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Software Engineer Service

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
February 15, 2018

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Over ** years of development, analysis, and architecture experience - Significant experience in Java ecosystem, having performed the role of architect, analyst, technical leader, and developer.

Experience in architecting JEE application, Event Driven Architecture, RESTful/SOA architecture, Inner Source projects, DDD, TDD and ATDD. Passionate about open source frameworks and technologies, learning new things and trying to keep up with changes. Mentor the developers to provide technical guidance. Experience in rewriting the legacy systems and breaking the big monolithic system into multiple micro services, which have resulted in a significant improvement in development process, and quality.

Work extensively with feature teams to mentor engineers in the proper use of existing micro services, and creation of new ones.


Technical Lead, CapitalOne, Richmond, Va June 2016 - present Omega is one of the first Systems of Record strategically built in house. It’s a micro-services based platform being delivered using some of the most advanced development techniques and patterns available to solve the current recovery legacy platform. Recovery Classic for media is a modern platform to deliver the statements, good-bye letter, etc to clients.


• Creating and maintaining architectural objectives that state precisely which business goals the architecture is designed to achieve.

• Enable Dockerized development environment.

• Development and support of multiple micro-services on recoveries platform.

• Build the continuous integration and deployment infrastructure micro-services.

• Establishing and communicating application design patterns within the team.

• Evaluating efficient tools and technologies through proof of concept that can ensure performance of critical components within architecture patterns.

• Mentor the developers to provide technical guidance.

• Develop an ELK stack for application monitoring. Environment: Java8, Spring, Spring boot, Spring Cloud, Spring batch, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Consul, MongoDB, Docker, ELK Stack, TDD, ATDD, DDD

Architect Consultant/Technical Lead, Anthem, Richmond, VA June 2014 - May 2016

Consumer Portal: is an internet application for managing the consumer healthcare account plan and also options to compare the plans with each other. 484-***-****

Nidhin Benjamine




Java, Java Script


Spring Core, Spring Boot,

Spring Cloud, Spring Batch,

Spring Integration, Spring

Data JPA/Hibernate, Camel,

Mule, AngularJS, Struts


MongoDB, Postgres, S3,

Elastic Search, Oracle,

MySQL, SQLServer,


Kafka, ActiveMQ, IBM

Message Broker, RabbitMQ

Environment / Infrastructure

Jenkins, CICD, Docker, Mesos/


Amazon Web Services, ELK



Tomcat, WebSphere,

Weblogic, Jetty


Agile, Scrum

Version Control

Git, SVN, CM Synergy 6.3,


HRS: Healthy Returns System is an intranet application for managing Preventive health care. Preventive care case creation and management for eligible Anthem members is done through a web application named HRS Web.


• Responsible for communication with the client to gather requirements for new features determine scope for the future phases and provide estimates on the tasks.

• Responsible for overall technical quality, works with developers for lower implementation decisions

• Prepared the restful service integration architecture and framework to interact with the other applications within anthem.

• Worked with development team to resolve the technical challenge.

• JRebel evaluation and feasibility study.

• Restructured the RHI batch process to handle more volume and execute in a better way.

• Provided leadership and mentoring within the development team Environment: J2EE1.4, Java 1.6, Spring, Hibernate, Sql Server, ExtJS, Drools and web logic Architect Consultant/Technical Lead, Deloitte, Camp Hill, PA Feb 2013 - June 2014

Washington Health Benefit Exchange: is currently working to create Washington HealthPlanFinder

(OBAMA Care Implementation for State of Washington) – an easily accessible, online marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses in Washington State to compare and enroll in qualified health insurance plans. This one-stop shop will enable residents to:

• Make apples-to-apples comparison between Qualified Health Plans (QHP).

• Help determine eligibility for tax credits or less expensive co-pays and deductibles.

• Receive personal assistance finding, selecting and enrolling in the right health plan to meet their needs.


• Designed and implemented (worked with Sr developers) 834 standard to exchange the data between exchange and insurance carriers

• Designed and created the batch framework for Washington Health Plan finder using spring batch.

• Manage and coordinate the work within the enrollment team by creating the task.

• Organized the different releases and hot fixes within the enrollment team. Environment: J2EE1.4, Java 1.6, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Batch. Struts2, Oracle and web logic Java Architect, Coventry Healthcare, Harrisburg, PA March 2011 - Feb 2013 Coventry Enterprise Architecture is the discipline and practice of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures. This team provides Integrations services, foundation frameworks solutions and many common technical aspects of building an IT solution for Coventry Health Care to other teams within Coventry. KHIE – Kentucky Health Information Exchange

KHIE provides last 90 days member / patient demographic and claim/encounter data

(diagnosis, encounter, medication, immunization and procedure) information to State through ACS. The retrieved data will be filtered based on specific business rules, bundled into the HL7 / CCD format (DOC^T12), packaged according to KHIE specifications, and sent back to KHIE. The request

(QRY^T12) from KHIE will identify the member, in the request message, by their Medicaid ID Responsibilities:

• Worked with business to understand the requirements for the foundation frameworks, created architecture and design documents for the offshore developers for development and also actively involved in the development

• Created the design and technical specification document and also created the orchestration flow for the service. Developed the HL7 transformer component to process the QRT12 and DocT12 inbound and outbound messages. Worked directly with Vendor to understand and process the continuity care document message and also coordinate the testing effort for the CCD validation with QA team. Closely worked with vendor to integrate the service layer using WS- security frameworks

• Re-defined and actively worked with Sr. EA to redefine Service maturity model.

• Evaluated and involved in creating the proof of concepts for the technologies like Spring Integration, GemFire, RabbitMQ, vFabric and Mule.

• Created the Integration module service for Oracle Identity Federations to establish the single sign on.

• Architected and Implemented on translator service to perform the mercy cross reference authorization request

• Performed load testing for Web service, RabbitMQ, SSO Integration Module.

• Created file merge/comparison tools used by groovy

• Analysis, Troubleshooting and Problem resolution. Environment: J2EE1.4, Java 1.6, SOA, IBM Message Broker, Web service, spring 3.x, Mule 3x, Spring Integration 2.1.x, Spring Batch 2.0.x, Gemfire, CXF 2.4 (JaxRS & JaxWS), Groovy 1.8, Junit 4.8.1, Maven 2/3x

Team Lead, Vanguard, Malvern, PA Oct 2010 - March 2011 Part of the core center of excellence team responsible for enhancements and production support of retail applications at Vanguard - the number one mutual fund company in the world Maintains and supports around 40 applications in financial domain Senior Software engineer, H&R Block, Kansas City, MO April 2009 - September 2010

H&R Block offers online and in-person tax preparation and tax software, financial services and tax planning information. Field Messaging Router provides a real time bidirectional messaging communication channel between the field offices and the Head office. AutoEntry provides the ability for a consumer, whether digital or retail, to retrieve their Tax data from a providing financial institution


Senior Software engineer, T-Mobile, Seattle, WA August 2008 - March 2009 The Retail Service Platform (RSP) is a set of re-usable services to primarily support the activations and account management business functionalities within T-Mobile Retail customer and partners (BESTBUY, WALMART, AMAZON, and etc). The RSP will be replace the

“backend” functions of the current Retail Applications AASP, WATSON and CAM/ iCAM, STSG, POS and it can be integrated with any front end application or system via message transfers and protocol


Senior Software engineer, Cap-Gemini, Bangalore, India Feb 2007 - May 2008

Global Sales Workbench: Sales Workbench will provide critical, up-to-date information when users need it through a ‘walk-up-and-use’ web-based interface. GM will make it easier for dealers to conduct business with GM by providing a common user experience and seamless integration between the applications that help dealers execute the lead Management and Sales processes

IT Consultant, LogicaCMG, Bangalore, India May 2004 - Dec 2006 OMG is the LogicaCMG product for managing content providers and applications connected to the network.

The OSA/Parlay Prepay Application is a prototype for the implementation of Prepaid Application in the OSA/Parlay environment. The Prepay Prototype Application interacts with the Framework, GCCS and Charging SCF of Aepona’s Causeway to demonstrate the possibility of a fully functional Prepaid Application.

Software engineer, BPL Telecom, Bangalore, India Dec 2002 - Apr 2004 Optimizing Retarget able DSP compiler is a C cross compiler, which can produce assembly code of desired processor equivalent to hand optimized assembly. The Retarget able compiler consists of two parts, FRONT END and BACKEND.In the FRONT END side, the output generated by the LLC from C code is transformed into Intermediate Representation (IR) form as per Soft Networks specification. The generated IR form is basically the flow graph comprising of data dependency information and to the most extent resolved single static assignment is given as i/p to the m/c independent optimizer module where optimizations like Common Sub expression Elimination, Constant Expression Evaluation, Dead code Elimination, Pattern matching, Graph Generation, Loop invariant code motion were achieved at the FRONT END side.

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