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Microsoft Office Chemical Engineering

Provo, Utah, 84601, United States
February 21, 2018

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** * *** *, *****, UT 84601



Languages (in order of familiarity): C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, Lua, Python, C/C++, Ruby, and BASIC

Experience with Android development.

Experience with ASP.NET framework and the MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm.

Experience with Angular 2.

Experience with HTML 4/5 and CSS 3, including Bootstrap.

Experience using REST APIs.

Basic understanding of HTTP headers and networking (TCP/UDP, IPs, etc.)


XLR8 Development

oExperience working in many foreign codebases, as each project I worked on was already in-progress.

oWorked on a timekeeping web app, XLR8 Time. (

Project lead for XLR8 Time.

Used Google Firebase for authentication and database.

Used Bootstrap 3 for layout/design to make it responsive for mobile.

Used Stripe to process subscriptions with their REST API.

oUsed Android Studio to develop an Android application for clinics, EncounterArea.

Used Java as the main language.

Involved querying a REST API and parsing JSON to get information from the server.

Many asynchronous operations involving background threads.

Used the Volley library to handle internet requests.

Integrated with Azure Notification Hubs using Google Firebase Messaging.

oWorked with Angular 2.

oUsed Git to manage projects, sometimes with many branches.

Velocity Technology Solutions

oUsed ASP.NET in C# to build internal web applications to track incoming/outgoing packages from/to clients.

oUsed HTML/CSS/JS to build the front ends for said web applications.

oUsed AJAX to update information on the fly.

oIntegrated with SQL Server.

oEmployed the MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm.

oDeveloped with Visual Studio and deployed to a web server.

oExperience with basic AES encryption.

oWrote a PowerShell script to request information from servers and upload it to a SQL database to be accessed and graphed by the previously-written web applications.

Written a bare-bones web server in Lua 5.1 utilizing the LuaSocket extension.


Built a Linux distribution from scratch using the Linux From Scratch book.

oComfortable using command line, and I know how to find information on new commands.

Used Unity to make a digital version of the board game Khet in C# as a learning experience.

oSupports both hot-seat and online multiplayer.

Programmed three mods in Java for Minecraft, a popular indie PC game.

oSmelting Plus,

Resulted in an offer from another mod team.

oClockwork Golem,

Written a game with a team for the Ludum Dare, a 72-hour game jam, in Game Maker Language (GML, a scripting language), and achieved the 92nd percentile in the innovation category.


o“Full points for Innovation, Theme, and Graphics. Very creative; nice to see a game that actually came up with a creative twist on the theme.” –Josh @ Dreamland

Written a genetics simulator for my high school senior project in GML, to be used at Arts and Technology high school to assist in teaching genetics in biology.


oBuilt an SAP-1, a simple microprocessor, from scratch with logic gates to better understand modern computers.


Marysville Arts and Technology

Graduated June 2013

Cumulative GPA of 3.67.

Microsoft Office Specialist class freshman year.

Programmer on the FIRST Robotics team sophomore year.

Everett Community College

Graduated June 2013 with an AAS

Continued taking classes as prerequisites for Chemical Engineering. (My intended major is now Cryptography.)

Cumulative GPA of 3.70 as of June 2017.

Passed Differential, Integral, and Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations with As.

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