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Software/QA Tester

San Francisco, California, United States
February 19, 2018

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To obtain a position that allows me to contribute my analytical, communication, and problem solving skills to the business technology division of a corporation. Experience in Manual & Automated Testing for Software Quality Assurance. Knowledgeable in Open-Source Automation Tools (Selenium, Agile, soap UI). Hands-on technology professional accustomed to working in complex, project-based environments. Multifaceted experience in QA software testing, software development and user-acceptance testing.


Automation Tools: UFT, Selenium Web driver and Frameworks, Selenium, TESTNG

Programming Languages: Java, C++, and Python

Databases: MYSQL, SQL Server, and MS Excel, PowerPoint, VB Script, JIRA

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Ubuntu, and Mac OS

Bug Tracking Tools: Bugzilla and Bug Track.

Operating System: Linux, Windows, UNIX


California State University, East Bay Graduated: May 2017

Master in Computer Science, Current GPA: 3.75/4.0

Sabar Institute of Technology for girls, India July 2013

Bachelor in Information Technologies

Training March 2012 to March 2013

Completed 12 months’ internship training session for working on My final project in BISAG Company in India.

Role: Developer

Description: The Project was to make a software to help in Hospital and store a past information about the patients.

Tools Used: PHP (Dream viewer)

Result: Successfully implemented with all the different way. Like registration form, Database storage, Login ID and Password


A10 Networks August 2017 to December 2018

QA tester, San Jose CA

Project: Keyword-driven Framework Using Selenium Web driver

Environment: Windows 7, Ubuntu 15

Automation Tools: Java, Selenium Web driver, and Auto IT

Description: It was a test automation framework for handling the execution of test requirements of a Travel portal


Understand customer requirements.

Develop test framework using Selenium Web driver.

Create Automation Test Scripts.

Execution of test scripts using ANT script.

Integration with Bamboo for nightly execution.

Analysis of nightly execution and prepare bug Report.

Salesforce System

Software Tester, San Francisco, CA August 2016 to October 2016

Project Type : Web based Banking Product

Technology : Java, Oracle

Testing Approach : Manual and Automation

Tools Used : Selenium Web driver with TestNG framework

Role : Test Analyst

Project description:

Software web application is a complete web based and covering all the functions of application. It supports multicurrency transactions and all types of delivery channels. The product has been developed using open, industry standard, proven technologies and high quality software engineering methodologies. Web application is highly parameterized to support constantly changing customer and regulatory requirements.


Preparation of the Test Strategy and guiding the team. Involvement in the System Test Plan Preparation and Requirements Streamlining.

Involvement in Preparation of Test Procedures, Test Scenarios, Cases and Test Data. Responsible for GUI and Functional Testing, using Black Box Testing Techniques.

Involvement in Test Execution, Results Analyzing and Defect Reporting and RTM Preparation.

Involved in Automation Infrastructure Development using Selenium. Created Test Cases using Element locators and Selenium Web driver methods.

Enhanced Test cases using Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.

Execution of Selenium Test cases and Reporting defects. Conducting Data driven testing, cross browser testing and parallel test execution.

Varian Medical system April 2016 to June 2016

AS a QA Tester

Environment: J2ME, Blackberry

Devices: Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung

Team size: 6

Testing environment: Manual Testing, Pivot

Description: ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager (MCM) is a Java (J2ME) application that runs on a mobile device such as a BlackBerry, for example, and enables the device to function as a ShoreWare extension while on the go. In addition to initiating calls from the Call History, Voice Mail, and Quick Dialer screens, the MCM software provides an interface similar to ShoreWare Personal Call Manager (PCM), and offers a subset of the functions available in PCM. User can access their voice mail messages, configure Call Handling Mode settings, and configure Office Anywhere settings from their mobile device via the MCM interface. This application also supports LBS which automatically route calls coming on the user extension to the desired phone number or to the voicemail as per user settings and current location.

Roles and Responsibilities: -

• Created testing schedule for the various phases

• Designed test case according to requirements of newly added functionality

• Review & updating of client provided test case. Tested the Calling, call forward, LBS, Bluetooth, voicemail, call history functionalities using Integration, functional, Usability, System and regression. Bug reporting directly to the client as this is majorly a testing project and generate a report include Test Plan, Test Script and Test scripts


Mail Recognition System June 2015 to September 2015

Role: Developer and Tester

Tools Used: ADO.Net, Photoshop, and QTP, manual testing

Description: Studied how system monitors the client inventory of Software and Hardware installed. Studied how client is connected to the server in the LAN connection and maintains the history of applications, which are running on the client computer, which helps to detect changes in the software and hardware of the client computer by the server.

Used desktop application for manual and automated testing. Made libraries accessible for students online. Speech recognition is developed by IBM and open source company frets and also sphinx. Java also provides speech API for conversation.

In this project they require speech to text and text to speech. So you need both kind of jar file needed for that. They actually based on microphone and sound card and speaker. They first recognize the word and then after they match with our. gram file. It is grammar file each and every type of syntax will be defined for that.

When project start they configure microphone recognition and then they create single instance for that. After that they catch each and every word and match with our .grm file and they check the condition and business logical for mail will be simple for mail sending and find the unread mail in mailbox.

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