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Safety Project

Collins, Mississippi, 39428, United States
$ 26.00 an Hr. Plus Per Diem for lodging. Mobiliza
February 18, 2018

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Vance Wiggins

Accomplished Survey Party Chief

Collins, MS


I have 28 years experience In the Survey Field. Mostly Pipeline's, Power lines & Cell Tower Surveys as well as Boundary & Construction Staking, Alta's & Setting Control as well as AGM Surveys ( Above Ground Markers ) used In the Pigging process.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Survey Party Chief

Hunt Guillot & Associates - Ruston, LA

September 2017 to October 2017

I lead a ( 3) person Survey Team In South West Texas near Catarina, Texas to do a Preliminary survey for a pipeline layout. We used Trimble TSC 3 with the R 8 Base & Rover. Ran RTK & Infill to get our control points. We used the " Edge Of Vegetation " for our Base Line and staked a line between ( 2 ) points. We then set R.O.W 25' from the edge, C/L @ 50' & our last R.O.W. was 75' off of our base line. This Project was called, " Noble Gates ". It was off of HWY 2688 near Catarina, Texas. I along with my Instrument person completed this project and the client at that time had no desire for additional need for mapping. So HGA laid us off. We now await our next project with them or a new avenue. Keep on keeping on. We all know how this business Is, wide open or Stop. Survey Party Chief

Audubon Field Solutions - Houston, TX

May 2017 to June 2017

I lead a 2 person crew to Topo Centurion Pipelines In the Occidental Oil & Gas Field from the Mallet Station to the Slaughter Gas Plant. We located the lines " Depth Of Cover " and mapped those lines. Two lines were 8" Pipelines

& 1 Line was a 6" Pipeline. We done the road profiles & crossings. We also surveyed the power lines crossing our pipeline corridor. We ran RTK & Infill on our GPS Control points & I turned In a T O 2 File with that as well as the DC File & Legible, Accurate Field notes. We used Trimble R 10's with the TSC 3 Data Collector. After completing the Topo we shot 2 Grids one at Mallet & one at Slaughter Gas Plant. This was the conclusion of that Clients survey & mapping heeds at this time. My very experienced Instrument person surveyed everything that was needed while I ran the Field Book. This work was just outside of Sundown, Texas near Levelland, Texas. Survey Party Chief

Universal Pegasus International - Beaumont, TX

August 2016 to April 2017

Leading a 2 person crew to survey pipeline's. From locating to surveying these pipelines for ExxonMobil I with the assistance of my very experienced Instrument person get the Job done correctly and most of all Safely. We survey the pipeline's as well as the Topo on everything Included with the survey. Survey Party Chief

UPI - Wadsworth, OH

July 2016 to August 2016

Surveying Pipeline Route as well as the Access Driveways on spread 2. GPS TSC 3 Trimble with the R 10 Rover. Setting up Base each morning and surveying using Shape files & Keying In points to stake out. Staking those points out. Marked with paint, Lath and Flagging. Correct Labels placed on the lath. Data sent In at night first thing. Survey Party Chief

LLC surveys - Nashville, IL

March 2016 to May 2016

I ran a 2 man crew to do a survey on a Transmission Line. ( Power ). From the Vermilion Power station to the Tilton Power Station. Also, surveyed Boundary to go with this. We used Trimble GPS TSC 2 and the R 8. Also, Trimble Robotic for those shots not possible with GPS. Downloading to Explore, Active Sync, Trimble Data, Export, Copy, Paste, Send. I have over 25 years In the survey field running crews and doing excellent work. Survey Party Chief

Cimarron Surveying & Mapping - Oklahoma City, OK

October 2014 to June 2015

Survey Party Chief. Done pipeline Route surveys, C/L Staking, AGM ( Above Ground Markers ). And much more. GPS surveys as well as Conventional surveys.

Survey Party Chief

Allied Engineering LLC - Houston, TX

April 2011 to September 2011

Survey Party Chief and ran a 2 person crew on some pipeline surveys. C/L Profile's as well as As-Builts. We used Trimble GPS to get the Job done. This was In Kenedy,Texas and In Beeville, Texas. Company closed due to economical decline.

Survey Party Chief

Cook Sanders & Associates - Salt Lake City, UT

August 2010 to March 2011

I ran a 2 man survey Team on " The Ruby Pipeline ". Stationed In Evanston, Wyoming and working across the Utah Line In Woodruff, Utah. This was a very large scale As-Built. We used Trimble GPS Tsc 2 & the R6 Base. We shot Welds, NG shots ( Natural Ground ) as well as Sags, Over Bends and more. Assisted the Construction Foreman and the Inspectors with daily task's such as questions with Stationing. Survey Party Chief

Mustang Engineering LLC - Benbrook, TX

April 2008 to December 2008

I ran a 4 man crew to do a pipeline route survey. Boundary Included. From start to finish. Trimble GPS as well as Conventional.

Survey Crew Chief

Seismic Surveys - Plano, TX

January 1988 to November 2007

I done Seismic 2D & 3D surveys. Deployed Source & Receiver points for Oil & Gas Exploration. I supervised crews on these conventional & GPS surveys. From Desert surveys to the thick wooded areas of Mississippi, Oklahoma,Alabama,. Any project anywhere. I have done Air boat surveys In Louisiana using the old Haliburton chaining procedure.


Fusion Fabrication & Machine - Brewton, AL

May 1985 to December 1987

I was a welder. I would do arc and mig welds. On some occasions I would do brazing and cutting with a torch. Welded plate, Trailers, Metal Tables. Done shut downs In the oil field. ( Plants ). Also welded on Train cars. Industrial. Education

Diploma Graduated 1985 in Math

W. S. Neal High School - Brewton, AL

1984 to 1985

Diploma in Welding. Arc ( Stick ), Mig ( Wire ). Brazed. Cutting with torch. Brewton Area Vocationla Center - Brewton, AL

1983 to 1985


GPS (10+ years), Conventional (10+ years), Conventional 15 years. Sokkia & Topcon, Wild,Geodimeter Total stations (10+ years), GPS Experienced with: Trimble, Leica & Carlson (10+ years) Awards

Veriforce Certified

August 2016

Veriforce Certified out of Houston, Texas. Pipeline locate experience. Certified. H2S Certification

May 2017

H2S Certification earned when I completed the Field Test & the Written Exam. This was In order to access the Mallet

& Slaughter gas plant in the OxyDental Field while surveying the Centurion as well as Foreign Line crossings. Certifications/Licenses

Safety award for H2s class passed.

June 2006 to June 2007

Passed a class for H2s. Oil & Gas field related.

All Terrian Vehicle class

April 2008 to April 2009

I took a class for 4 wheeler safety. This type of transportation Is frequently needed and utilized In the survey field. From pipeline surveys, seismic and more.


October 2021

Government Issued Clearance Identification

Defensive Driving Safety Class

August 2016 to August 2017

Defensive Driving Safety Class Certified.

UTV Certification

August 2016 to August 2017

Safety Certification for UTV Class.

Safety Classes. Veriforce Certified to Locate/Survey Pipelines. Mapping Existing Lines. August 2016 to Present

Certified To Locate/Survey Pipelines through Veriforce. I have the ability to locate lines using " Electronic Reading " ER. Using the RD 4000 or the Metro-tech 850 locator, I can find the pipeline In which to place a " Depth Of Cover " on and then map that line.

Additional Information

I have been a survey party chief for over 28 plus years. I have done Pipeline surveys, Route, As Builts, Cell Tower Surveys, as well as Transmission Line surveys ( Power ) . Boundary, ALTA's. Construction staking, C/L profile, AGM Surveys. Mapping. More.

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