordination, HR, Performance Reviews, Gallup Q12, Relationship Management, Project Management, Distributed Technology Management.


Hardware: IBM RS6000 P690, P570 MMA and P595, P740, EMC SAN, HP SAN

Cluster Configurations: IBM’s Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU) Warehouse concept for Smart Analytics on Pseries using DB2 on IBM Power5 LPARs.

Databases: Support servers and DBA's on DB2, Oracle 10g and 11g Databases, Informix.

Software: Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), ADSM, HPSA, HPOO, Autosys, SFTP,SSH, Secure CRT, No Machine NX, Perl, shell, scripts (sh, ksh, bash),NFS,NIS,DNS, sudo, Apache, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Outlook), Lotus Notes, active directory, NDM, Sterling Gentran EDI Software, SAP, R3, RFSM, i2, MQ Series, MQ Integrator.

Languages: K Shell, PERL, HTML, B32, Dimension 4GL, RPG, COBOL, FORTRAN, Business Basic, Assembler, SQL.

Operating Systems: UNIX (AIX4.3, 5.1,5.x, 6.x, 7.x, RHEL 4.x, 5.x), DOS, MS Windows 7, CENTOS

Operating System Products/Tools: NIM, Topas, NMON, Smitty, IBM VIO IBM Lpars, HMC Pseries and Frame Support.

Network: Routers, switches, hubs, tcp/ip, Ethernet, gigabit ethernet, etherchannel 802.3AD, fiber, storage area networks (san), Keon BoKs, AD-ENT domain access and support.

Change and Asset Control: Peregrine PICCT, Remedy and PAC2000, ISAI

Industry Expertise: Banking and Finance, Securities, Brokerage, Retail, Lending


Wells Fargo – Business Systems Consultant/Business Analyst Aug 2016 to Current

Technology Operational Process and Data Management (TOPDM)

Technology Operations Data Management (TODM) Knowledge Management Group

Description: Partner with the Technology Group Data Officer to interpret and drive adherence to Wells Fargo’s Governance and Oversight (G&O) Framework, Wells Fargo’s Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) Policies and Standards, Wells Fargo’s Risk Management Policies and Standards, Wells Fargo’s Data Architecture Principles and Wells Fargo’s Efficiency & Effectiveness Principles with respect to Wells Fargo’s operational data required to manage the business of technology.


Define standards and requirements for Technology Operational Data Stores – this is the data used to manage the business of technology.

Develop and maintain Technology Data Store Inventory, managing life cycle status for each data store and influencing strategic roadmaps for each ODS.

Govern the process for requesting and establishing new data requirements across the enterprise.

Develop & maintain common methods and processes for tracking compliance with data standards across the enterprise.

Report on non-compliance with established data governance and standards and escalates non-compliance as necessary.

Review accuracy of metrics and data and provides recommendations for improvements to EIT business partners.

Drive data quality dashboards and other metrics to ensure integrity of operational reporting.

Develop & maintain common definitions and criteria (e.g., what is a server) for consistent metrics reporting across the enterprise.

Expected Actions:

Act as a liaison between client area and technical organization by planning, conducting, and directing the analysis of highly complex business problems to be solved with automated systems.

Provide technical assistance in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet business requirements.

Work with user groups to provide training, resolve questions, assess user needs, and recommend changes.

Prepare specifications for system changes.

Recommend and initiate systems testing.

Act as an internal consultant within technology and business groups by using quality tools and process definition/improvement to re-engineer technical processes for greater efficiencies.

Provide direction and guidance to less experienced staff.


Aid in standing up the new Knowledge Management Group and coordination of responsibilities.

Work in concert with Knowledge Management Team to begin setting up the Enterprise Metadata Hub (EMH) to be used for data copulation and re-organization.

Worked to produce a complete list of Compliance Management Program (CMP), Enterprise Patching Program (EPP) and Provisional Program Management (PPM) Tools, Applications and ODS’ to be used in conversion to the Enterprise Metadata Hub (EMH) with resolve back to Systems of Record (ie… BMC Remedy) providing a very high level of efficiency and effectiveness for data access, reporting and associated metrics.

Worked as liaison to Competency Center Leads/Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to investigate and produce a weighted rating list of Tools/Applications/ODS’ to determine the TOP 25 tools currently in use.

Worked with Knowledge Management Data Services Team identifying run the business applications, tools and operational data stores. Responsibilities included developing Business Requirements Documents and Database Table Mapping for new sources coming into the Enterprise Metadata Hub that will eventually become the single source of truth for information to run the business of technology.

Wells Fargo - Technology Manager 3 Aug 2009 to Apr 2016

Distributive Systems Specialized Maintenance Unix/Windows Support

Note: Promotion from Unix Engineer Team Lead to TM3 position in August, 2009.

Description: Manage a team of Windows Operating Systems Engineers supporting the most complex and sensitive distributive application environments at Wells Fargo. I am a liaison for Unix/Windows hardware support for high touch/high level critical application/server build and support management within the Distributed Systems Operations (DSO) organization.

Line of Business Support for Unix/Windows Server environments:

Wells Fargo Wealth Investment Management (WIM/Advisors), Corporate, Lending, Mortgage and Retail

Application Eco-Systems Support: Brokerage Data Warehouse, Wystar, CashVault, ERMT, CTT, BBG, Stratus, Lending Core, DAN, GL and Finance, QRM


Setting the tone for high level support…

Setup and carried out “white glove treatment” server level support for critical Unix/Windows server/applications requiring special attention due to the complexity of the line of business environment creating a more succinct coalition of support for line of business needs.

Training and cultivating relationships...

I have represented what it means to be “ONE TEAM” to his engineers and peers as I have worked to help cultivate the relationships between our US and Global based teams. These efforts have increased the trust between our groups and have made the “ONE TEAM” picture more clear for our corporate partners.

Break-Fix Rebuild Server (BFRS) Team Manager.

Setup and manage Server Rebuild Center of Excellence

This role was to address servers that had non-recoverable issues and quickly rebuild the server working with the application and database subject matter experts (SMEs) to restore the server back to its original state within a very short period of time. Through new policies and procedures I had invoked, my Break-Fix Rebuild Server (BFRS) Team is now building out special servers 5 times faster than the Wells Fargo Server Build factory for new server builds specifically for special built servers. So, new server build time to service was reduced dramatically.

Proactive management on critical eco-system environments…

Wells Fargo Wealth Investment Management (WIM)/ Advisors…

The Wells Fargo Brokerage Data Warehouse (BDW) environment is extremely important providing all Financial Advisors reporting and metrics for decisions on daily trades. So, billions of dollars are on the line when this environment is not available. With processes, procedures and monitoring that I have put in place, we have the BDW hardware environment reviewed and are already working on the issue before the line of business management or application support team are aware there is an issue. Since then, this process has been distributed to all RS6000 environment LPARs for each of the interfacing application servers across the BDW footprint.

Managed in the Wells Fargo Advisors Brokerage Data Warehouse (BDW) hardware refresh project assisting with the overall project architecture and design, as well as resource and staffing and staff balancing for the overall project. Goal achieved was to ensuring BDW hardware environment resiliency as well as overall team resiliency with ensuring the balance of work load across a large pool of engineers.

Wachovia Securities/Wells Fargo May 2006 to Sept 2008

UNIX Systems Support Analyst 5/Technical Lead

*Note: Promotion to Technical Lead position in May 2006.

Description: Managed/Lead a team of technical engineers supporting Wachovia Securities Brokerage Data Warehouse (BDW) environment.


Project Lead for transition of the Brokerage Data Warehouse (BDW) clustered environment servers/applications from the IBM RS6000 P690 to RS6000 P595 resulting in the ability for the environment to scale. This refresh also consisted of new special layout for BDW LPAR environments using IBM’s Balance Control Unit methodology. I had also participated in the successful installation/configuration of EMC DASD in a shared-nothing environment providing maximum throughput and capacity for the BDW environment. End result was that we were able to handle 5 times the capacity/throughput compared to the P690 clustered environment server LPARs yielding much faster run times.

Technical Refresh Lead for Brokerage Data Warehouse (BDW) working as liaison and design coordinator converting P690 Regatta RS6000 environment to IBM P595 clustered partitioned environment. I had used IBM’s unique Balanced Control Unit (BCU) tuning technique to ring out the most possible capacity/throughput that this environment could offer. End result was that we were able to handle 5 times the capacity/throughput compared to the P690 clustered environment server LPARs yielding much faster run times.

Due to Sarbanes-Oxley ruling, I had written a system using korn shell to automate promotion of scripts, sqls and control files to production moves to boost productivity producing audit trails. Time savings alone of 3 hours a day compared to manual processes.

Wrote and developed “First Alert” system monitoring scripts identified issues and change to the environment paging out the Primary, Secondary and on-call SAs when issues are incurred. These scripts proved to be invaluable and were eventually implemented across the complete RS6000 P595 LPAR footprint.

Wachovia Securities - Systems Support Analyst 4 Nov 2004 to May 2006

UNIX Cloud Server Support

Description: UNIX Systems Hardware Support for Wachovia Securities supporting Unix Cloud server environments and applications (Autosys, MQ Series, TSM Backup Solution, DB2 v/8 and Oracle 10g). Responsibility to maintain multiple IBM RS6000 Frames supporting partitioned LPARS for each aspect of this business running DB2 and Oracle 10g Databases running on AIX 5.2. I had worked as primary SA on a large Oracle 10g Database system and support all associated applications. I had also functioned as the secondary SA on the Brokerage Data Warehouse P690 LPARS. Six environments supported inclusive of…DEV (Development), CTE (Integrated System Testing), ITE (Environment connect to Beta and Logical Day Batch Cycle runs), STE (Scalability Performance – Production Mirror), PROD/DR (Production/Disaster Recovery Support). LPAR server buildouts, upgrades, patching and firmware.


The Brokerage Data Warehouse P690 environment had been cannibalized by previous system administrators to make the AIX operating system look like System 5. All hardware and AIX operating systems upgrades created havoc and broke the environment. I and my team worked to correct this issue by porting applications/databases to new supportable P690 partitions allowing applications to run on a more stable environment. This work forged the change allowing standard operating system upgrades to occur positioning our customer for future technical refreshes.

Implemented and maintained new refresh installation and deployment and support of EMC Array DASD on P690 server partitions.

VF Corporation, Greensboro NC June 2000 to Nov 2004

Senior UNIX Systems Engineer/Analyst

Description: UNIX Support Engineer Provide hardware and software support for 160 IBM RS6000 servers… micro channel machines such as model 550 and model 590 up to the newest Pseries P615, P630, P650, P660 and P690. I also support 3 IBM SP Complexes consisting of a total of 55 Silver nodes.


Built, upgraded and supported all servers on the IBM RS6000 platform and supported personnel responsible for software running on the platform.

Maintain nodes using LPAR technology on P690 (Regatta) running AIX 5.1

Built our Network Information Manager (NIM) used to upgrade and maintain LPAR technology on P690 (Regatta) for AIX 5.1 LPARS and servers.

Hardware and maintenance support of personnel maintaining software packages such as SAP R3, RFSM, i2, MQ Series, TSM Backup Solution, DB2 v/8 and Informix v/9.

SSA DASD solutions working with models 7133-D20, D30 and D40 model drawers.

Configured and supported IBM Shark DASD solutions across all RISC technology platforms.

Installed, configured and support HP’s Dazel Output Server handling worldwide corporate level printing, faxing and email document solutions.

Planned, organized and implemented disaster recovery exercises for the UNIX Group working with IBM Business Recovery Services in Gaithersburg, Maryland to ensure retention of contracts with subsidiary company coalitions.

Retail Financial Services, International June 1995 to June 2000

IT Director/Software Programming Consultant

Description: Responsibilities of managing and implementing information system solutions to meet the needs of RFS’ customers. Most of RFS contract work was accomplished for Nationwide TV & Appliance Buying Group in Winston-Salem N.C. providing product buying/invoicing assistance for 4000+ companies.


Designed and programmed a complete P0 aggregate system automating processing of orders/invoicing integrating Sterling Commerce Gentran EDI software. The system also included processing of open to buy, invoicing and remittance advice for orders processed for all financial vendors, product vendors and corporations participating as members Nationwide TV & Appliance Buying Group.

Holdren’s, Inc. of Roanoke, VA June 1983 to June 1995

MIS Director/Software Support/Consultant/Analyst/Programmer

Description: Director of MIS, Systems Analyst/Programmer and Hardware Support. I was employed by Holden’s, Inc. to develop and support the ARMS (Appliance Retail Management System) package for their 10 company users group. Software development: A.R.M.S (Appliance Retail Management System) supporting: Inventory, Sales Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Sales Analysis, Satellite Installation, Automated Buying and Distribution, Payroll (401k and Section 125 Inclusive), Extended Service Plans (Sales and A/R), RS6000 and PC Integration through ProComm Plus, Service and Parts P.O.S. Total System Package, Section 125 sub-system, 401k and W2 magnetic tape submission package.


Organized all software and hardware upgrades for users group.

Organized and taught operational classes for new software development.

Upgraded inventory control to automate merchandise transfers, receiving and distribution of retail product based on demand, product sales history and seasonality. Also developed manufacturer and supplier lead-time analysis and automatic purchasing subsystem.

Worked with computer VARS (Value Added Resellers) and brokers moving and buying computer hardware and communications gear for users group.

Extended Plan Service Manager of Appliance/Electronics service contract sales. This team consisted of 8 members. I developed a complete service contract solicitation package including, Sales Call Lead Sheets, Service Contract Accounts Receivable, Lead Tracking, Sales and Sales Fallout (net sales) reporting and metrics. This team was a new source of income netting over $10s of thousands of dollars of revenue in service contract sales.


Data Processing and Computer Programming

Programming Languages: COBOL; Assembler; FORTRAN; RPG; Business Basic

Systems Analysis

Principles of Accounting


AOS/VS Systems Administration

Infos Database Structures Under AOS/VS

AIX User Certification

AIX Systems Administrator Certification

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