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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
February 21, 2018

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Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Amin

Mansoura- Dakahlia

Mobile: +2-010********


Personal Data:

Date of Birth: 06/01/1986.

Place of Birth: Mansoura, Dakahlia, Egypt.

Nationality: Egyptian.

Military Service: acquittal.

Marital Status: married.

Career Objective:

Seeking a challenging job opportunity in a multi-national or a fast-growing company, especially In " Software Development"

And "Web Development" fields that will help me best implement the different skills That I've Practiced and learned, in which I would mostly find and prove myself.


1- Secondary school Mansoura, DaKahlia, Egypt 2002 Major: Sciences-Math

Grade: Excellent (94%)

2- Qualification : BSc of Computer Science and information systems, Mansoura University, Egypt May, 2007

Major: Information Systems.

Grade: good (65, 5%).

Graduation Project: "Mobile Agent for Web Enabled DBA" using C#.Net 2005 + MS-SQL server 2005 +PHP.

Graduation Project Grade: Excellent (98%).


Technical skills:

Programming languages:

PL (Oracle 10g&11g)

Web developer (HTML, JAVA, Python )


Web Development:


Java script, Python

front page

DBMSs & Applications:

Analysis & Design Databases

Building applications

Integrate Applications

System Analysis and Design:

Design Databases

UML (using Microsoft Visio)


Model Applications

Analysis & Design GeoDatabases

Programming Tools:

Oracle Developer 10g

Experience (01 year)

Desktop Application using ARC Object in ARCGIS

Experience ( 9 years)

Web Applications Using the ARCGIS API for JavaScript Experience (6 years)


Programming ArcGIS with Python

Oracle fusion middleware (ADF)

Experience (6 years)

Other Courses and Materials:


Expert Systems.

Artificial Intelligence.

Neural Networks.

Distributed DB.


Operating Systems.

C++, Pascal

Management Information Systems


Oracle Developer march 2007- Present

Participation in a medium-size system implementation through the full project lifecycle Responsible for the design, construction, unit test, code review and bug fix of allocated modules to agreed time, quality And Cost.


Involved in the support, maintenance and development of critical systems.

Carrying out design, construction, review and defect analysis activities.

Responsible for database design and development and Application Tuning.

Defining and generating screen formats and report designs.

Providing suitably tested fixes to defects within the sanctioned delivery process.

Producing and updating relevant documentation.

Developing in accordance with policies regarding secure coding & standards.

Meeting clients face to face and on site to ascertain requirements.

Develop software in accordance with agreed design with consideration for usability, software quality and future maintenance.

Key Skills and Competencies:

Extensive experience of Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g and Oracle PL/SQL.

Ability to produce clear, documented and commented code.

Experience in Oracle database design and development.

Proficiency in Java, SQL, PL/SQL, ADF, JDeveloper and JSP.

Shell scripting languages, preferably shell, bash, and python.

Development experience in Configurator models, rules, and extensions.

Oracle 10g, SQL, AQ, ESQL, PL/SQL, database design and tuning.

Knowledge of object orientated analysis and design techniques. 4

GIS Developer June 2008 - Present

Strong understanding of GIS ESRI software and data managements structures and needs.

Ability to work alone or within a team to design and support GIS tools tailored to enhance The productivity of engineering projects

Key Skills and Competencies:

Design, develop and support GIS based applications and tools.

Analysis & Design desktop and web applications.

Establish project standards, develop project plans & goals, master schedule and

Milestones, and communicate the same to team members, users and other project participants.

Technical savvy professional who consistently expands knowledge of new technology

Expertise in EX/Web Development, Geospatial Application Logic, Geospatial Web Services

And Enterprise GeoDatabase

Application development experience in GIS environment (College or Corporate internship projects).

Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), ESRI’s Arc Objects, or other spatial data and applications.

Experience with database design and system administration.

Improved system performance and functionality through cutting-edge design strategy

For an enterprise database system established standards for database operations

And Programming and Security

Possess strong understanding/experience of applications, system design, and development lifecycle relating to GIS and IT.

Lead project teams during all phases of implementation including requirements, analysis, design, build & configuration, and deployment.

Grow and support our practice through business development, expansion into new application areas, and delivery of projects and services to clients.

Manage and run complex projects from design and development to production.

Other Skills:

Working under pressure

Good communication skills

Very active teammate

Ability to learn

Ability to work outside Egypt



GIS (geographic information system) From 06/2008 To 02/2015 Ahead of geographic information system department in Dakahlia utility data center since 2009

Work in government projects contain of all utility and base maps in Dakahlia Governorate .

Analysis and design geographic databases for Dakahlia Governorate in Dakahlia utility data center which contains all utility and geographic analysis and base map since 2008.

Building geographic databases contain all utility such as (sewer, water, gas, telephone, electricity) with coordinate system, Work on domains & subtypes.

Digitizing to some raster data contain base map for some village in Dakahlia Governorate.

Design report using crystal report.

Use ARCSDE license for linking Oracle database engine with GIS.

Using Arc toolbox tools to geographic analysis for some areas.

Create programs (Symbology_pro, Create Reference, Clip, Compute Map Size, Put Project) using Arc Object language.

Cadastral to Gamsa City by converting Total station & GPS files to geographical database.

Convert SDR Files to Geographical database for updating.

Building Network survey of Dakahlia Governorate.

Print longitudinal and lateral maps to Dakahlia Governorate.

Calculate the amount of drilling and filling.

Organize the Infrastructure of the earth by clarifying the paths proposed facilities before drilling.

Administrator on GIS Application Server.

Building Web Applications Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Implementation of Urban planning Application for the development of slums Web Application Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

GIS Instructor in ITS Academy & Msoft training center in university district –Mansoura- Egypt.


Senior GIS Web Application Developer at Alqemam from 01/2016 to 10/2016.

Proficient client side scripting using JavaScript.

Server side coder whose code conforms to OOP principles and the most well-known DESIGN PATTERNS, in addition I have my own methodology and flavor. I have authored a lot of frameworks.

Working with Arc Objects.

Creating custom Geoprocessing tools through python scripting.

UI development through ACRGIS API.

Administering ARCGIS servers.

Maintain and enhance existing web applications and all integrated systems utilizing C#, ASP.NET, XML, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX and jQuery.

Responsible for developing the full stack (from the Markup, JavaScript, Application Services, Oracle Database, and Build Scripts).


Etportal, ETM websites:

Running on more than 30 municipals and governorates in S.A :

Clients, contractors and citizens can communicate with municipals and

Governorates through that portal website to facilitate their work and efforts.


Senior Web Application Developer at

Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture from 10/2016 to Till Now.

Implementation web site For Directorate General Water using ASP.NET, XML, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX and jQuery.

Use Oracle Database Engine for website.

Building Enterprise GeoDatabase Using Arc SDE in Oracle.

Administering ARCGIS server.

Creating custom Geoprocessing tools through python scripting.

Building OF GIS Web Mapping using ArcGIS API by java script. Free-lancer:

Implementation web site For Regional Urban

Observatory using ASP.NET, XML,

JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery and using C#


Include ARCGIS web map using ArcGIS API by JavaScript.

Web mapping content Geoprocessing service, print, Identify, Geographic analysis, Networking analysis, Query, Renderers, symbols, Editing, Graphics, Legend, Geometry Service.

Using Three tier Architecture in ASP.NET using C#. 8

Oracle developer 10g & Oracle JDeveloper 11G &Fusion Web Application (ADF) from 07/2007 to Till Now.

Analysis, design and implementation of the following programs-:

program of rent of cars to Energy Car company

Build ELesraa program supermarket Using Oracle Forms Server

Analysis and Design application program called DUDC Pro Description: o Recording projects & calculate the length of Utilities and center line for system engineers and Field work & manage data between departments in DUDC Center Using Forms Builder.

o Print monthly reports to improve the performance of the work in departments.

Implementation of program to pharmacy of DR.Ahmed Younis in Dekrns .

Implementation of smart clinic program to DR.ataf fadel in Mansoura city Using Web Application ADF Technology

Implementation spa program to spa center in Mansoura.

Worked as Oracle Developer & JDeveloper Instructor in ITS Academy.

Implementation of Web Application Program for Pure juices and drinks in Academy Nile.

Oracle Instructor in ITS Academy & Msoft & Harvest training center in university district –Mansoura- Egypt

Implementation of Directorate General for Health program (now).

Training and Courses:

Geographic Information System Course at greater Cairo utility center from Aug 2008 to December 2008.

Oracle Developer Training at Company Fotouh of computers and systems From July 2007 to December 2007.

Geographic and Networking Analysis course at Saqqara training center from April 1122 to May 2011.

JDeveloper with ADF Technology at Line Training center from December 2012 to December 2013.

ADF Developer at Data Company from Jan 2014 to Jan 2015. 9

“ Mobile Agent for Web Enabled Database Administration”

(Graduation Project(

The mobile agent for web enabled database administration has a great challenge in

Last few five years

As it represent a new idea in both desktop and web applications.

This software that we accomplish in this year helps users to access different DBs engines in different machines .

This software also enables the user to create and manage its own DBs in different servers and this is done through the mobile agent technology which we use in our project.

This software also enables users to generate forms for created databases. o The main idea of our project is to create an agent to be sent from the host machine to other machines in the network and execute some operations on these remote machines, sent back with required data o The agent also monitors the processes done on all remote machines on the network.

Agent enables remote machines to create its own databases and support access on these databases using form and database generator SW. Languages

- Arabic : Native language.

- English : speak fluently and read/write with suitable proficiency. AVAILABILITY Immediately.

I have the honor of submitting the above resume for your consideration. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. With my high appreciation.

Yours faithfully,

Ahmed Amin

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