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Systems Administrator

Kings County, New York, United States
February 15, 2018

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Adeela Yasin



I am currently seeking a challenging position in a rewarding environment. Where I can exhibit my years of experience in the IT industry as a Linux System Administrator.

Highlight of Skill Sets as Linux Systems Administrator:

Experience in managing RHEL. Which included installing, testing, tuning, upgrading, and loading patches, troubleshooting both physical and virtual server issues.

Accomplished Linux systems administrator:

With four years of experience managing server infrastructures and data-center operations across multiple platforms (RedHat and CentOS, Linux). Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize the Linux Systems to achieve high availability and performance.

Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth:

Organizational development and systems/network optimization. Skilled problem identifier and troubleshooter comfortable managing systems, projects and teams in a range of IT environments.

Cable Vision, Hicksville, N.Y September 2013 – Present

Linux Systems Administrator

Planning, installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS platform where 65% of the environment is on VMWare and 25 % bare metal consisting primarily HP and Dell servers.

Day to day responsibilities included the following but not limited to:

Ticket assessment/prioritization on daily basis on RT platform.

Building servers using PXE-boot and kick start.

Installed Linux (RHEL 5/6, CentOS and Ubuntu 12, 14) on HP blade, Dell R series servers and VMware ESXI 5.5 using PXE with kickstart.

Worked on iLO and iDRAC setup and configuration.

Managing systems routine backups, scheduling jobs like disabling and enabling cron jobs, enabling system logging, network logging of servers for maintenance, performance tuning, testing.

RPM and YUM package installations, patch management using Server automation tools and scripts and other server management.

Configuring different RAID levels on different hardware.

Created groups, added Users ID to a group as a primary or secondary group, removing Users ID from a group as well as adding users in Sudoers file.

Created and managed Logical Volume using LVM to create volumes on the volume groups, and file systems.

Experience with basic bash sell scripting.

Used VI editor to edit a variety of configuration files.

Setup cron jobs schedules for various backup and monitoring tasks. Supported with enterprise backups using Netbackup.

NFS Administration, exporting file systems, mounting exported file systems, working NFS daemons and fixing any mounting issues.

Networking TCP/IP, DNS, SSH, DHCP, Cisco Routers/Switches, and


Installing, configuring and managing Linux VMs on VMWare ESXi using VSphere, Vcenter, Vmotion.

Automating all aspects of VMware VSphere infrastructure with VMware VRealize Orchestrator.

Installing Applying ESXI patches, attaching storage, monitoring and optimizing virtualization performance of ESXi hosts and VMs.

Performing physical to virtual machine conversions.

Performing automated installations using automation tools such as Server Automation and PXE-boot with customized kick start files.

Deploying rpm packages using kick start and automation tool SA

Creating mount points for database administrators; Supported mysql database.

Installing and backing up mysql database and migrating onto different server with restoring.

Hardening new built Linux Servers from security point of view.

Attaching NAS, DAS storage to Linux and ESXI servers, creating standard partitions, creating physical volumes, group volume, logical volumes and extending/reducing logical volumes.

Performing file system checks and repairing when needed.

Managing file systems utilization using script scheduling as cron job.

Writing Bash Shell scripts to automate my daily administration tasks such as to track file system space usage.

Managing user accounts and implementing user-based security via password aging

Maintain file system and host security using chmod, chown, chgrp,, iptables and tcp wrappers.

Configuring network adapters for IP addresses and resolving routing related issues

Resolving TCP/IP, UDP related networking issues on RHEL systems.

Perform software package installation, upgrades and updates using yum and rpm commands.

Testing and Deploying security patches to number of systems on Dev and Production environment

Managing file systems using fdisk and LVM.

Performing critical system administration tasks from Single user mode.

Installing and configuring Apache httpd server to be used by developer to host web applications internally.

Configured multiple websites on one Apache http server using virtualHost containers.

Configuring NFS server and mount exported nfs resources at the client side.

Configuring and managing vsftp servers

Setting up secured passwordless SSH authentication on servers using ssh key pair.

Monitoring and controlling system processes using top, renice, kill etc

Conducting system performance tuning and capacity planning.

Solving challenging issues through solid problem solving approach

Monitored system logs and activity on all servers.

Configure NTP client on servers to synchronize time zone with the NTP server.

Resolved systems and process issues reported by Site scope.

Actively monitoring Systems health using Nagios and Solarwinds products and responding to tickets generated by Nagios and users on RT platform.

IBM Global Technology Services March 2012 - August 2013

Windows / Linux Help Desk Specialist

Being responsible for interacting with IBM GTS prime clients responding to their computing needs in timely fashion and interacting with user community through ticketing system and calls providing level 1 and 2 support

Migrating 1000s of systems from old Dell hardware to latest and greatest hardware and software which included installing base OS, creating gold image and deploying onto these systems. Verifying the availability of apps and restoring data.

Installed Windows (Windows XP and 2003 Servers) and Linux Operating systems (Red hat and CentOS).

Resolving login issues; resetting passwords.

Complete User and group management on AD and Linux.

Extensive work with permissions and securing files and directories.

Installing M.S office and configuring outlook.

Installing software on Linux Systems using YUM and RPM.

Working with vendors to order new parts and ordering hardware.

LAN port enabling and disabling.

Resolving DNS related issues /etc/resolv.conf

Performing backups and restores.


Knowledge of Bash shell (/bin/bash)


HP, Dell and IBM hardware

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