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Engineer Safety

February 19, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Name: Maen Salem Al-Weshah

Date and Place of Birth: 25/03/1980 Salt

Marital Status: Married.

Nationality: Jordanian.

Address: Salt, Jordan.


Phone: (009***********)


Academic Background:

1. Bachelor of Water Resource and Environmental Management / Engineer (June 2004) BAU (AL-Balqa` Applied University), AL-Salt – Jordan with good degree. 2. General Secondary School Certificate Scientific branch. (June 1998). (Al-Salt- Jordan)


1) Training course in Zai plant for water treatment from 20/06/2002-20/08/2002:

Measure the chlorine percent in the water.

Measure the total dissolved solid and the total suspended solid in the water.

Measure the turbidity of the water.

2) Forman in Morganti Group Inc (CCC) from 17/04/2005 to 31/7/2006 in Restructuring and Rehabitation of Greater Amman Water Supply System: I. Execution of flushing pipes lines.

II. Make connections that important for water networks operation. III. Decommissioning of water pipes.

IV. Co-operation with subcontractors regarding to work activities. V. Execution of excavation and pipe laying works as per specifications. VI. Supervision on pressure tests on pipes.

VII. Supervision on an execution of connections between pipes as per as built drawing.

VIII. Execution of isolation process on the network depending on the distribution of water supply.


3) Lab assistance and environment and safety in charge in the project of treatment of oily sludge in Levant Oil Company (from1\4\2007 to 1/10/2007) in Jordan petroleum Refinery Company.

a) Carrying out tests on oil to determine if this oil is suitable as crude oil. b) Tests: Standard Test Method for Water in crude oil by Distillation according to ASTM, Standard Test Method for Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method according to ASTM & some other tests. c) Supervising on the safety conditions in the project. 4) EHS Engineer in Emirates Polygon Road Contracting from 1ST January 2008 to 30 June 2009 on duties hereinafter:

Conducting safety inductions and toolboxes talks on daily basis to all employees along the worksites.

Developing and implementation project EHS plan including but not limited to QEHS policy of the company, traffic management plan, waste management plan emergency preparedness, lifting plan, worksites security procedures, risk assessment for all activities included within the projects based upon nature of the activities within the projects, review of this EHS plan will be conducted regularly per 6 months.

Developing and implementation of traffic diversions regarding road works after obtaining approval from the concerned authority.

Carrying out environment risk assessment and conduction the control measures in order to keep the project environment including the surrounding natural resources free from any contamination, pollution etc.

Preparation of logistic plan to reserve the site tidiness including but not limited to proper locations of equipment’s with necessary safe arrangements, control of accessing and egressing in addition to localizing of machines and machinery near the work areas, spillage control measures and equipment which will be used to eliminate or control of spills etc.

Conducting fire risk assessment for all worksites to preventing fires and taking all proper preventative and mitigation measures in any emergency fire cases.

Developing of emergency evacuation plan and carrying out drilling accordingly to communicate all employees about the necessary actions which will be followed in this case and to check the efficiency of this plan any modifications / alterations to be executed. (Fire / emergency drillings apply every six months).


Developing and implementation of spill management and heat stress as well environmental management plans, etc.

Applying HSE regulations to all work activities as per types based upon local and international rules, regulation, etc. such as Code of Constructions Safety Practice Dubai Municipality and others internationally OSHA, British codes on HSE aspects, etc.

5) Environmen, Health and Safety engineer in Al Masar United Contracting Company from 27/07/09 till 10/03/13 in Upgrading Queen Alia International Airport Road Project.

Execution of layers of roads (from natural ground till bituminous wearing course) as per Health, Safety and Environmental specifications.

Execution of pavement works as per health, safety and environmental specifications.

Execution of storm water drainage systems as per health, safety and environmental specifications.

Execution of electrical works as per health, safety and environmental specifications.

Supervision on removing residues on general from the project as per health, safety and environmental specifications.

Implementation of health, and environmental policy on any activities related to the last mentioned works or any project.

Implementation of risk assessment for whole activates of the project regarding to health, safety and environment.

Implementation of emergency plan of any site project. Such as fire evacuation and spill management plans, etc.

Execution of welding works as per health, safety and environmental specifications.

Preparing and implementation of waste management plan for all wastes types as per health, safety and environmental regulations.

Applying HSE regulations to all work activities as per types based upon local and international rules, regulations, etc.

6) Senior Environment Health and Safety engineer in Jordan Petroleum Refinery from 16/03/2013 to 16/03/2014

Making & carrying out inspection tours depend on checklists for operation units and the same for every buildings utilities in refinery site to improve safety requirements for workers (employees) and raise environment protection requirements (prevention or reducing environment pollution for example from spills & emissions)


Checking and following all work permits such as but not limited hot work permits as well as cold permit in addition to electrical work permits etc.

Follow-up & audit safety permits for maintenance works, shut down and any works need that in operation units specially and on the whole refinery sites for worn suitable personal protective equipment and others permits requirements as per OSHA & ISO requirements.

Following of monthly industrial wastewater tests for oil separator inlet, outlet and floatation unit and irrigation water after treatment.

Prepare Monthly environmentally reports for storage tanks of petroleum products such as vertical cylindrical, spherical and bullet tanks with regard to oily drainage manholes, drainage valves, sampling points (valves) and tanks basins to prevention spills from valves, closure of manholes that leads to soil pollution and following treatment processes for that.

Making studies to enhance PPE'S quality and suitability for different fields of works in whole refinery.

Issuing safety direction orders for making maintenance for equipment, tools, tanks, machines, pipes and others.

Keep housekeeping on progress after finishing shut down of any units within refinery.

Creating monthly report incidents and preventative measures to prevent them again.

Issuing report for noise measurements in whole refinery units by record readings by noise measurement device in order to protect relevant employees.

suitable landfills, also the same is applicable for refinery works

Following subcontractors regarding two safety and environment regulations, for examples wearing suitable PPE'S and compliance with permits requirements as OSHA and NEBOSH standards, environmentally keeping site cleaned by regular housekeeping and removing residues if required to. 8) Senior EHS Engineer / Associate EHS Manager at polygon contracting company and Belhasa Projects Company LLC from 01/02/2014 to 11/05/2016 in DIFC

(Dubai International Financial Center) Network Extension Along Road 312 to Zabeel with connection to WTC (World Trade Center) Project: 4

Conduct Hazard analysis & risk assessment, if needed, for any activities.

Following implementation and complying with project safety plan and UAE safety regulations regarding to project act ivies strictly.

Conduct toolbox talk weekly in site for works in order to increase awareness for workers.

Preparing safety report monthly and weekly including statistics thereon.

Complying works activities with the environmental regulations applied in UAE especially on Dubai Emirate.

Altering work procedures to keep environment clean from pollution, such as procedure for treating with oil spills and other chemical materials spillage.

Monitoring of noise levels from work activities and vehicles works movement in site and the surroundings.

Prevention of dust emissions by spraying water and decreasing speed limited allowable in site and surrounding, moreover near buildings.

Preparing logistic plans and traffic diversions along worksites in conformance with project and Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Requirements in Dubai.


Preparing and implementation of traffic diversions / detours at worksites, traffic diversion which based upon operation speed of the high way, main road, roadway etc. including work zone advance warning, intermediate warning signs, transition of speed limits, taper related distances, stabilization and termination distances.

Preparing EHS Plan regarding to activities of different activates based upon the type of project, hazards that will be encountered and risk analysis, control measures which will be proposed and carried out to eliminate the hazards or mitigate them.

Selecting the appropriate personal protection equipment based on nature of the activity in addition to the hazards thereon, furthermore the purchase of the suitable PPE.

Preparing Daily reports and conducting daily, weekly and monthly inspections on all worksites as well as EHS monthly statistics reports.

Arranging all special safety tools for particular works such as but not limited to the confined entry (Tripod with manual winch as retracting device of an entrant as well as training employees on use of the above mentioned tools via toolbox talks training and the same with any other special tools and devices.

Working with ISO 14001 in addition to ISO 18001 2008, elaborating all documents and requirements to comply with both of the above standards, moreover preparing the plan to be got ready to work on ISO 14001 & 18001 2015.

Providing engineering solutions to comply with safety regulations and applying these on all stages of the project to achieve the public policy of EHS requirements to ensure the safe conditions related to all types of works.

Applying HSE regulations to all work activities as per types based upon local and international rules, regulation, etc. such as Code of Constructions Safety Practice Dubai Municipality and others internationally OSHA, British codes on HSE aspects, etc. 9) Senior EHS engineer with Emirates Roads Contracting on D3 Dubai Design District Business Bay and Various Improvements and Implementing Quick Wins (Bur 6

Dubai) Projects from 23/07/2016 till now and i have already obtained approval on the foregoing position from Parson Overseas Limited, AECOM Middle East Limited, Tamdeen Investment and Dubai Creative Clusters Authority as well as Trakhees Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation as EHS safety advisor, our work scope is included infrastructure and structural works such as roads, potable water, waste water and drainage networks as well as Etisalat and electrical ducts networks as well as about 9 underpasses, moreover two pump stations fire fighting and irrigation and drainage pump stations.

My responsibilities included all mentioned in the previous point in addition to:

Preparing & implementation of CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan) based upon the requirements of DM (Dubai Municipality) for construction phase.

Preparing and revision based upon either request or on yearly basis EHS plan, traffic management, waste management, environmental management, lifting, emergency evacuations, spill management, heat stress plans, etc.

Following all an internal and external audits and implementation any encountered corrective actions to keep compatibility of elements for EHS system.

Following and checking weekly EHS checklists, safety inductions, an internal and external trainings, toolboxes talks, etc.

Handling EHS issues and taking either a corrective or preventive actions at all workplaces along the projects.

Comparing all related EHS Plans as mentioned in point one with the actual implementation of all elements at work sites, then either incorporate or revise on such basis.

Ensuring PTW (permit to work system) is applied for involved work activities.

Preparing waste management plan for all activities at the project. Courses & Computer Knowledge:

A. SARS & NEBOSH certificate on environment, health and safety at workplace. B. OSHA certificate on environment, health and safety at workplace C. Microsoft office (Word, excel &power point 2018) D. Comprehensive course in computer.

E. AutoCAD.



Arabic: Native language.

English: Fluent in reading, writing and speaking. Key Skills:

Administrative skills.

Communication Skills (internally and externally with related authorities)

Initiative, decisive and prompt response in duly time.

Cooperative and coordinative within the benefit of an organization.

Highly qualified in reporting and priorities arrangements within an efficient work plan.

Workaholic, ingenious and inventive in my scope & EHS fields.

Computer Skills

Planning & Organizing all aspects and trends regarding environment, health & safety.

Elaboration of EHS plan, CEMP, Waste, logistic and traffic management plans.

Risk management.

Risk assessment.

Fire & safety as well as fire fighting.

Internal auditing and complying with external audits by fulfillment all associated/relevant requirements.

Trainings conducting for senior staff and higher management.

Closing out all EHS correspondences including but not limited reports, violations notices, etc. internally and externally. Additional Qualifications:

Jordanian driving license since 2000.

United Arab Emirates driving license from 16/10/2008.

Industrial Accidents investigation course.

Cover Letter:

It is pleasure to submit my resume that upon review will demonstrate my competency, proficiency as well capability to fulfill safe work environments, eliminate any hazards that will lead to employees workers injuries, illness and reserving workdays, achievement zero accidents and incidents through the duration of the project, supply 8

innovative facilities, equipment’s, tools that will guarantee the activities progress without any encumbrances / trammels.

Creating consciousness between employees about health, safety and environment aspect ions, hence impose them to comply with authority guidelines and requirements depend upon the nature of work which intended to be carried out. Eventually all of terms mentioned herein this resume is accredited by the verifiable documents, experiences certificates etc., furthermore for any inquiries I can provide the corporate references in companies which i employed thereon. 9

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