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Java Developer Test Cases

East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
February 18, 2018

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Sudheer Nerella


Professional Summary

Senior IT Professional having more than 14+ years of experience in using cutting edge technologies for integrating enterprises to meet business needs.

Experience in complete System Development Life Cycle including designing, prototyping, developing and support for testing,release and maintenance.

Expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services(SOAP and REST) Producing and Cosumption using top down and bottom up approach.

Expertise in distributed, secure, mobile and scalable application development using J2EE Technologies Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring WebServices, Webservices using JAX-WS and JAX-RS, Servlets, JSP, Struts, EJB, and Hibernate, iBatis.

Experience in SCRUM methodology for Agile Software development, understand the features and come up with stories and task modularization, estimations.

Very good hands on exposure to Software Release Management, Configuration Management, build management activities, application server setup, deployment using build management software like Ant, Maven and experience in usage of Jenkins.

Experience in understanding of Core Java nad J2EE design patterns.

Worked on a POC to develop Service using Spring Boot and Spring WebServices Module and also Spring Listener framework ingeration with MDB.

Good Understanding of the Enterprise Mobilization features, developing web applications which can be used on device and experience in developing server side components for mobile applications.

Strong understanding and experience in Core Java libraries I/O API, Collection API, Threading API also experience with open source libraries such as Apache.

Good experience with relational databases such as DB2, Oracle, MSSQL Server 2008.

Experience in various Application and web servers like IBM Web sphere, BEA Web logic and Tomcat and hands on experience in IDE tools like Eclipse, RAD, XML Spy, Web logic Workshop.

Good Experience in Front end technologies JQuery, Java Script, HTML5 and JQuery

Excellent problem solving skills with a strong technical background and good interpersonal skills along with Positive user interaction and team spirit

Can take independent responsibility as well as ability to lead, contribute and be a Productive team member

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages : Java.

J2EE Technologies : JSP, Servlets, EJB, Hibernante, JDBC, JMS, MQ

Webservices : WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, Axis, Artix, Spring WS

Framework : Struts, Spring,IBATIS

Spring Modules : Core, webservices, integration, MVC, Spring boot

Design Patterns : Core Java and J2EE Patterns

Development tools/IDE’s : Eclipse, RAD/WSAD

Application Servers : Weblogic8.1, WebSphere 6.1 and 8.5, Tomcat

Operating Systems : Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, AIX

RDBMS : Oracle 11g, MSSQL Server 2008, MYSQL, DB2

DB Tools : DB2 Visualizer, MSSQL Server Studio, TOAD.

Other Tools : CVS, JUnit, Subversion, ANT, Log4j, PUTTY, WINSCP

SDLC Models : Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM, Prototype.

BPMs / SOA Suites : Cordys BPM, WLI 8.1

Web technologies : HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, jQuery

Protocols : HTTP and TCP/IP

Infrastructure services : LDAP and Active Directories, IBM Data Power

Debugging tools : Fiddler, Charles Proxy, Firebug


Masters in Computer Science from Osmania University 2003.

Professional Experience

Bank of America - Capture and Ingestion Oct 2016 to Present

Senior Java Developer

Capture and Ingesiton is part of the Document Content, Record Services Platform, its a synchronous/Asynchronous process, it receives unindexed or indexed documents(Mortgage, Legal/Compliance, EEU, OFAC, New Account Opening, Legal Media, etc) from different channels (Centralized Scan, Distributed Scan, Fax, Email, File Upload, eDelivery/Web Service) and ingest them into repositories or distributed storages with the document metadata. Documents are received as a batch and batches are routed to other applications such as Captiva for Indexing and then Ingestion Router application will ingest these documents into repositories and update the Databases and trigger ingestion events to Queues for further downstream systems processing.


Involved in the design and development, testing support, releas, production support of some of the critical webservices in the application.

IngestionRouterService is one of the critical service of CI world, its exposed as both SOAP and REST. Clients consume the service to ingest the documents to FileNet Systems. The services takes request from the client, request contains the document information, content of the document is in Base64 encoded string in case of REST and can also come as an MTOM attachment in case of SOAP, the service validates the request, ingest the documents into FileNet system P8 and updates the Database and sends a process complete message to queue.

Worked on multi threading module which polls the database at specified interval of time and gets the data, once data is fetched, application will process the data to figure out what kind of event needs to be processed, based on the event type it will trigger other threads, these threads will return a future object which will be used by other application in the downstream.

Worked on adding the MQ Listener interface flow into the application using Spring listener interface, implemented the complete flow starting from receiving messages to completing the ingestion.

The services were developed using Java, JAX-WS, Jersey, Spring Core, Oracle, XML, JAXB.

Worked on performance optimizartion of the services monitoring the throughput time and also worked with infrastructure to come up with multiple websphere clusters to make service work for Large files upto 300 MB ingestion.

Created the technical specifications for the use cases and Solution architecture document for the application.

Worked on POC to convert these services to Micro services using Spring Boot and Spring webservices and another POC to integrate Spring Listenter framework with MDB.

Worked closely with the Interface team, testing team in agile environment, reviewing test cases, test results, supporting diferent testing stages component, SIT and UAT.

Provided support to trouble shoot the production issues using tools such as SPLUNK.

Involved in Architecting the Infrastructure planning, setup and configuration for new projects

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring core, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Spring webservices, XML, JAXB, ExecutoreService,Oracle, WAS 8.5, JMS, AppWatch, Velocity Template, FineNet API, SVN, Jenkins.

Verizon Wireless – Enterprise Mobilization Platform Mar 2014 – Sept 2016

Senior Java Developer

EMP is Verizon wirelesses modular framework that enforces the organization security policy, compliance requirement and MDM features all rolled in to one. This is lean framework that ensures various business team within Verizon wireless to focus only on their application features and rely heavily on EMP to ensure all organization related features are adhered for every mobile app published by them. The key benefits of implementing EMP by app team are 1. Security Compliance. 2. Process Compliance. 3. Infrastructure obfuscation – Key Benefit that completely hides the app infrastructure to outside team 4. MDM.


Involved in the design and development of some of the critical features in the application.

Involved in development and enhancements to the core component of the application which takes different types of requests from the device such as device validation, user authentication, user authorization, list of apps and also talks to different systems to fetch required information to provide that to client.

Worked on development of new Application called AmtoolBox which is used by the Vendor Store Account Managers to upload promotions, marketing content, the application provides the users information about the activities in the indirect stores of Verizon, this is one of the widely used Verizon applications and also received recognition from the higher management, the application is developed using Spring MVC, Spring Integration, IBatis, Oracle, JQuery, Rest Services, Javax ImageIO APIs.

Worked on development of another new Application Event Management Tool, which is used by the Crisis Management team to track the events or issues during a crisis.

Created the technical specifications for the use cases and Solution architecture document for the application.

Implemented the survey platform using Spring MVC, IBatis, Oracle, JQuery.

Lead the team to make the Server code HP Fortify compatible. Worked with CRT VZW team to explain/suppress all the issues.

Trouble shooting the production issues using debugging tools such as Fiddler Charles Proxy, FireBug.

Implemented the SOAP and REST web services to integrate with different third parties for fetching device information and user information.

Involved in Architecting the Infrastructure planning, setup and configuration for new projects

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Ibatis, Oracle, JQuery, XML, WAS 8.5, Accurev, IBM DataPower, XSLT, CSS, AJAX, HP Fortify, SSO, Siteminder, REST Webservices.

Creospan-Site Acquisition Tool Jan 2014 – Mar 2014

Java Lead

Site Acquisition tool is a web application which is used by the field agents when they are identifying the sites to install towers. This application automates the process of capturing information for a given site where installation of new towers for Verizon and AT&T could be possible. The application allows agents to capture information related to a site, and it also allows them to capture site photos, street map, satellite map, topography map, flood map, zoning information, landlord information, among various other information related to the site under consideration.


Involved in the design and development of the site right from requirement understanding to implementation.

Implemented user management and client management modules using Java/J2EE and MySQL.

Implemented the SOAP webservices to integrate with different third parties for fetching topography maps, zoning information and landlord information.

Implemented the persistent layer by using the Ibatis.

Came up with a Deployment architecture for production which includes deployment of Tomcat servers, Database layer and other components

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, JSP, Axis, IBatis, SOAP, Web Services, Tomcat, My SQL 5.x

MCA – Ministry of Company Affairs Mar 2013 – Dec 2013

Technical Architect

Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) has initiated the MCA21 project, executed in Waterfall model which will enable an easy and secure access to MCA services in a manner that best suits the corporate entities and professionals besides the public. MCA21 is intended to achieve all the objectives of a versatile E-Governance project. The project is named as MCA21 as it aims at repositioning MCA as an organization capable of fulfilling the aspirations of its stakeholders in the 21st century. Rather than compelling the business community to physically travel to MCA offices, MCA services will be made available at the place of their choice, be it their homes or offices. The major components involved in this comprehensive E-Governance project are Front Office and Back Office, the project is currently in production and new system is being developed in which the whole Back Office, currently in Java will be moved to SAP.


Responsible for all the interactions with customers for undestanding the business requiments, getting the clarifications for the business related queries etc.

Involved in creating the Solution Architect Document and Design document (SAD) and also developed Technical Design Documents(TDD)

As a Technical Architect, involved in the technical redesign of the project which includes integration with SAP using Webservices.

Developed the base abstract classes/interfaces, did setup of the development workspace, enviroment etc.

Configured LDAP authentication for the users using IBM Tivoli Directory Server and migrated the existing users to the new system.

Developed a search screen and dynamic forms to display search results using JQuery, AJAX.

Developed the framework for the batch jobs, reusable components and utility classes which are commonly used in the project.

Responsible for preparing the code review checklist, best practices, conducting the design and code reviews

Developed a framework for Digital Certificate validation using an OCSP responder.

Developed set of EJB components by implementing the Session Facade, Business Delegate and Service Locator patterns.

Involved in creating new environments for development and Testing and also production by using tools like ANT.

Environment : Java, J2EE, Struts, SOAP, Web services, Axis, Spring WS, JSP, Servlet, RAD/WSAD, AIX, DB2, Oracle, XML, EJB, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and jQuery

ICC – AEGON TRANS AMERICA Jan 2011 – Mar 2013

Tech Lead

ICC is an application which mainly serves as a middleware for the AEGON website, where it exposes each process of the functionality as webservice to the website, while it interacts with other systems and database DB2 for fetching the relevant information requested by the website. It also uses CONTROL M for configuring and running the jobs as scheduled using the batch server.


Managed a set of 7 Java resources mainly as a tech lead helping them to understanding the requirement, come up with a proper estimation and also guiding them whenever they require technical help.

Developed the base abstract classes/interfaces, did setup of the development workspace, enviroment etc..

Involved in writing unit test plans and developed J-Unit test cases for all developed applications and also Responsible for Configuration Management and Deployment.

Environment: Java, J2EE, SOAP, Webservices, Struts, Axis, JSP, Hibernate, Servlets, DB2, Control M Job, XML, WebSphere App Server, RAD, HTML5,JavaScript, CSS, jQuery

Zurich Swiss- ePard Nov 2008 – Jan 2011

Tech Lead

ePard is a sophisticated search tool for querying and extracting customer data on various policies on various products from different application systems. ePard application users are able to make search based on the basic policy, claim or party data and the filtered searched results are displayed on search result screen within ePard application. Application users can also look in the details of the policy, claim, “rendement” (claim vs. premium), car insurance or the payments. The system can also flag up impending policy expiry dates which can then be dealt with in a timely fashion. ePard has been successfully integrated as a search tool for all the product application systems.


Managing a team of 5 java associates who can code and integrate the available requirement as needed.

Responsible for understanding the Business Requirements and translate the same to my team members.

Involved in application architectural design and setup.

Worked on the front end screens and controllers using Struts framework.

Developed Java Web Services for getting the customer data from various application systems using Apache Axis Open source service framework.

Designed and developed gateway component using Common HTTP Client framework for two container communication.

Prepared review check list and conducted review walkthrough for all delivered software components.

Responsible for Configuration Management and Deployment.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Digester, JAXB, XML, SOAP, Web Services, JavaScript, CSS Apache Axis Framework, WLI, Oracle 11g

Zurich Swiss- Pandora Sept 2007 – Nov 2008

Tech Lead

Pandora is an online web application which collects the customer information. The project executed in Waterfall Model. This system will be used by Zurich brokers to keep track of their client’s details, who have their relationship with Zurich Switzerland. As a part of this application, brokers can exchange any documents securely to an individual/ group of Zurich financial services associate/associates through e-mail. System is integrated with other applications like ELDA, Cirard for data processing.


Creating dynamic web based forms using Struts, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, XML and Digester framework.

worked on consuming Webservices from the different third party systems and transformed the responses objects on the screens.

Involved in writing unit test plans and developed J-Unit test cases in the application using JUnit testing framework.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Digester, JAXB, JavaScript, XML

Disney- Disney mobile Consumer web portal Jan 2006 – Sept 2007

Java Developer

Disney Mobile is a new business initiative of The Walt Disney Company for entry into the wireless communications market as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). For this initiative, the company is partnering with Sprint as the Host Network Operator (HNO) and engaging Visage Mobile, a leading Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE). Services being delivered are for web development for the Disney Mobile Web Portal. The Disney Web Portal will allow a customer to browse product and service options, place new orders, modify and update account information, view account balances, pay bills, and maintain features like Spending Limits and Location Based Services


Involved in the development of the Action Classes, Validations and custom tags using Struts Framework

Involved in development of Integration components to integrate with different set of third parties using XML, Castor API and WebLogic Integration.

Prepared unit test cases and performed Unit testing using JUnit and XMLUnit

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Eclipse 3.1, JUnit, XML, WLI, JavaScript, HTML, Struts 1.2.4, Castor

ESPN- ROE portal Jun 2005 – Jan 2006


This is an ESPN portal for Retailer’s, where in the retailer’s use this site and help the users to do shopping. The application is available at the retail outlets where the retailer uses and helps the user to do shopping. The customer if goes to any retail outlet and wanted to buy mobile he can take the help of the retailer who will use this portal and helps the customer to buy the mobiles, services and features. The order submission and activation of the device are done through the portal.

The project executed in Prototype model.


Involved in writing JSP’s and JPF’s and also backend integration with the third parties using XML over HTTP and EJB’s. Technologies used were WebLogic Portal, WebLogic Integration, XML, Weblogic Server and EJB.

Prepared unit test cases and executed them using JUnit.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, HTTP, Weblogic Portal, XML, JSP, JavaScript, Struts, WLI

Primus- Primus Consumer web portal Dec 2004 – June 2005

Java Developer

This is a Primus Wireless portal for online shopping of mobiles and services. The user can purchase the mobiles and services and features and he can also check whether the coverage is available in his area. The user can pay his bills online and also user can maintain his account through online. The user can only do the Order Submission using the portal, to do the activation of the device he needs to call the Customer care. The project executed in Waterfall model.


My contribution is writing JSP’s and JPF’s and BPMs and also Integration with the third parties using XML over HTTP and also Prepared unit test cases and executed them using JUnit.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JPF, Weblogic Integration, Weblogic Portal, XML, JSP

Visage Mobile- Voice Carrier Integration June 2004 – Dec 2004

Java Developer

Visage Mobile as an MVNE offers infrastructure and related services ranging from network element provisioning, administration and operations to OSS/BSS support. MVNE’s provide the “middle-ground” between MVNO’s that do not want to have any control over network elements and those that want complete control, Patni developed the complete platform for OSS/BSS support, Network Provisioning for Voice and Data, etc.


Designed and developed JSP’s based on the client prototypes.

My contribution is Integration with the Different Third Parties like Sprint for Carrier Integration, Geneva for Billing, Paymentech for Card Authorization, Vertex for Calculating the Sales Tax, Equifax for Credit Check using Weblogic Integration, EJB and XML, Weblogic Server, JMS.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, WLI, WLP, Castor0.9.9.

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