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Louisville, Kentucky, United States
February 15, 2018

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Louisville, Kentucky ***** Mobile No: +1-502-***-**** Linkedin ID


Skilled SQL/PL SQL developer with 4.5 years of experience for maintaining various complex applications in Banking, Insurance, Finance, Market domains.

Excellent skills in designing and development of applications using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i SQL, PL/SQL

Excellent SQL skills, experience writing complex queries and working with database objects like tables, views, sequences, synonyms.

Experience with database objects like Stored procedures, Stored functions, Packages, TYPE Objects, Triggers, cursors, REF cursors, parameterized cursors, Views, Materialized Views, PL/SQL collections and Database Link.

Experience in Bulk Data loading using Oracle utilities namely SQL Loader and External Tables.

Expertise in Query Performance Tuning by Analyzing tables, hints, DBMS Profiler,Explain Plan, Bulk Collect feature, Materialized Views and Troubleshooting Oracle database issues.

Effectively made use of Table Functions, Indexes, Table Partitioning, Collections, Analytical functions, Materialized Views, Query Re-Write and Transportable table spaces.

Experienced in DB Design, PL/SQ Development.

Good knowledge of Data Modeling using ETL tools, Entity-Relationship Diagrams.

Experience in managing Oracle SQLldr tool for loads of high volumes of information.

Highly motivated and adaptive with the ability to grasp things quickly with excellent interpersonal, technical and communication skills. Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team and individually.

Created and maintained ETL packages to extract data from different systems, and load variety of large volume data into data warehouse from different sources like flat file, Excel file,DTL tool.

Team Player with ability to maintain team spirit and resolve conflicts within the team with ease and calmness. Ability to drive team with ideas and thoughts and keeping everyone engaged.

Added ability to manage work under pressure in addition to solving problems correctly.


Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering.

Mumbai University, Mumbai, India, June 2011


•Programming Languages: C++, Basic Java, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL.

•Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8.

•Database: -Developer2000, Oracle9i, Oracle10g, Oracle11g, SQL Server 2008.

•Tools: SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Developer,ETL.


1.Organization: 3i Infotech

Client: ICICI Bank, Mumbai, India.

Project: iSecuritisation Duration: [Feb 2016-Mar 2017]

Role and Description:

Senior PL SQL Developer

ISecuritisation is servicing project. ISecuritisation is a process of conversion of liquid loans into tradable securities. The bank gives loan to the borrower then bank is with less capital and want the capital back, so the bank makes the deal of multiple loans and deal is divided into series which is having multiple PTCs(Pass through certificate) and sell it to the investors. In this way bank got its capital back. And now bank can use this capital for other loans.

•Understanding functional environment.

•Coding in PL\SQL (Creating trigger, procedures, functions, packages).

•Patch preparation, SIT, UAT and Production Deployment, Post Production Validation.

•Created, debugged, and modified stored procedures, triggers, tables, views, user-defined functions etc.

•Involved in Preparing Detailed technical documents.

•Involved in Code Review and preparing unit test cases.

•Involved in Writing Backend Procedures, Function & Packages in PL/SQL.

•Trouble shooting and provide 24x7 supports for Production environment.

•Optimized and enhanced the existing procedures and SQL statements for the better performance.

•Populate Data to Database using Data Loader, ETL Tools.

•Extensively used SQL* Loader, Export tables, External Tables and Oracle utilities for data loading process.

2.Organization: TCS

Client: ICICI Lombard Insurance

Project : Edison Application Support Duration: [Sept 2015 – Feb2016]

Role and Description:

Senior PL SQL Developer

IL Edison is Intermediary management and Commission payouts application and we are developing new reports and form according to user requirement also providing support to the system.

•Understanding functional environment.

•Understanding BRS, Preparing RA, Preparing estimates.

Extensively involved in coding of the Business Rules through PL/SQL using the Functions, Cursors and Stored Procedures,Packages.

Involved in creation of Database Tables, Global Temporary Tables, Cluster Tables, Partition Tables, and Index-by Tables using storage parameters, created Database Links and Snapshots using Oracle 10g,Oracle 11g.

Applications Tuning of Database using EXPLAIN PLAN,Oracle query tuning and optimization.

•Patch preparation, SIT, UAT and Production Deployment, Post Production Validation.

•Actively involved in production support.Implemented fixes/solutions to issues/tickets raised by user.

•Experience performing data migration using data loader, ETL tools, Informatica.

3.Organization: Mineman System Pvt. Ltd.(MMS)

Duration: [Nov 2014-Aug 2015]

Role and Description:

Database Software Engineer

Mineman has data center at Sydney and London. I was in Support Team. Mineman provide support to Mining industries. We are handling their database.

•Implementation of stored procedure, function, packages.

•Documentation and maintenance of client’s database by using DTT tool.

•General improvement in database and Mineman System for better use of system.

Written many PLSQL Stored procedures, Stored functions, Packages, Exception handlers, Ref Cursors and used in many front end applications. Written many database triggers for automatic updating the tables and views. Updated and maintained database data.

•Designed new reports and wrote technical documentation, gathered requirements, analyzed data, developed and built reports, supported more than 20 mining client companies' general business reports and benefit plan administration processes.

•Developed different type of reports including: Sales Report, Client Report, Accounting Statement Report, Employee/benefits census report, Benefits statements report, Enrollment count summary report, Billing report and other mining related finance reports in PLSQL program.

•Scheduled and managed daily/weekly/monthly sales and operational reports based on the business requirements.

•Created and maintained packages to extract data from different systems, and load variety of large volume data into data warehouse from different sources like flat file, Excel file,DTL tool.

4.Organization: Neelkanth Digital Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

Client: STQC Directorate, Mumbai Duration: [Jan2012-Nov2013]

Role and Description:

Programmer Engineer

ERTL (W) is a testing lab. We have database (MIS) system which contain all information regarding company details, customer details, job details.

•Making various reports, presentation for respective department using SQL for data extraction,analysis.

•Extensively involved in writing SQL queries (Sub queries and Join conditions), PL/SQL programming.

•Coding in PL\SQL (Creating trigger, procedures, functions, packages).

•Collecting the client feedback as a positive manner to improve the work and to avoid the recurrence of manual errors.

•Managing all MIS activity of the process including form designing.

•Provide support in audits of documents & reference checks.

•Database Backup and Restore, Good knowledge of SQL and PLSQL.

Organization: GrowingBiz

Duration: [April2017-Jan2018]

Role and Description:

Sr.Software Developer

GrowingBiz is the technology startups with a strong professional resources that helps our clients to create and deploy web applications, mobile application using latest technologies.

•Client query resolution.

•Implementation of stored procedure, function.

•Designed new reports,analyzed data, developed and built SSRS reports.

•Coding in PL\SQL (Creating trigger, procedures, functions, packages).

•Environment: SQL server 2008,SQL server 2012,PLSQL Oracle 11g.

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