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Project Manager

Pennsylvania, United States
February 16, 2018

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Java based PLM & PDM Software Development - Electronic Product Life Cycle - Crowd Sourcing Ideation – DMAIC Lean - KJ Events - Program Management - Application Security - Engineering Systems Integration - Legacy Systems Migration - Medical Device PLM - Low Cost Center Partnerships - Supplier Relationship Management - Shared Services Management – Agile Development Methodology- SDLC-UNIX -- Applications Systems Support – SQL - Enovia – Windchill PDMLink – ERP – MS Office Suite – Oracle OTM – ALM – Request For Proposal Mergers & Acquisitions – RFP - Vendor Contract Negotiation - Recruitment

Business-driven IT Professional with distinguished experience planning and leading sophisticated IT operations and technology implementations that have delivered outstanding returns. Leverage broad business acumen, technical expertise and analytical skills to achieve strategic IT objectives and articulate a future vision. Masterful at making assessments of IT operational challenges and for developing and leading the resulting action plans. A history building technology organizations, improving IT processes and providing mission-critical solutions on time and within budget. A powerful leader highly accomplished at developing and executing winning business strategies, optimizing performance, improving IT processes, resulting in bottom line profits and organizational excellence. Champion of professionalism, dedicated to building and motivating high performing teams that consistently meet or exceed corporate goals and objectives.


Introduced the Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM), serving as the digital backbone for transporting part data from engineering to ERP. Led the development of EBOM to ERP integrations providing synchronous release of all related data to ERP.

Overcame executive management concerns with the introduction of the Agile Scrum process to a globally dispersed community of practitioners.

oAlayed management concerns with a hybrid Waterfall/Agile approach

oEnabled common practices for automated firmware update change management

oEstablished a quarterly cadence for process improvement update reviews

Negotiated large volume, multi-year software and service contracts yielding $1.5MM in annual savings. Led Software license asset management initiative working closely with PLM (Enovia) & PDM (Windchill PDM Link) vendors to maximize economy of scale. Responsible for vendor management including score-carding performance assessment on a monthly basis.

Leader of Enterprise Product Lifecycle & Product Data Management software development, deployment & user adoption of tools to manage all aspects of the electronic product life cycle. Foundational elements of these solutions include Enovia and Windchill PDMLink, with the development process following a structured phase gate approach with Project Action Committee (PAC) oversight.

Sponsor for LEAN initiatives greatly improving customer satisfaction and delivery to schedule and budget consistency. Tools and process included Voice of the Customer capture, Value Stream Mapping, KJ Group Ideation, Crowd Sourcing Ideation and Quality Function Deployment.

Driver of a wide spectrum of compliance related initiatives including program management, application security, software development lifecycle methodology, customer satisfaction and hazardous substances.

Active participant in vendor steering groups and user conferences to remain current on the frequent changes in the PDM, PLM & ERP industries and to influence vendor plans for the benefit of the company.

Served in a business analyst role for 10 years.

Staffed with a global team of 75 associates and a budget of $9MM.


Livingston International

Business Analyst (Apr 2017-Jun 2017)

Collaborated with application development team members in the planning, design, development, and deployment of new applications, and enhancements to existing applications. Coordinates and performs tests for new and modified systems and other post-implementation support.

Reviewed, analyzes and propose changes to existing systems to increase business effectiveness and efficiencies. Develops strategies to improve or leverage these systems.

Liaise with application development team members, other IT groups, business unit leaders and end users to identify, analyze, evaluate and document business, financial and operations requirements. Recommends business and/or technological solutions based on these requirements.

Plans, leads and coordinates various projects related to software development and design which includes (but not limited to) research, design and implementation of new or modified applications or systems or business processes; directing Application Developers and Programmers towards project goals and completion; create, review, and prepare business analysis documents including solution definition, cost estimates and project timelines.

Office Depot through Adecco

Logistics Associate Analyst (Dec 2016-Feb 2017)

Logistics assessment and optimization

Resource placement

Safety adherence & enforcement

General Dynamics Mission Systems through Softworld Consulting

IT Business Analyst (May-Nov 2016)

Defined the project charter as the overarching control and communication mechanism.

Accurately estimated project duration.

Engaged project stakeholders to capture requirements and build executive consensus.

Identified business critical to quality items.

Completed process mapping.

Collaborated in a teaming manner to gather critical project data and resolve issues.

Accurately assessed impact of alternative solutions to problems.

Demonstrated the ability to comprehensively estimate project time and manage modification that occur.

Planned the steps required to manage the project roll-out .

Completed a project postmortem and captured lessons learned.

Demonstrated a working knowledge of PDM, PLM & Agile tools.

General Electric Gas Turbine, Greenville, SC through Apex Systems Consulting

Senior Business Analyst (Dec 2014- Dec 2015)

Engineering Tools Team Senior Business Analyst successful in leading the development of an Export Control Classification Nomenclature (ECCN) integration with Oracle OTM.

Defined the Project Charter as the governing project document.

Established a stakeholder community as the governing body of the project.

Established and led weekly stand-up meeting to track progress and remediate open issues.

Defined organization chart and incorporated roles for clarity of responsibility.

Defined the project timeline and incorporated labor requirements and tracked consumption on a weekly basis.

Led the voice of the customer capture process as the baseline for requirements definition.

Led the capture of business requirements on a global scale to ensure all key voices were heard.

Contributed to the functional design and process mapping.

Identified areas of risk, defined mitigation plans and tracked these on a weekly basis.

Developed and distributed a communication package complete with user self-training content.

Documented the project post-mortem and lessons learned capture.

TE Connectivity, Berwyn, PA

Director, Engineering Systems Development, Integration & Project Manager (Jan 2011- Aug 2014)

Collaborated with the Chief Technology Officers, Product Management & Product Engineering in the re-architecting of the Product Change Notification process, a vital link to customers whereby critical part changes are communicated..

Led a Configurable/Catalog Part solution deployment from pilot to production. Engaged business unit leaders to commit resources to the pilot process and validate the solution part family management dramatically by representing it in a catalog series.

Partnered with Tech Mahindra in establishing a low-cost center based Prime Contractor program for all Product Life Cycle (Enovia) and Product Data Management (PDMLink) application development.

The outcome was a consolidation of multiple contracts and numerous staff members into a single multi-discipline team with a $1.55MM savings.

Manager, Enterprise Engineering Systems (Feb 2008-Jan 2011)

Served as Program Manager in the development, deployment and sustaining actions for a custom Medical Device product lifecycle management application for the TE Medical business unit. Partnered with the Integware Corporation to leverage their Enovia based medical device solution competency, addressing the critical elements of DMR, DHF and CAPA.

Collaborated with Chief Technology Officers on usability enhancements to the Global Material Selection System driving a 25% usage increase in preferred metals and resins.

Established an Embedded Software Development community and convened a global summit to bring this group together for the first time. The outcome was the adoption of standard practices for embedded software development, testing and disaster recovery by the Agile SCRUM community.

Participated to the content, planning and implementation of an internal Business Analyst certification program to normalize critical skills in the areas of voice of the customer capture, business requirements definition and value stream mapping.

Manager, Engineering Applications & Services (Jan 2006-Feb 2008)

Delivered process consulting, design automation and end user support for CAE/CAD/CAM applications to a global user community of 5,000 engineering users. Managed global software license agreements and key supplier relationships resulting in multi-year contracts with substantial discounts.

Established and led a 3-shift low cost center operation producing customer-view CAD models for the company’s electronic catalog, increasing and sustaining a 30% increase in usage by an external customer community. and customizations.

Manager, Engineering & Manufacturing Systems (Jan 2004-Jan 2006)

Established a shared service model for engineering desktop provisioning and support that had previously been business unit centric and therefore inconsistent in levels of service and productivity. Continuously optimized and expanded this model to one affording significant economy of scale value that remains in place today as a best practice on a global scale.

Applications Engineer – (Jan 2003-Jan 2004)

Developed and deployed an automated solution for the routing of an under-carpet electrical and signal carrying cabling application, reducing labor cost by 75%.

Applications Engineer – (Jan 2001-Jan 2003)

Developed automated wire crimping application machinery dramatically reducing manual crimping time by 65% while improving quality by 50%.

Senior Product Designer – (Jan 1998-Jan 2001)

Awarded US Patent 4544220 for development of electrical automotive connectors having the means for positively seating contacts.


Associate in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology,

Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, 1985


Example Project #1- Low cost center software development teams


oProject demand expansion in the areas of Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management exceeded budgeted amounts.


oI led a low cost vendor selection process with Tech Mahindra chosen as the preferred supplier.

oTwo programs were approved and staffed with 30 members each in Bangalore, India to address key areas of demand:

PDM & PLM software development projects

Electronic Catalog 3D PDF creation

oIn order to retain key staff in a high turnover environment I established a 6 month rotation program as a retention vehicle for high performing individuals.


oAnnual cost savings of $1.65MM

o100%increase in project throughput

o30 % increase in Electronic Catalog downloads greatly improving the selection of TE connectors as the preferred choice.

Example Project #2- EBOM introduction to the company


oProcess to integrate Product Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management and ERP were non-existent due to the lack of support from the ERP team.

As a result key metrics including stock status, effectivity and scrap were not consistently managed across the 16 TE Connectivity business units.

Remedy I proposed to the SAP team was a conservative but progressive 3 step approach to achieve the establishment of an integrated environment:

Step 1: EBOM emailed to the SAP for fully manual incorporation

Step 2: EBOM electronically sent to SAP for manual incorporation

Step 3: Full integration of EBOM creation in PDM, sustained and versioned in PLM and sent electronically to SAP.

oI engaged the 16 Chief Technology officers for their support and they willingly complied.

oI partnered with the ITI corporation, given their prominence in the integration arena, as the development partner on the project.

oI supplied the integration requirement to the SAP team for BAPI development.


oFull production launch by the TE Medical business unit in Shanghai, China.

oFull transparency to the integration process enabling seamless connectivity from PDM design to PLM sustaining to ERP.

Example Project #3- Preferred Materials Selection System


oEach of the 16 TE Connectivity business units were able to select any metal and resin for their connector designs.

oThis resulted many times in the selection of high cost and low performing choices.

oVisibility to the optimal metal or resin for the particular connector design did not exist.


oWith approval from the 16 TE Connectivity Chief Technology Officers I proceeded to plan and execute the development of application improvements including integration with the SAP material master.


oA dashboard user interface was designed to provide enhanced visibility to each CTO to track material selections and intercede where improper selections were made in procurement and/or engineering.

oThe right material for the job was more consistently achieved alleviating over-design with excessive cost or sub-optimal design with degraded performance.

Example Project #4- General Electric Export Control Classification Nomenclature (ECCN)


oGeneral Electric Gas Turbine operations relied on a semi-automated classification and coding process.

oThis resulted in miscoding of parts and software items placing the manufacturing process at risk, especially with items containing imbedded software.

oThese risks include fines of up to $500,000 and permanent disbarment.


oThe semi-automated process was removed from service.

oI oversaw as Sr Business Analyst a fully automated integration developed employing the commercial Oracle Global Transportation Management (GTM) application.


oSystem reliability was dramatically improved with elimination of critical error.

oThis resulted in a dramatic reduction of coding errors, citations and fines.

Dear Hiring Manager:

The vacancy you seek to fill presents an opportunity for you to choose the candidate whose work ethic, values, productivity and professional integrity are consistent with that of your organization. Chances are you seek a candidate who experiences intrinsic satisfaction from a job well done, above and beyond the tangible attributes of the position - I am that candidate. Also, you may be seeking a candidate with the credentials, acumen and experience to provide value added services to your customers, clients and stakeholders. As you will see from my resume – I am that candidate.

During the course of my career with Tyco Electronics, General Electric and General Dynamics I held leadership roles in the global development, deployment, continuous improvement and customer support of product lifecycle management software applications supporting digital design content management, engineering change, program management, material compliance, medical device and catalog part management solutions. I partnered with the Tech Mahindra company in establishing a low cost software development center resulting in cost avoidance of $1.65MM. Executive stakeholder management was a critical function for me where I collaborated with the business unit Chief Technology Officers on requirements definition and program execution. I was a proponent and practitioner of the DMAIC Lean process as a means for continuous IT improvement. In my most recent assignment I served as a Senior Business Analyst for General Electric in the integration of two disparate logistics solutions greatly improving productivity and mitigating compliance risk.

My personal qualities combined with my diverse experience will contribute well to the continued success of your company. My mature leadership and technical experience combined with my passion for delighting customers is an ideal match for the position. I invite you to take a close look at my resume and career path, to distinguish me as an individual with a passion for service and commitment to the results of the organization I serve. I will gladly make myself available at your disposal for a discussion and further evaluation of my credentials and capabilities for the position under consideration.


Timothy C. Wildman


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