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Manager Front Office

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Annual salary of $45000-60000
February 16, 2018

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Tommy Liu

***** Robson Drive, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3E 3Y9*


Guest Service Specialist, Front Office Development Consultant, Managerial Skills of Rooms Division


With over 18 years of experience managing sections of Rooms division, I am a driven professional with the psychology of communications and passion of resolving issues in my daily job. To use my possession of polished and fine tuned instruments in both written communications and interpersonal skills for sharing my experience with others.

While reflecting upon my experiences, I understand that there are two things of human nature are true; people and organization both have a message to be heard, and I enjoy to act as a medium facilitating this exchange of information while coaching them for a profitable return.


● Rooms Division Development ● Motivational Management ● Departmental Training

● Strategic Organizational Management ● Design of Hotel Policies and Procedures


Best Supporting Manager of the Year 1999 - MANDARIN ORIENTAL, HONG KONG

Magic Moment Service Award of Year 2000 - MANDARIN ORIENTAL, HONG KONG


Apr, 2014 – Oct, 2017

Motivaction Travel Company, MACAU


Work in a managerial role with the similarity of job demands from my previous Front Office Manager job roles.

Liaise & communicate effectively with responsible hotel sales and F&B department staff of client selected hotel site.

The process of planning and coordinating the event includes budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.

Plan and execute the event, taking responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service. Not responsible for operations at rented event or entertainment venues, but will monitor all aspects of the event on site. Some of the tasks listed in the introduction may pass to the venue, but usually at a cost.

Maintain smooth coordination with the client to ensure their satisfaction.

Make transportation arrangements and also select and hire caterers for the event.

Prepare a guest list on client request

Manage and supervise contractors, caterers and other staff, whenever deemed necessary

Ensure the event meets all health and safety standards and client satisfaction


May, 13, 2013 – March, 2014

Grandview Hotel, MACAU


Liaise with all departments in Rooms Division of the hotel

Hold periodical Rooms Division meetings with Department Head or Manager to uphold hotel standards and enhance communications within departments

Design & implement Operations Policies & Procedures for Assistant Manager, Front Desk (Reception & Cashier), Reservation, Concierge, Telephone and chauffer sections.

Maintain periodical check on operations’ service standards through “Secret Guest” and guests’ comments via travel agent websites.

Modify the original Holiday Application Procedures on day off, annual leave & public holiday requests among Front Office team members.

Hold a Front Office 15 minutes Briefing session on daily basis

Implement Computerized AM Log for easy reference among departments on guest comments & complaints.

Enforce a written daily handover between shifts of Assistant Manager for efficient follow up and further discussions on all issues.

Re-organize Front Office structure to fit in Front Desk Multi-skilled project.

Supervise & organize rate structures for Reservation Section easy reference and rate quotations.

Dissect Reservation into “On-day” and “Future” sections to handle all booking requests professionally.

Construct rate chart for daily rate & average revenue forecasts based on historical data.

Systematize daily duties of Concierge section & arrange effective procedures on daily, weekly and overdue storage of guest luggage.

Provide Basic English Training course to frontline staff.

Standardize Telephone sections on greetings based on the time of the day.

Offer guest services to greet & bid farewell to VIP guests.

Meet up with potential Corporate Guests upon their check-in or departure to establish Hotel Corporate Accounts with the assistance of Sales Department


Maintain good communications with General Manager of Casino for effective room sales.

Submit monthly reports on total rooms taken by Casino, contracted agents and no shows of Corporate and Travel Agents.

Plan monthly rosters for efficient manpower distribution based on historical hotel occupancy levels.

Oct 05 - Apr 2013

Grand Lisboa (431 rooms) & Hotel Lisboa (926 rooms), MACAU


Report directly to General Manager

Handle guest complaints, hotel crisis, & rooms related issues

Record and follow up on guest comments on daily log

Responsible for Security & Audio & Video departments

Coordinate on purchase matters & source new products for San Diego Hotel, Regency Hotel, and Grand Lisboa Hotel

Implement Rooms Inspection procedures & format

Design & complete the Policies & Procedures and Job Descriptions/Specifications for all departments for both hotels

Implement Systematic Training Plans for Rooms Division

Handle all matters correlated on Hotel issues

Enforce hotel service standards in all departments

Supervise Hotel Security and TV & Sound departments

Act as Public Relations contact person for both hotels

Design & implement computerized Daily Assistant Manager Log

Responsible for the pre-opening of Grand Lisboa Hotel

Jun 2006 - Jan 2007

(Contracted Out on pre-opening for Hotel Lisboa/Florinda Group)

Regency Hotel, MACAU (326 rooms)


Report directly to General Manager

Conduct Daily Departmental Briefing with all department heads

Responsible for pre-opening of the hotel

Recruit hotel staff members from Hotel Lisboa to assist opening

Review & Interview recruitment candidates for hotel personnel

Handle all matters correlated on Hotel issues

Act as Public Relations key contact person for the Hotel

Setup security team for hotel operations

Coordinate with Finance on negotiation & renewal of hotel contracts

Design & implement “Internal Control Forms” between Rooms & Finance departments

Accountable for formats & design of Hotel external correspondence

Train concerned department heads on Crisis Management procedures

Provide support on fine-tune Property Management System

Set up all sections of Rooms Division

Establish and enforce Hotel training & service standards

Manage Front Office, Concierge, Reservations, Telephone Department, Business Center, Assistant Manager & Housekeeping

Devise policies & procedures for Rooms Division

Synchronize on internal & external correspondence for the hotel

Assist in guestroom renovation project

Work closely with Director of Sales on achieving budgeted daily & monthly room sales

Coordinate in bed conversions to meet higher room sales

Design & complete computerized Daily Assistant Manager Log report for Senior Management

Oct 2004 – Sept 2005

Best Western Hotel Sun Sun, MACAU (177 rooms)


Report to Deputy General Manager

Responsible for Front Desk, Reservation, Business Centre, Airport, Concierge, Operator, Engineering and Security operations.

Maintain daily FIT and Agents rooms sold record up-to-date for Revenue Management

Plan for all departments bi-weekly manpower rosters

Design and execute Operations Manuals for all responsible departments

Implement Emergency Policy & Procedures

Record and submit monthly rates breakdown

Accountable for incoming and outgoing correspondence

Prepare Front Office Budget

Construct “Rate Forecast” strategy based on statistics

In charge of Internet agents, local agents and other daily reservations, allotments and rates implementation

Assist in “VingCard” system implementation and training

Design and execute VingCard operations

Train up Assistant Manager for Front Office operations

Conceive “Extended Stay Package” to increase rooms revenue

Re-model Hotel room categories for successful upselling

Organize Hotel room rates for FIT, Travel Agencies and Internet Agencies

Devise effective cost-saving plan for Engineering on Maintenance, Repairs and Buying routine tasks

Liaise with Group and Hotel properties on engineering department work tasks

Increased monthly Best Western Gold Crown Club International memberships by 14 - 24%

Implement & provide “Basic Security Safety” Training

Attend for Hotel Energy Saving Meeting

Nov 2001 - Sept 2004

Hotel Miramar, HONG KONG (492 rooms)


Report to Rooms Division Manager

Attend Daily Hotel Briefing

Supervise & Manage Assistant Manager Team

Greet daily VIP & Club Floor Guest arrivals

Manage Hotel Club Floor activities

Maintain hotel standards through inspections on VIP allocated rooms and ad hoc selected “ready to sell” rooms on daily basis

Act as Deputy Rooms Division Manager in the absence of Rooms Division Manager

Maintain the work harmony between Assistant Manager and other departments

Provide advanced training for all Assistant Manager members

Improve the techniques among Assistant Manager on handling guest comments

Make suggestions on the layout & presentation of Daily Assistant Manager Logbook

Prepare monthly Assistant Manager rosters

Motivate the team to exceed management expectations on “What Can Be Done” and “What Should Be Done”

Prepare Policies & Procedures for Assistant Manager Department

July 1997 – Oct 2001

Mandarin Oriental, HONG KONG (541 rooms)


Report to Rooms Division Manager

Acting Front Office Manager between July, 1999 – Jan, 2000

Responsible for daily Rooms operations

Implement Rooms and Front Office projects and assignments

Prepare annual Front Office Budget

Provide Fidelio training

Responsible for hotel group cross training and exposure

Train up Assistant Manager and Guest Relations Officers to perform Front Office duties


Implement staff career development plan

Responsible for all inter-departmental monthly training

Work closely with Sales and Housekeeping departments

Affirm the performance and standards on all Front Office staff

Update Front Office training materials and standards annually

Assist in yield management project application

Forecast on weekly manpower via arrivals and departures to maximise profit yield and a high grade of Equivalent Full Time Employee figure (EFTE)

Perform “Perfect Room” check for VIP guests

Standardise Assistant Manager daily duties

Oct 1996 - July 1997

Mandarin Oriental, HONG KONG (541 rooms)


Monitor hotel full house situations

Liaise with Reservation Manager on daily booking situations

Provide assistance & support in daily Front Office & Reservation operations

Responsible for all Front Office staff scheduling and annual leave

Conduct advanced training to newly promoted Front Office & Reservation Supervisors

Record & submit monthly upselling transactions for management approval of rooms upselling commission

Review and enhance policies and procedures for both reception, cashier, enquiry sections & Reservation office

Update departmental training materials and standards periodically

Uphold hotel standards on daily check in and check out

Jun 1995 - Oct 1996

Mandarin Oriental, HONG KONG (541 rooms)


Report to Front Office & Reservation Supervisor

Assist in daily Front Office & basic reservation operations

Provide basic training to all Front Office staff

Monitor hotel full house situations

Update reception and enquiry training materials and standards periodically

Uphold hotel standards on daily check in and check out

Sept 1994 - Jun 1995

Mandarin Oriental, HONG KONG (541 rooms)


Provide escorting all guests to their rooms

Comply with guests requests from points of rooms reservation to check in

Ensure performance is adhered to hotel standards and policies

Familiar with all daily tasks and duties at designated section

July - Sept 1993 & Feb - Apr 1994 (Red River Community College Internship)

Golden Oak Inn, CANADA (50 rooms)


Report to Hotel Manager and assist in daily hotel operations

Operate as bartender in hotel’s bar

Train new staff in both restaurant and bar

Responsible for maintaining stock level and weekly stock taking

Provide check in and check out service at front desk


Degree program in Hotel and Restaurant Management


High School Diploma program



Oct 2000 – Nov 2000

Mandarin Ananda, In The Himalayas, INDIA


Introduce Mandarin Hotel Group Standards

Re-structured daily operations for Rooms Division

Implement Mandarin Hotel Group policies and procedures for Front Office, Reservations and Sales

Design types of rate code control system for Front Office, Reservations & Sales Department

Establish operation guidelines and checklists for Rooms Division

Provide training to Front Office, Concierge, Reservations and Sales


SMS Hotel System Design and Implementation 2001

Assist in designing new hotel computer system for Rooms application

Attend senior trainer course on SMS system

Provide training to Front Office and Housekeeping sections

Implement new procedures and policies for daily operations

Establish new coding system for daily reports

Front Office OSAD plan

Implement one Rooms Division Supervisor a day instead of two Supervisors

Relocate Supervisory manpower for training, counseling, and guest relations

Business Plan for Front Office

Forecast a Business Plan 2000 for Front Office operations

Gather possible uprising business information from potential clients


Create new service standards to meet with new demands of year 2000

Compile a “Strengths, Weaknesses, Operations, Training” plan

Front Office Budget

Prepare and forecast the budget for 2000 and 2001

Compile necessary data for the forecast on revenue and expenses

Propose Front Office headcount

Complete “CAPEX” item requisitions for year 2000 and 2001

Contingency Plan

Prepare and complete Rooms Division contingency plan for Y2K

Implement Contingency Plan for Rooms Division in December, 1999

Responsible for all updates and training on crisis management in Rooms Division

Manage the crisis team of Front Office for Y2K in December, 1999

Front Office structure remodeling

Re-structure Front Office hierarchy

Minimise Supervisory staff turnover rate

Increase morality of Front Office team members

Eliminate unnecessary hierarchy between the levels of management and supervisory staff

Front Office training for Assistant Manager

Incorporate Assistant Manager to Front Office daily operations

Provide Front Office basic training to all Assistant Managers

Increase manpower assistance during high occupancy period

Enhance relationships between Assistant Manager & Front Office staff

Establish successful career path from Supervisor to Assistant Manager

Hotel Group Fidelio standardization project

Responsible for updating the Fidelio amenity, service, and feature codes

Complete Fidelio codes report for Mandarin Hotel Group

Provide description on each code of individual field

Standardise all codes within the Mandarin Hotel Group for simple reference

Set guidelines on new code implementation

Rooms Upsell Programme

Design room upsell programme on a commission basis

Implement Rooms Upsell Programme in year 1996

Train Rooms Division staff on effective rooms upselling

Complete monthly upselling report for Rooms Division

Increase rooms revenue by 17% between 1996 – 1998

More Preference Training

Establish definitions on significant guest preferences

Maximize guest satisfaction and recognition

Implement “More Preference” training to Front Office

Provide “More Preference” training for all staff in Rooms Division

Maintain weekly percentage of guest preferences obtained record

Increase guest preferences from 40% to 82% between 1996 – 1999

Design “Delight and Satisfying” guest slip for easy recording

Produce monthly results on successful guest preference results

Innovative Rooming Assignments

Design different levels in rooming skills

Provide a systematic rooming levels for trainees, Supervisors, and Managers

Conduct spot check rooming for all staff in Front Office

Maintain rooming records for future reviews and improvements

Uphold hotel standards on service provided through rooming

Maximise guest relations skills for all front line staff

Departure Experience Project

Establish the goals of “Perfect check in” and “Perfect check out”

Provide express check out while maintaining hotel service standards

Schedule Cross Exposure Training for Rooms Division staff

Obtain accurate expected departure time from hotel guests for rooms turnover efficiency

Cross Sell Incentive Programme

Assist in cross sell Food & Beverage outlets

Introduce Cross Selling scheme into Front Office with awards & prizes

Design Cross Selling chart to display daily results between individual staff

Increase Food & Beverage outlets revenue by 12% in 1999

Hotel full house monitoring skills

Design and implement “full house” monitoring skills for Supervisor

Maintain hotel 100% occupancy successfully without any walk out guests

Affirm on guest satisfaction at no walk out guest conditions

Liaise with Reservation Manager on daily basis to maintain the level of hotel overbooked situation & maximize rooms selling

Front Office multi-skilled programme

Ensure all Front Office staff to be trained as both receptionist and cashier

Expand the Front Office staff abilities

Increase the flexibility of manpower

One Chit System

Eliminate unnecessary paper work on F&B outlets’ chits (guest bills)

Establish system to collect only necessary chits on company’s requirement

Decrease manpower usage time on chits collection from 2 hours to 10 minutes

Front Office Training Manuals update

Responsible for updating Front Office training materials

Oversee on all training activities in Rooms Division

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