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senior hr anlyst

Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governate, Kuwait
February 20, 2018

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Emplovment Asreement

This Agreement is entered into on this day of01.08.2017, by and between:- l. Heston Kuwait Trading Company W.L.L., having its address at p.O.

Box 25472, Al

Safat I3l 15 Represented herein by Mr. Nigel M. Evans. in his capaciry as the General Manager (hereinafter referred to as the Company). 2. Mrs. Faiza Ahmed


Mohamed, a,/an Egyptian National, holding passport Number A15378319, valid untir 15.05.2022, and Civir ID Number 2g00;7050gi14 having his/her current address as per Kuwait Valid Civil lD (hereinafter referred to as the Employee).


IT HAS BEEN AGREED as follows:

l. The Company hereby appoints the Employee, on a full time basis, forry (40) hours per week, ro carry out his/her duties in the capacity of HR Anaryst oi,r.t ott.. capacity as the company may require or -ay be within the quaiifications of ihe Employee, upon the terms and conditions herzunder appearing. ihe Employee shall perform his/her duties at Kuwait Foreign perroieum

(KUFPEC), Kuwait contract (hereinafter referred to as the Client)E"^plo*. ;;ri d y 2 The Employee hereby accepts such appointment and undertakes to carry out his,/her duties and obligations in accordance with the highest professionar standards. 3. The Employee shafl devote exclusively his/her time, effort, attention and experience to the Company's business and activities and his/rrer obligations rr"r"r"i".


he/she shall not work_ any other employment or business dirJctly or i;1 il; or without wages and shall abstain from any act or omission una Z or aorri..ion that may cause moral or materiar detriment to the company or any of its crients. 4. The Emproyee shall strictly observe confidentiality in connecrion with the Company's utilize any or information any of its he/crients' she has activities, access to operation in respect and of business ttre afo.esail and .il[ for any ;;i benefit and shalr refrain from discrosing the same to any thrra party *rratsoever. irr'e provisions of this crause shall survive during the uuiidity oi tnL ag...r.nt una after its termination without Iimit of time regaidress the reuson of term-ina,t;;;f,hi, Agreement. ExhibirA, which The will Employee be an integral shall part sign of this the employment confidentially agreement. *d;;ki;;,;' ;;; 5. andskil The experience Employee represents are such that and he/warrants she is capable that his/of her peiforming qualifications, urr r,capabilities. i.d.ioL'ik;b^ and undertakings hereunder.

r o r v

y .J.o. (r.f.i) :r5!r nJ{,,1 ijn*+ ZSr.i

FAX: 22403900, C.R. No. 6it44g, CAp: KO sOO,OOo


6. Th_e Employee fully understands and hereby confirms hisrrer adherence with the policies- rules and regulations of the Company, including but not limited submitting 1o the Company a daily time *o.k sheet to u"


at the end



every and duly signed by the then client ofthe Company.,,, r lrq^ilt;JQ,uJ,Lar i,

.g.J 0 JUt Lr,iJ f leston,i


BOX: 2t472, SAFAT 13115

www. heston. nel



7. Provided the Employee performs his,/her duties in a satisfactory, competent and efficient manner, the Employee shall be entitled for a total monthly salary (all inclusive package) of KDl,l20l- (Kuwaiti Dinars One Thousand One Hundred Twenty only). Other Benefits:

a) Air tickets

b) Indemnity

c) Overtime Payment

d) Sick leave

Allowance of KDl50/. per complete year.

As per Kuwait Labor Law payable at the end ofservice. As per Labor Law.

As per Kuwait Labor Law. The employee must always

obtain a medical certificate from the Govt. clinic or hospital attended.

- r ) r]J'l:rtirJj,l

iri.+. is

8. The Employee's annual vacation shall be thirty (30) calendar days for each complete year of continuous employment with the company. paid vacation shall be appliiable

only after completion of first Six (6) months continuous service with the company. Any vacation time wirr ge taken according to the requirement of the company"s business. The employee sha[ utilize the annual leave eich year, as unavaired leave will be not encashed.

9. Ng other benefits, rights, or entitrements shal be due to the Employee other than what is expressly stated herein.

10. The Employee shall not in any way, whether directly or indirectly, bind the company' commit it financia y, contractually, commercialry or otherwise. This is not applicable to the items committed by the company to the emproyee such as salary and other benefits.

ll. The Employee shall be fully responsibre for any negrigence in the performance of his/her duties. He/She shal at a times condu* his/hei work as to ilways promote the legitimate interests ofthe company.

12. The Employee shall be responsible for any taxes that may be due on his,fter eamings under this Agreement wherever such taxes may be levied or incurred. The first one hundred (100). days of the Employee's work with the Company sha be considered as a trial period.

13. This Agreement shal come into force only on the actual date ofcommencement of Employee's work with the Company in Kuwait.

14. The

_period of Employment shall be one year (renewable). Either party may terminate this Agreement provided such party notifies the oitrer party'in wrrting 9Odays in advance of its intention to terminate this Agreement. fi^za




The Employee shall observe all customs and regulations in Kuwait and abstain from any drugs, liquor, unprofessional conduct, personal misbehavior or indulgence in political or religious controversies.

Any breach by the Employee of any of his/her obligations hereunder or of the provisions of the Kuwaiti Labour Law No. 6/2010 shall entitle the Company to terminate this Agreement immediately without any compensation, notice or benefits and without prejudice to the Company's rights for damages. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties herein. No amendments or modifications hereto shall be binding or valid upon either party unless mutually agreed upon by both the parties herein in writing and signed by the parties.

This Agreement shall be govemed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the Kuwaiti Labour Law No. 612010 for the Private Sector for anv matter not specifically or unexplicitly stipulated hereunder. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herein have ser rheir hands hereto the day and year first above wriften.


The Employee






I, Faiza Ahmed Abdelaziz Mohamed, Egyptian National, holding passport Number

A 153783 l9 hereby undertakes this confidentiality agreement as follows: I . I must:

a) keep any confidential information secret and confidential, except to the b) take extent all that reasonable the I am and required necessary by law precautions to disclose to it;maintain the secrecy and c)and not, prevent except the disclosure in the ordinary ofany and confidential proper course information; of service with Client. disclose confidential information to any third party without the prior written consent of Client,s board ofdirectors.

2. If I am uncertain about whether information is considered to be confidential I must seek direction from the Client before divulging the information to any person. 3. My confidentiality obligations shall survive the termination of my employment with Heston Kuwait Trading Company or my secondmenr period with the iliint. SIGNED BY: Faiza Ahm ed Abdelaziz Mohamed /, ao^,*t DATE:

1lrl,r rt


l-ieston, .,j]11.11Iu!.tJr-Ij]:l-:_+ j''!l


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