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Engineer Management

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
February 14, 2018

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Akhilesh Dubey

Mob: +91-805-***-****


Profile :

-Having overall experience of 4 years and 8 months in EMS, Educational and Start-ups organizations.

-Involved in end to end component activities starting from category assessment of parts, Vendor selection, RFQ management, negotiation & contracting, bidding and auction, Procurement of Electronics & Electrical components for both NPI projects, Mass production & SMI/CRP projects.

-Handling NPI RFQs.

-Sourcing the samples on high value parts for NPI built.

-Raw material planning for Electronic category like Passive elements, EMDs, ICs, NVIP followed 4C(Currency, Completeness, Consistency and Correctness).

-Expert PCB assembly pricing Engineer in charge of Complex Quotations, in response to SOWs and RFQs, component engineering while processing and analyzing customer bills of materials in preparation of fast paced procurement cycles for in-house purchasing.

-Validating the customer specific templates received from the manufacturer through direct sourcing.

-Demonstrative experience for part tracking system which includes extraction of parts from catalogues according to the part number description and classifying the same with reference to standard schemes available.

-Strong knowledge of REACH and ROHS directives.

-Input Management, Input validation, Data Analysis, Classification and Mapping.

-Possess sound understanding of Planning & Procurement strategies.

-Proficient knowledge of View mate tool for Gerber retrieve, Electronic components, Vypro tool for DFA analysis.

-Possess excellent interpersonal, negotiation, communication and organizational skills with proven abilities in team management, customer relationship management and planning.

Component Skill Set:

-Effective evaluation of Vendor rating, selecting Suppliers for evaluation, auditing vendor, identifying development activities and developing vendors on customer needs.

- Market search for commodities and it’s dependent materials for price fluctuations.

-Win-win negotiation with suppliers with reference to the market and quality of the capable work by the supplier.

-Analytical skills to elaborate the process of pricing and defining methods of calculation.

-4C’s and Client relationship management, Negotiation Bidding, Supply Chain Management and attention details.

-Proven skills in Strategic sourcing and work flow diagram, function hierarchy, work management, prototyping, process streamlining.

-Work with cross functional teams and fast paced environment.

-Quoting, PLM, BOM and Business case modelling.

Employment Profile:

APR-2015 to JAN-2018 as Lead Engineer PCB Assembly in Sierra Circuits.(India) Private Limited.

A division of Sierra Circuits Inc USA, specialized in the Design, Manufacture and Assembly of prototype PCB’s and Serving the wide range of customers over +30 years.

Roles and responsibilities:

-As a Lead Engineer-PCB Assembly, have end to end component activities starting from category assessment of parts, Vendor selection, RFQ management, negotiation & contracting, bidding and auction, Procurement of Electronics & Electrical components for both NPI projects, Mass production & SMI/CRP projects.

-Handling NPI RFQs.

-Possess sound understanding of Planning & Procurement strategies.

-Sourcing Electronic Components and negotiating prices & payment terms for new projects to Orders.

-Verifying if the customer parts are allocated for next week shipments and take action if the parts are not allocated.

-Work based on the order commit and prioritizes production.

-Focus on ECN or ECO and material assessment.

-Identifying & developing new Vendors for Cost saving & Supply stream line activities.

-Preparing instructions details for production floor Engineers to go through the procedure for particular prospects of clients.

-Conduct Training for New Joinees on process and support.

-Identifying & developing new clients as well as vendors for budgetary bidding.

-Preparing shift plane for departmental employee.

Components statistics:

-Active components (Diodes, IC, transistors, power sources etc.)

-Passive components (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors etc.)

-Sub assembly parts, Cables, Wires & Packing materials.

-Micro controllers & Processors, Oscillators

-Metal sheets, nuts, screws, bolts & all metallic components

-Batteries, LED, BEAD, Transformers etc.

Daily activities:

-Retrieve the customer provided Bill of material to rectify all the obsolete, EOL, LT parts and have them suggest appropriate to replace in all the aspects.

-Vendor assessment, New Vendor set up & RFQ management.

-Provide resolution for the receiving challenges.

-Provide resolution for the Quality challenges.

-Works closely with Sales, Accounts, DFA, SMT and production team.

-Supervising RFQ, QC and Assembly Labour Team.

Area of Strength:

Process Management: Redesigning, Implementing, Monitoring overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximise customer satisfaction level.

Quality Operations: Developing and ensuring a high-quality customer experience, elevating customer satisfaction, while adhering to the quality standards and work processes and thus managing cost-effective operations. Setting quality standards for operational areas & ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Customer Relationship Management: Supervising customer service operations for rendering and achieving quality services; Customer Retention.

Component implementation: Recommendation for all the material in replacement is convenient to customer prospect and run the boards with agreement.

Supplier development: Identifying alternate suppliers, evaluating samples and finalising for regular procurement. Localisation of materials. Developing indigenous sources for possible imported materials.

Past Engagements:

-Sierra Circuits. (India) Private Limited, Goa from April 2015 to Jan-2018 as a Lead Engineer.

-Nagpur Polytechnic, Nagpur from June 2014 to April 2015 as an Assistant Professor.

-Cognize Technology, Indore from May 2013 to May 2014 as a System Admin.


-Received the Gladiator award in Sierra Software Design Centre Pvt. Ltd. in 2016.

-Successfully handling a team of 26 members and trained new employee in the process.

-Win award in National level Project Competition in TGPCOE, Nagpur in 2013.


-Graduated as Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Nagpur University, Nagpur (India) in 2013.

-Diploma in Electronics Engineering from Nagpur Polytechnic Nagpur-2010.

Personal Vitae:

-Leadership Skills

-Negotiation skills

-Make me to Listen

-Self confidence

-Concentration skills

-Effective Time Management

-Highly dedicated to work and flexible at any occasions.

-Good Communication & interpersonal skills.

-Self-confident, Proactive and detailed oriented.

Language Known : English, Hindi, Marathi.


Passport : M6738995

Bangalore, India Akhilesh Kumar Dubey


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