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Security Officer

New Boston, Texas, 75570, United States
February 13, 2018

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Anthony Gant

**** ** ****

New Boston, TX *****

430-***-**** (Mobile)


Work Experience

August 5, 2014 – Present

Texarkana Independent School District

Therapeutic Interventive Learning Center

Job Title: Behavioral Support Specialist

My duties included providing staff support for troubled youth in a classroom setting. I assist students with classroom assignments from ages 12-18. I conduct physical fitness instruction during the day to provide students with a physical activity. I provide support to teachers to enhance the overall education of the students.

April 25-2016 – July 30, 2016

Tractor Supply

Job Title: Sales Associate- Part Time

My duties included helping customers in the store with questions and items for sale. Stocking and facing shelves to include heavy items. Heavy lifting of items purchased by customers.

March 12, 2013 – October 31, 2014

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Barry Telford Unit, New Boston, Texas

Job Title: Correctional Officer III

My duties included monitoring offenders during their work duties, recreation and in their housing areas. I maintained order in dayroom areas and in cells. I escorted offenders to and from medical, cafeteria and visits. I maintained reports and documentation necessary to track offender movement and daily functions. I conducted counts to ensure security measures were adhered to, within the facility.

August 2008-July 2012

Self Employed/Sub Contractor

Gant’s Maintenance Support, Landscaping & Snow Removal

Denver Colorado

Job Title: Owner Operator

Sub-contractor for local apartment complexes & hotels.

Duties: Plan, schedule, and coordinate general maintenance, major repairs, and remodeling or construction projects for commercial or residential properties. Reviews plans and specification and the provisions of all contracts. Disassembles repairs and/or replaces worn or defective parts such as commodes, sinks, shower heads, dish washers diagnosing causes of malfunctions. Installs such fixtures as lavatories, traps, bathtubs, showers, stoves, heaters, kitchen equipment, flat screen televisions, and light fixtures. Replaces electrical connectors, switches, solenoids & thermostats. Tests and adjusts to assure optimum operating efficiency. Estimates materials needed such as pipe, fittings, insulation, and fixtures in sizes, lengths and types. Carpentry, constructs, modifies, maintains, sets, relocates, aligns, levels, plumbs, installs or removes wood or metal framing, siding, ceiling, decking, flooring, inside and outside trim, steps, railing, hardware, doors and window units, counters, shelves, partitions. Performs brush painting on new doors, windows, drywall. Mixes paint to required blend of color specified. Installs linoleum or vinyl tile flooring. Hangs and mud dry wall. Landscaping- Mow & weed eat grass, trim hedges, plant shrubs & grass seed, fertilizer, maintain flower beds. Operate electric & gas powered mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers. Operates farm type tractors with such attachments-as trenchers & cutters. Operates gas and electric fork lift up to and including 15,000 pounds to move, load and unload materials. Ability to plan and lay out work using blueprints, work orders, and other specifications. Ability to use standard formulas, shop math, trade theories and industrial practices to determine extent of repairs needed, materials and parts required, and to estimate the time required to complete the repairs. Skill in preparing surfaces for painting. Using such tools and equipment as wire brushes, sand paper, electric sanders, scrapers, etc. Uses hand tools, portable power tools such as skill saw, sander, drill, planer, circular, jig, band, and cross cut saws, drill press & router. Uses calipers, micrometers, plum bobs, levels, squares and a variety of other regular and special tools.

March 2008-August 2008

G4S/ Wackenhut Security Service

14111 E. Alameda Avenue

Aurora, CO 80012


Supervisors: Rich Kellett or Joe Gargan

Job Title: Security Officer

Duties: Performed a full range of Security Guard duties by following and executing specific rules, regulations, or procedures covering physical and personal security operations and patrol duties.

Maintained duty log book, monitored security cameras, performed perimeter and interior security checks, responded to emergency calls from tenants. Performed a variety of duties designed primarily to protect people & property from theft, fire, damage, and destruction. Controlled access and egress of personnel (including numerous visitors) and material entering and leaving restricted areas. Checked identification badges, access rosters, bills of lading, and similar credentials and documents to make positive identification and to ensure that presence is authorized. Entered prescribed information in logs and, as appropriate, conduct radio or telephonic follow-up to ascertain whereabouts of persons within restricted areas. Depending on area of assignment or when directed, inspects possessions of those entering or leaving areas and identifies and confiscates contraband when discovered. Closely observes the behavior of all persons in the vicinity, endeavors to detect suspicious or abnormal behavior and stops, questions, and detains persons when probable cause exists. Prepares recurring and special (e.g., regarding incidents) written reports as prescribed. Made various security checks of facilities to detect unlocked security containers, doors, broken windows, suspicious objects, power failures, and similar out of the ordinary conditions. Investigated such conditions in an effort to ascertain cause (e.g., intrusion, negligence, vandalism, etc.) and determined appropriate course of action (e.g., activates the alarm, notifies management officials, activates auxiliary power generators, calls for added security, etc.), ensuring that existing evidence is not compromised.

August 2007-March 2008 Concrete Express Lei.

5580 Franklin Street

Denver, CO 80216


Supervisors: Philip Breedlove or Matt Gehl

Job Title: Apprentice Diesel Mechanic

Duties: Performed end of the day servicing of fleet vehicles which included vehicles powered with engines ranging from the 8-cylinder fuel injected, compression ignition, turbo charged and super charged diesel engines to inline 6 cylinder diesel compression ignition engines. I washed & fueled trucks, adjusted slacks, repaired drum brakes & changed tires. Replaced, repaired & installed a variety of parts, components such as batteries, lighting fixtures, wiper blades, hoses & belts. Conducted road tests, operational checks and made adjustments. I made classification/serviceability determinations. Used a wide range of test and diagnostic equipment such as inside and outside micrometers, feeler gages, dial indicators, torque wrenches, pressure gages, tachometers, timing lights, ammeter, ohmmeter, bore scopes. Investigated causes of critical or major defects and assured corrective action were taken. Worked from blueprints, specifications, work orders or oral instructions to make repairs. Determined supplies, materials and tools necessary for making repairs. I have knowledge of electrical/electronic principles in order to perform diagnostic troubleshooting, modifications and final repairs of accessory items. I have the ability to use common hand tools and work out of a tool box.

March 2007-August 2007 D/R Auto and Truck Repair 4100 S. Federal Blvd.

Englewood, CO 80110


Supervisor: Eddie Culpepper

Job Title: Apprentice Auto Mechanic

Duties: Performed diagnostic tests and made minor and major repairs to foreign and domestic cars/trucks. Confer with customers to obtain descriptions of vehicle problems, and to discuss work to be performed and future repair requirements. I determined what repairs, modifications and/or replacement reconstructions were required to comply with technical instructions or for correcting malfunctions.

Checked such safety features as steering, brakes, lights, horns, etc., to assure safe operations.

Evaluated engines, transmissions (regular and automatic), differentials, clutches, etc., for indication of noises or other malfunctions to assure that operation of vehicle will not cause mechanical damage to equipment. Added fluids when needed. Serviced cooling system, Changed oil & filters. Rotated, mounted, balanced tires and fixed flats when needed. Performed complete brake overhaul, including turning drums, replacing linings, honing, installing cylinders. Repaired and adjusted hydraulic and manual steering assemblies. Disassembled and checked for defective parts, excessive wear using proper tools of the trade. I have a mechanical knowledge of the makeup, operation, tear down, and installation of all components, assemblies, and systems of vehicles such as engines, front and rear-end assemblies, steering systems, braking mechanisms. I’m skilled in assembling parts to specified tolerances, and I have the ability to make adjustments to meet technical specifications. I routinely exercise independent judgment in determining how to resolve difficult problems of troubleshooting and repair.

April 2006-November 2006

Holden Marketing Support Service

5000 Lima Street

Denver, CO 80239


Supervisor: Brian Johnson

Job Title: Warehouse Helper

Duties: I performed a full range of warehouse functions in the receipt, storage, issue of supplies and material. I received verified identity, quantity and condition of items received for stock. I inventoried assigned bins for authorized stock level on a scheduled basis. I initiate replenishment request and prepared necessary documents for turn-in for excess items. Participated in annual or special inventories as required. In case of discrepancies searched for lost, misplaced, misidentified or incorrectly stored items. Annotated discrepancies detected and made notations on necessary reports. Operated a remote computer terminal to input information into the central computer system to issue, receive, record and provide quantity of material and its location. Operated a conveyor belt, loaded and shrink wrap materials, in preparation for shipping. Operated a 2,000 to 6,000 pound capacity solid and pneumatic tired, gasoline and electrically powered lift truck, capable of lifting to height of 168 inches, to load, unload, move, stack or unstack palletized goods, boxes, crates, supplies and heavy material in warehouses, trucks, on docks, or in outside operations. I have Knowledge of the sequence, steps, methods and techniques used in processing materials into and out of a supply system.

October 2003-April 2006

Securitas Security Service

2851 S. Parker Road

Aurora, CO 80014


Supervisor: Bob Miller

Job Title: Security Officer/Unarmed and Armed Guard

Duties: I performed motorized as well as foot patrols in order to detect problem situations and/or conditions. I worked independently and with others to perform Physical Security duties at a variety of fixed and mobile posts. I checked identification at the parking facility access gate, performed safety inspections on delivered packages and employee vehicles, investigated complaints of suspicious behavior, conducted mobile and foot patrols to ensure the security of the facility. I was responsible for accountability, care, and preventive maintenance of assigned property/equipment. I conducted law enforcement and security duties at interior and exterior gates, assured proper identification of all pedestrians or vehicular traffic, cleared visitors, and maintained prescribed records. I conducted search of persons and vehicles entering or leaving the installation as directed or when probable cause existed. Warn persons of rule infractions or violations, and apprehend or evict violators from premises, using force when necessary. I have knowledge of and have the ability to use side arms. I inventoried and was accountable for all security and administrative keys assigned to the post. I instructed less familiar personnel with work operations on a day to day basis referencing specific security procedures and techniques applicable to orders and instructions related to the work assignments. I gave on-the-job training to new employees as required. I was certified in CPR techniques and First Aid.


Lincoln College of Technology

460 S. Lipan Street

Denver, CO 80020

Graduated: 2008

Degree/Diploma: Applied Sciences of Diesel Technology

Henderson State University

1100 Henderson Street

Arkadelphia, AR 71923

Graduated: 1992

Degree: B.A. Political Science, Minor: History

Texas Senior High School

2112 Kennedy Lane

Texarkana, TX 75501

Graduated: 1987

Degree/Diploma: High school diploma

Skills Abilities Knowledge

•Ability to work with little or no supervision

•Ability to disassemble units and repair/replace or modify items according to schematic/drawing.

•Ability to effectively coordinate contract work, evaluate contract performance, interpret contractual specifications, terms and conditions.

•Ability to use sound judgment and creativity to accomplish assigned objectives.

•Certification in CPR techniques and First Aid.

•Proficient in the use of a fire arm

•Knowledge and experience to pursue and apprehend persons fleeing a crime scene or attempting to resist

•Skill in oral & written communication

•Knowledge of standard and nonstandard computer operating methods and procedures Ability to Handle, store, and dispose of hazardous material/waste

•Knowledge of electrical principles in order to perform repair/rebuild on accessory items

•Skill in using airless paint guns; paint spray guns; plaster spraying machines

•Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the construction or repair of houses, buildings, or other structures

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