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Environmental studies

Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
February 16, 2018

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Courtney Day

*** **** *** ******

Clay City IN. 47841812-***-****


I'm a very hard-working I’ve got year of experienced in being a server/ bartender. I’ve been successful at reducing companies cost and plus I’m a very outgoing, polite and a very respectful person. I'm really focusing on my future right now. I feel like it is definitely time for a career move. I will be starting college within the next three months, hopefully. I'm not exactly real experienced in the field I've chosen. However I'm extremely passion in life is to work with the environment "Going Greener!" Environmental researcher is something I believe I could do for the rest of my life! There's a lot of different jobs within this field, I want to make a difference in my life. I love the outdoors, the woods, oceans and mountains. Our planet is in need of our help, I will make a difference! I don't have too much experience in this area but I'm passionate and self-driven. I'm an extremely hard worker, honest and trustworthy employee. “Hopefully I can make my dreams come true!”


Food and beverage handling expert

Strong customer relationship builder

Ability to handle fast-paced environment

Excellent guest service Banquet operations and off-site catering expert

Ability to handle/resolve problems

Cash handling


Willing to work under pressure


Maintained a positive dining experience for all restaurant customers.

I always try to stay calm and collective even when we have a small catastrophe. I'd never let the guest feel unsatisfied. There was never a problem that couldn't be solved my main focus is always on the customers.

Quickly identified problem situations and problems and resolved incidents. Before things ever get out of hand or you get to overwhelmed you must always try to be calm curious and as helpful as you can. I would always jump in to help all employees because I handle pressure very well. I also have enough experience in this type of work I'm almost positive "I've seen it all!"


2002 Graduate High School Diploma; Core 40/ General

Clay City Jr. Sr. High- Clay City IN. 47841

I excel in reading comprehension. I enjoy writing a lot it could be an essay, outline, even a huge report. One day I aspire to write a book. My G.P.A was a 3.0 when I graduated from high school. I wanted to wait until I was completely decided on my career before I even started college. I’m defiantly ready to start my career, so I’m going to be attending college in the near future. I want to become a Naturalist. I will eventually work at a state park or something of that nature.

I have a liquor license

Certified in C.P.R

I was a key holder at the liquor store (In charge of opening and closing.)

I was also a key holder at Oak Ridge

Experienced in the antique business

Selling and buying antiques

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