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February 20, 2018

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ResumeAM Pablo Aravena */*/**, ** **

file:*///Users/paravena/dev/resume_template/resume.html Page 1 of Pablo Aravena

+56 9 62810987 Santiago, Chile SUMMARY

I'm a software developer with over 10 years of working experience. I have broad knowledge on different technologies and programming languages mostly Java and JavaScript. Unit testing and functional testing as well are very relevant on my daily work, and they help me to define what the user needs before starting any coding. In summary I'm a software developer who always is willing to understand user necessities, and after that I focus on how to implement best solutions that fulfills those expectations.


Graduated as Computer Engineer

from Universidad de Santiago de Chile

I have created my own open source project published at



Independent Consultant

Recovery Planner

From December 2016 to present Santiago, Chile

Currently I'm working as an independent consultant for Recovery Planner company. The most important thing that I'm doing now, is to develop a new mobile app called HomeEmergency, which is about having a mobile app, that you can use for emergency situations, like a car accident and hospital emergency etc. (more at

( The tools I'm using for building this are Angular 2, Ionic and Meteor.

Technical Lead

Nisum Technologies

From January 2013 to September 2016 Santiago, Chile I have been working in lot of things during my time here at Nisum Technologies, the most important and relevant projects I have been involved with, are the following: Visibility project This is what I'm working currently, it is a reporting application for business stakeholders. The most relevant reports are the chart of accounts report or accounts balance report, and some others still not defined. We are creating restful web services that we are planning to deploy them as microservices and a mobile application as well for displaying data. The technologies and frameworks used are Android, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB. Macys Devops I was working in the definition and implementation of a workflow which define how software artifacts are deployed in multiple environment. The most relevant tool we used for this project was Activiti BPMN and Spring Framework as well.

Size & Pack project is a middleware software component, whose main purpose is processing Purchase Orders coming from two different systems, enriching the information and restructuring to a common format. Working on this project give me the chance to be exposed to new technologies like Cucumber component testing tool and the new features provided by last version of the Spring Framework, as well to reinforce my knowledge about TDD practices. EMV POS, I was working in maintenance and upgrading of Point of Sale solutions (Oracle POS) used by GAP retail company. One of the projects was called EMV (European Mastercard Visa), whose purpose was to upgrade the current POS solution used by Gap, to allow the usage of EMV Credit / Debit cards which use the Chip & Pin as the transaction authorization mechanism. In more detail this project was about adding a new middleware component called MCM (Multi Connect Merchant), then change all sale transaction flows going through POS in order to call the MCM middleware when a screen need to be displayed on Customer Terminal and finally when a sale transaction need authorization by Chase bank. Some of the technologies and tools I have used are the following: Java 1.6, MySql, Oracle POS, Soap Web Services, Eclipse, VMWare, MCM etc.

Senior Developer

Experian Interactive Media

From July 2011 to December 2012 Santiago, Chile

Development, maintenance, upgrading, and supporting of Lending and Marketing web based solutions. Some of the main systems I was involved with were:

Lending Vertical Is a web based consultancy system that allows users to query for the best credit alternative available in


Programming Languages

Java JavaScript Node.js HTML5/CSS3

Frameworks and Tools

Spring framework Hibernate Activiti BPMN

Angular 2 Ionic Meteor

Build Tools

Maven Gradle Grunt Webpack


MySQL Oracle MongoDB

Operating Systems

Window Linux OSX



Is not only a job for me, I really enjoy programming and learn new things all the time.


It is still hard for me, but since I started learning music three years ago and discovered this instrument, I found a new world for me and I really enjoy it

ResumeAM Pablo Aravena 7/4/17, 11 57

file:3///Users/paravena/dev/resume_template/resume.html Page 2 of the market. ( Once the user provides the information required by the system, this was expressed as a kind of survey, then the system responds with a list of possible lender institutions. Behind the scene, there was a fully implemented workflow process that interact with external or third party systems that provides information like the credit score or correct identity of the person authenticated. The most important tools and frameworks used were Spring framework, Hibernate, Tomcat, Oracle database etc. Campaign Administration System (CAS) Is an internal system that allows the creation and management of web based campaigns. This system provides a workflow that involves the participation of campaign managers, creative managers, media buyers etc. This system was fully implemented using Spring framework, Hibernate, Sql Server and AngularJS. Senior Developer


From November 2004 to June 2011 Santiago, Chile

Design and implementation of new software solutions targeted to LAC region. Some of the most important projects I was involved with were:

FGC Low Value Module A mobile application specifically dedicated, to shipments classified as low value, allowing data adjustment and reports generation which are transferred to Customs. The frameworks and tools used to implemnt this software solution were Android, Spring Framework, Hibernate, TibcoMQ, Weblogic, etc. FGC FedEx Global Clearance System, is a system dedicated to the depuration, adjustment, and enrichment of the manifest data which is the list of all shipments packages that are arriving to a specific location for a given date and fligth. Initially each country had its own home made solution for this proplem, mostly because of the different legislation rules that each country imposed. The purpose of this software application was to define and implement a unified solution for processing manifest data. Initially a basic solution was deployed in Trinidad and Tobago country after that the solution was evolved providing new features that make it possible to be deployed in other countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil etc. The frameworks and tools used to implemnt this software solution were Spring Framework, Hibernate, TibcoMQ, JQuery, Weblogic, etc.

GCCS Global Cash Control System, a system dedicated to control and audit the cash management during FedEx couriers daily operations. The frameworks and tools used to implemnt this software solution were Struts Framework, Hibernate, TibcoMQ, Weblogic, etc.

Software Developer

Omega Computación

From June 2002 to October 2004 Santiago, Chile

Here I have worked mostly as a Java Developer one of the main clients that Omega company had at that moment, was Clinica Alemana ( and I have developed two software solutions that they required by that time, following is the description for each one of them: Supra CMS This was a Content Management System which was used by Clinica Alemana to publish news and information on its public website at The most impotant features of this CMS solution were edition management, edition approval, template definitions, publishing scheduler, news administration, form submissions, etc. The most important tools and frameworks used for developing this solution were Struts framework, Cocoon framework, EJBs, Oracle database.

Consultancy system A web based application solution used by people to submit queries related to health topics to Clinica Alemana's doctors. The purpose of this software application was to follow up the whole process of the query from its submission until the client received an answer. The most important tools and frameworks used for developing this solution were Struts framework, EJBs, Oracle database.


This is my personal project which is a set of web controls fully implemented using javascript/coffeescript, the one that stand out, Is a Data Grid control, which provides many features like keyboard traversal, cell editing, column resizing and column movement etc. See more at:

This project allows me understand deeply javascript language, the event model and DOM. When implementing this project I used many tools and libraries to mention the most important:

Coffee Script : Language that transpile to Javascript, very useful it makes thing more productive. ResumeAM Pablo Aravena 7/4/17, 11 57

file:3///Users/paravena/dev/resume_template/resume.html Page 3 of Grunt: This Help me to build and package the library RequireJS: Very useful when defining modules

SASS: Very useful when defining look & feel

JQuery: Using this library help me to handle browser events, and do ajax requests as well Mocha and Karma: These libraries are fundamental when testing. EDUCATION

Computer Engineering

Universidad de Santiago

1994 - 1999 Santiago, Chile

Professional Certifications

Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0. Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition. Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java platform, EE 1.3. Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java platform, EE 5.

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