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Polymer compounding

February 16, 2018

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Designed and developed conducting polymer blends, based on PANI, a conducting material supplied by DRDO lab, Jodhpur and using conducting carbon and blending it with different polymers ABD rubbers.

Designed and developed Bone cement is used to fill the gap between bone and prosthesis. Bone cement has been prepared on laboratory scale and physico-mechanical properties were found to be conforming to the international standards.

Development of Dental Cement. Polycarboxylate resin modified glass ionomer based dental cement used for filling dental cavities, fixation of crown, bridges and also as lusting agent has been successfully developed as per international standards.

Effectually provided expert supported to a building materials manufacturer, and successfully completed the low temperature wood/plastic composites which are suitable for extrusion molding at room temperature.

Developed CAPD system with dialysate solution and completed blood bag composition having physico-mechanical as well as hematological properties conforming to ISO 3826.

Disposable vaginal speculum has been developed for gynecological applications. These can replace metallic speculum, which needs to be sterilized for long periods and pose risks of disease transmission if improperly sterilized.

Technically consulted formulation and processing of product developments, such as anti-static PE film apply in wafer spacer, the toughness of nylon composites apply in sole, wear-resistant nylon tube apply in brake cables, a long-lasting anti-fog effect PP packing film, etc.

Identified and solved varied composites failure problems (e.g. recycle materials, selecting alternative materials) by using separation and composition analysis techniques. Extensive experienced in functional polymer-based materials and composites, including PE, PP, PET, PBT, PVA, PMMA, PC, PS, PA/Nylon, ABS, PPO, PVC, TPE, TPU, EVA, NR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, phenolic resin, glass/carbon reinforced composites, nanocomposites, recycled materials etc.

Developed a technology for the manufacture of low cost disposable healthcare products viz. diapers and sanitary napkins have been developed.

Developed Jute composites by replacing polyester and polystyrene with natural Euphorbia latex coagulum. Water absorption properties of polyester coagulum composites are better than polystyrene coagulum composites. This composite can be successfully used as wood substitute.

Developed gamma resistant PVC/PU blends, PS/SBS, PP/EPDM, PP/SEBS, PVC/ABS and PVC/NBR blends have been developed for abrasion resistant low cost lip seal and Booting for nuclear plant conforming to International specifications.

Developed ecofriendly ways for utilization of plastic waste in the following areas - Process Engineered Fuels (PEFs) from plastic wastes, Road Construction and Value Added Products from plastic wastes.




Polymer production for PVC and XLPE compound,wire and cable applications.

Flame retardant polymers for wire and cable.

Flame, smoke and toxicity testing protocols on wire and cable products.

Characterization and analysis of polymers and polymer additives.

Low dielectric loss polymer materials.

Low dielectric loss and ultra-low density foam insulation for coaxial cables.

Polymer structure-property relationships.

Global materials sourcing and vendor evaluation.

Technical seminar development and presentations.

KLJ polymers & Chemicals Ltd,Village; Silli, Silvassa, U.T. of Dadra & Nagar Havelli

Dy. Manager (QC/R&D) - PVC Compounding Plant Division,

since Sept’15 – Sept’16

Inspection and checking of incoming Raw material for production as per national & international standard specifications.

Inspection and checking of finished goods as per standard specifications for different properties of PVC compounds.

Root cause analysis of complaints from customers & corrective actions.

Expertise in Instrumental, chemical analysis and processing equipments for better quality material

R&D development for new imported products for Cables, Shoe and medical products.


Research Associate (R&D) - Film division, since Sept’14 - Mar’15

Accountable for the development and further improvement of new and existing calendered and cast vinyl film.

Proven expertise in Research and development, as well as testing in the field of Engineering plastics blending and compounding and cost reduction.

Demonstrated skills in using scientific analysis techniques to solve products problems and provide consulting services, with an emphasis on formulation.

Responsible for the formulation development and hands-on experience in manufacturing process. Promoting technology transfer and patent filling applications.

Packaging polymers materials and processes, ranging from film technologies (and laminations), and rigid packages (blow, thermoforming, extrusion of pipe and profile and injection molding) and delivering excellent package and label solutions.

Carrying out requirement analysis, finalizing specifications, designing, prototype development and testing activities with primary focus on Quality, Cost & Delivery in the lines of cGMP guidelines, exhaustive experience in batch documentation, auditing, EM, products and report writing.


Position: Scientist C (R & D/ QC) Polymer Division.

Accountable to Design, synthesize, and test new/innovative and/or improved products, grades, and compounds materials leading to new business opportunities.

Participated in formulating and executing product strategies, new product and process technology implementations, troubleshooting and optimization programs related to commercial plant operations.

Mentored the team of scientists for submission of project in new areas, planning and monitoring of the research projects and writing of research papers and filing of patents

Developed low cost calendaring and cast vinyl formulations for different industrial application, copolyester for easy dyeable, cationic dyeable polyester products, specialty and engineering plastic compound for heat resistance cables, hoses etc. Contact lens was developed and found to match with

imported sample w.r.t. physico-mechanical properties well as toxicological studies, such as Implantation & sensitization etc.

Setting up demonstration of developed technology and setting-up of plants In Material Science (Polymers):

Setting up demonstration Plant for manufacture of Sanitary napkins has been set up at Shriram Institute, Delhi

Scale-up of the technology for manufacture of sanitary napkins from textile waste

Setting-up of sanitary napkins plant at Ahmedabad, (Sponsor – CARE India)

Setting-up of sanitary napkins plant at Hyderabad, (Sponsor – Shymala Industries)

Exploring the feasibility of bamboo fiber for hygeine application, (Sponsor – NMBA)

Setting-up of demonstration plant on bamboo based sanitary napkins, (Sponsor – NMBA)

Development of X-ray resistance garments for medical application. (Sponsor – DRDO)

Development of Mica reinforced PEEK for defense applications, (Sponsor-DRDO)

Development of gamma resistant lipseal (Sponsor-IGCAR)

Development of gamma resistant Booting for master salve Manipulator (Sponsor-IGCAR)

List of Technologies commercialized:

1.Emulsion grade PVC to M/s SFC Kota

2.Blood bag to M/s G. Surgiwear

3.Modification of cable compositions to M/s Rajesh Enterprise

4.Polycarboxylate dental cement to M/s Pyrex Expots, Roorkee, U.K.

5.Gynecological speculum to M/s Era Healthcare Kolkata, West Bengal

6.Sanitary napkin manufacturing plant has been setup at:

Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency, Dimapur, Nagaland

CARE India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Konkan Bamboo Resource Center, Kudal, Maharashtra

Shymala Industries, Hyderabad, Andhara Pradesh



International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME award for development of technology for low cost napkins


2005 R. N. Bangur Memorial award for development of technology for low cost napkins

2010 Shristi Award for Utilization of latex from euphorbia plant for development of composite

2012 Shristi Award for Development of technology for radiation resistance covering for handling material in radiation plant.



643/DEL/2005, A process for producing a sanitary napkin,

597/Del/2005, A process for producing absorbent core from textile waste

595/Del/2005, A polymeric material for use in biomedical applications Application

596/Del/2005, A disposable vaginal speculum

3170/DEL/2010, A process for preparation of Euphorbia coagulum banana fibre composite

3171/del/2010, A process for preparation of contact lens with improved hydrophilicity

2259/DEL/2011, A diaper for low birth weight babies and method for producing the same.

Professional Enhancement Trainings Attained:

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Minitab, ISO, OSHA

Trained on the equipments for polymers characterization and their processing by different techniques for developing polymers

Technical Competencies :

Processing and Testing : Extrusion, Injection Moulding, Calendaring/cast film/blown film, Dip moulding and coating, Vacuum Forming/thermoforming, UTM – for testing TS / FS, Impact Testing – Izod/Tear strength, Flexural and creep Test, MFI Testing, Colour Matching, DSC, TGA and GCMS,GPC,IR, Solution Viscosity Testing, Surface energy/contact angle, SDR, LOI, VR, Insulation resistance, Dielectrical constant, thermal ageing etc.

Polymer processing: Extrusion, Injection Molding, Fiber Spinning, Calendering, Rotational (Slush) Molding, Adhesives, Coatings, Alloys and Blends made with other plastics/TPEs.

Polymer compounds: Solids and Foams versions of Plastisol, Dry blends and compounds, TPU/PVC Alloys, PVC/Rubber blends.

Processing Know-how: Single Screw and Twin-Screw Extrusion (Compounding as well as Reaction type), Injection Molding, Thermoforming, Blow-Molding.

Characterization: Rheology, Screw/Die design, Materials testing and characterization by capillary and other types of rheological methods, DMTA, Thermal techniques.

Publications :

Utilization of Bamboo Pulp in disposable medical product, presented at AFRI Jodhpur, March, 2009

Utilization of Bamboo Fiber for development of eco- friendly composite; Presented at AFRI, Jodhpur, March, 2009.

Effect of suspending agent on synthesis of acrylic bone cement; presented at National seminar on Recent developments in biomedical polymers and their application at Hotel Atria, Bangalore on 13-14 May, 2005

Technology for manufacture of low cost napkins; presented at UTTHAN – 2005, Seminar on sustainable Development at CTSD, Faridabad on 18-20 February, 2005.

Utilization of natural resources as a mordent for naturally dyed fabric. Preet tyagi, Dhiraj Kr, Singh, Parveen Gogia, A. malik, R.K. Diwan, R.K Khandal at Bombay Textile Research Association Mumbai December, 2007

Application of natural mordent on naturally dyed cotton and silk fabric. Dhiraj Kr Singh, Preet tyagi, Parveen Gogia, A. Malik, R.K. Diwan, R.K Khandal At Institute of engineers (India), Delhi, January, 2008.


Ph.D. – Chemistry, 2013, CCS University, Meerut U.P

Thesis: Studies on synthesis of copolymer of Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) for preparation of soft contact lens

Association of Indian Chemist (AIC), 1999, from Calcutta

M.Sc., Chemistry, 1990, Delhi University

B.Sc, 1988, Delhi University

IT Skills – MS Office, Mini Tab, Windows and Internet Applications

References: Available on Request

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