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Data Scientist

Kings County, New York, United States
February 19, 2018

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THOMAS RICCOBONO 917-***-**** Brooklyn, NY 11232

/in/thomas-riccobono/ t-ricco


Data Scientist leveraging knowledge of mathematics and statistics to wrangle with and ultimately understand large datasets. Exceptional communicator with background in education. Experienced working independently as well as in both small and large professional groups. Passionate and determined problem solver. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Python, SQL, R, C++

MACHINE LEARNING: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Scraping, Data Visualization, Dimension Reduction LIBRARIES: Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, StatsModels, Matplotlib, Seaborn, D3, Keras, Gensim, NLTK, Scrapy, Beautiful Soup COMMUNICATION: Public Speaking, Presenting, Training TOOLS AND SOFTWARE: AWS, Excel, Power Point, Tableau SKILLS


Ill Classification

Trained and evaluated relative accuracy of a variety of classification models using Scikit-Learn's logistic regression, decision tree, random forest and support vector machine classifiers Used Principal Component Analysis for dimension reduction Built a custom ensemble classifier combining both decision trees and logistic regression in tandem to identify which one of six musical genres a song belonged to using their Mel- frequency cepstral coefficients with over 70% accuracy

'Train' vs 'Train'

Trained model to determine the most appropriate definition applied to a given word with multiple potential meanings based on context Used Gensim word2vec to train word embedding model on research papers Applied K-means clustering to extract distinct usages of homographs from context words Troll Hunting

Utilized non-negative matrix factorization for topic analysis on Reddit comments in order to identify abusive or trolling posts Obtained data from Reddit API

Managed data with MongoDB

Time Series Forecasting

Used Facebook's Prophet forecasting tool to model Bitcoin value in USD


Metis, Teaching Assistant, New York 2018 - Current Support lead instructors in evaluating student data science projects Provide one on one support for data science students on various topics in machine learning NYC Department of Education, Mathematics Teacher 1999 - 2017 Served as member of the School Leadership team to craft school's Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), establish key performance indicators, and vote on initiatives to meet annual goals

Mentored first year teacher 2013 - 2014, student teacher 2012 - 2011 Taught courses in Mathematics, including Advanced Placement Statistics and Advanced Placement Calculus Designed curriculum by selecting content and sequence as prescribed by New York State standards Created lessons and study materials for students of various learning styles and levels Collaborated with colleagues to integrate content horizontally across grade level as well as vertically ensuring continuity in mathematics between grades (Formerly Long Distance Voter), Board Member 2008 - 2015 Collaborated with other board members to plan both short and long term strategies focused on maximizing US voter engagement and participation through intelligent use of technology Established key performance indicators to measure progress towards long-term goals Provided online tools for citizens to register to vote Participated on team that researched and edited easy to use online instructions for voters to request to vote by mail in all fifty states and District of Columbia Served as Treasurer 2008 - 2010


New York University

M.S. Applied Mathematics

SUNY at Buffalo

B.S. Mathematics

Metis Data Science Bootcamp

12 - week intensive course covering both supervised and unsupervised machine learning and a variety of big data tools Created original presentations outlining independent data projects (see Projects section of résumé)

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